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First name: Charles


Last name: Presten


Aka: Michael Johnson Uwe Xavi, Brian James Webber, Kevin Owen, Gray Brison, Jack Clifford, Daniel Amah, Angelo Markson, Henry Clifford, Brison Gray, Marius Van Houten, Richard Terry, Robert Parker, John Smith, Philip Morison, Roland Clinton, Raymond Webber, Mark William, Hendrik Robin, Jack Redd, Alexander Morgan, Steven, Godfred Adjei, Marco Albert, John Snyder, Charles Persen, James Romas, Richard Nelson, Daniel Muller, Frank Ashley, Steven Williams, Roben Mart, Christopher Opokumensah, Arnest Romeo, Steven Harrison, Henry Cole, Frank William, Robert Williams, Scott Wilson, David Walker, Clifford Benson Brown, Christian Dumenu, Kelvin Richard, James Richard, Mark Miller, Hendrik Robins, Walter Daniel Wisley, Eric Pedersen, Harris, John Fisher, Shawn Thompson, Robert Hoard Nelson, Edem Richmond Nutsua, John Fralix, John Clifford, Stephen Wilson, Morris Ferguson, Michael Wooden, Barry Robert, Goe Taylor, Dre HayWhy, Oluwadare Stephen Hayomide, Chibuike Emmanuel Ndefoh, Williams John, Philip Murphy, Morgan David, Williams Beller, Silvanus Raymon, James Raphael, Arik Bengarth, Jerry Beller, Eric Ritchie, Gary, Kelvin Vincas, Kelvin Micheal Duncan, Alex Viggas


Name aliases: Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Alexandar, Alexandr, Alexis, Ashely, Barie, Barrie, Bary, Ben, Bharie, Bharrie, Bharry, Bhary, Bill, Billie, Billy, Bob, Bryan, Bryson, Charlie, Charls, Charlse, Chris, Christain, Christo, Cliff, Cliffe, Clyff, Clyffe, Cristopher, Dan, Davi, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids, Erick, Filip, Fillip, Franc, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Garry, Haris, Harison, Harrisson, Hendrick, Jackie, Jamie, Jarry, Jhon, Johnn, Jonh, Kelivin, Kellvin, Kev, Keven, Kilvin, Marc, Marck, Marcko, Markie, Markk, Marko, Mechael, Michale, Micheals, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Moris, Mycheal, Mykmael, Philips, Phillip, Rafael, Raffy, Raimond, Ray, Rechard, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Ritchard, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robbin, Robby, Roberts, Robs, Rolland, Rollnad, Rowland, Rymond, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Shaun, Shown, Steave, Stepehen, Stephan, Stephane, Stephene, Steve, Terri, Welams, Welison, Welson, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willson, Willy





Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Osogbo (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: London, England; Madrid, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Apeldoorn, Netherlands; Wales; Thailand; Oregon, USA; Deltona, Florida, USA; New York, NY, USA; Ethiopia; Ireland; Orlando, Florida, USA; Bristol, England; Orange County, California, USA; Texas, USA; Toronto, Canada; Libya; Palm Coast, Florida, USA; Leeds, Alabama, USA; Berlin, Germany; Schenectady, New York, USA; Switzerland; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Allerup, Denmark; Damascus, Syria


Address(es): Tadomah hotel, Created-Street, Taifa, Accra, Ghana, 00233
Aylesbury Street, Willesden, London, Nw10, UK
120 E 87th Street, New York, 10128, USA
P.o box nt 5, Accra, Ghana
7871 Canyon Lake Drive, Orlando, Florida, USA
GP 21790, ACCRA, GHANA, 23321
24 Spintex Rd., Accra, Ghana
29 Russell Grove, BS6 7UF, Bristol Somerset, UK
25 Kenashi road, Acrra, Ghana
God's way, Gadewor, Accra, Ghana, 00233


Phone number(s): 233547197009


E-mail address(es):


Skype: eric.pedersen8887, fisherjohn956, ninabauer2012, live:williamsbeller73, live:williamsbeller536, live:williamsbeller460, bounboun58, live:williamsbeller1o, live:williamsbeller1023, live:williamsbeller9, willams.beller2061, dr.williams.beller6161, dr.williams.beller7802, live:williamsbeller77, live:williamsbeller333, sir.marilyn01, bellerwilliams, live:bellerwillliams93, live:williamsbeller16, live:drwilliambeller693, william.beller42, live:drwiilliambeller34, live:silvanusraymon2222, live:silvanraymon_1, live:officialdrraymon, live:jamesrapheal5, live:williamsbeller002_1, live:robertbellerandfamily, live:williamsbeller0502, official.beller5, dr.beller.official21, live:jameswalter665, live:jameswalter6650, live:jameswalter1092, live:jameswalter9947, live:jameswalter7071, live:jameswalter333, live:jameswalter3320, live:jameswalter7770, live:jameswalter7247, live:jameswalter4393, live:jameswalter776, live:kelvinmicheald12, lawson.mark0419


