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ROMANCE SCAMMER George Marcio Marcio Craig
First name: George Marcio
Last name: Marcio Craig
Age: 59
Jeffrey Hooks, West Marvis, Michael, Raymond Scott, Dilhan Jibril, Benjamin Autos
Jeffrey Hooks, West Marvis, Michael, Raymond Scott, Dilhan Jibril, Benjamin Autos
Name aliases:
Ben, Benjamine, Creig, Georges, Geroge, Goerge, Gorge, Jeff, Jeffi, Jefforey, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Raimond, Ramound, Ramound, Ray, Reymond, Rymond, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana)
Also claims to be in:
Frankfurt, Germany; Iran; Yarmouk Camp, Syria; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Thessaloniki, Greece; Sacramento, California, USA; Macon, Georgia, USA; Ankara, Turkey
8 Markt Bornheim, Frankfurt-am-Mein, Germany, 60311
3001 Wesleyan Dr. North, Macon, GA 31210, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
China Love Match, Eharmony, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Instagram, Linked In, Love Planet, Lovoo, Twitter, Whats App


REPORT N1 (added on April, 6, 2020)
Cason (Italy)

Recontacted in April 2019 on Instagram to ask me for help, to get him out of prison he does not want to die there, no proof just photos can be stolen, he tells me that he has an apartment in frankfurt, nice BMW car blue, that he will come to Belgium to pick me up and marry me, and live together in frankfurt and my dog ​​Bill, he gave me an account to pay erste bank, account number Erste Nemzetkozi bank szamla, account number HU901160000600000000-85394102, he to several accomplices saying that he is a lawyer his name johnsonesqchristian@gmail.com, living in Hungary for the moment at the bedside of his bedridden mom, Wednesday April 1, 2020 I paid the sum of 1600? for his bail, get out of prison, he sent me several emails promising me that he would come to pick me up to live with him in frankfurt, i went on november 6, 2018, i did not find his address, nor a maintenance man Mr Henderson living in WYrzburg, he knows my phone number, everything about my private life, he infiltrated with art and diplomacy and hacked my smartphone, I don't know how, everyday calls me to see if the payment will arrive , when he calls me he says he is worried, tired, often calls me morning, the night around 11pm tells me that it is 2am in Iran, and that the security guard keeps him from talking to me for as long as possible, I sent him an SMS, on his smartphone, no response, received another account, to pay the same amount but in Florida, address name Sheila Mary goulet, 2nd accomplice, resident Jacksonville usa, sheliagoulet55@gmail.com that makes 2 I have been chatting with him behind a screen, every x that I offer to help him with acquaintances including NATO, NATO, he refuses, just wants money, he promised on the death of my dad just a year ago that my dad died that he would come to me search, i got cancer and am in remission, and despite that it continues to scam women. Today April 3, 2020 I must file a complaint with my Belfius bank to stop the transaction. During my 1st report that I sent to you today, he made me open an account in my name ? DubaI, at the Royal dutch bank (RDT) DubaI which in fact is a scam platform, to open this account I have to pay 2085, then 6995? then 5000? for his trip, Syria, Lebanon, 2x round trip + his plane flight to deliver him to Germany, but bad luck tells me that his plane is not valid. And here the reason that he tells me his arrest at the Lebanese airport for tax evasion and says it it's been a year since he is in prison and threatened, at the first report a complaint was lodged with the police here in Belgium, and also went to the court of first instance, case closed without further action. HElas. I have proofs, photos without knowing if it is really him, or usurpation if photos, I am also in contact with Jason bryan having the same photos and living in Florida, asking me to open an account at the chase bank which looks a little at the east bank, he didn’t, so I guess this scammer has 2 characters with me and juggles to get as much money as possible.
REPORT N2 (added on October, 11, 2021)
Sophia (Italy)

This scammer has multiple personalities. The latest is Benjamin Autos, living in Macon GA. He contacted me via eHarmony. He is currently stuck in Ankara Turkey for work but it went South. He has a 21 year old son name Kelvin. Wife dies of breast cancer. Parents both dead. Father American and mother French. And when he is called out on the scam he gets super vicious.
phone number: +1 651-371-3726
Address: 3001 Wesleyan Drive North, Macon GA 31210
email: benjaminautos06@gmail.com
Says he is French American.
Is also using Hangouts.
He has lots of pics and none are showing up in the scam sites until I got the match on this site and it is not the same pic, just the same face.


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