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ROMANCE SCAMMER Terry George Williams
First name: Terry George
Last name: Williams
Age: 60
Richard Abbott, Terry Nehem Williams, Wayne W. Grigsby, Terence John, Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina, Kelvin Monalos, Terry Duvall Williams, George Nehem, Scott Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Masonking, Fred Kent, Eric Gerard, Jarrod Kjensmo, Larry Umukoro, Collins Johnson, Scott Elizabeth, Joseph Malone, Tshaun A Rodrigues, Kelvin Goodwill, Paul Williams, Christopher Sandilla
Richard Abbott, Terry Nehem Williams, Wayne W. Grigsby, Terence John, Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina, Kelvin Monalos, Terry Duvall Williams, George Nehem, Scott Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Masonking, Fred Kent, Eric Gerard, Jarrod Kjensmo, Larry Umukoro, Collins Johnson, Scott Elizabeth, Joseph Malone, Tshaun A Rodrigues, Kelvin Goodwill, Paul Williams, Christopher Sandilla
Name aliases:
Chris, Christo, Christoph, Colins, Collines, Cristopher, Erick, Freddy, Georges, Geroge, Gerrard, Goerge, Gorge, Jhon, Johnn, Johnsons, Jonh, Josef, Josephe, Kelivin, Kellvin, Kilvin, Leo, Lerry, Paull, Pual, Rechard, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Ritchard, Sam, Sameul, Sammuel, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Terrance, Terrence, Terri, Terry, Wayney, Welams, Weyney, Wyne
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Benin City (Nigeria); Edo (Nigeria); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Clinton, North Carolina, USA; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Seattle, Washington, USA; Nicosia, Cyprus; China; Austin, Texas, USA; Canada; Poland; Miami, Florida, USA; Richmond, Texas, USA; Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA; Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA; Staten Island, New York City, NY, USA
10 Petraki Gaillourou str., Nicosia, 1077 Cyprus
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Face Book, Instagram, Mingle 2, Twitter


REPORT N1 (added on June, 28, 2018)
Sally (USA)

He followed me on twitter. I messaged him.. I had on my bio i was NOT interested in relationships. He said he was not either. But In his next post, he asked for $400 USD.
REPORT N2 (added on September, 4, 2018)
Crystal (USA)

Terry Williams started out with me as (General) John F. Campbell on Twitter the last weekend in January 2018. He was a gentleman, discussed politics, events in the news, Q posts going on at the time, and was always supportive of my interest in current events. I asked him what his rank was, and he told me he was a general. I did a search for information on the man, and much of the information he gave matched what the military website said; but he also told me that he was divorced and that he had a son named Jamie, age 16, in school in Italy.
After perhaps a week or two, said that he was not in the States but was in Syria. He had become bored after his wife left him, and he had gone with the UN on a mission because they thought he would be useful in that area. He said he'd become addicted to our nightly chats and looked forward to talking with me. Then he told me he loved me, and his conversations became romantic. He asked me to apply for his vacation through the UN. After about a week, I thought "why not?" The reply came on Gmail. I asked "John" why the UN didn't use their own email provider, and I told him that it was a scam. He replied that he did not know it. The following week, his base had come under attack, and he would have to evacuate his 200 men and move north, into Turkey.
Once in Turkey, "John" released his men and let them go wherever they could. Then he asked me to send him $1,700 for a plane ticket so he could come be with me. I asked him for his banker's phone number in Clinton, NC, and for his attorney's number so I could talk with him about getting in touch with his banker, for his ex-wife's email address so I could contact her, for anyone's contact information so I could get him sent his own funds. He said that his money was all put into his son's name, and his son was not old enough yet to make a financial transaction. I had mentioned a conversation with a scammer who was asking me about watches I own, and "John" said for me to sell my late aunt's diamond watch so I could get the money for his plane ticket. "John" was in some sort of hideout and about to starve to death. He kept pleading with me to send him plane fare to the States. I told him that he didn't need $1,700. He was in Turkey, and Turkey is a US ally. All he needed to do was contact the Turkish government and they would get him back to his unit in Syria. The general's son, "Jamie," even emailed me to help his dad, as did Nathan De, his late wife's brother -- who he later referred to as his son. The real General Campbell has a daughter (Jennifer) and a son (John, Jr.) who is not "Jamie." I even found where the real Campbell family lives. They are in Virginia, not Miami, Florida, as he claimed.