Operates on website(s): Badoo, BBW Cupid, Buziak, Cupid, Face Book, Google Hangouts, Instagram, Inter Pals, Lablue, Match, Our Time, Plenty of Fish, Skype, Tagged, Whats App, Yahoo Messenger, Zorpia


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Report N1 (added on September, 6, 2013)

Thanks to Scam emails (s) from Charles Presten to Martine (Norway)

I was contacted in a chat room by Charles Presten.
He says that his full name is Charles Bay Presten.
Money needs (? 3,000) via Western Union Money because he and his son Paul are in Ghana and they stole everything: credit card, luggage, wallet and other documents. He is British, educated in Canada, trade in cars and engines in Ghana. On the pictures you send me, I could see a good-looking man, white. The eldest son (Henze) and his wife, according to his account have died in an accident. He says he has another son (Paul) of 14 years.
The money you must send to the Director of Hotel::
NAME ... Evans Oriana

G. M. (Italy)

Report N2 (added on March, 19, 2014)

Pretending his wife died in childbirth and the army provided a guardian for his son who is in boarding school age 12. He married the guardian who was 11 years older than himself and she supposedly died 4 years ago. He claims to be a physician in the army due to retire but is at present in Syria due to return next week. He wants to send gold bars to my address via a courier. He says he is half Spanish and half English but raised in London, his English leaves a lot to be desired. He has sent me the identical photo.

Lesley (Spain)

Report N3 (added on April, 22, 2014)

He said that his wife passed away 4 years back. He has a son Sean that i must write to him. He is workoing on the rigs. We chatted for two weeks and thatswhen he started with his money. I must send m oney for his son puppy that he promised him. but could not give him seeing that he is at sea and cant buy him the puppy. that was when i started to think that this man is a scammer. I found him under the scammers as Charles Presten. Same photos he send me.

Carol (South Africa)

Report N4 (added on April, 24, 2014)

I met this Man on Fb last December 2013 and he said he find me pretty like a queen.. and introduced himself as Kevin Owen from Wales, UK. He said that hes got a private business. A son 15 yrs old and divorced he caught his wife cheating.
After a few weeks of friendship he asked me to moved to Skype and sending me emails as well on yahoo how much he loves me. Last 22 January2014, he then called me that he was on his way to see me to Melbourne. with his son Kelly. I was surprised twas so sudden. Then next day i got a call from him distressed that he was arrested in Thailand. A woman voice on the phone claimed to be an immigration officer spoke with me and asked bail for them, Kevin claimed that I was his wife in Australia, same with Kelly as our son. They were detained in Thailand for taking over $100,000 English pounds to have holidays with me in Melb. That they are in the detention centre.
The woman gave me a number a thailand phone no. and asked fro $5000 Aud Im in good faith that they were genuinely telling me the truth, so I immediately sent money thru WU, and after two days,the woman name is Somerjai Makjui a half Thailander and Filipino. Kevin calls me and asked his son kelly to speak and beg me for help and this woman asked again amount of $3500 Aud for the Money to be insured in the Bank. Kevin sent me a Bank Draft that I was his beneficiary to received his money to be wired to my bank account. He asked for my Bank account number.
I am soo innocent, I have never fall in love like crazy and I believed and trust him.
I cried and panic. I asked some money to my friend, and sent that amount of $3500 Aud.
After a week, the woman again called and asked for money of $9000 Aud so that it will be paid for the Reserved Bank of Thailand to release the money and wired to me. They let me talk to the Bank Manager. I even let my friend talk to them too, we both believed that it was true since the Bank draft looks real and stamped on hold or stop order by Bank. Kevin promised me and my friend that if we help him he will double our money back. WE are stupid we sent the $9000 Aud to him thru moneygram.

After then I begin to have some butterflies in my stomach, I contacted the Australian Embassy in Thailand and the UK Embassy in Thailand, they are not listed there. I hired a lawyer in Thailand to investigate... and the lawyer got back to me. He told me that my fiancee Kevin Owen is a scammer... He is around thailand with his woman Thai-Philippine citizen, a prostitute. His son is a recorded message. I took the opportunity to take the report to the International Police.

I called MG to stopped and save the $9000 but twas so late, we were delayed and that woman already got our money thru her contacts. I still have all the evidence of my receipts and I ended up fighting with my Ex Hubby and my friend also fight with me and her husband.
I reported it to the Australian Police here and also to and He still got a thick face he still calls me and sends me new name like Brison Gray in FB and Skype.
He left me destitute and financially hard-up, I wish I got money again to hire some mercenaries to fix him up and his coniving son and woman who spoke with me.

