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First name: Harish
Last name: Raman
Age: 51
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Dallas, Texas, USA
5349 Amesbury drive, Appt 2110, Dallas, Texas, USA, 75206
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Bharat Matrimony, Face Book, My Life, Shaadi


REPORT N1 (added on December, 28, 2012)
Rekha (UK)

I met this person in April of this year on bharatmatrimony, we chatted via their site
Then we started using our email addresses, & yahoo msn., & vtok
We also used to telephone each other.
I should have realised he was a scammer when he told me that he loved me & proposed to me., & that his company had
Helped rebuild Thailand after the floods, but because there was some dispute
He had not been paid, then he said that the Thai govt are going to pay him but he needed
To go there personally & sign the documents, I have a copy of that document
He went to Thailand with his 9 yr old daughter & 7 yr old son, & then
They were coming to the uk. He contacted me from the airport to say their luggage & wallet was stolen, & his daughter needed urgent medical care so I stupidly believed him & sent money via western union .
He is so convincing that I kept sending him money until I didn't have any
Left, his lies were his son was ill, they had no money for food, or shelter, he said the manager at the hotel they stayed
Helped. Then when they were due to fly back to the states their vehicle was involved in an accident I rec'd an email from a dr Ralph who was supposed to be treating him , also the money was not sent to him but to a name he provided as he said he didn't understand their language , he also got BA to send me his flights details.
Apparently they are still in Thailand as the immigration are asking for ?6000.
He also appears in Facebook with the same name & photo he used on the matrimonial site., on his profile he has no friends list. I was looking at his profile when I noticed that he had made himself available looking for love, & he was
Subscribed to a Cynthia Bernice Chua from new city, New York , he was still on her subscription even after she accepted his friend request, but as soon as I quizzed him about it, he took himself off her subcription , he appears on her friend list but he does not appear on hers.
I have sent her a friend request to try & warn het about him, & I'm still waiting.
I have spoken to both his kids, when I spoke to his daughter the UK time was 11.15 am, Thai time would have been 5.15 pm, & US would have been 5.15 am.
REPORT N2 (added on January, 23, 2013)
Anne (UK)

This weird widower is seeking love, it seems.
He fooled me with his effeminate poems and emails and made it seem as though he was madly in love with me. I said I wanted to meet him, and I never heard from him again! I was lucky. I did not lose any money but did waste precious time reading and replying to emails, chats, etc.
The biggest giveaway was his limited intellect and poor articulation. His written language and grammar did not match that of someone with university education or someone of his age group. In fact, he sounded like an 18 year old schoolboy to me. He said meeting me would be the happiest day of his life! He was annoyingly simple minded but I think he knew that I was not going to be fooled into giving him money before I met him. So, he gave up on me and moved onto others.
I also find it annoy that some sites such as Bharatmatrimony chose not to disclose information about this scammer even when they become aware that he is a scammer. E.g., his profile was removed because he breached the terms and conditions. However, at that time I was communicating with him and became aware of this by accident. I asked Bharatmatrimony.com what terms had been breached and they refused to tell. It could have been anything as serious as this or could have been minor and irrelevant to me. I deleted my association with Bharatmatrimony.com as I find them to be accomplices to criminals. When such information is made known to them, it is their duty to protect their members from further harm by informing them of a potential danger. I was a paid member and made contact with this scammer through them. I have considered reporting Bharatmatrimony.com but do not know who to report this to.
REPORT N3 (added on February, 21, 2013)
Uma (USA)

