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First name: Carlos
Last name: Moss
Age: 55
Anthony Wilson, Yannick Ronce, Jose Alvarex, Jose Fernando, Philippe Lebrun, Jean Perry, Brian Silvestro, Stevenson Mariano, Perry Lawson, Jean Michel Simon, Jeanmarie Goussard, Jean Robert Fabre, Yoan J., Alexandre Lemeure, Roland G., Kevin P., Harris
Anthony Wilson, Yannick Ronce, Jose Alvarex, Jose Fernando, Philippe Lebrun, Jean Perry, Brian Silvestro, Stevenson Mariano, Perry Lawson, Jean Michel Simon, Jeanmarie Goussard, Jean Robert Fabre, Yoan J., Alexandre Lemeure, Roland G., Kevin P., Harris
Name aliases:
Anthoney, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antonni, Antony, Bob, Bryan, Carloss, Carlous, Enthony, Filipe, Filippe, Haris, Jaen, Jeans, Kev, Keven, Perr, Philipe, Phillipe, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robby, Roberts, Robort, Robret, Robs, Rolland, Rollnad, Rowland, Simmon, Simone, Toni, Tonny, Tony
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Ikeja (Nigeria); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Birmingham (UK); Liverpool (UK); Dubai (UAE); Spain; Haute Normandie (France); Pasenda, California (USA); Lake Worth, Florida (USA); New Orleans, Louisiana (USA); London (UK); Paris (France); Montpelier (France); Orly-sur-Morin (France); Lille (France); Denmark
30 Jeanne D'arc, Bihorel, France
Kolawole omotayo, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Face Book, Match, Ok Cupid, Skype, Tagged, Zoosk
Scam fake docs:


REPORT N1 (added on June, 11, 2013)
Yvonne (England)

Met Carlos Moss in Zoosk. Claiming he was American and had been in the UK for 4 months by the time we met. He had gone through a divorce 6 years ago and had not had a relationship since but was now looking for that special someone. Because I had gone through a similar experience I had no reason to doubt him. The usual story. he had "fallen" in love with me after a week as we spoke often and well into the night . Then had to go to Dubai to work on a contract he had secured to install laptops .. He even emailed the "contract" for me to see, but I didn't spot the flaws until afterwards. Anyway I was scammed out if ?2000 yet I felt it was the wrong thing that I was doing. He disappeared suddenly , and I put his photos in a search engine and found him on Badoo dating site with 4 different names. I contacted him as Yannick Ronce and guess what he Skyped me and kept saying he still loved me and would pay me back. Then someone called Tony Wilson posing as a high profile US military personnel, but different pictures. But I feel it was this Carlos Moss/Yannick Ronce because after a few days Tony was talking in the same way as Carlos referring to me as his princess or queen. There were too many similarities, then he was asking for money to buy out if the forces as he was in Afghanistan (by the way this man is French) I told him I was going to expose him and he became abusive and volatile. Then disappeared.
REPORT N2 (added on September, 4, 2013)
Jean (USA)

He popped up on facebook we talked for some time after a short while i became what he called me his queen we talked for a long time then he had to go over to Africa for a job and he told me that his bank account was frozen and could not get to his money that he needed me to send him $2,000 so that he could get food and pay for his internet so that we could continue to talk after telling him time and time again that i did not have that kind of money finely i had to end it and tell him that i had found someone else.
REPORT N3 (added on November, 8, 2013)
Julie (Canada)

His date of birth is May 27, 1959.
He contacted me through facebook, although my friends warned me he was really good at conning me with love poems etc. he had to travel on business and got mugged, hospitalized, needed surgery, hotel money, meds etc. when I stopped sending money he then try to extort money from me as he filmed one our intimate sessions. I went to the police to report all of this. It still bothers me that I was this stupid. But now I want to for warn all women out there.
REPORT N4 (added on April, 22, 2014)
Elena (Ukraine)

Unfortunately, he deleted his profile on FB on 23-25 march 2014. He also send me picture with his daughter from skiing resort.
REPORT N5 (added on November, 11, 2014)
Ellen (USA)

Friended me and a friend on facebook and then tried to get money from us. Told us that he lived in Pasenda California.
REPORT N6 (added on May, 20, 2015)
Rachel (USA)

I messaged him on OK Cupid at the beginning of April. I believe I contacted him first as I saw a picture of a decent looking white guy supposedly in Florida. We exchanged phone numbers and he texted me for about 3 weeks, did google hangouts and occasionally emailed He would not really talk on the phone (we spoke once). On 4/21/2015 he advised me he was leaving on a business trip for Germany. About a week later he said he got awarded a contract to build a 10-mile bridge in Ghana. He arrived in Ghana and said he lost his luggage and that his laptop crashed. He called me on 5/9/2015 to ask me to send him a laptop and cell phone. I told him no. He is still emailing me and wanting to chat online. I am playing along just to see where this all goes, but I have no reason to doubt he is anything but a scammer. The one picture he claimed was taken in Gernany is in the same room as an earlier picture so this is a lie. I can send the pictures and the few emails I have from him. The emails sound scammy as they reference things that never happened between us and he calls me by some name other than mine. What makes me think he is a scammer is that everyone around him has died, he is raising a daughter, he claims to have a business but I can find NO information about him on the internet (there is a Perry Lawson in Florida but that is not him) and he does not answer m questions about himself.
REPORT N7 (added on September, 3, 2015)
Karen (UK)