I pray and hope these people will rot in hell as they are sooo evil. He took advantage of me being vulnerable, lonely and grieving from marital separation.



Thank You so much I found a solace in here to report this man.
God Bless,

Sarah (Australia)

Report N5 (added on April, 30, 2014)

Jack Clifford works together with Daniel Amah, United Nation Delivery Company, Accra, Ghana and diplomat Angelo Markson. They brainwash and terrorize you to make you pay for transporrt of fake money to your address.

Jette (Denmark)

Report N6 (added on August, 15, 2014)

He added me on skype and told me he was an Engineer and worked on a rig in Ghana. His wife past away 3 years ago and he had a son of 12 in the Netherlands. His son's school phoned him and informed him that he was not coping without him and he moved his son to Ghana and sent him to school in Accra. He hired someone to look after his son while he was working on the rig in Ghana. He told me he went to school in the UK, but I came suspicious when he battled to understand what I was saying to him in English and he battled to write back in English. Every evening he will send me the same what's app message that he misses me, can't stop thinking about me and that he loved me. I asked him how is it possible as we haven't even met. He replied that he does not understand as he wants me to "meat" his son and he already told his son about me. He kept on nagging me to write to his son, Morris. He kept on nagging me to write to his son, Morris. I sent him a short message and received the following mail back: "hello daddy told me about u already do u love my daddy can i call u mom hug hug hug."
This was very strange as what child will want to call a woman they don't know mom and he didn't even answer the other questions I've asked..what is his favourite colour and what hobbies he has.
I tried searching for him on Facebook, but there was no sign of him. On youtube there were sites about catfish scammers and that is when I found the website. I went through the photo's and saw his face with another name..Charles Presten.

Charlene (South Africa)

Report N7 (added on August, 15, 2014)

Hendrik Robin is a very smooth talking individual. I have been talking to him for the past 5 months on both Skype and Whatsapp. He managed to get R60,000.00 out of me in early May of this year.He told me he would fly from Accra Ghana to the United Kingdom to collect his son Morris who is supposed to be 14 years old now (email address they were then due to come and spend a month with me so that we could all get to know each other. How ever at 3 in the morning Hendrik calls to say that Morris is in the hospital and has been hit by a hit and run driver. Even sent me a picture of the injured boy. Tried to get me to move USD2 million out of Spain and is currently asking for USD2,600.00 for hotel accommodation and fees payable to open a bank account in Ghana so that the company he works for Tullow Oil PLC can pay him part of the USD 4.8 million that his current contact is worth. Became threating last night and have blocked him all round. I have picture Western Union Documents Leave Form that I would like to share (Hendrik Robin when he first contacted me on email had this email address

Lesley (South Africa)

Report N8 (added on September, 18, 2014)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to inform my fellow sisters about the shameless male-scammers.
Charles Prest - or Alexander Morgan, as the aka he used when he "was dating" is certainly one of many that must be stopped in his activities.
Normally I'm not naive, but this man really VERY good with words and poetry.
When I'm thinking back, I am ashamed to be so blatant in love that blindly ignoring all danger signals.
I am very hurt, but deep in my heart I'm not really angry. On the other hand, I feel sorry for the man, there always has to look over his shoulder day and night, because he never knows when he is revealed.
In his defense (if one exists) I would say he really IS the man as his photo shows. I know that because we have used the web cam now and then.
I've learned my lesson, but it has been expensive.
Skype as alexander.morgan65 - Badoo. last time as Steve.

Bente (Denmark)

Report N9 (added on September, 18, 2014)

I wish to report this man as a scammer. He tells you to upload the app viber to call or message you. His name is Marco Albert and says that he works on an oil rig in Ghana as an engineer.....nothing like that exists. He is charming and good looking and falsely makes up this story, including a so called son he calls Alex.
He wanted over 1200usd for his son to receive blood because apparently he was in a car accident with his teacher/care-giver Mr. Ben.

Mary (South Africa)

Report N10 (added on October, 14, 2014)

This man asked me to add to my contacts, he said he was divorced with a son of 11 years old, that he was from Ireland but working in Ethiopy, he was trying to know about my work and he wanted to know if I percived money. He said in four days that he was in love of me, he said me that he will come to know me in December. I do not believe that, and he was trying that I will love him, but a friend send me this page and thanks of it I saw he is reporting as scammer, the picture that he sent me was the same. YOU HAVE THIS MAN AS CHARLES PRESTEN.

