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First name: Robert
Last name: Bernard
Age: 50
Michael, Markus Bernard, Robert Edards
Michael, Markus Bernard, Robert Edards
Name aliases:
Bob, Marcus, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robby, Roberts, Robort, Robret, Robs
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Austin, Texas (USA)
137 Kingsville, Austin, TX, 78363, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Migente, My Space


REPORT N1 (added on February, 12, 2013)
Halina (England)

I have already sent the raport about Robert Mike but the pictures have been sent unsuccessfully that why I am sending them to you again. I have got only 2 pictures but Robert seems to uses these ones only.
Both pictures Robert sent me on the 1st August 2011----before- he was always reluctant to give me any just saying- he has not got any own pictures because he lost his documents being robben.So this is all I have got but I am sending to you as a proof the pictures I have got exist on MySpace and MiGente,too.
On MiGente he is as Robert Mike but on MySpace as Robert Bernard from Manchester (in October 2011)----but I have met him on MySpace in January 2010 as Robert Mike from Austin Texas---so he changed his profile in the meantime.
He is still trying to call me using number +2347083237435 but I ceased all contact with him wanted protect myself.I have wasted three last years thinking I am with my Man who loves me and I can trust fully but he used me instead and cheated me from the beginning,I think.
Just in case I repeat shortly what I said to you about him already:
-I met him on MySpace in January 2010 as Robert Mike from Austin Texas,single-widowed as his wife died because of breast cancer,he has got a son Kelvin who lives in NZ Auckland with an old grandmother.Robert was born in 20.08.1962 in Austin.
Robert's email address is : robertmike82@yahoo.com
His address--137 Kingsville,TX 78363 USA
All telephones he used:
1st--- +234 8022036230 (from 01.2010 to 08.06.2011)
2nd--+60 162823657 (from 12.06.2011 to January 2012)
3rd--+60 163198153 (from February 2012 to 27.12.2012)
--- the last and current one is---+234 7083237435
According to him-
-Robert Mike is an engineer from Texas who worked in many countries for oil companies--in South Africa,Namibia,Germany,and 03.2007-2010 in Lagos Nigeria
His father was as co-owner of the oil company where Robert worked for,that why he had so many problems and experienced so much abuses and harassments from the ex-boss and at the airport from the Customs as the ex-boss is very powerful man but Robert said-- he is the one who owe Robert lots of money because of his inheritance from late father who died (both parents) in car accident on the way to San Diego,CA.
Robert had two road accidents--1st--11.06.2010 on the way to the airport.
2nd---19.04.2011..I had sms to my phone from "Dr ADEYERNI SAMSON" from GOODWILL HOSPITAL, 56 COMMERCIAL ROAD,LAGOS, WARD 16 and the doctor informed me about a major head and hands injuries of Robert.I had no chance to speak to the doctor -he was so busy but he texted me about Robert's health using his phone.
27.07.2010--Robert and the taxi-driver were kidnapped and abandoned on unknown place out of Lagos
22.11.2010---Robert lost his luggage,money at the airport in Lagos
Because of so much harassement the American Embassy decided to send the issue to court in Lagos against ex-boss and the Customs Staff at the airport in Lagos and the hearing was on 11.10.2010. Robert won but later still could not leave there because was problem with his documents (have been given to him NOT originals by his ex-boss,also no enough money for his journey---the tickets he lost many times as it had been expired in the meantime and it was another cost.
The hardest time was on the 20.05.2011---at the airport during check-in some drugs have been found in his luggage and Robert was arrested. US Embassy Official George Walker helped him with the lawyer access and Robert left the custody paying bailout.Robert always said--he is innocent and NEVER took any drugs also does not drink even alcohol or hate smoking and he said the drugs were put to his luggage by someone without his knowledge (he was sure acctually his ex-boss could do it wanted to destroy him forever.)
08.06.2011--Robert left Nigeria by KLM plane heading to Amsterdam.I have got sms from Embassy Official George Walker confirming it had happened.
Robert and Mr Walker became like friends ..they like each other and Mr Walker helped Robert as much as he could.
11.06.2011---George Walker called me to inform that the plane was hijacked and is on Malaysia airspace.
13.06.2011--Robert called me from Kuala Lumpur and said the plane with 185 passengers on the board was hijacked by 12 people white and black too----he lost his money and credit cards.
