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First name: Charles
Last name: Pippen
Age: 46
Isaac De Zeew
Isaac De Zeew
Name aliases:
Charlie, Charls, Charlse, Isaak, Iseac, Issac, Issak
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria); Osun (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Vlissingen, Netherlands; Zealand, Netherlands; Delaware, Ohio, USA
320 Hawthorn Bvd. Delaware, Ohio, USA, 43015
24 Eleyele Str., Ipetumodu, Osun, 234036, Nigeria
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam fake docs:


REPORT N1 (added on December, 6, 2011)
Stephanie (UK)

Says he is American/Dutch. That his mother died last month. they have several companies and properties in Holland. Says he used to be an architect, fiance died, he was in a coma for 8 weeks. Never been married, worked hard fro years now wants to concentrate on his woman. Falls in love with you very quickly, says wonderful convincing things, gets you to sign up to yahoo messenger. Calls you baby, his chat isn`t as educated as his emails were (despite the bachelors degree he says he has) spoke to him on the phone twice - sounded like a young man from the bronx! so I strung him along. Says he was an importer of leathers, can`t buy any from Argentina any more because quality has fallen. Then he tells you that his agent has found a supplier in Nigeria.
REPORT N2 (added on May, 24, 2013)
Alaina (Canada)

He asked for my email and he began emailing me and I emailed him back. He said he was born in vlissegen zealand in the Netherlands and that he had moved to Delaware Ohio USA, just after his mom had passed away. He said his dad had passed away many years ago when he was 8 years old. His parents names were Jacob and Elizabeth. At first everything progressed very slowly and then all of a sudden he started calling me his wife and that he was a virgin and wanted to get married as soon as he could figure things out. He asked me to pray for us and our union. He asked me if he could send me a present and asked for my home address. I gave him my P.O.Box address and he responded that he needed my actual address. I refused at first and then I reluctantly gave it to him. He didn't send me a present though. He told me he had been an architect in the Netherlands but that since he moved to the USA he was working with shoes and leathers for clients in the USA. After a few months, around the middle of March he told me he had to leave to go to Nigeria on a business trip. He said they have the best leathers there and at a good price...he wondered if he would be able to stop and visit me at my home after his business trip so we could meet and go from there...and see if we had any sparks and get married. He notified me one morning via email that he would be leaving the next morning to nigeria. He gave me his cell number and said I could call him on that anytime. He gave me this cell number just as he was ready to leave Delaware Ohio, USA...Its..+13027609819 I told him I had tried to call that number but, that the operator said that the phone was switched off by the client. He also asked me for my telephone number and I gave it to him. So he called me from a telephone and said he was going to run down to the store and buy a phone so we could stay in touch. He emailed me that new telephone number from Nigeria...the telephone number he gave me was +2347068446256. I tried to ring the telephone several times and realized that I needed to put a 011 in front of it to telephone Nigeria. He would call me and I would telephone using that number and we corresponded on that telephone and via email after that. A few days later he told me that he had found a high quality leather for a good value. He said he was in trouble and would need the money for the transfer fee. He said he would need 970 Euros which was $1270. Canadian to complete the deal. I hesitated as I have never seen him in real life or webcam either. He said I didn't trust him and he was very hurt. I then agreed to send the money. He gave me the information to send it via moneygram. I wasn't sure how to use money gram and so he called and wanted to be a team and he would guide me through the whole process over the telephone. He said these are the types of things that husbands and wives do together. My daughter came in just in time and needed to talk so thankfully that call was ended. My daughter filled me in about scammers a little. I then told him I would need to make sure that he was really who he said he was in order for me to send the money. He was insulted and said that he wanted a wife who could trust him and that he needed to rethink everything and that he was very disappointed in me. I asked him if I could speak with him via webcam and he said he didn't have one from there as it was an older IBM computer. He said he desperately needed at least $500. Canadian or the dealer he found would lose faith in him and all would be lost. I went to moneygram with the money and the lady there told me that it was a scam...and advised me to go to the police. She said there had been and elderly lady there yesterday to send money to nigeria and that it had turned out to be a scam. Anyways, I returned to tell Isaac that the lady said it was a scam and that I should go to the police. He again was very upset and disappointed in me and it broke my heart. I asked him for more proof of who he was and he sent me his birthcertificate.(enclosed in report) The passport said he was born in the usa not the Netherlands as he told me and it said F for female in the spot where it should have said M for male. The demensions were wrong etc as my daughter said. He again was hurt and upset with me...next he sent me proof of the leathers he was going to purchase and felt quite good about that.(leather invoice enclosed) He begged me for one tenth of the total money that he needed or else the leather supplier was going to end the deal. He begged and pleaded and I cried and cried. He stated that his seller wouldn't let me put a mere $500. in his account and what what he really needed to satifsy his seller was $4700. which was one-tenth of the total amount. I asked him how I would get the money to him if I couldn't send $500. through Money gram, they likely wouldn't let me send him $4,700. He gave me the banking information at the time and He promised to pay me back etc. I spent many sleepless night worrying about what to do... I told him that I couldn't unless he had more proof of who he was or we could talk on web cam. I saw a photo of him on your site and I am so glad I didn't give him any money.
Address where I was instructed to send the ten percent of the total cost for leather to.
*BANK NAME: Citi Bank New York
*ADDRESS: 111, Wall Street New York, N.Y. 10043
FINAL CREDIT TO: Access Bank Nigeria


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