Lau (Mexico)

Report N11 (added on December, 1, 2014)

Contacto por pag de CUPIDO. pero tambien ha sido visto en otras paginas como Tagged ingresa a traves de facebook y solicita se le agregue a su correo con la intencion de conocerse mejor.Solicita dinero al mes de estar en el chat para ayuda con un dinero que va a recibir y desea poner a tu nombre para compartir tu vida en tu pais de origen.ESTOS ENVIOS DICE IR A UNOS SEyORES EN AFRICA Y OTRO A EMPLEADOS SUPUESTOS EN UN BANCO EN UK QUE ADJUNTA SUS DIRECCIONES DE HABITACION.Te envia un link del banco para que veas que su dinero esta alli pero eso es falso es un montaje. Este estafador es un seductor acosador y peligroso.Maneja un buen vocabulario, se hace ver como muy educado y respetuoso dependiendo con quien chatea es astuto.

Susan (Colombia)

Report N12 (added on December, 30, 2014)

Contacted on Skype by a James Richard claiming to be on Oil Rig and working as Engineer for international oil concern. Then name changed on Skype to James Romas. Assured by him that it was him and that Richard was his middle name, and Skype name used for work. Very charming and extremely convincing man. Claims he has son named Sean in UK living with care-giver named Ben. His wife passed away when Sean still a baby. Have searched online for James Romas and his son, to no avail. They do not exist or are very social media shy. His son Sean sent me emails, which I found very strange.

Annie (South Africa)

Report N13 (added on January, 23, 2015)

He had contacted me about the dating side lablue - his name there: cool_man999.
Falling fastly in love with me, every day chats, love mails, promises to came to Germany with his son, his name is Jason, he is 14 years old.
Told me he would work with the army in Afghanistan, but will retire soon, and for this he need a woman (the same story, like so often), he would be divorced since 9 years.
I was playing the game with him, until I had enough information. Wanted to see his id-card and his military card - they are both forgeries.
He wanted money for his son, I should sent to his son (the money should go to his teacher), which takes care of all, 1400 USD.
He told me there are fightings and war, so all banks are closed - he have to go to the next city, to a bank to send money, but his commander has forbidden this, cose its to dangerous. And now, where he have found the woman of his life, he don`t want to be killed. He will be coming soon and then I will get all the money back. His name on skype: Richard.nelson886.

Melanie (Germany)

Report N14 (added on February, 13, 2015)

Marco Albert contact me on Skype. He says he is from Netherlands, working offshore on a rig like a drilling engineer with contract with Tullow Oil Plc. He has a son Alex and send me his e-mail to write to him. One month he was so gentle, lovable and then ask me for 1000Euro for present for his son. Then he told me that very important part of the machine was broken and he can not reach his money from the see and ask me for 3500E . He send me his scanned passport to assure me.Then he ask for more 13 800$ to open the offshore account so the company to pay him 700000. Finally I try to find out something about him and I found your site! I was terrified that I'm not alone! Please, stop this person to not harm anybody else!

Rumi (Kuwait)

Report N15 (added on March, 2, 2015)

Last 2 days have been receiving letters fro him.

San (Canada)

Report N16 (added on May, 21, 2015)

Kilka tygodni temu poznalam na portalu randkowym pana Frank Ashley (Soblue28), wymienilismy maei ( i pisalismy ze soba, pan pisal ladnie , potem rozmowy na skyp Frank ashley (Berlin Barenstenstr. 27 12685 Niemcy) ale mialam wrazenie ze jest to na zasadzie kopiuj - wklej, brak osobistych informacji. Opowiada, ze ma cNrke Sara - 12 lat, zona z pochodzenia Polka zmarla przy porodzie. Pyta mnie czy wyjde za niego, mNwi, ze powiedziala o mnie cNrce i ona chce sie poznac i ze ma urodziny na pytanie co to ma byc slysze: iPhon i podaje adres na ktNry mam wyslac prezent Steven Williams GP 21790 ACCRA Ghana Zip code: 23321 i tu zapalil sie alarm i sprawdzilam dane w internecie, i tak trafilam na Wasza strone. Dziekuje bardzo, wszystkim pokrzywdzonym serdecznie wspNlczuje. Podal nr telefonu, przyslal kilka zdjec swoich i niby cNrki. W tym samym czasie pojawil sie ponownie na portalu ale juz jako Goodtouch45, na portalu jest innej osoby zdjecie a moze z mlodszych lat.

Stenia (Poland)

Report N17 (added on May, 28, 2015)

He uses people to work for him, to use his foto's etc. They work under him it looks and many of them do not have money so they do it for income. There's no way he can do all the women himself. He pays them for doing it for him. They work in groups, more than one.