There was so much by this time that didn't match up that I finally told him that I knew he was not General Campbell, but I didn't care who he was. It was the person typing the letters onto my monitor that I had "fallen in love with," and I didn't care if he was a Saint Bernard – I wanted to know who he was, or I was GONE!
He said he was Terry Williams and gave me the username (@Terificial) for his main account. He told me he actually lived in Turkey. He began sending me pictures of himself. Over the past four months, I have amassed quite a collection of his photographs being used by this character. He later said that Rachel, a girl who was still in her teens, was living with him and Nathan. The girl was the daughter of a late friend of his, and she had lung cancer. This, of course, would play into his scam story later on. He would refer to her as his daughter.
Terry and I began talking to each other from the main account, and he said no games. We would be straight with each other. I said fine. I thought I could trust him under the new arrangement. I was wrong, of course. The first week of March 2018 he said he was flying to Nigeria – Exxon-Mobil wanted him under contract to supervise drilling there. We discussed it one night, and I looked up Turkish law to see if he could get out of the contract, which he could. I wrote a Termination of Contract for him, but by the next morning he had decided to go ahead and stay for the contract period – March 6 – April 30, 2018.
While he was working for Exxon, he had to be at work at 7 a.m. and work until 7 p.m. Originally it would take him 30 minutes to get to his hotel, but it didn't take long for it to be two hours or even sometimes 3 ? hours before he could get to his hotel. He was using the "travel time" to scam, no doubt.
By this time, he's not had enough money to eat on, etc., because he said $2,000 of the $2,500 he received each month from Exxon was going to pay on a hospital bill for his "daughter," Rachel, who has now been moved to a hospital in Massachusetts. I asked him for the name of the hospital and her whole name, so I could talk with the financial person to make arrangements that he could afford. No way was I going to get that information! But he would beg me for money to eat on. I told him to contact his brother-in-law, Nathan De, as his name appeared on an email to me, to send him some money from Terry's late wife's estate. Well, she had left it to Nathan, not to him.
Terry asked me one day if a package were to shipped to me, would I forward it to him. At that point in time, I trusted him and cared about him. I said I would. It was a laptop that someone sent to give him for his son, Jamie – Terrence John's son. The email address for Jamie was already established, so he just used the same son for Terrence John as for General Campbell's son. Terry did not want the sender to know that he was actually in Nigeria. I do not know the real story behind what he told the woman or who she was. Amazon shipped the package to me. I have the tracking number, delivery address, phone number, and name of the person receiving the package. That was $278. There was an additional $60 for tax and duty, which someone there had to pay. Terry said he had to borrow it from loan sharks and that they pulled out four of his fingernails and beat him up enough to hospitalize him because he had not paid them back on time. He sent me a "current" photograph four days later showing perfectly manicured nails. To keep him from walking away, I later repaid him his $60, because I wanted to find out as much as I could about him in the hope of taking him off the Internet and into a jail cell.
I had stayed with this character to learn about scams, and I got an education! He turned the John F. Campbell Twitter account into Terrence John @genTerrence where I would talk to him occasionally instead of going to another direct message inbox. One day I asked him had I sent the money for John Campbell's vacation insurance to the United Nations, who would have received the money? He replied that there are people in place to receive money so that it would look to the sender like the money actually went as intended, and the people receiving the money get 30 percent. That said boiler room to me. Fortunately, Terry forgot the password to the Terrence John account.
