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First name: Mark
Last name: Hubert
Age: 57
Roman Peters, Mark Gilbert
Roman Peters, Mark Gilbert
Name aliases:
Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Romans
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kabul (Afghanistan); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
Tampa, Florida, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):


REPORT N1 (added on October, 29, 2012)
Sheryl (USA)

I suspect the real name of this predator is Femi Alyiu of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, as that was the information on the wire transfer (supposedly the project manager of the oil refinery project).
I first encountered a person with a profile on Match with the username of MRK22. The picture was of an attractive man who looked to be the age stated (57) in the profile. He had sent me a message indicating that he was interested in getting acquainted. His profile also showed that he lived in the same city I am in.
Within a day of that message I also received a similar message from an attractive man who claimed to live in New York. He later referred to himself as Roman Peters. I am an attractive woman, so was not surprised to be receiving attention from attractive men.
I replied to each of these men to let them know I would be interested in exchanging messages. Both of them sent messages saying their Match.com accounts were expiring and they asked me to e-mail them at their personal e-mail addresses. I had seen several profiles on Match that stated they were not paying members and giving out their e-mail addresses, so I thought nothing of it.
Although the messaging began at approximately the same time, the progression of the “relationships” were different and the intensity of the “romance” was also paced differently. I lump both of them together here because their stories were almost identical and I believe they are partners in the same scheme. I heard two different voices, so I do not think they are the same person.
The scam begins with the man claiming to be a widower for 5 years. He has a son (age varies) who is being taken care of by a grandmother or is at boarding school. The man is an engineer and is either already in Malaysia working on building an oil refinery, or he is leaving soon to go to Malaysia and is in hopes of winning a contract to build an oil refinery.
Everything that Roman said is attached (with the exception of one very brief phone call); however, I talked with Mark on the phone on a daily basis and also chatted by yahoo messenger on a daily basis. Most of our conversations were conducted in one of these two methods. Mark also sent an electronic greeting card and a love song from youtube nearly every day.
The total amount of the “relationship” with Mark was about three weeks, so you see, these guys can move quickly. The “relationship” progresses rapidly and within days they are “in love.” Please keep in mind that not once did I tell either of them that I loved them. In fact I tried discouraging such talk, saying things like: “we don’t know each other, we have never met,” etc. I was always leery of these guys and thought they were probably scammers. So I went in with my eyes open.
Mark did a really good job of pulling the wool over my eyes. He had most of his facts straight and seemed sincere. When he said the inspectors passed the project and he would pay his workers and be home within the week, I actually almost believed him. He had not asked for money and he forwarded his flight confirmation and itinerary. I attached a copy to this. It looks like the real thing. Everything sounded great. I was to pick him up at the airport and he was going to take the remainder of the year off and relax and work on paperwork for his next project which was to be in Australia.
Then a few days before his flight home he discovers that he has one unpaid bill, for $3,000 to a building supply company. He has used up the rest of his money paying his men. All he has is his final check, which is a large amount but he cannot deposit it or cash it in Malaysia. He begged me to send him $3000 and he would pay me back in a couple of days, as soon as he got home. At this point I knew it had all been a scam. But he pleaded and asked me to trust him. He said that he had never told me a lie and he would prove it in a few days. I really wanted to believe him. I even sent the money, but I knew when I did that it was money I was throwing away. There was a sliver of a chance in my mind that he could be telling the truth.
He was happy to have the money and the day to fly home was soon upon us. However, another disaster struck and now Mark needed $27,000. The construction work had allegedly ruined crops and messed up farmland. The community was upset. He did not feel safe enough to leave his room. He needed me to work something out so I could send him a lot more money.
The more I replied that I had no more money, the harder he would press me to “try Baby, just try”. I started pretending that the stress was causing me physical illnesses. He would sound sympathetic, but then would ask if I had been successful, then urge me to try more. He suggested I take out a loan and he would pay it all when he got here. I finally decided I had enough documentation to place a post on this website in hopes that another woman somewhere would not get sucked into his scheme.
REPORT N2 (added on May, 30, 2013)
Sheila (USA)

The exact same story, same dead wife and son living with grandmother.
Similarly, I received a second request from another suiter the same day as Mark but this other guy claimed to be in the military in Afghanistan.
Both were on Match but suggested I get in touch with them on Instant Messenger.
REPORT N3 (added on June, 7, 2013)
Cydne (USA)

Mark Gilbert contacted me through Match. He seemed head over heels in love from the beginning which is not normal but I fell for it. He said he was in Malaysia building an oil refinery and would be home in Tampa in a few weeks. As the time approached for him to fly to Tampa he gave me a story about needing some money to pay off his last contractor bill or he could not leave the country. I wired him some money and then he asked for more money. That was it for me and I decided to check out the name of the person I wired the money to in Malaysia and found your website with almost identical emails he sent to someone named Sheryl in Oklahoma using the name Mark Hubert and she wired money to the exact same person and place as I did. I don't know when he ripped her off but he has got his story down very well. He even throws in losing his wife in a car accident 5 years ago and an 11 year old son who lives with his Mom in France. Who knows how long he has been scamming women through match.com or some other dating site. I went to the police last night but they said there was nothing they could do for me.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Hubert to Sheryl (USA)
Thank you for the mail baby.....I am so worried and disturbed my baby, i can't sleep my love.
I am here praying and hoping that God will lay something nice in your heart. Things are getting scary and unsafe for me here baby. Missing you so much and wish you are here with me or i am there with you or we are together anywhere....Kisses. Mark.

Trust me baby, if that's a way..I would i have jumped on it my love. If i tell you that's not a way just trust me okay?? Just try to see what you can do from your end, i am also trying here too my love. Something will workout for us, just keep thinking, okay baby??? I don't want to disturb your work so i will allow you continue with your day and hopefully before the day ends God would have placed a very good idea on my mind. Kisses baby.

Thank you so much for the options and ideas my love....I am sorry that there are too many people around and you want to keep the privacy. About

Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Hubert to Sheila (USA)
Thank you for the mail you sent me shedding more lights on more about your self. Can you try to create an account with yahoo and download the yahoo messenger lets get to chat live and learn more about each other?? I will be expecting a mail from you soonest. Mark.

Whats you id?

Thanks for the mail and for your yahoo id, i have just added you to my yahoo messenger so when you get online so we can chat. Sign into your yahoo messenger and accept my request to add you. As soon as you accept my request on the yahoo messenger, leave you messenger on, i will type to you as soon as i get on my laptop. Have a lovely day. Mark..

Hello Sheila,

How are you doing and how was your night....Hope you had a lovely night rest and sweet dreams.
I haven't seen you online for some days now and the last time we chat, you said

Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Hubert to Cydne (USA)
Wow, you are such a lovely lady with a nice profile and i don't even know where to start and how to introduce my self to you.

Let me start by saying i love your profile and everything i have read about you on your profile.....My name is Mark, i was going through the matches sent to me by and i came across your profile,….I just had to send you a mail to say hello.

Hope you would not mind if we correspond and see how things works between us.Here is my personal mail……. markgilbert1955 at the famous aol dot com .Please Send a mail to my personal mail address telling me more about yourself, so we can get to know each other better because my subscription will be off in few days and i am not planing to renew.

I will be expecting a mail from you soonest.

How are you doing? Thanks for the email you sent me…My son is 11years old and living in Paris, France with my mom, he studies there and only comes to the states to visit me on ho


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