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First name: David
Last name: Hudson
Age: 53
Michael Aaron, Ronald Stewart, Saul, Jack Petterson, Jack Patterson
Michael Aaron, Ronald Stewart, Saul, Jack Petterson, Jack Patterson
Name aliases:
Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davide, Davido, Davids, Dawid, Jackie, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Ron, Steward
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Houston, Texas (USA); Scotland; New Hartford, WI (USA); Antioch, Illinois (USA); Autaugaville, Alabama (USA)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Chemistry, Ok Cupid, Tagged, Xing


REPORT N1 (added on April, 12, 2013)
Sheila (USA)

I met this man on okcupid and he immediately asked me to text him on his cell phone. I sent him a message right away and we sent a few text messages back and forth that first night. He then texted me each of the next few days and also sent emails back and forth. By the third or forth day, he sent me a very heartfelt email telling me that he had fallen in love with me. A few days later he wanted to marry me and wanted already to plan a honeymoon and buy a new house and all new furniture for the house. He said that he had some kind of a bond that was going to mature in May and would have 2.2 million dollars. He claimed that his wife died from cancer and his 5 year old son died by way of something that was his carelessness but didn't say what. He said that his mom and dad both died also in the same year and all he had left in the world was one sister in Ireland. We texted back and forth for hours each day and tried to talk on the phone. Talking on the phone was hard to do because he has a very thick accent and was hard for me to understand. He said that he was born and raised in England but went to school in Spain. His accent didn't indicate either. His accent was much like a couple of friends that I have who are from Africa but he insisted he was from England. He claimed to be living in Houston, Texas and his phone number is a Texas number so at first, I didn't suspect anything. I have never heard of online dating scams so this is all new to me. He said that he had his own business and designed and built machines for big businesses and had jobs going in Texas and overseas. Within a short time, he claimed that something had gone terribly wrong at the other job site and had to go there to straighten things out in Scotland. After breaking contact for a couple of days to get to Scotland, he then told me that the guy that he left in charge was spending all of the money he was suppose to be doing the job with on drugs and wasn't paying the crew or doing the job right and had broken the piece of machinery called a Kuka while doing this job and the Kuka is needed to do this job. Shortly after getting there, he claimed to be in a terrible car accident that nearly killed him and was in the hospital. Then while recuperating from that, was hospitalized again when his blood pressure went sky high and nearly caused him a stroke. By this time, he had a friend of his emailing me to tell me how he was doing with his blood pressure and he had also had his sister emailing me to get to know me. Then as he was getting very frustrated because of the bad fortune that is coming on him, he says that the company is threatening him with breach of contract and the bank won't loan him any money to buy another kuka even though he has 2.2 million coming to him in May. At this point I just knew he was going to ask me for money and of coarse he did. We were talking on Yahoo IM and he asked me to help him by sending him some money for the Kuka and he will pay me back 10 times over again. I told him that I had none to send him and he pleaded with me to send him whatever I could to an account in China which belongs to a friend and he would be going there to buy the Kuka. I told him that I would try and then offered to charge part of the Kuka on a credit card because I had no money. He didn't want me to use the credit card to charge anything, saying that they don't take credit cards but wanted me to take a cash advance instead and send it to the account in China. I told him that my card limit for purchase was 1800 but for cash advance I can only get 400 so he said that he needed to think of how he could use the credit card. The subject didn't come up again before I confronted him. He acted hurt but said he still loved me and had to think and concentrate on his work. We didn't talk again for several days and then I asked him to meet me on IM. By then I had found him on facebook as agen conte by his sister's supposed email address but it was the birthdate he gave me for himself on the facebook page and it said male as well. He denied that it was him and told me it was probably his sister's husband that put the account there and that I should ask her but When I asked about that, the facebook page immediately was deleted within minutes, he disappeared from IM and I have not heard from him since. There is so much more to the story and I have over 3000 text messages between us, probably a hundred emails and lots of Yahoo IM conversations so it would be hard to put everything here but this man said all the right things. I was separated and nearly divorced when we began contact and I will say, this man has definitely done plenty of this before and knows just what to say. I really believed that he loved me with all his heart and I am not a mushy person at all, I normally do not believe in love happening fast and I do not fall for anyone easily but he swept me off my feet. Fortunately I pray a lot and ask God to guide me and I was paying close attention to detail and picked up on some things. On this website I was able to put in the IP Address from his emails and also from the emails that I got from his sister Anna Green and his friend Michael Aaron and all 3 of them are in Africa. I never even knew that it was possible for me to check where someone was that way. I will be putting all of his pictures on here if possible even though they are probably of some other unsuspecting person and any details that I can to make sure that other people are protected from him and others like him. I have definitely felt really silly and stupid about this whole thing but the hard thing for me to grasp is that I have felt so hurt, betrayed and broken hearted. I wanted so much for everything he said to me to be true. It is just evil that anyone would prey on the emotions of other people this way. When I think of how much my heart has sunk over this. All of this transpired in about 7 weeks, I feel just horrible for the men and women who have been victimized even longer and fell even more in love and for the money and property that some lose over these hurtful criminals. It is so sad.
REPORT N2 (added on February, 24, 2016)
Paula (Germany)

