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First name: Jack


Last name: Redd


Aka: Simon, David Fife, Henry Benjami, Bradley Walker, John Dzebu, Dave, Andre Jacobson JR, Albert Evans, Arnold Jones, Scott Leonard, Raul Pino, Enj Joerge D., Raphael, Michael Moore, Andrea Nocerinorossi, Randy Morgan, Nino Brown, David Jones, Michael Pratt, Abramo Lucio, Alex Pirlo, Alvin Marten, Andrew Layman, Antonio Gilardino, Richard Dominic Apostle, Barry Dickson, Ben Pend, Daniel Newman, Dante Lucci, Derrick George, Engr Andrew Williams, Francois Martel, George David Hogg, George Perry, Guy Maurice, Gabriel Luis, Hillary Brown, Jack Stuart, Jeph Dickon, Kirk Chris Moq, Luis Ciro, Philippe Laponge, Richard Smith, Richmond Hays, Robert Johnson, Russo Camillo, Uwe Hubertus, Rodrigez, Vencill Robbort, Vince Holmes, Wolison Nana, Bruce Marston, Miles Griffin, Harry Green, Cary Baker, James Shoemaker, Bernard James, Carex Angel, Lawrence Morgan, Davidson Brown, Alex Walthers, Andrew Jeffrey, Donald Terry, Seargeant Daniel George, Jack Haword, Gbenga Isola Afolami, George Daniel, Frank Finlay, Richard Gray, Richard Smith, Carlos, Thomas, Gary Miller, Damon Scott, Joe Roger, David Thompson, Fredrick Lawson, Michael Langsfield, Henry J. Cooks, Kenneth Bond, Iyere Augustus Okhiria, Raymond Smith, John Max, Andrew Doctor, John Bruce, Scott Nigel, Prince Jerry John, Bush Freeman, Larry Michael Azinemery, Ivory Peterson, Michael Andrew, Krzysztof Adamski, Murphy Sweeney, Mark Bruce Johnson, Perry Alonso, William M. Rich, Mark Donald, John Smith, Dennis Abbot, Anthony Shaffer, Alex Donald, Raymond Lawhorn, Jeffrey Murphy, Robert Peter Britt, Mark Wilson Brown, Frank Smith, Maxwell Justice Ludwig, David Brown, James Markus Heath, Michael Smith, Ashley Albert, Hendrik Robin, Alexander Wayne, Frank Williams, Raymond Patrick, Adriano William Pedroni, Victor Nii Adjei Richmon, Richard Tyler, Anthony Kevin Osborne, Mark Davies, William Fox Clark, Stanley Gardner, Maxwell Schmitz, Dallas Dela Henyo, Barry Micheal Banks, Reed Evans, David Smith, Richard Schwarz Brown, John Michael Philip, Paul Henry Kilbarger, Abdelhamed Ahemed


Name aliases: Aleks, Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Alexandar, Alexandr, Alexis, Alwin, Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Andriano, Andry, Anthoney, Anthonio, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antonni, Antony, Ashely, Barie, Barrie, Bary, Benard, Bernald, Bharie, Bharrie, Bharry, Bhary, Bill, Billie, Billy, Bob, Brad, Brucee, Carloss, Carlous, Clarke, Clerk, Daiv, Damone, Dan, Danny, Darrick, Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids, Davison, Dawid, Denis, Denny, Deric, Derich, Derick, Derik, Derrich, Derrik, Dominik, Don, Enthony, Filip, Filipe, Filippe, Fillip, Franc, Francais, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Gaberial, Gabriele, Garry, Georges, Harri, Harrie, Hary, Hendrick, Jackie, Jamie, Jarry, Jeff, Jeffi, Jefforey, Jhon, Joey, Johnn, Johnsons, Jonh, Ken, Keneth, Kennth, Kev, Keven, Laurence, Leo, Lerry, Luiz, Luwis, Marc, Marck, Marcus, Markie, Markk, Max, Maxwel, Mechael, Mexwel, Mexwell, Michale, Micheals, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mils, Mycheal, Mykmael, Myles, Pat, Patt, Paull, Perr, Pete, Petter, Philipe, Philips, Phillip, Pual, Rafael, Raffy, Raimond, Ramound, Ramound, Randdy, Ranndy, Ray, Rechard, Reymond, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Ritchard, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robbin, Robby, Roberts, Robret, Robs, Rymond, Sccot, Schris, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Simone, Simth, Stan, Stanly, Thom, Tom, Toma, Tomas, Tommy, Toni, Tonny, Tony, Toomas, Veek, Vickey, Viktor, Wayney, Welison, Welson, Weyney, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willson, Willy, Wyne





Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Darfur (Sudan); Kabul (Afghanistan); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Kursk (Russia); Lagos (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: Miami, Florida (USA); Apeldoorn (Netherlands); Albany, New York (USA); Damascus (Syria); Michigan (USA); Lawrenceville, Georgia (USA); Los Angeles, CA (USA); Bridgford (England); Greytown (New Zealand); Wellington (New Zealand); Austin, Texas (USA); Istanbul (Turkey); Germany; Cardiff (UK); Saracota, Florida (USA); Minnesota (USA); St. Louis, MO (USA); Florida City, FL (USA); Buffalo, NY (USA); Illinois (USA); Singapore; Tripoli (Libya); Dubai (UAE); Salem, NJ (USA); Aleppo (Syria); Edinburgh (Scotland); New Jersey (USA); San Diego, CA (USA); San Jose, CA (USA); Liverpool (UK); Lexington, Alabama (USA); Adams, CO (USA); Toronto, Ontario (Canada); Albury, New South Wales (Australia); Masachuttes (USA); Kent (UK); Invercargill (New Zealand); London (UK); Aurora, Colorado (USA); Moscow (Russia); Bakersfield, CA (USA); Dallas, Texas (USA); Stevenage, Hertfordshire (England); Gloucester (United Kindom); Brextly (UK); Berlin (Germany); Malton, North Yorkshire (UK)


Address(es): 236 E. 95th St. Apt2F, NY, NY 10128, USA
7 Engels Street, Kursk, Russia
15 Insurance rd., Accra, Ghana, 00233
888 6TH Avenue, New York City, NY 10001, USA
21 Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
749 Singleton Road, San Jose, California, USA, 95111
Krobor 1, Teshie, Accra, Ghana
28 Cherry Avenue, Malton, North Yorkshire, UK


Phone number(s): 8283056319


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Badoo, BBW Cupid, Be 2, Christian American Singles, Confirio, Date Hook Up, Eharmony, Face Book, Find Local BBW, Hi 5, Linked In, Love Time, Match, Match Maker, Mate 1, Meet Me, Metro Date, Netlog, Ok Cupid, Otrapuse, Our Time, Over Fifties, Polish Hearts, RSVP, Senior Singles, Skype, Speed Date, Sympatia, Tagged, Top Face, Twoo, Wealthy Men, Whats App, WRM Dating NZ, Zorpia


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: view fake documents




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Report N1 (added on May, 29, 2012)

After three weeks he travled to Ghana for construstion, told me he lost his wallet and his card got stolen.I wired money via west U bank to him, very sweet talk. with promises, he will return my money, which he didnt!
he sent me this fake bank infomation. I checked on google map is not hoverbank but other bank.and the phone displaced on this fake websit was a person phone message, and the fax number was a number for sell. so I now want to report this men, Hope other person wont get into same story as I did.

Betsy (Thailand)

Report N2 (added on June, 25, 2012)

Very soft spoken. Says he has a sick uncle in the UK. Claims to have to go oversees to handle a technical job for his uncle. Tries to get money out of women by saying the equipment he shipped is being held by customs.

Alda (USA)

Report N3 (added on February, 19, 2013)

He says he looking for marriage and is soft spoken at first but gets more forceful when he asks questions and is trying to gain someone's trust first. This man also uses a much younger looking and taller pictures on his yahoo messenger account when he finds out that you are not online.

Claims he has 3 younger sons living with him and works for a place helping displaced persons because his wife died of breast cancer.

Sandra (USA)

Report N4 (added on March, 6, 2013)

this man posted with different pictures/names on confirio and I think another site. He is more of a voyeur, gets you to IM him. He wasn't able to scam me because I noticed his picture with different name on a site and called him a scammer! I blocked him from sending me any more email. He never got my info...


Report N5 (added on April, 11, 2013)

Evans contacted me on skype and after 2 days I blocked him but by than he had my email address He sent me a mail and I unblocked him. We spoke for one week about five hours per day. I felt it but it was yesterday that I found him on your site. He gave me his sons email and than the son told me I must remind his father about his birthday in the 14th of April, I did and then I heard nothing for a while and when he came on he said that he has a headache because his son wants a puppy. He cant do it because he is working on the Tullow oil rig and he is of shore I wanted to know what the puppy cost, It was between 600 and 700 pounds Then I told him I knew he was pulling a scam, This morning he came back and just sat there saying nothing, Well now he loves me again can not live without me.

Erica (South Africa)

Report N6 (added on April, 11, 2013)

He asked for contact with me on Skype, wrote: My name is Arnold Jones, I am 57 years, widower, I accepted his request and he used this picture, which is here.. First he wrote (he always wrote), how sad he is because he can't get over the loss of his beloved wife (she died 2 years ago) after 20 years of great marriage, but at the same time he wanted a new He wrote, he is a ship engineer, working in Florida, resident of Albany, New York. He had traveled on ships all over the world and wanted me to go with him. Suddenly-today- he asked me this:On his ship on the way to China died a rich passenger, who had 10 million US dollar in his cabin, the captain and he kept 5 million for themselves (gave the assistent of the owner the rest) and he couldn't put this money on his account, and asked me to help him to get the money on an account in an other country. Later he wanted to invest this money. I refused and realised, he must be a scammer and blocked him.

Helena (Netherlands)

Report N7 (added on April, 11, 2013)

Trying to find new connections via skype, claimed that his wife dead, he has 2 daughters 12 and 14. Working as a Project Assistant Manager with International Security Assistance Force(ISAF) and currently in Syria on a mission, originally from Michigan.

Olga (USA)

Report N8 (added on April, 11, 2013)

He appeared on eharmony and was removed. He was in touch with me directly and asked for #10000 for his business.

Carol (USA)

Report N9 (added on May, 24, 2013)

This person is using a stolen photo he has uses many different names

Wendy (Australia)

Report N10 (added on May, 24, 2013)

I know this person as Rafael Hans, did notice his Pic ......... and he is sending me Emails regularly, nice words ... explaining that his wife died and that he is looking after his kids.... Got alot of Emails from him, and also notice that he is on Different Sites with different names. I mention to him that I notice he is qa scammer, and he said that somebody did target him ..... This is not the truth. HE MUST BE STOPPED. Never ask me for money ...... but he wants to marry me and come and see me. MUST BE STOPPED !!!!!!

Veronica (South Africa)

Report N11 (added on May, 24, 2013)

This person contacted me and is sending me email. I ran the last email content through a plagiarism checker and see that multiple scam warnings came up. He professes love for me, though we have not met, mentions marriage. Supposedly was in New York City last week finishing business and is back in UK. Wants to meet me as soon as possible.

Doris (USA)

Report N12 (added on May, 24, 2013)

I was contacted by "Andrea" on WRM Dating NZ Website. He contacted me first.
We have been in correspondence 3 times in 8 days. He wants to talk at the same time every night & I have said "no" because I have other things to do with my life.
Several things were odd.
- he claims to having just moved to NZ to get over the deaths of his parents (they died a few years ago)
- he has gone to great lengths to try to get me to trust him. Gave me a video clip to watch of the same man in his photo - but he claimed it was his live webcam - just no sound & lousy picture due to age of webcam -his business is an architect - but he shows no interest in the fact that my Dad was one - also no interest in the Christchurch earthquake re-build.
-he claims to have several international clients - but yet his computer is too old to have a webcam, but can work the latest software for Computer Assisted Design programme -he insists that we will settled down together - he just has to convince me (yeah, right!)
- he sent me 2 photos of his "son" - they are actually of another person he keeps telling me that he can't get a webcam & is angry that I keep on insisting that we chat via it. He sees it as a lack of trust in him because he has already shown me "his" cam
- ha asked if I'd been scammed before & how I knew - cos he was new & didn't want to be scammed. I was very vague & misleading because I didn't want to teach him to get better.
-the picture of him on WRM Dating is different to the one on his yahoo account.

Lynne (New Zealand)

Report N13 (added on June, 03, 2013)

He of course loves me and has yet to ask for money, he has one son who he adopted and he will join me later since he loves me so much.

Trudy (USA)

Report N14 (added on June, 10, 2013)

This person contacted me via Skype, says profess love for me and not know me, sent me information and forms from a bank in AFRICA (UBA) to validate it with the bank and immediately informed me it is a scam ... claims to be a widower with a son ... has multiple profiles on facebook and still can not get rid of him .. threatens suicide because of me .. just because you do not want to transfer to my account their course money talks minimum of 5 million euros ... he sends others to contact me by the same reason .. is worrying weeks now reach me messages daily and social media and email that I have both personal and work ..

