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ROMANCE SCAMMER Benjamin Wang Anderson
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Wang Anderson
Age: 42
Ben Ander
Ben Ander
Name aliases:
Andersen, Ben, Benjamine
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
Manchester, England; Macau, Hong Kong, China
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Coffee Meets Bagel
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2


REPORT N1 (added on October, 10, 2018)
Sharon (Hong Kong)

This person claimed himself to be a Chinese being adopted by his foster parents from UK at two and currently working in Macau as a sub-contractor.
He messaged me when he was in Manchester to visit his foster mom who was sick.
A month later on his return trip, he said he needed to make a trip to Spain to fix something.
REPORT N2 (added on February, 19, 2019)
Angel (Hong Kong)

This person claimed himself to be a Chinese and grew up in Manchester. He currently working in Macau as a sub-contractor.
He messaged me in Macau and then he suddenly told me he had to visit his mom who was sick in Manchester. We kept chatting via whatsapp day by day. He claimed he had a special connection with me and wanted to have a serious relationship in the future. He tried to ask help on buying a Apple Pay card from HK for his work.
2 month later on his return trip, he said he needed to make a trip to Spain to fix something. Then he called as an emergency that he had a legal problem of his previous construction and asked for my financial assistance.
REPORT N3 (added on June, 12, 2019)
Katie (Macau)

He claimed that he is a contractor who just got hired to work in macau and is working in 3 projects at the same time so he is very busy. He said he was born in hk and was moved to Manchester before 2 yrs old. His mom is sick so he has to fly back to the UK to make sure she is ok. It was so weird as he said his mum has high blood pressure which leads to her coma and till now seems like she has been in the hospital for almost a month. I didn't know high blood pressure can triggers coma
Is obvious that he has never been to macau coz he always asked me how I get to work and is it by bus or train, macau doesn't have train ...
Also is weird how he never goes out with his friends and he just said coz all his friends are busy and all. I have been living in the UK for quite a while too so I really can't feel that he types with an UK accent, esp when he wrote "mom" instead of "mum". And UK people doesn't say "dear" all the time, we say sweet heart and darling instead.
He did keep saying he is looking for a serious relationship and all... but when I said I fee insecure and can't feel that he is real, he got pissed and angry on me saying it
Oh also, he always take photos of his face and his dog only, hardly share any photos of him doing things or his surroundings. And he always disappears between 11am - 7pm uk time, maybe he is pretending working, haha.
REPORT N4 (added on September, 20, 2019)
Yee (Macau)

This man claimed to be a hong kong Chinese being adopted by his foster parents from UK when he was three, and is working in Macau as a sub-contractor.
He messaged me through Coffee meet Bagels. He said he wanted to chat freely so he asked for my phone number to add me in Whatsapp. He claimed to be in Macau at that time. Then he said his mum in Manchester had a heart problem and was in coma. So he needed to rush back to make sure she was well treated. We kept chatting while he was in Manchester. He said he was looking for a serious relationship and he prayed for a woman like me who trusted him totally. A month later on his return trip to Macau, he said he had to attend a meeting in Bibao, Spain and planned to stay just one night before heading back to Macau.
Upon his arrival in Spain, he called and claimed that he had a legal problem of his previous construction project (someone behind the building was injured because the workers used low quality materials). Then he asked me to help him to pay for his lawyer since all his money has transferred to Macau's bank account. He asked for 700 euro to be transferred to a bank account in Spain under the name of Reed Sawyer. Afterwards, he said he was attacked by angry civilians and was not given food and shelter. He said his lawyer could help to settle an agreement with the injured person's family and called again for financial help. This time he said he had to pay his lawyer and some extra money for food and shelter, and asked to transfer 3300 euro to the above account in Spain. He said he would pay me back with interest when he was back in Macau. A few days later, he claimed that an agreement was made and he needed to buy air tickets back to Macau. So he called for my help again, and begged me to transfer 5000 euro to his agent's bank account (named Thomas Allen). Afterwards, he showed me his flight itinerary which appeared to fly from Bibao to Barcelona, then from Barcelona to Doha for transfer flight to Hong Kong. Before he left Bibao, he said his mum's helper in UK whispered to her about his problems in Spain and his mum was in critical situation again. He called again for my help and asked me to transfer 8000 pounds to his helper's account (named Beula Nombembe). When he arrived in Doha, he said he was not allowed to board on the plane because his passport was damaged by wicked people in Bibao and some people put some smoke in his backpack, so he was detained. He called and said he had an agent in HK that could help him to fix all the problems but he needed 7000 pounds. I told him I did not have enough money. But he suggested me to use my credit cards or got a mortgage of my house. When I refused to do so, he got pissed. Three days later, he messaged me and said that his mum passed away because of me. He said I abandoned him when he most needed me and called me wicked, evil, bad woman who did not even try to risk a little to help him out. He claimed that he slept in the airport and had to sell his belongings in order to get food. A few days later, when I looked back in Coffee meet Bagels, I saw his profile again but this time he had changed his photo and name.
He was definitely a scammer. I hope he would be caught one day because I had filed a report with the police.


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