Scammer Riaan Cornelius


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First name: Riaan


Last name: Cornelius


Aka: Herman Arendse


Name aliases: Hermann





Location(s): Johannesburg (South Africa)


Also claims to be in: London (England); Paris (France); Bahrain; Dubai (UAE); Philippines


Address(es): 51 St. John's Hill Grove, London SW11 2RF, UK


Phone number(s): 447949899501


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Ascending Hearts, Match


Scam media: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on March, 17, 2017)

Approached on match. Says is a widow and wife and u born child killed in car accident. Switches to Skype very quickly as away in Paris and app keeps carashing. After about 3 weeks says has a project in Bahrain to go to. Project then goes wrong and starts off asking for cards for Xbox live to buy apps and save work. Then asked for money as has to buy materials and employ extra labour to keep himself out of jail. Starts to message everyday from a police station as is in trouble but money will stop the client suing.
When money is refused starts getting very emotional and threatening sucicide. And I am the only one who can help. When help refused then gets aggressive and starts to put pressure emotionally on finishing relationship.
Is very believeable in the beginning. Sent company details and a copy of passport. Also sent photos from him as a young boy, college and his mum and sister and various holidays,
Companies house do not recognise his company, the photos only check out from a couple of years ago (using your tool) and there is no register of marriage in the UK register of marriages and deaths which is a public on line register,
The uk address he gave checks out but is registered to a lady who bought the house in 1995 and is her her 60's.
His language and knowledge of public affaires is very good. Spoke on phone very believeable. Would not sykpe tho saying Bahrain has banned Skype .....which it has not. Other ME countries yes, Bahrain not.
I bought him xbox cards but didn't send money.

Suzi (UK)

Report N2 (added on July, 27, 2017)

This man also poses under the name of Cornelius (on this site). He claimed to be a 42 year old widower orginally from South Africa but living in London. He claims to have a Doctorate and writes extremely well. He claims to work in the Energy industry as an analyst and project manager advising on whether the Earth's crust would be conducive to dredging. He is very eloquent and could easily swindle a more trusting person. Thankfully I started to feel that he was "too good to be true" afer only a few days and called him on this....and he immediately dropped out.
he uses numerous photos of a man who is obviously of South African Origin. I've done a reverse search on the photos and they don't exist anywhere else on the internet - not sure where he wold have procured them from. His profile name on the dating website is "Treasure 999"....Claiming to be a gentleman with a heart of gold....more like a sack of S**t I'd say.

Jasmine (England)

Report N3 (added on October, 25, 2017)

Scammed me for 6 months. Sent Xbox cards and money sadly. Claims to be an industrial architect. Was in a very vulnerable place at the time. He is very clever and convincing. Got also the widow story and unborn child dying in accident that killed his wife. He must have been doing this for some time. He claims to be diabetic and has blackouts. Stay away from him he will ruin you.

Rachel (UK)