Linda (South Africa)

Report N18 (added on June, 9, 2015)

This man used to love your best photos.Really, working in groups as a network has contacts in other countries that act as receptors money from scams. even uses fake link banks in the United Unido. I guess this network is associated with native of Nigeria.I skype contact with each course friend and employee of a bank with an e until recently he remained active.
I regret having fallen in love so foolishly.The knows advantage of the weakness of women.Today just ask God to do justice for all women have have been victims of these sociopaths.
These experiences are very traumatic and inexplicable.
I still wonder how I could fall into this absurd.. my vulnerability at that time.
I want to alert as the ladies who have published their testimony others do not make the same mistake.I just hope at some point to pay for their misdeeds.
if the law of man failsdivine law..HE is a vile bastard human waste.

Sally (Colombia)

Report N19 (added on June, 19, 2015)

He is currently going by Richard...he has been on Our Time, Match, etc..... He also does Skype tribolet richard, He is good...I have to give him that credit.
He is in Accra Ghana. he has an assistant in Accra Ghana. Who knows, this may be Richard's real name..... He used the address in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Pam (USA)

Report N20 (added on July, 28, 2015)

I just want to add testimony to this guy named Charles Presten also known as Frank William, the name that he is currently using now. He added me 3 weeks ago, but we did not come to money issue, he did not come to a point of asking money from me, but i think he is about to start as he was telling me that his son named Kelly, 14 years cant be contacted thru phone. I already doubted from the start of our conversation because he was claiming that he is from America and studied in Oxford but his english is really off, and his english language is very limited thus, he kept sending me poems and love quotes from google and yet he kept claiming that he made those poems himself those instances really irritate me,one time he sent me a poem which is very much familiar to me so i googled it to find who the author is and that's the time i came across to this site which i found very helpful, Thank you so much for this site. I continued talking to him for about 4 days because i just wanted to find out what is going to happened until it came to a point that he got annoyed with our exchange of messages and he called me stupid then i told him that i am not, and i can prove it to him that I am not by sending the link of this site with his name on it to his face. I am not his victim because he is unbelievable. This guy should be prevented or imprisoned from doing this before many vulnerable women became his victim. He should use his balls to earned a living not to take advantage of innocent woman. I knew that he is an absolute scammer because i saw his name here, and I want to let you know that this man is still active.

Flestine (Thailand)

Report N21 (added on August, 12, 2015)

I want to warn all women of this man! The man is an impostor. The right photo to refers to Charles Presten aka Scott Wilson. At least that's the name with which he was able to wrap around your finger! This man here with Robert Williams (50) outputs the same as Charles Presten (55) and Scott Wilson (55). The man I met more than a Daiting site. He first showed the photo of Charles Presten - Scott Wilson (as I got to know this man named) .Schicke me but then the email 2 pictures of Robert Williams. When I then asked about it, he said: Excuse me, these are photos of the brother of my late wife. I believed him because he gave me then some photos sent as the person Charles Presten. He scickte me 10 Bacara roses with DHL and we wrote about 3-4 weeks, when he said that he would travel to Ghana because he participated there as a car dealer in a competition of the African government and won this. I got his phone number and we phoned, wrote in Skype and email.Then he wrote me that he had a lot of problems in Ghana and be the black there all just criminals. He asked me to send him 250 euros, because he would have in the moment Problene with his money. He would need it to buy food themselves. I then sent this money. However, not at Scott Wilson, but to his agent. I then sent this money through MoneyGram. Then he thanked politely and at first it was also the next 2 weeks everything okay. He said that he would have to work a lot there because the containers were geschippert from England to Ghana and he has to make the decrease there. But from an other on the day he called me from a number of Ghana and said that he had problems again. He said the shipping company would not release him the container, if he did not pay a sum of XXXXX. He wept bitterly and told me that want to jail the police. He wept so bitterly and said that I was his wife and should help him. He promised me that he would come to me and my children to Germany when he has finished his business in Ghana. Then I sent this man once more a large sum of money. Then he said: I'll be in Germany to you ... He adored me for months to .... promised marriage and then gave itself out as the father of my children.I gave him a loan of 50,000 euros. Then came more and more problems and he needed money again. Actually, I wanted to give him anything more .... But I also wanted to have the money back what I paid scon this man. So I gave him what. But only because he sent me a Dukoment by showed that he had to pay over 30,000 euros to the shipping company in order to escape the prison and that he was doing to himself something. This man has cheated me out of 97,000 Euro, because he threatened me with jail and suicide. I would have no human lives on his conscience, because I am perhaps guilt off later, because I have not helped. I stand today with the man in contact, because he still continued to ask for money from me. I think he's still out until Monday, because I hope that I may be saved until then. I have already turned on the police and hope that I may be saved, to arrest this man. This man has destroyed all my life and that of my children.I just want to put this man in jail . By the way, is this man as Adrian Webber . He can be found on Facebook and . There he is to work for the company Drilling / Production Engineering at Tullow Oil PLC in Britain . Likewise, there is also a car dealer .... I like it, because I entered his cell phone number in Googgle and then came to this site .....
This website he started towards me the deception! Please ..... This man must be found ! I have it all under way to get him to get on the track ! For any advice I am grateful and I'm about to reach my email address . I have taken already in touch with the shipping company and got to know through the Director , which is falsified the document . Even with whom I am still in contact .

