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First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Age: 55
Alexander Malls James, Duke Haggard, Dave James, Charles Duke Lamptey, Nathaniel Babbington, Rick James, George Wilson, Jerry Balmer, James Ronald, James Morgan, Gregory Martino, Stuart James, Harry Steele, James Rockson, Frank James, Frank Armstrong, Kelvin James, Mark Quartey, James Mark, Samuel James, James Xanderport, James Krulak, James Duke, Robert Hamilton, Jeffrey Scott, James Martins, Robert Bill, David James, Emmanuel Shadow, James Morrison, James Hooks, James Williams, Richard James, Kelvin Vanderweide, James Greenheart, Padmore Wyche, Christopher Davison, Peter James Lucas, Robin James, James Manuel, Eric James, Andy Webb, Alex James, William McJames, Ernest Konadu, James Chappell, Dennis, James Ramon, James Cutt
Alexander Malls James, Duke Haggard, Dave James, Charles Duke Lamptey, Nathaniel Babbington, Rick James, George Wilson, Jerry Balmer, James Ronald, James Morgan, Gregory Martino, Stuart James, Harry Steele, James Rockson, Frank James, Frank Armstrong, Kelvin James, Mark Quartey, James Mark, Samuel James, James Xanderport, James Krulak, James Duke, Robert Hamilton, Jeffrey Scott, James Martins, Robert Bill, David James, Emmanuel Shadow, James Morrison, James Hooks, James Williams, Richard James, Kelvin Vanderweide, James Greenheart, Padmore Wyche, Christopher Davison, Peter James Lucas, Robin James, James Manuel, Eric James, Andy Webb, Alex James, William McJames, Ernest Konadu, James Chappell, Dennis, James Ramon, James Cutt
Name aliases:
Aleks, Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Alexandar, Alexandr, Alexi, Alexis, Bill, Billie, Billy, Bob, Charlie, Charls, Charlse, Chris, Christo, Christoph, Cristopher, Daiv, Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davide, Davido, Davids, Dawid, Denis, Denny, Erick, Franc, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Georges, Greg, Gregg, Gregorry, Harri, Harrie, Hary, Jamie, Jarry, Jeff, Jeffi, Jefforey, Kelivin, Kellvin, Kilvin, Loucas, Loukas, Lucaz, Luckas, Lucus, Lucus, Lukas, Lukaz, Manny, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Padmor, Pete, Petter, Rechard, Ric, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Rickky, Ricky, Ritchard, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robbin, Robby, Roberts, Robort, Robret, Robs, Ron, Sam, Sameul, Sammuel, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Welison, Welson, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willson, Willy
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Deerfield Beach, Florida (USA); Michigan (USA); San Diego, California (USA); Maryland (USA); Kuwait; Burbank, CA (USA); Florence (Italy); Conyers, GA (USA); Baghdad (Iraq); Aleppo (Syria); Conyers, Georgia (USA); Fort Myers, Florida (USA); Louisville, KY (USA); Alexandria, Virginia (USA); Gulf of Guinea; Atlanta, Georga (USA); Wellington (New Zealand); Denver, Colorado (USA); Canada; New York, NY (USA); South Carolina (USA); Ft. Lauderdale, Fl (USA); Long Beach, CA (USA)
P.O.BOX 10507, ACCRA - NORTH, GHANA, 00233
2505 1st Street, Fort Myers, Florida, FL 3390, USA
2nd Mile 7 Street, Accra, Ghana
POBox 12479, Accra, Ghana
AT453, Accra, Ghana, 00233
213 obom rd., Accra, Ghana, 00233
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
2 Love Beer, A Dating Nest, Adult Mega Dating, Amorek, AMP Dating, Badoo, Be 2, Berezka, Chat Hour, Chemistry, Christian Mingle, Cloud Romance, Confirio, Connecting Singles, Date A Golfer, Date Cover, Date Hook Up, Date Me Mate Me, Dating 72, Dating Hall, Dating Zon, Disabled Dating Canada, Edisirs, Face Book, Find Someone, Fish Meet Fish, Flirt Box, Fresh Single, Girls Date For Free, Honey Contacts, Hong Kong Friend, Hook Up Datingo, I Date 1, JClassifieds, Ketbanvn, Kiss No Frog, Lava Life, Lets 101, Live Date Search, Local Fuckbook Members, Lov Ru, Love Again, Love Mail Ru, Love Me Love My Pets, Lover Searth, Lucky Lovers, Man Pals, Match, Match Doctor, Mate Matcher, Meet Crunch, Meet Me, Meet Senior People, Mingle 2, My Space, Netlog, Neu, Ok Cupid, One Love Net, Person, Plenty of Fish, Polish Cupid Dating, Polish Dating, Polish Dating Women, Pozcircle, RSVP, Single De, Single Treffen, Skype, Solo Parent Match, Stutter Date, Swoon, Tagged, The Cupid Cow, TSingles, Viadeo, VKontakte, Wayn, Web Date, Whzon, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Personals, Your A Keeper, Zoosk


