Scammer Timothy Mamaevscaia


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First name: Timothy


Last name: Mamaevscaia


Aka: unknown


Name aliases: Thimoty, Tim





Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan)


Also claims to be in: Brooklyn, New York (USA)


Address(es): 437HB East Midwood, Nothstand ave., Brooklyn, New York, USA


Phone number(s): unknown


E-mail address(es):


Skype: live:mamaevscaiatimothy2000


Operates on website(s): Face Book, Skype, Yahoo Messenger


Scam media: unknown




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Report N1 (added on February, 13, 2017)

I get a request from a girl that turned out to be a man. He said he was a doctor and work for the United Nations in Afganisthan, has lost his wife 5 years ago on breastcancer. His daughter was in The States in boarding school and they Always had lived in Brooklynn, New York. When I found out of the stolen pictures I ask him about it and he said that everyone always judge people the way they look and that he don't look bad but that he had no pictures of him. By than it was already to late, because he contact me everyday 3 times and we have build a bound up. Every morning he woke me up with a beautyfull poem and sometimes a song from you tube. He was the only one that could bring me to tears with his poems and music. Than came the ask for money for his 5 millions ? : he want to change the beneficairy into me. he send a paper and I went to a friend of mine how is a laywer. He confirmed that the paper was false and his ID from the UN also. He give me the advice to block him but I just couldn't do it. Many monhts past and every day he came online trough Messenger. His daughter send me emails and pictures of her. He said I was his wife and had the intention to come over and than go together to The States. End of the year 2016 was his contract ending. Till half december came, the elections where past and the nearly new president has decided that everyone had to stay on his post untill fearther notice. But there was a possibility that he could come home and that we celebrating the Christmas holidays together with his daughter and my family. Guess what ? I had to paid 3000 $ for the release paper that he had to fill in and I had send the money to the United Nations. I already support his daughter with some monthly extra ( not much ) and paid the half schoolbill. Every day he ask if I coul help him and give the money as a loan that he would pay back when they released him. Every day it turn out in a fight with words, a quarrel and I had it by now so a few days ago I trough everything from my phones, blocked him a while ago on my FB because he was looking in my friends and after he was blocked he send a good friend of mine a request to get acces to my FB and pictures. Luckely she contact me and said it and never except his request. I have everything from him. His fake ID, Letter safekeeping, stolen pictures and even real pictures ( but I have my doughts the are real him )

Elisabeth (Belguim)