Sandra (Germany)

Report N22 (added on September, 14, 2015)

He said he was a gem scientist from CA and took a trip to Accra, Ghana to buy gold. He sent me flowers and poetry, lots of poetry. I fell for him hard. I also sent him $13,000.00 in the course of 6 weeks. To Ghana. To have the gold sent here and we would be rich. I should have listened to the warning bells when he first asked for money. Western Union and Moneygram. Should have listened to them too. When his business partner called today and said David would need $3000.00 more because he was now being detained for forged documents, I remembered reading about just that kind of scam. And that's when I started investigating this whole thing. I found lots of pictures of him with different names on various scamming sites. He's very good at this. I just wish I had known how to check before I was so stupid.

Donna (USA)

Report N23 (added on September, 23, 2015)

Money invention of years of work I was going to deposit in that account and pay interest to me until he came to my country to start his life. The would buy a house for bothThe swindled $ 40,000.00 I use fake bank link London and names personas. Inclusive a black man pretended to be the employee who was shown on Sky but do not let him see well rostro. Esta is not think this photo photo from being stolen and used to be a man cunning to love atractivo. La if it is real and is an expert Dating sites should be alert if they are already reported by many people fall into this. Sure, are accomplices or pay very well at their profiles. These men will hardly pay their evil in life when they die like dogs in the street.

Mary (Venezuela)

Report N24 (added on September, 23, 2015)

Met scammer on skype. He never wants to show himself.

Wilna (South Africa)

Report N25 (added on October, 1, 2015)

The mentioned person found me on Skype as james.richard (b2756487). He introduced himself as James Richard, marine engineer from Canada, Toronto, widower, raising alone after the death of his wife Rebecca his son Kelvin 16 years old. He informed me, that he is on the sea with United Nation mission and namely in Libya.
I corresponded with him by e-mail and on Skype during a week. It seemed strange for me, that his romantic letters came from some different IP addresses, all located in Ireland (one can check the mail traffic data on my PC).
Some later I found on the web site his picture (he was like a photo but it looked very tired) with corresponded information and understood whom I was dealing with. During our last chat, he asked permission to give my email address to his son Kelvin who is studying in Ghana at Kofi Annan Military School. I let him do it, and 10 minutes later I received a very strange letter from IP address in USA also known as scam. After our last chat I stopped all contacts with this person and blocked him on Skype and email. Skype james.richard (b2756487).

Thanks for your work

Nadja (Russia)

Report N26 (added on November, 6, 2015)

His first contac was 09,15.15 from skype Mark Miller. He stopped chatnig with me on 11.01.15, but didn't blocked me yet. First time he asked money for his son.
Skype as Mark Miller, Facebook: Osebe Izkan was blocked as Osebna Izkanica and Oseb Izcan.

Irina (Russia)

Report N27 (added on December, 1, 2015)

Male contact request. Skype contact then whatsapp Very romantic, told me to change profile public to private and asked to help. I'm glad I did myself. Otherwise, he would have my skype password!
On whatsapp, friendly, romantic, knows what one wants to hear.Seeking marriage.
Did send a few pics. That's it. Pics were me at work.

Mae (USA)

Report N28 (added on January, 28, 2016)

55 year old man | Palm Coast, FL, United States | Seeking women 47-69

Laura (USA)

Report N29 (added on August, 18, 2016)

He first contacted me through Skype. He said that he worked on a cruise liner but that changed to a cargo ship. He told me he had a son, and that his wife had died. He said that when we were on Skype I must never talk because it would mess the ships signal. I did see his face but never heard him talk. He told me that his son was in Ghana on a school trip, he even sent pics of his son. His son started emailing me, calling me mom, which I found strange, he even sent pics. Soon Walter was saying that his son had lost his phone, and could I send a thousand euros for a phone and his food. I told him that I was not working and he was. He told me that most of his salary was going into a pot, so that once he retired he would get a lot of money, this seemed strange. We did agree on some money, but in my lack of funds, I sent less. This did not go down well.
He then started saying that he had been in touch with the solicitor that was dealing with his fund. He said that his fund would come straight to my house, and to look for property. Then they was an email from this so called solicitor asking for 6,000 dollars for a marriage certificate. It was not even on a letter head, I googled the name, the only name I could find was the one that dealt with celebrities.I have all the emails, and chat from Skype even photos he sent me. I know that he is working with a lot of people, because on Skype this colored guy started talking to me, pretending to be walter. Things turned nasty, he started calling me a prostitute, and that he was coming with some black guys to rape me. He then went on cam, and started to masturbate.

