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First name: Brendan


Last name: Sundberg


Aka: unknown





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: Auckland, New Zealand; Docklands, England


Address(es): 44 Mamara apartment, Western Gateway, Docklands, E16 1AJ, United Kingdom


Phone number(s): unknown


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Linked In, Tinder, Xing


Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on March, 23, 2020)

His life fell apart six years ago when his wife cheated on him with his best friend. He was very depressed and his company suffered to the point of him having to resort to appoint a board of directors to save the business. He remained CEO though.

He called me the day before we were suppose to meet for the first time to say that he was on his way to the airport - his mum who lives in Stockholm was seriously ill and he had to be there to support her. He said that he would return to Auckland in 10 days time for a very important project meeting with his board of directors who were travelling to NZ for the meeting. He rushed straight to the hospital in Stockholm and sent me pictures of him with his mum. She did not recover sufficiently for him to leave in time for the meeting in NZ and the board of directors agreed to meet with him in London instead. His assistant of 17 years - Mike - also arrived in London to assist with the meeting. He sent me a picture of him and Mike. Brendan was staying at his London apartment (44 Mamara Apartment), the address corresponds with the fake UK drivers licence that he later 'accidentally' forwarded to me.

During the meeting the board of directors informed Brendan that they wanted for him to step down as CEO of the company and that he would receive a very generous compensation pending the completion of a project in Abu Dhabi. He left with Assistant Mike for Dubai. They were going to meet up with a team of engineers to complete the work within 5 days before he would return to Auckland and finally meet me. He sent me a dozen red roses apologising for not being with me for Valentines Day.

On March 4th I receive a confirmation online bank code message on my phone. Brendan phoned immediately asking for the code. He said that he was trying for hours to make payment to a supplier without success and decided to provide my phone number to retrieve the bank code. He was very happy that it worked for him to finally make the payment which would enable the delivery of supplies to complete the project. I soon after received another message from his bank saying that the payment from his TRF Trading Co has been reversed and that the account has been suspended for security reasons.

Brenda was very upset and said that he was in serious trouble and spend hours with the Bank trying to unlock his Bank account. His mother was able to help him with most of the money that he required to pay the supplier, but he still required US$ 15,600. He asked me to pay the money to FONG TRADE LTD's Bank of China account in Hong Kong. I transferred the money on 5 March 2020 and afterwards received an email with Guarantee Letter from his Attorney - Paul Minnes at Choominnes Attorneys and Solicitors in Hong Kong (Fake website - and email address - domain does not exist).

Brendan was very happy that the supplies were delivered for the project to be completed within the required 5 days and in time for inspection. He sent me a bouquet of roses. The project however did not pass the inspection - this resulted in a penalty for which he required more money ... he got very upset when I said that I had no more money to help him out. In the mean time two lady friend s of mine "matched" with Brendan on Tinder ... the man who said that he fell in love with me and cannot wait to be back in Auckland for the rest of our lives together to begin. He communicated to both of them with the same messages as with me at the time when we've matched in Tinder. He provided one of my friends with another phone number for her to contact him, then unmatched her when she said that it was too soon for her to share her own number.

I recorded a last telephone conversation with him on 15 March 2020 when I confronted him about messaging my two friends on Tinder. He ended the call when I asked for him to repay my money. He wouldn't answer any more calls from me. On 17/03/2020 he threatened me on WhatsApp should I try to expose him. I reported the incident with Netsafe and the NZ Police.

I have reported the payment to my Bank whose Fraud department is working with The Bank of China in an effort to recover my money. I hold and will forward photos, txt files , emails, case numbers etc I. Support of all of the above.

Cindy (USA)





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