Terry's story changed abruptly one day, out of the blue. He told me that everything he'd said about Exxon-Mobil was not true, that they were giving him only about $450 each month to live on, which did not meet his expenses for his hotel bill, food, and transportation. He said that he was to receive $36,000 (might have been $39,000) at the end of the contract period, which he has yet to be paid. Of course he is hungry and was eventually thrown out of his hotel room. At last report, he's sleeping in a warehouse. He says he walks to his church where he can use the wi-fi.
Terry asked me at one point in time to send him $12 so that he could join a dating site – he was not having much luck on Twitter. He also wanted me to use my BestBuy card to buy him a phone in Lagos so that "he could carry me around in his pocket." He did not get that, either. He also told me that he had found Ameera – a Muslim princess he used to date – online at a movie site. He'd recognized her username, he said, because he'd created it for her. She is the ex-wife of the guy who owns much of the Twitter stock. Ameera paid off his hospital bill for the daughter with cancer. He hasn't mentioned the daughter since, and he hasn't mentioned Ameera lately. Nothing he has ever told me was the truth, so I do not believe there was ever an Ameera. I saw a Lexus key fob on his desk in one of his pictures he'd sent me, and he said it was for a Lexus bought for him by Ameera.
During all this, Terry was wooing me and talking about how he wanted to come to the States and be with me, for us to be married. I knew that North Carolina was holding some stocks of mine that had been turned over to them because I did not know I had to stay in touch with the companies. I was simply letting my dividends reinvest for years. I have been putting off pursuing this for years because I thought that there would be a charge for them to be returned to me. Terry said that the plane ticket would be $1,800 to fly him from Benin City, NG, to Atlanta, GA. The NC Treasurer's Office said it could take 90 days. Terry had said that he should receive his check from Exxon by August 12. Now he's afraid that he will "receive his money" before I receive mine, no doubt.
A woman followed me one day, and I followed her back. She began talking, and I was about to block her because I thought she could be a scammer, but she was a male romance investigator. She had seen a tweet of mine concerning a scammer with a fake photograph. She and I started talking, and I told her I'd been talking to a scammer for months, to see what I could learn. She told me she'd caught two scammers the day before. She showed me one and his @username and then she showed me the second, who I immediately recognized. She showed me a picture he'd sent her to show what he looked like today. I didn't say a word. I sent her a picture of the same person, and another picture, and a third picture. She apologized profusely. The guy had asked her for $400 for his sister's cancer treatment, and she was writing a report for male-scammers.com. I asked her not to do anything "to" the account she had, that anyone could see to make him close it. It is the one I had been talking to him on for some time. I told her I knew of a lot more accounts of his and would write them up, but to go ahead and file her report. We would just not make a big deal of it until I could get him shut down completely. She agreed. She and I have been working together on scammers, which gave me a heads-up on one in particular who has a number of scam stories. He was doing one on her and another entirely on me.
I apologize for jumping around with this, but this has had a lot of twists and turns. At Exxon-Mobil, he had an assistant named Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina. He has an account on Instagram in the name of captainsamey, On the Facebook account, Terry Williams was a follower of his. I asked myself, "Now how did he know, unless Terry Williams is Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina?" There is also Samuel Ehiagwina, who looks like he could be Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina's father.
At one point I contacted the Dubai Police Department and asked if they recognized the pictures of Terry Williams. This was at the suggestion of a former sheriff's detective and later sheriff, now medically retired. I have herd nothing from them.
I created a fake account for Instagram because Terry knows who I am, and that is how I found them.