REPORT N1 (added on June, 26, 2012)
Pam (USA)

Scamming for money,. says he is in the US Army and stationed in Ahagastain and is retiring from army in a couple of months,,,, used his son as living in Acura, Gahana. and wants him back in the states to be here when he gets out of army... also said he was sick and need money for doctor and medications,,,, has no other family other then his son and lives in los angels CA.
REPORT N2 (added on March, 4, 2013)
Maria (USA)

Alexander Malls James claims to be an officer in the Army in Kabul, Afghanistan. He's also used a military diplomatic name of Charles Duke Haggard Lamptey based in Accra, Ghana.
REPORT N3 (added on April, 17, 2013)
Sherri (USA)

This guy pretends to be U.S. Army personnel stationed in Baghdad. He tells women he is about to come home to Georgia in USA. He will ask for you to send him cell phones, computers or laptops through his diplomat. He is very good at gaining trust of women. I found out his real name from another lady who he was chatting with. I talked with him for 3 months. He uses many other names also.
REPORT N4 (added on May, 24, 2013)
Sonja (USA)

Asked for new phone and money.
REPORT N5 (added on May, 30, 2013)
Vicky (Belgium)

This person pretend to be US military man based in Afghanistan. demand money.
REPORT N6 (added on May, 30, 2013)
Arlene (Netherlands)

He did contact me via Skype and he arranged a gmail account to see me on webcam. He did this, but what he didn't know was that I saw around the webcam all kinds of information.
Movies was highlighted, so I immediately thought this is not correct. Specially because he told me he worked. He didn't had his uniform on and he was holding a glass of wine.
He tried to contact me via the phone (skype) but didn't succeed.
REPORT N7 (added on June, 21, 2013)
Trudy (USA)

He contacted me on Facebook, we have been talking for 4 days now and does the Yahoo messanger.
REPORT N8 (added on July, 12, 2013)
Shirley (USA)

Contacted me various times. Claimed to be from Florence Italy and attended the University if Florence. His wife died 4 yrs. ago and he has been in the US for 26 yrs. He also has a gmail account....Absolutely a scammer.
REPORT N9 (added on August, 7, 2013)
Sue (Canada)

I was contacted by this gentleman through Yahoo date line and conversed with him on Yahoo IM, May/Jun 2013. He seemed to come out of nowhere onto the Yahoo site to contact me and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Again, I do not have any conversations saved with this individual, but I do have photographs of him. He is showing as one of your top six scammers, same last name of "James", but different first name. Also he is in the same profession of a helicopter pilot with the US Airforce, in Kabul. I will do whatever it takes to help you guys and other woman, who these guys attempt these scams on. Thanks for all you do to help us out with this great site. PS:I'm not sure the "1200" on the email address is correct, but the rest of the email address is.
REPORT N10 (added on August, 28, 2013)
Annie (USA)

I caught on to this one quickly, before he asked for money. He is so good at tearing your heart out.
REPORT N11 (added on August, 28, 2013)
Jean (USA)

I was contacted by someone who represented himself as James Rockson.
REPORT N12 (added on August, 30, 2013)
Kim (Canada)

He claims to be in Syria and will be discharged in a month or two, sends pictures of him holding gold bars and says a diplomat will bring them overseas to deliver for safekeeping until he arrives with his son from Florida. He indicates he is planning on moving to your city. I stupidly gave my home address and cell number but have not let on yet that I know he is a scammer.
REPORT N13 (added on September, 6, 2013)
Anne (USA)

Sent same pictures as Harry Steele. Is a civilian working in Afghanistan for US Government. Will be home in 2 months. Needed me to send personal items. Wanted off site asap, on Yahoo msg. Fell in love with me in 4 days. Was upset with me that I would not give him my phone #.
Harry Steele was in a very bad mining accident in his gold mine in Africa 2 days before I was to pick him up at Hatfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta.. His personal assistant wants to send me formal documents to hold for Harry.
REPORT N14 (added on September, 12, 2013)
Mariann (Norway)

I found him under a lot of differrent names all with his pictures when i googled him.
He is telling me he is going to retire soom from his work as a peace keeper in UN, he also asked me to write an apply for a leave to UN cos he want to see meas soon as possible, i did......
When the answer came i had to pay a LOT of money for him to get the documents that he needed. I did not pay....cos in my knowing, military men dont have to pay for their leave.......
He is good with his words......and i play along...
He always send songs from ytube to impress his meanings....
Always telling me how great life i will have by his side in the future...he is a BIGscammer.......
REPORT N15 (added on September, 18, 2013)
Maria (Aruba)

