Scammer Richard Rokopolous Clovis


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First name: Richard


Last name: Rokopolous Clovis


Aka: Richard Fabio


Name aliases: Rechard, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: Leesburg, Georgia (USA); Las Vegas, Nevada (USA); Henrietta, New York (USA); Dallas, Texas (USA); California (USA)


Address(es): unknown


Phone number(s): 7028253019


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Match


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on August, 22, 2017)

Richard initiated contact with me on August 2, 2017.He initiated contact through via their contact manner. He is still actively contacting me (8/17/17) as I am writing even though I give little to no encouragement and it has gotten to be a game to me to see how far he will carry on. From the beginning I suspected him as a scammer. This is someone who is so predictable that you can't believe he's for real. He's too cheesy and over done, reacts only to himself, has no curiosity about me, clearly is on script. Everything he says is about him, his feelings, etc. I had already starting writing a list about how to spot a scammer and he hits every single marker. I taught English. Without a problem, there is no story. Scammer's scripts follow the fictional story plot - introduction, rising action, climax/crisis, falling action ... and the resolution with a scammer is about money. So he's predictably widowed, two children who are in military and unavailable, mom is moving from Las Vegas/Henrietta, CA (he's contradicted himself) to move back to Greece to live with her sister, who never married. His work is making demands upon him and he's flying here and there ... so my guess is he'll get stranded and mom will have a flight problem ... so there's a crisis that ONLY I can solve! lol I'm pretty certain that's where his story is going. From my point of view, he can make all the requests he wants, but there won't be a money transfer from me! That will be the rest of the story.

Carol (USA)