I sent e-mail to BBC News on the 13.06.2011 informing them about the plane hijacking and asking for help but they replied they have no knowledge about it.
Robert met FORLAN WILLIAMS (his name before was ALHASSAN ARIMIYAW when he was a Muslim but changed religion and become Christian as Forlan Williams). Forlan helped Robert lots giving him the room in his flat,buying some food and even mobile phone.Robert promissed him he will help Forlan with his daugher education in the future because Robert was so grateful for his help and support.
Since June 2011 by present time Robert was unable to leave Malaysia because of new problems. He found out his father has got a few properties in KL and the tax and maintaince was not paid for the last few years. But his father died in 2002 that why it could have happened....
Robert had to sign the documents as he is a new owner and paid the all oustanding bills.Also Forlan's family moved to his property for good and for free----Robert wanted to help them,too.
In February 2012 Robert was arrested by the Police because the man called GEORGE ADEKOYA from Nigeria accused him that Robert borrowed from him 13,000 pounds.Robert always said he NEVER met this man! The money has been paid by American Embassy on the certain account given by the Police but this Nigerian man did NOT try withdraw it so far ,so Interpol could not track him down so far.
Robert left the custody after paying bailout and since February 2012 he has been leaving in American Embassy in the guest room because of his safety.
Robert wanted to join me in the UK and marry me. He applied for Married Visa but British Embassy asked for investigation about Robert's problems in Nigeria---so the big investigation (including the Nigerian Police,the Lawyer from Lagos and Interpol) was done and showed Robert Mike is innocent----the drug's at the airport in Lagos or all other stories it was harassement and abuse.
Robert was going to travel to the UK on 4th January 2012 by Presidential plane with some American Officials---he said his Embassy has this option for some very difficult situations for protecting their citizens if is necessary.
A few days before the journey he said the Prime Minister called to the Embassy and said that Robert must register himself as a Landlord with Landlord Association in Malaysia what will cost lots of money again. I said to him even you are the new owner of your father's properties but it does not mean you have to be a Landlord but Robert said they insist to do so, then....
I started to check everything again:
- I called to American Embassy in London and asked about Robert Mike--he is NOT in the system as an American citizen
-I called to George Walker using his number +234 8024621109 but no answer (Robert always said to me he is very busy and many times his phone is switched off)
-I called to Forlan Williams +60 1116316513 but only voicemail answered
-I called to David Maxwell American Official from KL-----answered Malaysian man who hardly speaks in English
Since the beginning of January this year I realised he is cheating me,everything what has happened to him is so suspicious and just unbelievable.
It is still very hard to me say - he is just a bad man or even stronger because I could feel his pain and suffering so many times ...he cried many times...also I had a strong feeling like -he is running away because of some danger... but inside--he is a very nice,with very good manners,with lots of empathy Man.Also Robert is very intelligent,well educated and speaks in English very well like it is his first language..He said to me a few times I SAVED his Life because so far he would not be alive probably...I am so confused .I am very responsible person and would never say anything against him what is not true.I am the last one who would want to hurt him.
That why this all story lasted for three years and even some doubts I trusted him and tried to help him almost destroying myself.Generally I am NOT naive person..I am sensible but I failed this....
I have lost lots of money--I counted again and it is at least 69 000 Pounds but the worst is just an emotional betrayal and disappointment because I thought Robert is the Man with a Good Heart.
How I wish to get to know one day who he is acctually and what has acctually happened to him...also who I have been to him.
I am feeling so much pain to sending this raport-I feel like I am not loyal to him. I know I have lost my money,so this raport is not for this....I just want to warn other women,so maybe I will be able to protect somebody to being a victim.
You have got my first raport -1583 about Robert Mike with some emails included,so I hope this time it will be enough. I told you all I know and the only two photos of Robert I have got.
Kind regards,


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