I met this guy on Match as Samuel James, says he is an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and is working with the UN and that he is a leader of his squad of 216 men., they are in Kabul for a peace keeping mission.
He is about to retired soon and wants to come and join me after retiring.
His birthday is soon and want me to ask his diplomat permission to send him a care package for his birthday.
REPORT N16 (added on October, 10, 2013)
Rhonda (USA)

First he contacted me through WAYN website September 25 under the name James Xanderport. We soon exchanged email addresses. Said he was a Major General in Afganistan, lost family in 911, wife and 12yr old daughter died in plane crash 7 years ago. Has a 15 yr son in school in UK. Planning on retiring and returning to US October, November. And wants to start a family with me. Started e-mail, then yahoo IM. recieved letters and more pictures (of this fake person) . Has poor english and poor understanding of certain english words, which became a red flag. Also sent me photo and letters from his so-called son calling me MUM. He told me his birthday was October 2 and asked for photos of me for a birthday present. Which I did. That now is a concern for me. I have recieved from him the exact photos as posted on this site plus others. When I saw him on video, which was very poor quality, I thought it didn't look quite like the groomed man in the photos. His writings had many mis-spelled words and it became clear to me that he was not American. I found a Facebook account open Sept 25 under the name James Xanderport as well.
REPORT N17 (added on October, 17, 2013)
Cathi (UK)

Approached on Skype. Claims to be on final 60 day mission in Afghanistan, before retiring as General in US Marines. Counting down to the day he leaves and we can be together forever (after 2 days!) Claims to live in Virginia but he will not retire to US because it will remind him of fetel [sic] car accident that took his sister Elizabeth and parents in 1985. Claims to have a 24 year old son Lucas also in military.
Wants to invest in property when he retires. Wants me to look out for likely properties / land for investment. Yeah right.
Attaches images of good-looking military man with JAMES on chest tag (why would it have his first name??) Alarm bells when he copies and pastes text from online love letters interspersed with poor grammar and spelling. No money asked for yet, but we are only 2 days in. Insists on keeping our relationship a secret due to military restrictions. Also on this website under name of James Duke.
REPORT N18 (added on October, 23, 2013)
Charlotte (UK)

This chap contacted me via Swoon dating site with the story about how he was British Army, widowed with a son. Was due to leave Kabul soon and he was looking for a soulmate. Unknown to him I was once a Military wife so knew what questions to ask. I soon realised he was a con man but decided to string him along so I could expose him. Anyway he requested my email and today received an email from him. It was full of inconstancies from what he had told me previously. Now he is in the US Army! I alos have 4 photos he has sent me.. Please be careful ladies.. so many like him. At least I know before he asked for anything!
REPORT N19 (added on October, 23, 2013)
Lorraine (Australia)

Tried to romance me for 4 days now. Hasn't asked for money yet. I was on to him when he says his wife died in the WTC bombing. I googled the name and no sych woman by that bane died in the bombing. Be promises you the world and tells you Gaia beautiful you are and his he is so in live with you and yes that he is getting out of the service soon. He had a 15 yr old son at birding school in Lindon. Everything was fishy. Then got on to my friends stationed in Afghanistan and told me about the James AStusrt scam. I feel sorry for this poor guy who's picture he is using and he also sent me his bio on Skype. I glad I went with my gut feelings.
REPORT N20 (added on October, 29, 2013)
Karen (USA)

Jeff initiated the contact musthavepets. We have corresponded since May 2013. Something always happened, it never ended Money was requested for customs because of his package and to go thru Western Union or MoneyGram This guy is Lucas James on your website.
REPORT N21 (added on October, 29, 2013)
Claudia (Germany)

Er benutz die Fotos von Stuart James. Er hat mir 4 Fotos geschickt. Angeblich ist er halb Deutsch halb Amerikaner. Seine Frau und seine beiden T?chter sind vor 5 Jahren gestorben. Des weiteren ist er in Skyp unter James.martins25 25 zu finden. Er geht in 3 Wochen in den Ruhestand und m?chte sich dann dort liederlassen, wo er seine Frau fYrs Leben findet.
REPORT N22 (added on November, 8, 2013)
Bella (New Zealand)

Has "conned" me out of $NZ130,000 over a period of three and a half months with 15 Money Grams - 14 of these always fetched by Philipina Oppong and two bank transfers saying he was in a road construction business based in Fort Myers Florida USA but had "won" a contract in Ghana so shipped road equipment over there and only had a credit card not recognised in Ghana so needed "temporary" funding to get the machinery on site from the port, then needed funds for his accommodation, car rental, etc.He corresponded with me regularly by email telling me his of his "situation" ie that he was a widower of some years - his wife having suffered a surgical mishap and then four years ago his only son and his wife were killed in a car accident leaving a six year old daughter ''Caroline'' now 10 who is "supposedly" being cared for by Sophia Quansah - his grand daughter required immediate surgery for broken ribs from an accident falling down stairs - another request for instant funds (US$17,000) for surgery on the his grandchild whom he couldn't get funds to instantly from Ghana. He needed to trade two smaller pieces of roading equipment in for required bigger pieces - more funding required US$25,000 - the forever understanding was that it was a four month contract with a two week break in between which was from 16 November 2013 and he was to fly to NZ to see me - re-imburse me of the NZ$130,000, that we would spend time with his 85 year old mother "Diana" who resides in Tawa Wellington in a home he bought for her, his daughter and Nanny too were to fly over from the US and coincide their visit with his time in Auckland/Wellington NZ.he was supposedly "retiring" at the completion of this Ghanaian contract, he had apparently sold off some of the plant in Fort Myers but was going to retain his own home so that we could take trips to visit but he was to settle in NZ where he was going to buy a house an re-establish his grand daughter and himself. His father was a Northern American Indian and his mother a New Zealander and he had been brought up between the two countries.
REPORT N23 (added on November, 15, 2013)
Cindy (USA)

David heartlin James says he is in Kuwait, retiring soon. Has 15 y/o son at home in KY with caretakers Very romantic, educated, presents as a CSM in the army. The same pictures as Lucas James Will tear your heart out Never asked for money, spent 7 weeks talking with him I'm glad my daughter checked him out further for me, the pictures he sent me are everywhere. Has multiple aliases Ladies BEWARE.
REPORT N24 (added on November, 21, 2013)
Carlee (USA)

Is using the name David James, says he's a sergeant major stationed in Afghanistan on a piece keeping mission and that he is retiring December 21st 2013 met on match.
he hadn't scammed me yet but red flags were going up so filled it best to check it out says he is been divorced for a year. and no kids the phone number that he uses is a fake belongs to someone else.
REPORT N25 (added on January, 16, 2014)
Carol (USA)

This is one id been taliking to siince november about 6th onwards asking for money again for a parcel to be snt to mine i would have had to pay 2.0000 for it to be delivered because of red tape but i d id ignore him before xmas but he seemed to have got on my yahoo again asking for money as the parcel is still in accra so i,m sending all the emails and a photo which i know as been used befor with other,s and his names he used was davis_james i got some photos oh him too about 4 of them i could have sent them before but didnt know about this site witch is great to catch them all ,i will send them to you when iv done this one , and iv put a possibly they say i had to show when the parcel came lol, and there,s a photo of a young lad the jamesmorrison said it was is son and wanted me to phone why? i dont know , ok i,ll have a look what if anything else ...
REPORT N26 (added on January, 21, 2014)
Gail (USA)

This is a Nigeria boy who is 20 years old and I got the information in an email. He joined match in June the middle of the month. He claims to be a pilot a white Causian Duke James. He has stole his photos and claims to have a son in Ghana and his half brother is there. This young man needs to be stopped. He is trying to scam you for money.
REPORT N27 (added on January, 21, 2014)
Lucy (USA)

The first time I met this James was on okcupid.com and his last names was Hooks, and we talked for a while on yahoo. He told me he was in the Army. But then he started asking me to sent him stuff. Then I knew he was trying to scam me. Then the second time I saw him his last name was Williams and that was on loveagain.com and he is on that site now. He tryed to talk to me but I knew who he was. And I noticed that you have his pictures on here.
REPORT N28 (added on January, 28, 2014)
Frances (USA)

On 17th january this person contacted me through dating site chemistry. Some he gets into there system,just enough time to send a email with his address and phone #.Yes, my heart was ripped out and stomp on, all the things he told me. Then as of last night we were texting,and I asked when his birthday was,he told me Friday, then I caught on , no military men will tell u the day of the week, they will give u #,month,&year, so I didn't end the conversation, instead I ask him what he would like? His response was very fast: he told me an iphone,I ask what color ? Once again fast answer.
REPORT N29 (added on February, 13, 2014)
Susan (USA)

This has a very slick tongue.. he is good with words..that he was coming home.. afganistan . kelvin was coming thorough accra, ghana...then he would be back in the states... he is very slick with his tongue and know how to use the words... he asked for small amounts.. and said he was coming and never show.. which i knew he wouldnt.. so i just want you to watch out for him...
REPORT N30 (added on February, 18, 2014)
Mae (USA)

