Where to report a scam

Place report
Enter in all the details of the report including letters, pictures, and the background. send it in the to enter it into our database.
Contact the website where you know he "works"
Many dating services make it mandatory that you send any and all information regarding scammers to them as soon as it is discovered. This information can include where he is from, details about him that he sent you, etc. You can usually get them to remove the profile.
Contact the authorities
You have the option to contact the authorities. Do this especially if you have lost money to the scam. The police will advice you on how to proceed.
Get in touch with the email service
Find out the email service provider that he is using, and contact that service directly. If you ask them to look into the account, they might have grounds for deleting it.
Western Union or Money Gram
If you used Western Union or MoneyGram with the scammer, you can report to these sites directly with all the information you have.
You will need to send a receipt copy. Don't even try to ask for your money back - it won't work. It is simply to warn others of the scammer. Try applying to Fraud Prevention.
Go to for Western Union and for Money Gram.
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
The FBI has a fraud division unit that takes care of matters like this. They are limited when it comes to international matters, but they can send out information regarding your scammer to other agencies.
FBI web site to register an Internet fraud: and
FTC (International Internet Fraud)
The FTC formed this in order to resolve internet scams - it was created to give internet users a single home to add this kind of information. The site will receive any complaint concerning criminal activity on the web and give the information to the proper authorities. Languages supported are German, Spanish, English, and French.
FTC International Internet Fraud official web site:
Contact scammers Embassy located within your own country
Get a hold of the government that has the scammer as a resident and citizen. You can send out a letter with detailed information regarding the scam.
For a list of embassies go to:
Contact your embassy located in his country of residence
Try it from this angle. You may be able to get the information to a person that knows a lot more about him than you do. Give as much detail as possible, and with luck you can get his real identity on a black list to prevent him from ever entering your country and many others.
For a list of embassies go to:
Department of Justice
You can find a definition of internet fraud as well as a few tips on how to combat it on the main site of the DoJ here:
Rip-Off Reports
You can place a report at:
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
This is an organization that focuses on Nigeria itself and offers assistance for combating cybercrimes.
You can find their main website here: