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The Terms and Conditions expressed herein should be read with care before using the Male-scammer.com. This is a legal document expressing our commitment to and confirmation of services offered, and by signing up and using Male-Scammers.com, you are hereby bound by these Terms and Conditions and must strictly adhere to them during your visit.



You can browse through all of the scammers on our site, read their letters, see photos (limited to one photo for each scammer) and use "IP check" search option. But if you wish to use other search options, special browse features, view all of the available photos, fake documents and media files then you must become a registered user.


Information send to Male-Scammers.com cannot be given out to a third party under any circumstance except by court order. We never publish material that links you to a report that is published on Male-Scammers.com

The Staff at Male-Scammers.com will have final say when it comes to the publication of material on our website.

The Staff at Male-Scammers.com will give confirmation regarding the acceptance or denial of a report from the user.

Each user may maintain only one account. Under no circumstances may a user open two or more accounts with Male-Scammers.com

The user will never under any circumstances sell their account to another party.

Only male scammers being posted on the website.

The website is free to use and it is free to report a scammer on the website. However the search engine offered by the website is for paying members only. You cannot browse pictures and documents without a monthly subscription.

Male-Scammers.com does not accept payments directly. All payments are received by our retail partner 2checkout.com.

We will not accept refund requests.


User age

Explicit information, both pictures and letters, are sometimes posted on our website. If you are underage for viewing such material in your country, you must immediately exit the area where this information exists. Male-Scammers.com will not be held responsible for under-aged users viewing potentially pornographic or disturbing images.


Forum and Blog

The Staff at Male-Scammers.com will not be responsible for false information published on the connected Forum or Blog posting. These services are offered to the user and all postings are the sole responsibility of the user.

Sign-up for the Forum and Blog will require a separate account from the primary account. This is for your safety on Male-Scammers.com

The user will not use the forums for selling items or promoting goods and services to other users.


Registration, Subscription, and Cancellation

Registered users will adhere strictly to the Terms and Conditions on Male-Scammers.com, and not use the website for purposes other than its intended use.

Registration is for personal use only. We do not allow groups or corporations to make use of an account.

It is free to register for Male-Scammer.com by placing of approved report.

Subscribers to Male-Scammers.com will pay a monthly recurring fee.

Male-Scammers.com does not offer a month-to-month payment option, nor will we do so upon request by the account holder.

We accept cancellations at any time. Once a cancellation notice has been requested, the user will still be allowed full access to the website until that billing period has been completed.

The user swears to provide only true information about himself or herself when registering for the service.


Reporting information on Male-Scammers.com

The user who reports a potential scammer to our website swears to provide only the truth in regards to the information sent.

Male-Scammers.com will not under any circumstances release information in a report that confirms the writer of the report. First name is the only information seen by other users on the website.

The publishing staff will not under any circumstances be responsible for the defamation of a personís character. While we are thorough in vetting our reports, we may receive false information from the individual reporting. Therefore, it is the person that sends the report that will hold full responsibility for that report, and not the Male-Scammers.com administration or staff.

We do not guarantee a published report's authenticity, nor do we guarantee the documentation of the report is authentic.


The role of Male-Scammers.com

Male-Scammers.com publishes reports that are sent in by its users so that others online can view that information and make a more educated decision on whether or not a person they know is indeed a scammer. Male-Scammers.com is not in the business of acting as a lawful body that performs prosecution against those that have reports on the website. While we provide users with information regarding who to contact, we will not under any circumstances aid our users in catching criminals and predators that use the internet to promote their trade. For help in catching these people please contact local or international support groups that perform this kind of action.