His profile on connecting singles is Juanjg, he clames to be 35yrs. but he told me he was 50 then 55,his emalis where inconsicent. clames he is a technician, mechanic, helicopter piolet in the army and stationd in afghanistan and comming home in 3 mo.,he has two sons living in west africa with his best friend, divorced for 8yrs, says his home is in Atlanta Georga, His pictures show him at a fancy bed and breakfist and not in milatary garb. Clames he cant send me pic. of him in milatary uniform for security reasons. I just met this man a week ago so this information is as current as i can get, I can send the photos though.
REPORT N31 (added on February, 21, 2014)
Trish (New Zealand)

He initiated contact from Be2 site, sent several messages then gave me his email address. He sent me more photos through his email. Chatted on HangOut. Have his google profile link. Checked his photos on here and found him under Lucas James.
REPORT N32 (added on March, 13, 2014)
Jeanne (USA)

First emailed me on Zoosk, reports he is a soldier awaiting discharge home in 2 or 3 months.
REPORT N33 (added on March, 13, 2014)
Elaine (Australia)

Poses as Military man working in Syria on peace keeping mission and eventually asks for money, the Photos he posts and sent me are of some poor man in America,
The scammer has stolen his photos and pretends to be him,beware.
REPORT N34 (added on March, 13, 2014)
Joanne (UK)

I was duped by this scammer posing as Staff sgt Eric James, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, aged 50 and about to retire after 33 years in service. He had no family, and he was serving his country and protecting us from harm, hence the reason why i so willingly sent him an iphone5c and a wristwatch. I will be paying ?40 every month for next 2 years for this mistake, and my heart has suffered a real shock. I was very vulnerable and this scammer said everything i wanted to hear, lots of red flags but i ignored them all in my desperate belief of his love for me. I have learned a vauable, and a very painful lesson from this scam and i suppose i am grateful for that. the photo of Mr James holding a placard stating he loved me though was a heinous act to play and an image that is not easy to erase, but I am sure this feeling will pass. I just hope I dont succumb to any more scammers or i'm definitely giving up on my quest for love!
REPORT N35 (added on March, 14, 2014)
Stephanie (USA)

I really want this report to be on your website "cause I know this “Andy" is the same fella as that Lucas James fella.
REPORT N36 (added on March, 26, 2014)
Mary (USA)

Alex James initiated contact. Contact was initiated by email through Match website I corresponded with this person for almost 5 days I became suspicious when he asked me for yahoo IM so that we could chat. Also became suspicious when he told me that he was a recipient of the Purple Heart. He also was recently divorced. He also had the wrong age on his profile.
He told me that his laptop needed to be replaced. No money was requested.
I ran his picture on this website and there he was but known as Lucas James.
REPORT N37 (added on April, 4, 2014)
Melissa (USA)

BOY I FELL FOR IT GOOD! He tells you what you want to hear that's for sure.....I sent the care package had a new computer and snacks in it just as any guy in the military would request. I had to contact a commander for the mailing instructions down to the T. Cost me over $700.00 to mail his package, we used Skype we chatted everyday, emailed two or three times per day. Had his Pastor email me (which I think is a fake) wants to get married doesn't want to wait, can you help me with money so that I can retire, blah blah blah, stupid me I learned a BIG GIANT LESSON OF $11K. Has a son named Van who lives in Texas I want to take you to meet him, I am coming home on April 5th 2014 please pick me up at the airport, can you get toiletries for me so that when I come in we won't have to leave my place.....I have sent everything over to the military with all transactions , there is an actual man there with this name, he is in Unit 2050 but this mans luck may have just ran out! Ladies please beware. He has a sharp tongue, way with words and makes you feel awesome, he's not real! Talked for two months!!!!
REPORT N38 (added on April, 4, 2014)
Theresa (USA)

This Man Sent Me A Friend Request On FacebooK. He Started Sending Me MeSsages In My Inbox Then We Started Chatting Daily On Yahoo Messenger. He Said He Was Originally From Michigan But Has Been In The Army Since The 80's. A Sergeant. I Asked Him Of He Had Been In The Army For So Many Years Why Was He Just A Sergeant And If His Lady Name Was Chappell, WHy Was The Name James On His Uniform IN the Pictures He Sent. He Said His WIfes Name Was Iris And She Had Died 4 Years Ago Of Colon Cancer. He Said He Had a Son Dylyn In Maine In Military School. He Was Anxious To Be Able To come home From Afghanistan Because His Son Was His Only Family And He Missed Him. I Caught Onto His Scam The The Secod Day Of Chatting With Him. I Posted On My Facebook Page To Beware Of Men Posing As Army Soldiers And He DeleteD Himself From Facebook And Yahoo Messenger. Ladies Beware!
REPORT N39 (added on April, 11, 2014)
Mariel (USA)