The list of accounts on Twitter that I know to be Terry's are as follows:
@Terry_in_payne – Iam_Q #MAGA
@Terificial – formerly Terry Williams, now Terificial
@NehemGeorge – George Nehem
@genTerrence – Terrence John
@Meet_Terry – george
@WayneWgrigsby – Wayne W. Grigsby
@GENBuchanan – Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan (Suspended)
@Hurt_You_Back – Pain Killer
Other accounts that could be of Terry's creation:
ANY account for General John F. Campbell - There is only one genuine Twitter account for the real Gen. John F. Campbell, Ret
Mark William Garrett
There is one @genjohn5 whose avatar and header pictures are that of Gen. Carter Ham. So, where does "General John" fit that profile? There is also a @genjohn7 but I did not find that until I was blocking all the above accounts.
I suspect he has created faux accounts to spy on me, to see if information I give him regarding my personal financial dealings agrees with what I tell others, and to see if I tell anyone else that I am in love with that someone.
Terry made the mistake of telling me that he might be able to get the $60 from "Eileen," a woman "who had fallen in love with General Campbell." At that time, the General Campbell account had been transformed into Terrence John (above) and I figured out from the conversation that he has another General John F. Campbell account – at least one! He knows the biography of John Francis Campbell very well.
I will say that The real General John F. Campbell is retired, and his Twitter account states that he has no other social media accounts besides that one, which has "r1" at the end of his @username.
Terry began a discussion with me some time ago, around April, I think, about a banking scam he was considering. He asked me had I heard of the SWIFT bank. As I am not into international banking, I told him I had never heard of it. He stated that he was thinking about getting into it but he would have to study it further.
People connected to Terry Williams at Exxon-Mobil and as a friend of his at a bank are Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina (aka Samuel Omoifo) and Eghosa Egharevba. Western Union sent me an encrypted pdf file that I have not been able to open (never did that before), but any law enforcement agency has my permission to open it for the information it contains. Eghosa Egharevba received funds, as did Samuel Omoifo Ehiagwina and Samuel Omoifo. Those are the only three names used to receive money for Terry Williams.
As for General John F. Campbell accounts, he would not let me know which one was his or how many of the Twitter accounts were his for John F. Campbell. But I can tell you that ass soon as I said hello to him at @genJohnfCampbe4, he blocked me immediately.
REPORT N3 (added on October, 5, 2018)
Dobby (USA)

Kelvin Monalos @KMonalos and @KelvinMonalos (Twitter): A scam investigator for this site brought to my attention a woman who was being scammed by Kelvin Monalos, whose avatar photographs are those used by Terry Williams, Terry Duvall, Terry Duvall Williams, George Nehem, and george, as I knew him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and even Scott Jackson (@scottoliverJackson) on Instagram, and Kelvin Monalos on Instagram and Twitter. She and I have many of the same pictures that he sent to each of us.
She shared with me a "receipt" from the hospital he was in while he was in a coma for 10 days in October of 2017. The only problem with being in this hospital is that the building was demolished seven years earlier! A search for the address for the hospital he claimed to be in resulted in a hotel advertisement with that same address. He has given different dates of his birth both to me and on his profile pages, all in August; but the hospital paper gives it as August 28, 1959, and born in Austria.
Also @Gencampbell1957
Also @campbelljohnfr1
REPORT N4 (added on November, 29, 2018)
Brenda (USA)

Fred Kent initiated contact with me through Facebook. He got on my message site with Facebook and asked me to friend him and I did. Fred Kent''s story to me was that he was divorced for 4 years, never had kids, and wasn''t ready for a relationship until he met me. This was in July 2016. We just wrote as friends for awhile, then he was interested in visiting me. He supposedly got the ok for a two week leave from his company, then asked me for a loan for the plane ticket, promising he would pay it back. This was the start. He asked me to send $900 to Ellen Esparza for him. He said she was his secretary.
I sent this money to Ellen Esparza for him. She was always the one I sent money to by moneygram. Ellen lives in Clinton, No. Carolina. Her telephone number is (910) 592-7993. He eventually got off facebook because he said he had been hacked, so we corresponded by emails and texts. I have also talked with him on the phone, always recognize his voice. He has a New England or Canadian accent.