Jess (Spain)

Report N30 (added on December, 9, 2016)

This guy befriended me and within less than a month wanted me to help him out by giving up 1500 GBP, or 1800 bucks and some change. He was supposedly a doctor in Syria, working for the UN. He needed me to get a brief case for him, that contained money. But the bogus UN emailed later I got did not really read official, like a government letter should sound. I balked at giving him money.

Mel (USA)

Report N31 (added on August, 11, 2017)


Wendy (UK)

Report N32 (added on September, 14, 2017)

On the 3th of march a man contact me on Skype and asked that he wanted to be a chat pat. His name is Robert Hoard. First i told him that i wanted to think about it first and then let him know. Later that day he contact me again and i wrote him that it was no problem to have a chat with him. And now i wish that i sould not done that. We had a chat almost everyday. His Skype account was ninabauer2012. A few days later he send me 2 pictures. I tought that this was the face and the person i was having a chat with. I tought this was the face of Robert Hoard. He told me that he was a detective on a ship and that he was on his trip now. That his dear wife died in a accident, and the same day his partents died in that accident to. He also wrote me that he has 2 children Jerry and Rose Nelson. A few days later he wrote me that his fulley name was Nelson Robert Hoard, and that he and his wife adopted Rose, because her mum passed away. He was 7 years alone. And when he saw my picture he knew that the Lord answer his prayers, and send me to him.

We had contact from the 3th of march until the 15th of august 2017. Because of the waves on the sea that is what he told me. We had chats on Yahoo Messenger for a while. This is his account he used on Yahoo Messenger, or diamondkiss, or robert hoard. I still did not think anything bad about this person. He was always kind. I saw him a few times on cam, and i really tought he was for real. He send me about 6 pictures. I could not see anything wrong at that time. All this time i tought i was having chats with this person in the pictures and i liked him very much. There was a moment in my life that i feld happy, and all the promisses he made to me. I was so stupid to believe that this was true.He told me that he wanted to meet me and get me married, and that we would be the happiest family. He told his children about me. And i did believed him.

Then he got another account on Skpye nelson.diamond61 And from december 2016 until february 2017 account in hangouts Even his son Jerry wrote that he was happy to have me as his mother, that he and his sister Rose wanted to meet me. I believed all this scam, all of it. Everytime he will write me that i was his Queen and his dear wife and that he can't wait to meet me. That we will be the happiest family.

In december 2016 he wrote me that he wanted to quit his job. They transfered him in the area of Africa, and to quit his job i had to pay 2000usd. I believed him and payed, to get him of the ship i had to pay another 3000usd and i did. I had no dought that this was fraud. I had this feeling that i was so close to this person and believed evertyhing he asked me and wrote me. He took over my toughts and my life. The first week of january 2017 he called me, and told me that he was about to leave Ghana and get his flight, go home to his country get his kids and then come over to me. Later that day he called me and told me that he was having problems at the airport Kotoka in Accra Ghana. He had to pay the Immigration for Jewelry that he had with him. He did payed them, but it as not enough. He asked me to help me with 5000usd. Backthen in July he wrote me that he and a few collegues were in Accra and come across an orphanage, he met a few people there from the orphanage. One name he wrote me was a man named Nutsua Richmond Edem, and a woman Christiana Akorli. I told him to call Richmond and ask for help. I still did not see trough this person and what was going on. I wanted to help him. Because Richmond did not had somuch money i send again 3000usd and asked him if Richmond could help him with the rest of the money. He stayed in the airport for almost 4 weeks, and got sick. Richmond brought him to the hospital. And again i had to pay for the hospital bill and medication. I was so sad that all i wanted was to help him.
Everytime he would tell me that he will pay me back when he is in his country. This is the telephone number Nelson Robert Hoard would used when he calls 233-246792395. I had to send money for his children in Texas. The children were in a Boardingschool in Texas, that is what Nelson Robert Hoard told me.
The end of July Richmond called me to say that the children needed money. Then Nelson Robert Hoard called and he asked to help the children if i could send money for their needs. Because i had already payed so much, my sister send money for the children. first i had to send money to a person by the name of Tjongjan Akaphan in Bastrop Texas. Robert told me that he knew them very well and that they are nice people running a restaurant. One time i had to send money to a person Michael Gibson, in Texas 805 north rhomberg st ap2 burnet 78611. Then the last person Martha Fraliex, Nelson Robert Hoard told me that she was Jerry, his son teacher. She lives in 232 west 8th MT Vernon Indiana 47620.

