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ROMANCE SCAMMER Donald Hernandez
First name: Donald
Last name: Hernandez
Age: 52
Patrick Ojugo
Patrick Ojugo
Name aliases:
Don, Pat, Patric, Patrik, Patt
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
San Carlos, California (USA); Albany, New York (USA); Brooklyn, New York (USA); Edinburgh, Indiana (USA); Istanbul (Turkey)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Senior Friend Finder


REPORT N1 (added on November, 4, 2013)
Gail (USA)

Before I begin with this report, let me say that at the time this occurred, I was extremely vunerable and lonely. My husband of 36 years had passed away in October 2012 from Alzheimers. I was his only caregive for his entire illness. I was worn out and in need of some attention. It is not meant to be an excuse. It just is what is is. I am much smarter than what I was at that time and have lost over 40k to these scammers. I am not mad or angry, just disappointed in myself and the scammers who take advantage of people like me. I plan on doing everything I can to stop this carnage amoung scammers to anyone. I have no problem talking about it to anyone. If I could get on the Dr. Phil show with my message. I certainly would. I am almost 75 years young and still have some fight left in me. I intend to go to the state department and any other government agency that will help in this fight against scammers.
On August 28, 2013 I received an email through the senior dating website Seniors.com from Donald Hernandez. He expressed an interest in getting to know me better and sent me his email address and phone number to contact him. Told me that was his last day on the website as he had cancelled. When I went back the next day to get his phone number again, his profile had been removed due to abuse. I emailed him and told him that yes I would be glad to talk with him, but the distance between were we lived was prohibitive. I also asked about the removal due to abuse. He told me that he had cancelled and he supposed that was how they did it. He told me that he was self employed as an independent contractor and was interested in relocating, so the miles did not matter if we found our true love with each other. So began a whirlwind romance on yahoo chat, emails and phone calls. In less than 1 week we were professing our undying love for each other and he had me looking for a house for him to buy. I knew that he was bidding on a contract in Turkey that would happen soon and I wished him luck. Told me it was for 1.2 million USD. He made plans to come for a 1 day/night visit on September 6, 2013 before he left for Turkey the following week. Asked me to come with him and told him no. Turkey was not a safe place to be and asked him not to go. He planned to turn down the contract, but took it anyway. Had to cancel our plans for his visit because he had to leave on 9/8/13 to begin work on Monday 9/9/13. He sent me a copy of his ticket to Turkey so I would know when he was leaving. Later found out from the FBI that he was not on the plane. He also did not live in Indiana as he said. This all occurred after I had already sent 29k to him through Patrick Ojugo bank account.
We continued our love affair by email, chat and phone calls the first week. On Tuesday 9/10/13 he called me and asked if I would do some shopping for him. He did not have the right clothes and it was hot. He asked me to buy him 2 pair of short pants and 5 sleeveless t-shirts, a pair of sun glasses and a belt. He gave me the sizes and I shopped. On Wednesday I sent the items to him by UPS to Patrick Ojugo home address. All this time we were growing closer and closer at least in my mind and he continued to profess his undying love for me. He began calling me his wife and told everyone that I was his wife. On Thursday 9/12/13 I was told an accident occurred at the work site and a worker fell from high up to the platform floor and died. He had to go the the police department and they took his passport and detained him. After 2 days I think an agreement was made the the workers family to pay them 100k USD for the death. They in return would have Donald Hernandez passport returned and he could go back to work. He supposed gave them 68k with the promise of 10k more at that time to let him return to work. On 9/14/13 I sent $600 moneygram to Patrick Ojugo and on 9/16/13 I wired 9400 usd as a bank transfer to cover the 10k needed. Then was told the family wanted it all at one time or no deal. So once again, on 9/18/13 I wired 9k and 8k to Patrick Ojugo account. All of these payments had fees attached to them which are not described here.
In the meantime Donald Hernandez gave me his user ID and password so I could moniter his account and see when it was made active again. It had been put on pending after the death and his passport taken. He told me that once it was made active he could transfer funds out but could not take any cash himself. At that time he asked me to open an online account at the same bank so we could transfer funds from him to me and then to Patrick Ojugo so he could get the money to start up the job again.
It took some time as the minimum to open was 2500 usd. I had to sell jewelry to come up with that amount. I opened the account on 10/10/13 with the minimum deposit of 2500 usd. To do transfers you have to get codes. If the funds are staying in Turkey,there is no fee, but if it is leaving Turkey you have to pay for the codes. As close as I can figure, it is 17% of the gross transfer and cannot be taken from the transfer amount. It must be paid for ahead of time and then you get the codes by email. On October 11, I transferred 50k from Donald Hernandez Account to Gail M. Blackmon account. I then requested the codes to transfer the 50k to my US account. The cost for that was 8600 usd. The breakdown is for the codes is; CostOfTransfer 500 usd;Non Residential Tax transfer 3300 usd; Anti-Terrorist Code 2800 usd and Inland Waterway Code 2000usd. Donald Hernandez told me to transfer 50k to my US account to get back funds I had sent him and to have funds to do another transfer to my US account. On 10/14/13 I sent to Donald Hernandez some winter jackets as it turned cold. I sent him 2 jackets and a brand new Timex watch. He said he needed a watch. The codes were pd for and requested on 10/23/13. On 10/24/13 I received an email letter from online banking telling me the codes were being denied because Donald Hernandez has not completed the job and is not entitled to receive any money until it is complete. They gave him 72 hours to start working again and/or complete project. He has been arrested and being held I am told by Patrick Ojugo. For some reason I do not believe this. He knows I have no funds left. I think the bank letters I have are also fake. I am trying to close my account and get back my initial opening deposit and my code fees which is a total of 11,100 usd. Until today, I have been able to maintain contact with Patrick Ojugo. Today he is not responding. In my honest opinion, I truly believe that Patrick Ojugo and Donald Hernandez are one and the same person. In my last email to Mr Ojugo, I told him that I asked the bank to take my 11,100 and give it to Donald Hernandez to start working. Once he began to work he could make a withdrawal to finish project. The bank refused. I told him also that if the bank did not return my funds I was going to contact the US State Department and get them involved in the return of my deposits. If these bank letters are fakes than all of it was a scam. This has been on going for over 8 weeks now. If it was not a scam, than Mr. Ojugo would have replied back to me by this morning. I have waited long enough for some answers. I decided to let male scammers look into all of the paperwork I have and render a decision. I have pictures of Donald Hernandez (at least he says they are him) I have bank account statements for both his account and my account.


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