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First name: Scott
Last name: Irvin
Age: 49
Name aliases:
Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Miami, Florida, USA; St Johns Wood, London, England; Serbia
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Match, Our Time, Viber
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2


REPORT N1 (added on December, 27, 2018)
Abi (England)

I went on match.com. I was approached by many men, mostly very sleazy. I was a true romantic and I wanted love. I wanted someone to cherish me. I was so excited when finally I started talking to a man calling himself Scott Irvin. He was reserved to start with. Told me he had a place in Miami but was staying in Mayfair, London. He was buying a property in St Johns Wood and planning to expand his construction business here in the UK. His daughter was being cared for in Florida with her nanny. He said he'd only been here for a month. Red flag. Finding a relationship online wouldn't be my 1st priority relocating to a new country but I didn't question it. We talked continuously, 24-7. He sent hundreds of pictures, photos for every occasion. I never doubted for a second he was lying. He told me he was Portuguese but spent the majority of his life in USA. Of course I believed him but I still reverse searched all his photos. Nothing came up. My family spoke to a Portuguese friend who said that was not a Portuguese name. Red flag. My family started doubting the too good to be true Scott. I thought they were jealous. I talked to him about why we hadn't FaceTimed. He said he was happy to but deep down I was worried in case he didn't like what he saw so I didn't push it. We arranged to meet but the night before his daughter was rushed to hospital. He flew out to USA that night. Still loads of photos. I felt so included. Chloe knew about me. 'She' brought me a present. More photos. Scott then got this amazing work contract in Serbia. He flew out a few days later, delaying our meet again. More photos and videos. I was so wrapped up in his life and job. He had no family, just his daughter Chloe and me. He was so loving and sweet. I felt so special and attractive. Then one day I didn't hear from him for a while. I got a broken English text saying Mr Scott, his boss was in an accident but was ok and would text later. Of course more photos. 'Scott' had his arm in plaster and nasty cuts where he had saved another man involved in a machinery accident. The man had to have both legs amputated but he felt so responsible he was going to pay for the costs. I feel so gullible. After a few days he went to the police station to explain the accident. His bank accounts were frozen. Then it came. He told me he'd got money from friends but was still ?400 short could I help. He wanted to help this man. I actually laughed and said to him this sounded like the scams you hear about, yet I still sent him the money. Scott kept telling me how embarrassed he felt asking but then said he'd got the money elsewhere so returned the ?400 to me. I was so relieved, thought he was genuine. Scott kept me updated about the court case. There were several hundred thousand costs to pay but he was doing an out of court settlement. Needed ?180,000. He'd got most of it but asked if I could help with ?20,000. I felt so close to this man. We talked for hours about everything. I really thought I'd found my soul mate. I had doubts about so much cash but sent him the money anyway. I believed I'd get it back as soon as the courts unfroze his account.
The following day - 24hrs after I sent it, I got a panicked call from my son. He'd googled Scott Irvin again but this time found numerous identical stories from other victims listed on a scam phone call listing site. I told my son I hadn't sent money. Couldn't bare for him to know how stupid I was. I checked the other women's accounts. Same description of photos and videos. Exactly the same. I reported the scam, I contacted the bank but devastatingly they can't get anything back.
When I confronted him he cried, told me he loved me and offered to return the money. Maybe it was pride or a desperate hope to believe I was wrong but I continued texting with him. I was cautious but he kept telling me to trust him and he'd never lie to me again. He made out he was offended whenever I doubted him, all the time promising the money was coming back. He said previously he'd just blocked women once they knew the truth, but I was special. Even once the truth was out he still kept up the pretence. He told me he was Russian and he used the name Steve although obviously that wasn't his name either.
REPORT N2 (added on January, 15, 2019)
Tracy (UK)

Scott initiated contact via Ourtime - an offshoot dating website of Match.
We chatted/messaged for about 2.5 months. Initially he was house hunting in London and was purchasing a large property (over ?2 million) He has a property in Miami plus one in Washington.
We organised to meet up in London on 3 separate occasions, with various reasons for cancellation. The first time he had to go back to USA from London as his daughter Chloe, aged 4 had been admitted to hospital. Chloe was aware of me and they had been out and bought me a handbag together - which he offered to post or bring over when we met up. I chose the latter.
After 3 weeks of texting/chatting, he got a big contract job. The first part of which was based in Serbia and he flew out almost immediately. He arrived there on the Tuesday. We were due to meet up that weekend, but he was supervising work being carried out on day and night shifts so could not fly back. However within a week, there was a bad accident, in which Scott injured his arm/hand and another worker ended up having to have his legs amputated. He had to make a statement to the police, assaulted an officer and was accused of fraud/tax evasion and was due to appear in court on 4 different charges that Friday.
He felt responsible for the worker and said needed to get ?20,000 to pay for the medical bills. However when he tried to get the money out from his bank, his account had been frozen. So he borrowed money from various sources and asked if I could lend him the final ?400 he needed. This was the first request for money and I agreed to loan him it via Paypal. However as soon as I had sent it he advised that he'd managed to get all the money and returned it immediately.
He attended court that Friday received various fines in total ?105,000 plus various expenses on top which he said was ?180,000 total. He then advised he would try and raise the money, but asked me for ?20,000. I would only lend ?3,000 at this stage, fully believing he would return it when his bank account was unfrozen. He asked me to pay the money into a friend's American bank account - Broadvjee Investment Account, Citizens Bank, USA. This friend was a colleague in Serbia with him. After I had sent the money I panicked and thought that it may be a scam. He told me to stop the money transfer - which I did via my bank less than 24 hours later. It then took him several more weeks to raise the money, telling me had had to change hotels 3 times as couldn't afford his bills and had to sell various items. He also kept going very quiet and explained this time as being either in hospital with high blood pressure problems or sleeping a lot as so depressed. During this time he did try to fly back to the UK to meet up, but said that when he got to the airport, Customs refused to let him fly as he had the fines/investigation hanging over him.
He said his solicitor had managed to get him a loan for ?20,000 which was the last bit of the money required. However when he went to pull all the money together the solicitor let him down as she was unable to get the loan and he was still short. All the time he kept asking if the money had come back into my account, I chased with the bank but they said it could take a few weeks and it was only best endeavours. However I still felt confident that the money would come back. So when Scott asked me to lend the money again I sent a further ?3,000 this time to a different bank account in the name of Renee Cunningham, Bank of America, USA. He continued to try and raise the rest of the shortfall. Even asking if I could borrow the money from someone.
I then received a call from the bank to advise that the initial ?3,000 would not be coming back as the account holder had refused to sign a mandate form to release the money. I contacted Scott who said not to worry he would sort it out and not to worry as he would return the full ?6,000. Obviously I believed that he would.
It finally got to the weekend before Christmas and he was still ?2,000 short. I really wanted to get him back to USA for Christmas with his daughter so sent the final amount of money even though he knew that it would leave me very short as I had to scrape it together. He finally managed to fly back Christmas day, and sent me a text when he landed in the early hours of Boxing Day.
He continued to communicate via Viber. Although we never managed to video call or facetime throughout as he could not get his camera to work on his phone as said not very technical. Over the next few days he was very sporadic with messages and put it down to being very ill and in hospital as he had done several times whilst in Serbia. I did keep checking my bank account over the next few days and asking him if he had returned it. Finally I was fed up of little communication and by the time believed he was a scammer to which he got very angry about and nasty, although continued to plead his innocence but still never offered to return the money. Several times he told me that I could report to whomever I liked and 'do my worse'. He has now blocked me completely on all numbers.


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