He has emailed me every night for 5 months. Reported to be an Architect on business in Africa. Asked for money to help repair a machine needed for building his orphanage. Asked for money for hospital bills when he supposedly had typhoid. Asked for money to pay his accountant so he could return home.
REPORT N8 (added on January, 11, 2016)
Nicki (UK)

He contacted me; wanted to chat on Skype. Always just by typing, rarely with video. Sent 2 photos which matched his appearance. Highly charged, very romantic, declared love for me within 2 weeks. We communicated in a mix of English and French. He said he lived alone, his (English) wife and their 5-year old son had died in a car accident 3 years earlier. This explained his low profile. He said he was in France for business meetings (as an architect, designing an orphanage). He bought some expensive machinery, transported it himself but had an accident. Bank account frozen due to other project loans, insurance takes weeks, uncle and friend can only provide part of the funds, under pressure to replace asap & start project ...I'm sure you've heard it all before.
REPORT N9 (added on August, 17, 2016)
Eloha (USA)


Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Yvonne (England)
The papers. Today is the ultimatum but I pleaded to them till Wednesday baby. They said they wont allow me to work by next week Wednesday if I didn't pay and they will charge me to court
Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Julie (Canada)
Bonjour Ma douce ,

Comment tu vas , j'espere que bien et que tu passes une bonne nuit . La mienne a ete bonne , je pense que c'est grace a toi. J'ai beaucoup aime notre conversation d'hier et je vois de l'evolution dans notre relation amicalement et j'espere avoir des jours merveilleux avec toi, je ne fais que penser a toi , tu me manques a peine qu'on s'est quitte hier soir, je pense constament a toi.
Je t'embrasse tres fort, je te souhaite aussi une bonne nuit car je crois qu'il fait encore nuit chez toi.
J'ai hate de te parler ce soir ....Bisous prends soin de toi !
Ton doudou qui pense a toi.

bonjour Ma tres chere, ici j'espere qu'il fait nuit chez toi , ici il est deja tot , alors j'en profite pour te laisser un mot pour te souhaite une bonne nuit, oui j'ai fait de beaux reves et je pensais a toi seulement , tu es dans mes pensees sans cesse.
j'ose dire que je suis amoureux de toi...Je t'embrasse tres fort, a demain !
A ton tour d

Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Elena (Ukraine)
My darling Elena,
I really do need your assistance here now... My mother in law has been able to come up with 5000. I still need 15,750 to make the complete payment.

True love never die, its leaves never become wither no matter the weather.
Show me what you have done for one another and i will tell you how far you will go together.
Real love do not betray one another no matter the distance and circumstances, they remain committed to each other.
Love is a responsibility towards one another, those who are not ready for it should not venture into it.
Love takes advice and accepts correction with great appreciation.
Love does not condemn but encourage one another to produce the BEST.
In the atmosphere of love, there is no restriction. In the gallery of affection there is no limitation.
True love breaks barriers and makes impossibilities possible.
Love is like a string on oxen that moves them towards the same direction.
Love grows by intimacy and become str

Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Rachel (USA)
Well I felt very happy and lucky meeting you and I am very interested in you, thanks so much for replying to my email. I hope we can meet before I trip to Germany or somewhere else.it depends where it clicks for me.well,I love my work a lot and at the moment i have a lot project going on and that what keeps me busy! I hope you are having a good day! I thought I would write to tell you a little more about me.Anyway,this shouldn't sound funny but its all about me and what indeed that I seek for in a woman, if the below suits you, then I believe we can accomplish life and make it much more beautiful to enjoy for the rest of our remaining lives specially at our age. My life is an open book,no hidden secrets or agenda .I have a life full of history...At our age we have created some.haven't we?Anyway, I was born in France Paris in a municipality called Bois de boulogne but grew up in texas dallas.This was because my late parents passed away and my uncle who was iving in t

Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Nicki (UK)
How are you from the site?
Thank you for your answer on the site. It makes me happy!
Affinity is a good starting point. But nothing replaces the exchange and direct communication to discover our commonalities. This is why I allow me to contact you. I look forward to learn more about you. I am a widower for 3 years and without children, I want a sincere and serious lasting relationship that will allow me to completely forget what I experienced in recent years since the death of my wife and my only son helped a lot affected, so I stayed for years without people because I believe that I had not yet finished to forget that pain. But now I have taken taste to life. I try to rebuild my life without waiting! So I'd like to know a sweet woman, tender, sensual, very simple, real, funny, sincere as I am. I take care of myself, I practice many sports which allows me to keep the line and to be even younger.

Hope to hear from you.

Good Night.

P.S: I've put a pict

Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Eloha (USA)
Hello. If you have friends who are in serious problems and money lending needs for their projects so please I took you focused their aid otherwise I leave you the email address of the person who helped me when I 'was in need is a Mr courteous and very sympha. It appoints Mr Alexandre his email is: lemeure.alexandre@outlook.fr. Made by him of your request and it will answer you


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