I have not corresponded but saw his picture in uniform and decided to search. That is when this site appeared with the same picture he is using on Match.
REPORT N40 (added on May, 9, 2014)
Tisha (New Zealand)

I was contacted on Wayn and slowly started conversation. He soon said he wanted life long partnership and developed from there. Said he had a 16 year old son, Eric, living with his grandmother n Germany and as his birthday was in December would I send a laptop or ipad via a friend of his in Berlin - this is the only thing I refused. He then said he would like to send his personal goods to me in NZ so I said yes. Then there came the shipping fee, customs and taxes etc. Then advised that NZ Customs would not accept goods so had to be returned. Then approached to contact lawyer L Kennedy of Cathline & Hammond who was at a branch in Accra, Ghana to obtain documentation for customs. Then came the 2nd costs - NZ$11000 for these documents - of course they didn't arrive as there was a timely buyer for the goods...
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Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Pam (USA)
Am Lucas W James .i was born on the 10th of April, 1953. I started A & A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn't spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the UN. I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience.I am the leader of my squad..

I really like sports,especially golf ..i also like reading and like watching horror movies.am honest loving and caring as well brown hair, brown eyes, 6' 2", 187lbs., a healthy man. I am self-sufficient, Handsome, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. .am a faithful

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Maria (USA)
Good Morning,

Take time to greet the dawn, watch the light appear up high, as an orange sun starts rising in the Eastern sky...The birds are chirping merrily as a brand new day begins, so enjoy this lovely morning and the beauty that it brings..... Hope to talk with you soon, and I hope you like the pics I attached to the email..ttyl

Kisses and Hugs,

Hello Madam,

My name is Mr.Duke Haggard, I'm glad to let you know that you got the right man, I want you to know that I'm in Dubai, My next transit destination is to Accra-Ghana and from there I will make a one way airline straight to my final destination which is to your husband in Afghanistan I will be in Accra-Ghana tomorrow and I will be meeting some Officials to submit a gold document to them,So I will be there for you to mail the care package to me in Ghana so I can deliver it to your husband in Afghanistan and please madam try and send the package through USPS EXPRESS MAIL s

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Vicky (Belgium)
I am Jerry Balmer. I am a United States Military man based in Afghanistan. I am 38 years old. My wife died 5 years ago. I don't have any child. I will soon be going on retirement. I will like to settle down once I am due from service. I have a home in San Diego, California.
I am the only child of my late mum and dad. I will like to know you and also see your pictures.
Jerry Balmer

Hello Vicky,
I will be going on retirement in 3 weeks time so I need a woman to settle down with as my life partner. I will like to know your likes and dislikes. Do you have a yahoomail? If you don't? You can open one so that we can chat on yahoo messenger. Attached are my pics.
Your new friend,

Hello Vicky,
How are you ? I hope you are fine. I will be waiting for your yahoomail account so that we can chat. Will be happy to get more of your replies.
New friend,

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Trudy (USA)
Thank you for your chat with me in facebook. My name is James, James Morgan. I was born at Baptist Hospital of Pennsylvania. I started A & A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was born a half British and half American. I am the only child of my parents but its unfortunate both my parents are no more. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn't spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field. I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience. I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior ma

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Jean (USA)
I'm Rockson from U.S NY 50years old widower with no kids, I'm a Military Commander and I'm on a Peace Keeping Mission and I'm stationed in Afghanistan and i have been here for 1 year 6months now and I'm left with 3months more to return home and this is my second time here, I'm 5"7 185pounds. I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are, I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest,and looking to meet a woman that i can spend the rest of my life with in good times and in bad times as well, A woman that I can love and cherished with all my whole being and heart and I pray to God almighty that he will provide me with that kind of a woman someday in my life. I pride myself in being honest and most trustworthy, I seek that in a mate, someone who is compassionate yet understanding who has a calm demeanor and a great personality. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU ...

Hello Jean, waited for you all d

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Kim (Canada)
Hey Sweetheart,I just got back in from Patrol and i thought , i would send you a quick message to let you know am thinking of you so much before i go to bed,I was thinking about how to put together these words to let you know how much you mean to me. I have lived for a long time dependent upon no one, answering to no one and committed to no one except myself. During this period of my life, I considered the World mine for the taking and truly believed that I was living life to the fullest. Then, you came into the picture, and all of a sudden, I realized that I was deceiving myself.

Kim, I am an incomplete man in need of wholeness. I find that my life is not all that I thought it was. In fact, it is terribly lacking in many things, the foremost being love. Now, through some great fortune, I have found that love and along with it the one person who can make my life truly complete.

