Scammer Frank Olson


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First name: Frank


Last name: Olson


Aka: unknown


Name aliases: Franc, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Also claims to be in: Mumbai (India); Orlando, Florida (USA); Maryland (USA); Australia


Address(es): unknown


Phone number(s): 4079004173


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Plenty of Fish


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on June, 23, 2017)

Frank Olson it's a scammer be very careful he works with different people or it could be just hm. He claims to he is a captain of a young ship was going to Australia but the engine broke he had to dock in e will tell you he is sending you the cabin box cause hhhe has a lot of money in the box to shop in Australia and also some oil contracts for over $4, 000,000 he will have send you the receipt through an agency name Global Security and the box got confiscated by the government in the British embassy the name of the people he uses are Mr. Babi Haruchi James and Priyanka Gupta. The box never gets to you cause he made it to Australia after a couple of months and he will tell you he flew to Mumbai to get the box but they detained him cause he didn't claimed he had cash in the box so when the agent was going to bring it to USA they detained him and he would asked you to contact his lawyer name Elizabeth Ackerman known as Lizzie Ackerman then he would have her emailing you telling you that his bail is of $4000,000 but she made a bargain and the judge lowered to $220,000 and another $255,00 for the certificate to have the cabin box released to him Litzy would tell you she had taken a colleague with her the name it's Francis Cyril Desmond with a business posted in Google as Defrank Investment LLC it's alll a lie. He will tell you he was retiring from being a captain and he will tell you that he will open a construction company under your name and his. . He also tells you he is Ukraine and an engineer he is very charming he calls you on the phone and speaks and writes very good English.

Dolphin (USA)