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First name: Rupert


Last name: Marc-Andre


Aka: Andrew Butler, Anthony Matias, John Martinez, John Michael Parreno, John Maitland, Khufang Dora Mojoloane, John Mainland, William Adams, Frank Leonard, John Maitland, Ryan Taylor, Flowman, Lollyman, George Anderson, Antonio Walker, Larry Muller


Name aliases: Andersen, Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Andry, Anthoney, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antonni, Antony, Bill, Billie, Billy, Franc, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Georges, Johnn, Leo, Lerry, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Rian, Rupet, Ryann, Toni, Tonny, Tony, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willy





Location(s): Benin City (Nigeria); Cape Town (South Africa); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: Joliet, Illinois (USA); Ludington, Michigan (USA); Miami, Florida (USA); UK; Manhattan Beach, California (USA); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA); Georgia (USA); Bowie, Maryland (USA)


Address(es): 2713 ELM ave., Manhattan Beach, California, USA


Phone number(s): 3125298840


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Chemistry, Face Book, Match, Tinder, Yahoo Messenger


Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on March, 27, 2013)

I have been communicating with this person for about 2 weeks. I have made several attempts to meet but they all have had conflicts. He Has not asked me for money yet but he was very forth coming in some information, and showed a genuine interest in me and was very considerate of what I was doing. I had e-mailed him several questions that he has not answered. They were some questions basically to legitimize the info he has told me. After considering a couple of red flags I found out that I did a search his images came up as being used in prior scams. I will say he is VERY good at this and if he would come in contact with a very vulnerable person he could in up taking her for thousands of dollars. I caught on before that happened.

Lori (USA)

Report N2 (added on April, 23, 2013)

This guy contacted me through Match. I corresponded with him for about 2 weeks.
Several questionable events occurred. He wanted to meet up right away but never finalized any plans. He told me he was self employed and contracted by a company to go to Asia. A couple of days later he contacted telling me he and his 10 yr old daughter were held up in Customs due to the large amount of money he was bringing into the country and he was being accused of money laundrying. He asked me to send him whatever money I could afford because the conditions he and his daughter were in were horrible. I never sent any money.

Kris (USA)

Report N3 (added on May, 5, 2013)

My first conversation with Toni started the beginning of March 2013. We continued to e-mail regularly, through April 26. After nearly 1 month of no contact, he e-mailed me again on 5/24/13. Toni claimed to be living in Ludington, MI for about 3 months after moving there from California. He had his 10 year old daughter, Catherine, was living with him as he said her Mother passed away. Claims to have been born in Helsinki, Finland. (which I do believe he really speaks the language).
By 3/9/13, he said he was leaving for a contruction job in Malaysia. (new shopping mall). We still carried on regular conversations, then on 3/25/13 his situation was desperate. He needed money due to Malaysian government tax laws. He asked me for money, but I did NOT send any. I suggested that he seek help with the American Embassy and provided him with the address and emergency phone contact #. He claimed to have gone to the Embassy for help, yet when I e-mailed them about a welfare and safety check, the Embassy said he had not been there for help. I confronted him about this, and of course he just could not believe that someone at the Embassy had lied to me. I had tried many ways of tracking information on this man through several internet searches. Even paying for some services, but always coming up empty handed. He , at one point, asked me to set up an account so someone who owed him money for a job he did could wire it into this account and I could send it to him. I did not agree to this. Obviously red flags were popping up over this scenario. Even though I did not agree to set up the account, he still remained in touch with me for another month. He is quite the charmer and sweet talker. All was quiet between 4/26/13 and 5/24/13, when he started e-mailing me again.

Sarah (USA)

Report N4 (added on August, 19, 2013)

I know in my heart he's not coming. I was taken for $7000 He contacted me claiming to be from Miami Florida Widow, 1 daughter 7 yrs Would move for right woman. 2 months of emails then he had to go to Africa On business . Then his luggage was stolen and he Needed money to buy new equipment. Then more Obsticals, more money (moneygrams). he had me Make them out for other peoples names. Ojo Gregory and KHUFANG DORAH MOJOLOANE always on his way to see me Never arriving.