I didn't met him (is it really him? I don't know anymore) on dating sites, but on Xing, a rather professional social network.
He started with compliments about my professional experience and portfolio... Slowly started with somehow more personally though very polite conversations. Untypically didn't ask immediately to get outside the Xing site, but the day came. After some sharing of pictures related to motorbikes (admittedly my passion), we switched to emailing each other. In that time I was not so aware of scamming and anyhow I never used dating sites consequently... He claimed to be widowed and working as self employed civil engineer in US and overseas. I must tell that this type has an incredible endurance, creativity and patience. We used to talk basically about quotidian situations and experiences. He could keep such a logic, detail level and credibility!!! I must say if he's not an American himself or doesn't have an academic grade he must have been then very well assisted. It took months long before he asking me for financial help, first to get to an inheritance in UK, from investments from his passed away father, that if not claimed until deadline so and so, would be reverted to UK government. Always claimed to have funds through not readly accessible investments. In that time I couldn't help (could not really, the requested fee to release the funds were way too high for me). After the episode it passed some months till we restart conversations. It was months later when he started confessing his love for me, dreaming of a life in common, although "knowing" he couldn't have me because I was already in a long lasting relationship. Then he had some amazing construction projects in China, then in Malaysia, arguably faced immense problems, from getting to pay high fees to release s loan in order to be able to fund his part of the project, invested almost everything he had, then been robbed in China, then facing immigration issues in Malaysia, being returned to US to gather funds and be able to solve his residence permit overseas, then the associate bank was not committing on time to their part, then he considered to "withdraw" from the whole in order to get his part back and be able to "redeem" to everyone that loaned him money. I must shamefully admit that at this time I gave him some money "for a short while", bit by bit. At this time we've "built a certain trust relationship" to each other... Pretty the same way as I have with so many good and lifelong friends (with the difference that I know all of these others). Only when the contact the replies got longer and longer I got some distrust that he actually would never pay me back, although knowing I need the money for a surgery. Then I remember that his webcam never worked when we tried to talk on IM or Skype, his bank contact was from Julie Thor, resident in Snowqualmie, with a contact number that never gets through. I ended up googling his data, that never completely matched, from Julie Thor also not, till I made a reversal research on some pictures he sent to me just to find out that "all" of them have been stolen from the same sources under 100ths of different fake profiles... That's when I had no doubt anymore I had to do with a scammer of incredible refinement. Except for these details I found out later and for the fact that his Xing profile disappeared relatively fast after we've been in contact, it took me more than 1,5 year to uncover him, send a last message saying how I admired his creativity and endurance. If all that was worth to him because of 24000?, in small instalments, I don't know... Got the lesson, thanked for that and broke the contact line... Only regret having deleted the whole mail thread over time and at the end...
REPORT N3 (added on February, 24, 2017)
Eloha (USA)

Known scammer.
REPORT N4 (added on March, 29, 2017)
Patricia (USA)

I am reporting this because I recognized his picture from your web site and wanted to add new information about him. Your web site has him listed as Saul D from Antioch, Illinois (USA).
He contacted me from the Chemistry web site. The profile information listed on the web site was different than the information he gave me in our communication from email and text messages. He sent me pictures and one of them is the same picture listed on your web site. I have a couple of different pictures than you have and more information. He did not have a chance to ask me for money because I told him that he was too young for me. Our communication did not last that long.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from David Hudson to Sheila (USA)
No need to say sorry I should be the one to say sorry. I had an emergency at work so I had to work longer. I got home late night I tried to call but you must be sleeping so I dropped you a voice mail. I listened to your voice mail with big smiles on my face. Your sexy voice makes me wanna be with you soon. I got your email too. It pretty sounds like you got an interesting family. I hope to meet everyone someday and I wish they will like me.

I understand that you need to work but all I am asking for is not to overwork not good sleeping over at work.

I tried to restore my facebook account but it didn't go through. Its hard cuz I couldn't even remember the log in details. it has been long.

It wasn't easy sleeping last night, I listened to your voice time and all over again, looking at your pictures, your beautiful smile. It was hard to keep my eyes off them, it wasn't easy to stop thinking about things we have shared, a lot going through my mind, it’s all li

Romance scam letter(s) from David Hudson to Eloha (USA)
i would like to meet a well mannered woman who is looking for a long term relationship, who still has dreams and believes in love if you are looking for the same thing please get back to me


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