Sweetheart you are that person, and I have somehow fallen hopelessly and undeniably

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Anne (USA)
Hello, My name is Harry............

I very much enjoyed reading your profile.

Your a very attractive person it seems and I don't only mean your photos.

I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you if distance isnt a problem to u. Where the heart wills there is always a way

Thank you

Location: Bardstown, Kentucky
Distance: 273 miles away
Age: 59, Cancer
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Hair, Eyes: Salt and Pepper Gray, Brown
Body: Slender
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian
Politics: Didn't Say
Education: Master's Degree
Income: Didn't Say
Job: Retired
Smoke: Don't Smoke
Has Kids: Yes, not living with me
I am a well balanced gentleman and have a warm perosnality, easy-going with of course a great sense of humor. I value true love and respect people and derive great pleasure from their sincere smiles and it reflects on me and my daily life in a good way too!) The more I give the more I get! Looking for a sincere and fun

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Rhonda (USA)
Hello Good Evening Rhonda thanks very much for your email you sent me once again nice to meet you i was online in messenger waiting for you i wish you a successful flight hope to chat with you very soon it my pleasure again to meet you thanks very much .... i just did add two of my pictures to the massage bye now

Hello Rhonda thanks very much for your mail i was exerting your mail since , you just make me lough saying i don't look like someone who is working hard hahahah oooh GOD. I am also a Christian, well to tell you a little about me i was born at Baptist Hospital of FloridaI started A & A Children start 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. .. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the UN. I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fough

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Cathi (UK)
My Dearest

How are you doing , i hope you are fine and healthier , honey i want you to know that i have just return back from the control unit and i am in my office right now but am a little bit busy at the moment addressing the troops leaders who just return back from patrol , honey i also want you to know that i have read your lovely email about yourself and your kid and am very proud of your sons achievement so far and am also very happy to know more about you , honey I want you to know how much I sincerely love the hours we spend communicating on Skype . It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now , Here are some things that you need to know about me , I am Gen James Krulak of the united state marine force presently re-assigned to Afghanistan for a 2months assignment which happen to be my last assignment before i retire from the united state marine force and i have spend 37days here n

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Charlotte (UK)
Hello my dear ..how are you doing now and I will also like to tell you something about me so that you will also know much about me ....like I told you am Robert from the U.S.A working in the Army ,now am a widow with one boy who is my only source of my happiness ever since i lost my wife and am looking for a nice loving and caring woman for a nice loving and caring relationship ..I am a soldier from the Army but i am now in Afghanistan for peace keeping and will be coming home within some weeks time.I have been a widower for 6 years now and i am having one son who is and i came to Match which happens to be a site to look for someone that i can continue the life with no matter how the distance is because distance doesn't matter when love finds itself and i believe distance is just a mile and it can be closed within a twinkle of an eye by two hearts that have accepted to be together... Talking about my self,I love friends and family, I am a funny person and make

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Lorraine (Australia)
Thanks sweetie....i just hardly get my mind of you since we chatted, I think you my kind of girl...here are some of my photo.

When you love someone all your saved up wishes start coming true..You know you truly love someone when everyday you meet is like the first time you fall in love, It's in the way that you move me and the way that you tease me, the way I want you tonight. It's in the way that you hold me and the way that you know me, and when I can't find the right words to say ... you feel it in the way.You know you're in love when at those times you're apart, you find yourself gazing at the sky in the direction she lives and feeling some peace in knowing that you live under the same sky...am just trying to explain how i feel about you now...I need you.

Honey, this is the photo am talking about now...

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Claudia (Germany)
Hallo guten Abend meine Liebe, wie machst du heute mein lieber , ich hoffe, alles ist in Ordnung mit Ihnen dort meine kostbare engel , gut es mir James ist und dass wir auf dem metrischen Dating-Webseite getroffen und wollte Ihnen per E-Mail zu Ihnen sagen, mehr uber mich was ich fur ein Leben tun in meinem Leben und auch einige meiner Bilder zu und hoffe, Sie mogen sie so sehr. Ich mochte Ihnen sagen, mehr uber mich und ich werde wie Sie , dasselbe zu tun .

Nun komme ursprunglich aus Deutschland , bin aber auf halbem USA und bin derzeit in Afghanistan stutzen , weil mein job . Nun, ich mochte, dass Sie wissen, bin als Mann des Militars arbeiten, und ich habe im militarischen Bereich bereits uber 3o Jahren und bin zu gehen fur meinen Ruhestand und bin fur jemanden i verbringen wurde mein Leben mit , sobald ich sicher zuruck kommen suchen Hause , und ich wei? nicht, kummern uns um die Distanz zwischen uns , weil da bin selbst beschaftigen kann ich uberall in dies

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Carlee (USA)
I'm David 52 years old divorce .I'm a Military Major sergeant and also the leader of my squad. I'm on a Peace Keeping Mission and I'm stationed in Afghanistan(Camp Black Horse).Have been deployed for a year and a month now and this is my third time here in Afghanistan. I'm 6"1 185 pounds.