I got fooled by this widower with two kids living in Dallas, US as he claimed but who know what is the truth. I responded to his nice add and a attractive picture on Bharatmatrimony.com site. He said he is an architect and works independently. He also sent me pictures of his two kids son Chris 6 years old and daughter Joan 9 years old. We started chatting, texting and sending emails back and forth but he never called me much just couple times. I enjoyed talking to him but did not realize that he is cooking a plan. All this started in September 2012. He seemed like a nice person. I wanted to meet him and was planning to visit him in Dallas. I text him after making my reservations. Within a week he said he worked on some big project in Thailand after the flood and he did not get paid for that work which was almost a million dollars. All the sudden he got a letter in the mail with Certificate for Travelers check worth $198.000.00. He scanned one of them and sent me a copy as proof and I was totally impressed and believed him since everything looked legged. He mentioned that he has fly to Thailand to sign some documents in person in the Siam Commercial Bank and he is taking his kids with him too and then they all will fly straight to see me. I was happy and excited. On Nov 5th early morning I got a phone call ...He was crying like a baby and said that as they arrived in Bangkok and took a taxi to their hotel on their way they got robbed on gun point. He got slapped and was asked to put his face down on the ground so he and his son did but the daughter started screaming out of fear. The robbers shot her in the leg and hit on her chest with the gun and she got unconscious. The robbers took everything from them. His passport, wallet and all their belongings. Harish had to rush his daughter to the hospital since she lost lot of blood and the hospital refuse to treat her if he does not pay up front. He also mentioned that he did make a police report. That morning I got really scared and I said what do you want me to do ..He kept crying and said if I can help him to save Joan's life. I got so emotional and said that don't worry I will send you some money just send me the information where and how should I send it. He said since he do not have an ID to collect the money he will give me someone's name from the hospital and I can send the money on his name. I believed him and transferred money within couple of hours. We were talking and texting everyday but then he mentioned that since she got hit by the gun head so hard that the doctors said that she will need artificial heart valve replacement. Joan is still unconscious and she is in ICU. it is very expensive to get her treated but all he wanted to get her better enough so they can fly back to US for further treatment. The heart valve will cost him $25000 and if I can help him now he will return my money as soon as he returns to US. I asked him how come he can't get his checks cashed. Harish said that he blocked his bank accounts immediately since he lost all his belongings and he did not want the robbers to get access to his bank account.
Any way at this point I sent him all my savings what I had.
According to him he is still in Bangkok jail which is BS. I am mad at myself that after getting so many clues I was under denial and hoped everything will be all right but not really. He also sent me a copy of his birth certificate from Baton Rough woman's hospital, Louisiana and Architect registration from RIAI which is in Ireland.Does not make sense at all. This man is resourceful so watch out. I am surprised that people are openly doing all this and no authorities are taking any action.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Harish Raman to Anne (UK)
Am Harish Raman
i live in Dallas Texas.
I'm new here and have had my eyes searching for someone special, unique and exceptional...then I bumped into your profile and saw no other reason to continue my search.
Your profile is very interesting and I thought I should throw a caution to the wind and drop this note to you, I must say your profile its so warm and welcoming.
I'm an honest, caring, passionate and loving romantic man With a great sense of humor...I am not getting any younger, and I need a soul mate that I will love and is willing to spend the rest of her life with the man she truly deserves, Who knows?...I will love to know more about you and communicate further with you, please feel free to get back at me if you really want to take this further...
Take care and I wish you have an awesome day, looking forward to read from you soon...You can send me an email.
on harishraman47@rocketmail.com
Romance scam letter(s) from Harish Raman to Uma (USA)
Hi Uma,
How are you doing out there,i hope you are doing great? Thanks for your email and your beautiful pictures you sent to me i really like them and have been looking at them for hours now, i most say you a very pretty woman, I feel so different anytime i read from you. Anytime i put on my computer, long in online to look for your letter,i feel so happy,whenever i set my eyes on it.I can see your are an open minded and that is what i need from a woman,someone that don't hide a thing.Life is too short to be alone,i have come to understand the way of life, i don't judge people from their out look,i look inside their minds.I have a caring and a jovial attitude that like to adopt in anywhere i am.but i am an indoor type,since i don't have a woman to have fun with. It has been a while now,i have no one to share with or share how i feel.I have been living this way,hoping to meet,that woman of my life,when i came to your profile,i was inspired to write to you and i can


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