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First name: Paul


Last name: Albrecht


Aka: unknown


Name aliases: Paull, Pual





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Pretoria (South Africa)


Address(es): Laleham Road, Catford, SE6 2HX, London, England


Phone number(s): 0785325923


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Meet Me, Yahoo Messenger


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




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Report N1 (added on February, 7, 2013)

I joined in December 2012 and about two days later Paul Albrecht, male 42, London, GB initiated contact with me. This was my first encounter with 4th kind in cyberspace.. U get woman, males, just plain weirdo's and then. u get the scammers..
He asked for my email address and yahoo id which I gave to him. We started chatting and he sent me a long email about his life. Wife died of breast cancer 2 years ago, he is raising a 5 year old daughter, named Sonia. Art Gallery owner in London and he was on business trying to obtain a contract at Harmony Gold in Cape Town, South Africa. Both parents are dead and so on. He closed his account on and asked me to do the same, which I did. I was totally infatuated, fascinated and flattered by all the attention and sweet talk. He phoned me about twice a day and constant sms was sent to me by him. Part of me said this is 2 good 2 be true and as per my nature I started asking questions and serving the net to find some sort of validation in all his claims. Things just did not add up. They are so scrupulous I even spoke to his daughter and he was going to buy us a sweet house for our sweet family and so on..
Two weeks before he asked me for cash to help him out, I already knew he was a scammer and my questions to him intensified, he was too stupid to even notice lol.
. Asked him for photos, he is not a pics man
. Asked him 2 take photos, sorry he has a small Sony Ericson that does not take pics
. Asked him 2 take pics on a camera, he says he had clients from Spain and they dropped and broke his camera.
. Name of art gallery, Paul Art Gallery, I served the net and it does not exist
. He owns a home in London, I could find no such details on the registrar roll for London
. I kept on insisting to speak to his daughter and I managed to do so ones, and she did not sound like a five year old and could only say Hello and I love u Mummy.
. The phone# 0044 I discovered on the net is what scammers use to divert calls in order to make u think that u are phoning London.
. He went to the Art Expo in London, which I could serve and look at, but if that was not enough he was a guest speaker at the opening of the expo. Well I searched that 2, and of course nothing on a Paul Albrecht being a speaker
. Traced his I.P address to Dublin in Ireland. IP
. I.P address has been listed on other sights for spam mail.
. Asked him about the hotel in Kuala Lumpur, he said Alankit, ai there is no such hotel
. Western Union details to be paid, PAUL ALBRECHT, 1A JALAN BUKIT BINTONG, 551, KUALA LUMPUR.
. South African bank account: GODONA CATERING SERVICES, STANDARD BANK, 041012953
. Phones numbers, 0044704570694, 0785325923 and 0717136429
. His physical address, Laleham Road, Catford, SE6 2HX, London, England, well I doubt it, he would not give me the unit number
Anyway the day he asked me I was prepared and spinned him a stoty about not having a bank account and so on lol.. Ai the scammer was played at his own game ;)
Need I go on, I have all his emails, pics and yahoo messenger text that I want to upload to ensure that woman do not fall victim to these heartless scammers.

Yvette (South Africa)





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