I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are, I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest,and looking to meet a woman that i can spend the rest of my life with in good times and in bad times as well.A woman who is,Faithful,Trustworthy,Loving,Caring,Loyal,Humble and Self confident.

Tell me more of your self and what you are looking for in your man.Looking forward to your respond soon.


I am down to earth,normal, and nice guy with lots of integrity. My friends tell me I don't look or act my age! I think that is good? Staying in shape is important to me.

What happened in my marria

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Trish (New Zealand)
I'm a Project Manager under Construction , Mining , satellite communication
widower for 5 years now with a daughter who is out of home working with the UN in the states ..

I enjoy spending time with my family and a few close friends and and my hobbies include, sailing parks, walking, nice walks on the beach. concerts, dining at my favorite restaurants, weekend getaways, trying to make the perfect pizza!,concerts, movies, plays,I treat people the way I want to be treated, with respect and honesty and also I'm a very practical person that has finally figured out that no one is perfect - including myself. I am a confident individual that tries to live to life to its fullest. My biggest thrill in life is helping others and making someone else happy makes the effort worth it. I can be serious when I should be, a clown when it is acceptable, a romantic when the moods are right.
I'm an easy going person with a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and smile. I found

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Jeanne (USA)
Hello Here are my Pics ..I think you will be alittle difficult..But let me know when you get this message..
Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Elaine (Australia)
Hi Elaine,
I believe you are asleep by now, thank you very much for the lovely email about your past relationships and family, appreciated. I am very sorry for the delay in my reply to you, I have been on deployment till now, I am about to take a cool nap. I love your photos very much, you are still and very beautiful. I want would love to get to know much more about you. I want us to be meeting online for chat, I believe that will enhance our chances of getting to know each other very well. Do you have skype account, please if you do give to me so I add you if not, can you please try and get one for yourself, give it to me and let me know the time that you will be free and able to meet me online for chat.
I will leave you now, I hope you had the best on that Birthday, Kisses.
Hope to hear from you soon.
I Care,
James, Kisses.

Hi Elaine,

I hope you are doing great. Thank you very much for the message, appreciated. Can you tell me more

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Joanne (UK)
Good Morning to you Princess, How are you doing my charming princess? Hope you are doing okay and had a great and sound sleep last night. Well waking up with the great thoughts of you in my mind decided to write to you and see how a charming princess like you is doing and to let you know i did remembered you this morning when i woke up, as how i wish and thought i we were a bit closer, whereby i could possibly wake you up with a beautiful kiss on your forehead and nice breakfast in bed, hmm guess what i could possibly feed you breakfast in bed, to make you feel special and cared for again. How happy i was this morning when all i could think of is you,nothing could ever appear in my mind but your thoughts is all i have, the more i tried not to think of you is the more my heart keep on beating fast and harder for u. . So tell me what you having for breakfast? beside that what are your plans and schedules for today, beside those plans what do you intend doing for the r

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Stephanie (USA)
Hi Stephanie,

This is Peter, Its a test mail to find out if my e-mails get to you!


Alright i will be waiting to get the photo from you! Would be great! My last name has got something to do with change of name since my family is more of a German family. I will tell you more about it later! Do you like the name Krause? smile

Its not your fault, There are also some American restaurants in Germany and normally if i am not able to cook i drive there to get something to eat!

How long have you been single for and are you truly ready to start a serious and long lasting relationship with the right person you will meet?

Okay thought you lost your connection! I am here

Are you there or lets end it for now and get to b

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Mary (USA)
Hello Mary,

Nice chatting with you again and hope you like the pictures and looking forward to get some pics from you as well.

Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Melissa (USA)
Hi my love, am sorry for the delayed response, was very busy at the camp and didn’t get access to internet till now. I love what Mom did. It was nice to let you know what’s on her mind. I can’t wait to meet her and attend a party with the family
I believe you are having a blessed evening from a stress free day. I would love to share my perceptive about love. Maybe another time I would share about trust which is the basis and foundation for love to hold. Love is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. Each of us is a star. Sometimes we shine with the rest. Sometimes we twinkle alone. Sometimes when we least know it, we make someone's wish come true. As I understand there might be ups and downs in every relationship. But its hope you cope and react to them that keep two people going. Maybe it's really love knocking when a man can make you

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