Because we did not heard from Western Union that she collect the money, my sister asked me to try and contact this Martha Fraliex to found out if the children recieved the money. I search for her on Facebook and asked her to accept me. I asked her about the money my sister had send for the children Jerry and Rose Nelson, and this is what she wrote me that she never heard about those children. She wrote me that she saw that i send money and everytime when she recieved the money, a man by the name of John Fralix , or John Clifford,will call her and tells her to send the money to Ghana. This is how i found out that i was scamed for all this time. This broke me in to pieces. I told her to contact the police, because this is wrong what they are doing. She promissed me that she would go to the FBI. And i went to the police and told them everthing what happen to me. And file for a police report. I have lost alot of money. This is what they did to me. I let someone into my life and he took over my life. I am having a lot of financiel problems now, because of what happen to me. I trusted this man. And tought that we would have a happy life together, as a family. He seemed so real to me, and all the promisses he made to me. He took over my toughts and my life. I am having a diffucult time now. My life is up side down. I can't sleep at night, just thinking what had happen to me. For 18 months, this was going on.

The 6th of august 2017 some one from Ghana by the name of Desire Mensah called me and told me that i was scamed by this person Rich Richmond Mawudem. He told me that he is frauding me. The phonenumber of Desire Mensah is 233-202510809. I really don't know what is true or not. Nutsua Richmond Edem number is 233-206558005. He was the contact person. Now i am not sure of anything. His email adress is, or moonstar.

When Nelson Robert Hoard was hospitalist i had to send money to this bankaccount number 01421993301554 in name of Christiana Akorli. UBA Teshie Branch Accra Ghana. Tessie Road.

Jerry Nelson email his son Now i know that it was them all the time.
I still can't believe that this happen to me.

I tought and wanted to write this to you. I did some searching, because of the pictures, and wanted to know who the real person was in the picture and what is happening. And saw that name of this person is Richard Terry.He is on Facebook and now again,and on Skype account Live:richard Terry.
This is still going on. They don't stop.

I hope that you can do something with this information. I know that it's wrong what they are doing. I need time to heal. I tought it was for real. I hope that you can do something about this and stop them. Maybe the FBI can do something to stop them. How long will they go on to hurt woman? I really don't undertstand, i am so confused what happen to me, and thinking about all the other woman they hurt constantley.

Nelson Robert Hoard called me until the 15th of august 2017. He alwyas tell me that i was his dear wife, that i was his Queen, an Angel send from God. That he is a God fearing man, and that he can never hurt me. That was the last time we had contact. The same with Nutsua Richmond Edem his contact was also the same time he wrote me by mail. The name of the orphanage is TRBP foundation Accra Ghana. The manager is Richard Adevue. I also send a few times money to this orphange, because Nelson Robert Hoard asked me to help those poor children. I don't believe that this was 1 person, i think they work with more.

Shirley (Netherlands)

Report N33 (added on September, 28, 2017)

This man contacted me through plenty of fish said his name is Stephen Wilson and that he is from Greenwood Indiana and asked me to go to hangout so we can talk there. He is very good at what he is doing. After two weeks of us talking I was his wife, he has a son named Harris Austin that is in boarding school there in Ghana. He wanted me to buy him an iPhone 7 plus and send it to him. I would never send one so he asked me to send 1000 so he could buy it his self. That he really wants to be able to talk to me and Harris. As of today he is still talking to me, still asking for the money, I keep putting it off. I found out he was a scammer from this site, just before he asked me for the phone. Thank God I have never sent him anything. He sends me the same pictures. He really needs to be stopped. If there is anyway I can help find this scum I will. Like I said we are still talking as though I'm his wife and Harris's mom. I still get emails from Harris calling me mom. He tells me he is from here where I live but is working on a cargo ship in Ghana and is waiting to retire around Christmas. and that we are going to get married when he gets home. The postal address and phone number is from the address he wants me to send the phone to. The only email address I have is for his son. We only communicate on hangout. With his name being handsome love.

Mary (USA)

Report N34 (added on October, 26, 2017)

Begging for money to deliver a parcel to my house. $29,000.00. I have documentation but don't know how to download to here.

Annie (USA)

Report N35 (added on Janaury, 22, 2018)

He approached me on instagram. He said he was working on an oil rig off W Africa. He almost immediately asked me for money. He said he has a 15 yo son in Arizona. He He said he lost all of his documents in a fire. He even tried to get money from me using his son. He used photoshopped photos of himself and his son. He was very good, but I had done my research so he didn't get anything from me.

Celia (USA)

Report N36 (added on March, 23, 2018)

Ric Ritchie says he is an orthepidiac surgeon working for the UN in Syria he needs me to pay ?3600 for a vacation permit sent an email to the un vacation board asking permission for a visit and have to pay the money through western union to swizterland a Gabrielle Bandlin .he also has a son Gilbert who is 15 and had a email from him saying he had lost his laptop and would like me to help pay for a new one as his dad is away working and cant get home to help him out but managed to tell him i couldnt afford that.

Fiona (Scotland)





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