Krista (Canada)

Report N5 (added on August, 30, 2013)

I first met bill as john mainland on match1 we emailed each other and one night a friend of mine mentioned a guy named bill that lived in london well i found him on facebook we befriended each other and got talking before i knew it he was in love and being that i have talked to other scammers i knew that when he said that he had to go over to africa that it would only be time that he would be asking me for money and sure enough wasn't over there so called for even a day and was asking me for money that his money was taken from him because he carried to much over there and that he had no money for a hotel or to feed his daughter that he needed me to get him some money so that he could feed her then she came down sick using this to try and get me to feel bad for him.

Jean (USA)

Report N6 (added on November, 4, 2013)

I received an email in my chemistry mailbox from a man who sounded genuine. We emailed, sent txt, and then spoke by phone for a month. He spoke of his 7 y.o. daughter, Zara and sent a picture. He said he was a chemical engineer and had just acquired a new contract. Suddenly, he had to go to the UK on business. Shortly after his arrival he told me that his luggage had been lost containing his phones, daughter's video games and clothing, and some other items of value. He asked me to help him replace his iPhone and blackberry. I was skeptical but understood the hassle of finding what you need in another country. I sent the phone and immediately he was asking for money to be wired, another phone or blackberry. Alarms got louder! I told him that it had to wait because I had fallen and was in the hospital. He asked if someone could send it for me. Then he became angry when I mentioned asking my kids about the new phone. He said he didn't want me telling anyone because he's a private person. He continued to call but, I wouldn't answer. He sent me a music file with Endless Love.

Yve (USA)

Report N7 (added on December, 2, 2014)

I feel for this asshole hook line and sinker. met him on match and he conned me into sending him electronics and money. 7500. he is VERY, VERY good at this. he talked with me all day everyday and sent loving emails constantly. what a jerk.
he even had a fake 400k check sent to me to pretend that I was holding money for him prior to convincing me that he was being charged by the SA govt and he did not have the money.,
red flags were going up and I made him provide me with his passport copy --italian and matched the I helped him because he was so convincing-crying etc.
what a FOOL!!!!

Deb (USA)

Report N8 (added on June, 2, 2015)

This man John Maitland is already noted on this site however the pictures he sent me are different from the ones that I saw and I was contacted by a female who was on Match. She said her friend John saw my profile and she contacted me to say he was interested in getting to know me.

Mary (Canada)

Report N9 (added on August, 21, 2015)

He is reported with some of the same pictures. I also located 2 of the pictures he sent me. I just found him on Chemistry site Different id. This time: Flowman.

Lori (USA)

Report N10 (added on May, 17, 2016)

I have the same message he sent to another person on this site.

Patricia (South Africa)

Report N11 (added on May, 25, 2016)

Thank god for this website. This jerk laid it on thick from the beginning but I was in a very vulnerable state. He made me feel like I hit the jackpot. He was loving, romantic and hot. Who could ask for more. Then he told me he adopted his daughter from an orphanage and my heart melted! I was ready to marry the man!!!
My gut started telling me something was wrong when he gave me his cell # and it wasn't working at first.So I googled it and it led me here. I was shocked - my romeo was a scammer??? Can't be, right? Must be some horrible coincidence. Until I read an email on the site that he sent to a victim - it was verbatim to one I received from him earlier. The nail in the coffin was the pictures.
Again, I would have never sent him and $$$ and my heart bleeds for the woman that fell victim to his scam. I'm just happy I found this before I formed any solid feeling for this asshole.

Jane (USA)

Report N12 (added on September, 13, 2016)

This man has never stopped harassing me via email and try to get to me thru Facebook. I have reported him to Facebook and his accounts have been deactivated but he just steals somebody else's profile and keeps trying! Attached are the photos he was last using on FB and I saw this man on your sight as a scammer on Tinder as well...with stories that are the same as or similar to the many he has tried on me! He has actually sent me a "confession" of who he is and what he does and why! I will try to foward you all the info I have! The last 3 pics are the ones he sent to me saying it is the real him with a friend scammer and his sister at the friend's wedding. He tells me his friend married the lady from the US that he met by scamming her. He tells me that he himself has fallen in love with me and that we can be together if I would just go to Nigeria!
Please note my email that you have in your records is, that is still correct but this is my alternate one. He tells me his Name is Success Bamidele (Junior) & thst he is a 27 year old who used to live in Lagos but is now living in Benin City, Nigeria.

Therese (USA)





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