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First name: Drake


Last name: Adesina Nicholson


Aka: unknown





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: Milan, Italy; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; California, USA; San Antonio, Texas, USA; South Korea


Address(es): unknown


Phone number(s): 5125539637


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Instagram, Twitter


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on March, 28, 2018)

Nicholson AKA Nic AKA Drake Nicholson contacted me out of the blue on Instagram, February 8th, 2018. I thought he found me through my uncle. I asked if we were related and he said no. I continued this conversation for a little bit. He then asks me a series of uestions in regards to where I live, what I did for a living, my marital status and then asked for my phone number. He was expressing wanting to get to know me better so I gave it to him. He said he was not always on Instagram-that was a lie, he was on there everyday. You can see. He then tells me he is in the US Army. I am intrigued so I ask him what he does. He specifically says MOS 18B SSG-that's a weapons specialty in the Army. I told him my brother and parents are in the Army. I asked him what unit he was in. He never answered me. He said he was deploying on Feb. 23rd-on a secret mission to Nigeria or South Korea. He said he wanted me for me to choose(his wording) and then went silent on me. He then claims that he is on a squad of just 3 who are being sent over there on a secret mission but will be staying in a hotel. He said he is a widow (his words) and that his wife Lisa died 5 years ago and left him with his young daughter T Ricey (his spelling) and he loves (not still loves or loves her) very much and that he believes he will see her soon (his words). He then uploads a video of his daughter for Valentine's Day with her reading the card and she says Arianna as her name. I ask him is her name Tricey or Arianna or both and he says both-how did you know. I ask him about his phone and he says he has a google voice number that is special for me so he can talk everywhere. He then calls me, has a very thick accent and I remembered he told me he was born in Milan and was only there until 9 years old and moved to the US to Texas right after his contractor father died. His mom is African. He himself said he was American/African (in that order-has dual citizenship). He said his mom doesn't talk about where in Africa she is from. (Odd) Days go by and he just starts the day with how is your day. I reply it's ok or it's hood and how are you. He always replied Am good. Yes dear or Am sad. Am this or Am that..never I am...he never answered my questions about anything really-ones just trying to get to know him. He finally asks me for money on March 8th. After a couple-literally 2 days of being so distraught that his hotel was raided in Nigeria and his squad mate was injured and only his wallet was stolen, he was worried about his care package that had been spoiled (his word), his ID being taken and his credit card. I asked him about his ID, was it his military ID or driver's license and all he said was ID. I asked him if it was a California one or from Texas, he said Texas. I asked him for his army email, he never responded. He said he was sad because his phone was not going to get paid in a couple days and he didn't know how he was gonna survive in a foreign country with no money. He is in the US Army!! I asked him how I could help (I'm on to him at this point) he wanted $500! Or what I could send to him. I did not send him any money and he then blocked me from his twitter account and Instagram. All this for a woman he says I love you too after 3 days. Of course I was dumb enough to say it back! I meant it somehow and still question it now. Ihe wanted to make me his woman (his words) because his daughter needed a step mom. I can't find his photos anywhere online in connection to anyone else but maybe you guys can. There is no Lisa Nicholson young enough who died in Texas in the last 5 years according to Social Security Administration and Drake is non existent in the US Army or online. I have all the pics he sent me.
He blocked me from his Instagram but it is now Nicholson.drake321
It was NicholsonDrake3.
Twitter handle is NicholsonDrake3

Jess (USA)





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