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ROMANCE SCAMMER Peter Nathaniel Sparks
First name: Peter Nathaniel
Last name: Sparks
Age: 51
Name aliases:
Pete, Petter
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Akure (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Dudly, West Midlands (England)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
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Scam fake docs:


REPORT N1 (added on October, 10, 2013)
Tula (Switzerland)

He told me he will go to Nigeria, to dig for gold. He wrote the flightnumber of KLM and told me he will write again after the arrival. From Lome he took a local flight to Akure and lived in Solton Hotel (an international hotel)
At home he left his son John 17 years old. I asked who would take care of him and he said his neighbours and his dog, he trusted much, for John is a good boy, goes to highschool.
Sorry I can't write all those mails, there are infinitely many!!!
When he arrived at Solton hotel, he told me he has his PC in his room and can write from there. He had to buy new equipment to work and to find a crew to work with him.
The hotelmanager, called Nick gave him a help. He also had his iPad with him , so he could write to me during work in the mountains, outside Akure.
Suddenly the iPad did no more have connection. He bought a local sim card, because that was much cheaper than the one of UK.
He called me up on my birthday, just to say happy birthday. His English was not easy to understand for me, I thought it's english from Midlands??? Lateron I thoght about if it's the English of a Nigeria man???
We had contact on each day on msn or mail, or sms. I gave him my natel number not my landline!!!!
I tried to contact the Solton Hotel, but my phone company wrote to me that they will lock phonecalls to Nigeria!
Peter wanted to stayin Akure for 1 month, the he wanted to return home and we would fly for a holiday to Kuba!
But he could not find anaugh gold, so he decided to stay over there an other month.
I did no more believe that this was all true, but I decided to wait, what would happen next.
So Peter had to find a new crew and someone showed him another place in the mountains, where he could find more and better gold.
And he got a problem, he was short with money, for he had to pay the bill of solton hotel. He asked me if it would be possibel to send him some money, he would give me all back, after returning to UK. But there he caught me on the wrong food!!! I told him important reasons, why I had no liquid money!!!!!!
He told me, that does not matter, he just wanted to ask.
They worked for 2 month and he had plenty of gold!!! 29th of august that was his 50th birthday , and he still was in Akure. I called him with my natel, I have there a special rate and wishe him happy birthday. The next day he told me he went 29th on the bar and drunk a full bottle of whisky, after he did no more know, how he arrived in is room. He had a terrible headache!!
I gave him good advices, what he could do - cold shower, to take a pill and to put wet towel on his head LOL
He finished his job, but told me that he had no money to fly home.
He ad problems with the management of the hotel, because he was not abel to pay his bill. I told him that should no be a problem, he could ask the bank of UK to send him money. But he said that this is not possible???
And I proposed that if he shows them his gold they could know that he will pay lateron, they had his pasport and his adress from UK!!!
But that was not possible too!
Time went on, we chatted on msn and wrote mails . Christams and New year passed and he still was in this hotel!
He told me different things, that he went to have a look for an other place in the mountains, wher he could find so much gold, may be next year.
then suddenly all was ready for hi return to UK. The hotelmanager brought him and the box with the gold near the airport in an other hotel ( I got no name....) and the gold they brought to the seaport.
And there started a new problem, the men from the seport wanted an enormous amount- a tax, to take the gold out of Nigeria. I read in the internet that this is possible, but my son doubted and laughed about the whole story. You got the pic of teh box with the gold. He showed me the ticket for his plane. Peter was ready for embarking with KLM, when he was called and got the message that the customer will not allow, to ship the gold. So Peter had to go back to the hotel and the KLM ticket was no more guilty for an other flight. _ about that my son, who knows airlinerules, doubted!!
Ok Peter was back in his hotel, without money!!- but he could come online! He told me he was so hungry had no money to eat anything. And he felt ill and had to go to hospital to see a doctor.
So I wrote a mail to the British Embassy at Lohme, that a British citizen is in bad circumstances and needs help. I gave them the emailadress and the phonenumbers from Peter.
Peter told me that I should not have done that!!! That he could have done himself!! The embassy answered to me, that they could not find any Peter Nathaniel Sparks at Lohme !!!!
He asked me again for money, for the hotel and the payoff for the chief at the ship port. But I told him again, that I' not abel to send such a lot of money.
It was so funny I asked Peter often to send me a picture from him and his crew-digging gold, but he always said, that does not arrive doing that.!!!!!!!!
And that is the end of this story, you can think about what you want!! oh there exists so many stories like that.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Peter Nathaniel Sparks to Tula (Switzerland)
Hello T!!! How are you? I won't make it at 6pm pls. I have to be with the hotel accountant again!! Please just bear it with me! I will come on at 8pm my l.t pls just try to understand me T. I have to sort everythings out with this management. I'm just so sorry T, see you at 8pm my l.t P.

Woooowww!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the beautiful season greeting!! I was online at 9:15 last night but you are not online' I thought you were so busy or so tired to come on' then I had to go back in my hotel room, john is really ok I could manage to send him something for xmas... Xmas is totally different around here and it seems to be the second time I'm spending the xmas abroad' but I think my job is so important to me at this moment, i have to know much bout the gold in ILESHA and some gold are in another town too called ABEOKUTA I got to know much bout this places of gold before I could fly back home and later I can come back to work in this place' but I ha


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