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First name: David


Last name: Kowalski


Aka: Lincoln, Dave


Name aliases: Daiv, Davi, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids





Location(s): Cape Town (South Africa)


Also claims to be in: Dallas, Texas, USA; Warsaw, Poland


Address(es): unknown


Phone number(s): 8176688193


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Match


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on June, 5, 2019)

I was approached by his friend Lincoln, telling me he was with him in Dallas and Lincoln was showing him the Match website and they came across mine, I have that email still, Lincoln's emails sound like David's has the same periods with no space to start the next sentence and no capitalization. He sent me David's email. We started communicating and very quickly told me he loved me. He lived in Dallas, flew to LA to bid on a contract, independent contractor for Shell Corporation, won the contract (10 weeks) and quickly had to leave for Cape Town SA, he is still there, He is from Poland, born in Montreal Canada, Father died when he was young, raised by mother in Poland, has a son and grandson. Byron and Aurek. Wife died of lung cancer "5 years ago" decided to move to Dallas less than a year when we meet. We communicated for 2 years, he did ask for some money, yes I sent him some, he liked Western Union, iTunes cards, bitcoin, wire transfer. Was attacked at the airport, passport wallet, everything stolen, had equipment hung up in customs, fire on the rig, went to jail, couldn't pay his workers, took a second contract while there, you name it... I was going through a divorce, he was always there when I needed him to talk to. Past 6 - 9 months I knew he wasn't who he said he was. I have pictures, I had other numbers I deleted them quickly when I finally had enough, he finally sent an email he had sent previously, then found a lot of his emails here, 1001 love letters and so on. He didn't like that I called him a Lying F***ing Ba****d and told him to go to H***, that was the last communication. I have seen emails on here that sound like him, read David Miller emails to Sandra, sound just like him and has the same 1 or 2 dots after his name as all mine do. I also wonder if he is Lincoln Harrison on your site, as the first letter was from Lincoln, I tried to see the video on his site, I want to hear the voice, but I can't get it to open. I stopped communicating with him on 4/28/19. He knew I was on to him. I don't have Proof, I tried over the years to get something, all I have are his lies, promises. I don't think the pictures are him, no idea where he got them. Very convincing. Tried to get him to skype but he would have nothing to do with that.

I have some statements that show large deposits David had put into my account, he said they were payments owed to him and I wired them to him.

I have names of where money was wired to and the names and bank account numbers, in South Africa. I have a couple of names of who he was working with, he supposedly lost his passport and identification and didn't have a bank there so it had to go to someone else.

I had a couple of other names as well but I had deleted all his texts when I was so angry, I tried to get them back but couldn't as we had stopped texting for months so they only go back 3 months to be able to recover that info unless it was for legal reasons, then I was told they have a department for that.

Perfect Trade Enterprise (Standard Band of South Africa)
Perfect Trade (NedBank Limited)
Caption Trade Enterprise (ABSA Bank Limited)
CF General Trading Enterprise
Chukwuma F Okafor (ABSA Bank Limited)

In the pictures I sent, he supposedly took 2 of the pictures, the ones with the blank shirt on, we were talking on the phone and I was trying to get him to skype with me and he absolutely would not use skype "because he doesn't use social media due to the contract".

He was supposedly working for SHELL corporation (as in his letters). Won a contract, left quickly for SA was supposed to be there for 10 weeks. Leaving the airport upon arrival in Cape Town he was attacked (as seen in one of the letters) and lost everything, all credit cards and identification, he couldn't get the equipment out of customs as he couldn't pay the taxes, then had to get the equipment to the rig, delayed the starting of working, then he was on the rig of about a week working without leaving and there was a fire and 2 people died, he was arrested in jail for about 3 weeks, needed help getting out, had to pay the 2 family's to settle out of court, sold a home in poland, and a friend and his wife helped him with money and I helped a little. Couldn't work until all the legal stuff was done and the families paid, took a couple of months. Finally finished (in December, he "left" Dallas Tx in March) and another branch asked him to continue for them. The first job was to replace the drums in the ocean and the second was to drill for oil and fill the drums. He was going to come home in April and that didn't happen, "they are not sending him the finances he needs to complete the project". After couldn't come home in April, I started just playing along with him because I was hoping to get my money back, I was frustrated an he knew it. He finally stopped phone calls and text messaging saying he was staying on the rig and couldn't use those modes of communication only email in December 2018.

I believe by reading many other letters on the website that David Miller 71 and David Millar 55 are also David Kowalski, due to some of the things he says like Sundays are days for rest and relaxation for him, finishing up paperwork, there are many things he says that tell me it is him, also the way he uses periods after his name, and within the emails no spaces and things like that. There were many months that we did not use email and I started writing again and he told asked me his email name, said he lost it, then told me he only uses that one for me and work, in my head I wondered how many emails did he have??? Obviously many personas, with different names...

Jane (USA)





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