Scammer Kenneth Benson


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First name: Kenneth


Last name: Benson


Aka: unknown


Name aliases: Ben, Ken, Keneth, Kennth





Location(s): Accra (Ghana)


Also claims to be in: United Kingdom; Iraq


Address(es): unknown


Phone number(s): unknown


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Monaco Singles Dating


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on June, 29, 2017)

I met him online on Monaco Singles Dating Site. He said his from Iraq but when his mother died his dad moved him to UK. He phoned me one night with a UK Phone Card # I am sure he is in UK, his accent is Indian, He tried to win my heart and told me a story that he is not safe in UK because his Uncle who is jelaous with his Father's inhertance fund for him, wants to kill him, and so he needs to flee from UK asap but he needs my help to receive his funds, and he said in last letter he sent me, that he is shipping it through he said funds will be delivered to me under diplomatic immunity. He wants to relocate in my country after the funds are wired to me he said. I told him it's best for him to just open a bank account in the Philippines and deposit his checks from UK Bank, safest way to transfer but he insisted on sending it to me. I was persuaded I gave him clear copies of my passport and all the other informations he asked in this letter. He does not know that I am reporting, I am still friendly with him, because I just realized he scammed me because I checked the info online of the courier online web and it says website was created in Panama, I still send him a letter back saying I do not agree to receive this suitcase full of money c/o the courier I want him to be caught and I requested for his passport to be sent to me today, for me to know if he is really Kenneth Benson that he is saying. Here is the contents of the letter he sent. Received from: Jun 10 (4 days ago) to me Hello honey, How are you doing? my dear, Thanks so much for your sympathy and cares. I really appreciated your kindness. Well I have read your mails and the content was well noted by me,Very nice to hear all those nice and confident words from you, I like your style and directness. I think serious purpose in relations is more welcomed by women, dear am in a hide out now so i cannot make or answer calls now, and i don't browse with cellphone and don't pick calls any how now,please do understand my suitation over here. Meanwhile, I would like to entrust the fund on your possession , so that it will be with you, before my relocation hoping that you would be a God fearing one and good in heart. I will entrust on you with my whole heart but I would like you to be honest and transparent to me. The total fund is one million Eight hundred thousand USD ($1, 800,000.00) I am only begging for your honesty. I believe that anything that happens in life happens with reason therefore i strongly believe that our meeting is not in vain and shall never be in vain. I would like you to send me this information of yours as stated bellow. Your Full Name. Your House Address. Your mobile number. Your bank account information Your job and your international passport copy or any I C for identification. With all these it will enable me process the transfer of the fund. Note: You must keep this transaction very confidential without a third party please. I will like to invest on REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT OR HOTEL MANAGEMENT. Anticipating hearing from you prompt Kenneth PS I have not checked my bank yet if money was taken after I gave him my bank informations. I am just scared because he may use my passport and other into pretending I ordered for this money to be transferred to me. I am awaiting a response from him, he normally only email me between6-8 PM UK time. I reported him to the Gmail Fraud and send them the letters he sent me, that says about shipping the money through this courier and for me to recieve it c/o diplomatic protection saying the shipment would not be checked, to what it contains. I also tried emailing the courier, I found there's a customer service email. But the email came back to me, it did not existed. I am sure somehow, his name is not Kenneth Benson and he is using this name as cover, and also I feel the photo online is not his either. No, we did not had a cam to cam on google hangout, he avoids meeting with me this way. I was stupid to release my informations, it's all these love letters, somehow I felt safe with him. But today it woke me up when he said a suitcase full of money will arrive at my doorstep. He said he will ship this for me to keepsake, for him, so he can leave UK. This is when I felt the chills, I wish this indformation, can help you find him in UK. I guess the best way is if you trace where his emails are coming from through his email address or pretend to be an online date and write to his email. I don't know you are all the experts. I feel that the courier's website he gave me is also a part of his tactics, so it is believable but truly knowing it was created in Panama, and not Colorado instantly I can say it was a web page created to further fool victims like me, I am not sure what he intend to do next, to really send the money or to ask me of money in between the shipment of this suitcase w/ $1,800,000. 00 Thank you for your time officers, this is as much as I can report, for now, until of course after I receive an email from him again. God bless you all in UK.

Jennifer (Philippines)