Just as I was ready to drive to Las Vegas to pick him up, he got a new contract in Turkey that he had to take care of first. This was around October 2016. So, most of the time I wrote and talked to him, he has been in Turkey.
Shortly after he arrived in Turkey for his contract, he was out to dinner and got robbed while in a taxi on the way back to the hotel. He lost credit cards, money, passport, etc. His company went against him and would not help and he asked me for financial help to get back home. All of this time, he promised to pay me back when he was home and collected his payments.
He got back to Miami around the end of 2016. He said he had to sue his company to receive his pay. When he won, his money went into a bank in Turkey because that was the arrangement he had when first on the contract.
He arranged for me to be on his account so I could withdraw funds to my bank account and be repaid, then send a balance to him, leaving a large part in the bank in Turkey.
We discussed meeting each other then with the possibility of marriage. Then the bank let us know we couldn't withdraw funds until we paid $3,400 fee because we were out of the country. I arranged for that loan because I knew I would be repaid. Then he received another offer of a contract in Turkey, which he would do as a contractor, rather than working for his company. This was around February, 2017. We put off meeting because the contract would only last 2 - 3 months.
Part II. The second contract in Turkey.
Thinking back, I am ashamed that I believed the next obstacles that came into his life. He didn't return to Miami until January 2018. During the time there, he ran out of money and couldn't finish his contract. Then when ready to book a flight home, he was in a traffic collision and injured one leg. Infection set in, the docs wanted to amputate his leg, but with my help and some help from his friends, they were able to save the leg by other surgery. After surgery on his leg, he developed kidney infection and had a kidney transplant, in Turkey. (Supposedly).
His contract payments went into a bank in London (Westfield) and he had me added to his bank account, I sent in the application and was accepted, and he asked me to apply for a fund transfer with the London bank, Westfield, so I would get my money back that I had loaned him. I was able to access this account and I could see the pending transfer to my bank account at Wells Fargo.
But Westfield bank insisted that we had to pay an FSA code before accessing the funds, to the tune of around $19,000. I had made copies of the bank statements and I have them yet in case I need them. Meanwhile he had all kinds of troubles in Turkey, decided to sneak out and ended up in Cypress early this spring, then supposedly back to Miami.
I had become angry because he said he was trying to get his life back on track and we couldn''t meet yet - I had never met him in all this time. I told him I was giving up on our relationship, he had been asking for me to mail packages for him to Nigeria. I was afraid I would get in trouble. Also asked me to buy ITunes cards for him. This is just a short version of what I went through, all the time listening to his promises of a marriage and life together, of a trip to Dubai of all places! He ended up apologizing for causing me so much stress and trauma, and then cut off the email and does not answer texts I send to him.
All of this time he talked of our "partnership", where I would help him get back home, then when he received his contract payments, I would be repaid back from the Westfield bank, and we would be one happy family! I'm sorry I have been so gullible, but now I want to help see him punished. I do not want my name used publicly though, I have a lot of family who are unaware of this. Also my friends know nothing. During the two years of our so called relationship I have sent him around $60,000 altogether.
Last, he used pictures of a businessman from Dubai, to represent him!

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Terry George Williams to Brenda (USA)
Brenda, how is your day going, hope you are not over working yourself, something little might delay me Brenda and i do not want that to happen Brenda,i really am looking forward to meeting you Brenda, i looked into my ongoing contracts and i need to pay some of the workers before i leave Brenda, so i am going to see if i can do that before i will be able to go for my leave, but i might not have enough money on me to have a nice trip after i have made those payments, i do not know how you might take this Brenda, but i really do not know if you can send me some money so i could add it to what i have to make necessary preparations for my trip Brenda, that would be so sweet of you Brenda. hope you are having a great evening Brenda.

Yes honey, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you honey always by my side honey, honey I'm still in debt of $780 honey to the hotel, honey that's so sweet of you honey, I love you for your support my love, I


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