Isela (Mexico)

Report N15 (added on June, 10, 2013)

I talked to this man for three months on Yahoo messenger. I do have some entails from him as well. within three weeks he told me how nuch he lived me and wanted to be week it me. within one month he claimed he was going to Nigeria for work. he asked me to send him money after 2weeks of talking. and then he had money sent to me from different people to pad to him wanted me to assess to name Unukpo Blessing. he asks had me set up a bank account where he had money out in and had me to withdraw and send to him. on the bank the money was taken from someone's else's account and now I am liable for this money, He is the featured person Jack Redd on this sight. I do other pictures that he assent me I have found him on 8dating sites I hope this will help to stop him from hurting more women.

Tanya (USA)

Report N16 (added on June, 10, 2013)

Same person as one of your most active male scammers Jack Redd he has also been on meetme as another name but I can't remember it.

Maria (USA)

Report N17 (added on June, 18, 2013)

George contacted me on skype he called about 8 times before we had a clear reception then we typed after the first Skype he sai he loved me and I was the woman of his dreams his picture that was posted on Skype was a handsome man in us army uniform. After sky ping I asked what his first name was an he said it was Daniel sergeant daniel George stationed in Kabul Afghanistan the next day he'd said he wanted to see me and he contacted the consulate to get special permission to take A 2 week vacation to come see me in Germany he needed me to send his diplomatic assistant 1500 euro by western union The reason I found all of it suspicious is I wor for the government and have access to military pay and lots of government contacts and cpuld not find anything on him he gave me no information and when I asked questions he would get upset and accuse me of not trusting him which he was right .i had access to the consulates office but the assistant he wanted me to send the money to also was not listed nor known by anyone there he would not give me his unit information nor his banking information just wanted the money sent by western union I did not send any money he sent me a picture and low and behold when I came to your page there was the same exact same picture of George only his name I jack redd I thought he had quit talking to me but he just skype s me a few mi tues ago.

Olivia (Germany)

Report N18 (added on June, 27, 2013)

George contacted me on skype and after 2 days I blocked him but by than he had my email address He sent me a mail and I unblocked him. We spoke for one week about five hours per day. I felt it but it was yesterday that I found him on your site. He gave me his sons email and than the son told me I must remind his father about his birthday in the 14th of April, I did and then I heard nothing for a while and when he came on he said that he has a headache because his son wants a puppy. He cant do it because he is working on the Tullow oil rig and he is of shore I wanted to know what the puppy cost, It was between 600 and 700 pounds Then I told him I knew he was pulling a scam, This morning he came back and just sat there saying nothing, Well now he loves me again can not live without me.

Silvery (Canada)

Report N19 (added on June, 27, 2013)

He contacted me on lovetime as Frank Finlay, working as a a civil engineer, later he told that he gets contracts from companies round the world to work on oil pipe line which passes through the sea. After 10 days of chatting in yahoo messanger where we used cam twice on his request and his warm messages that he wants to marry me he claimed to go to Nigeria on a business trip. Two days later he told me that he was robbed and he urgently needed money $3000 and then he asked for $2500 promising to pay back as soon as he is back to UK. He asked to send money via Western Union to the names of other people (a policeman and then a guard from the UK Embassy) and the MSTN number and other details to tell him directly on the phone in Nigeria that we used to talk. I suspected that he may be a scammer and told him about that, but he was so nice and made me believe he is not. When he came back to UK he told me that his 90 yo mom died and he would pay me back all the money that saved his life in Nigeria which he appreciated very much either via Western Union or when he comes to meet me in my country. Two weeks later he announced that he invested all his money to purchase an oil well and included my name in the contract. Two days after that he said he would need some more of my help for his mom's burial. He asked to borrow money if I had not enough to send him $3000. I said that I could send only $500 which he gladly accepted. He promised to pay everything back as soon as his income will come three days after the burial. Of course, nothing of this turned to be true. Then several days after that he sent me the message from a fake company in a fake bank which I understood was fraudulent and told him about that. He claimed that he was scammed then and he did not know about that. To test him I asked to send me some of his recent pictures or talk to me via cam (his cam fell on the floor when we talked the second time when we used cam after we met, at least the connection interrupted and he explained it that way). He promised to fix the cam which he never did. Now almost 2 months into my communication with him, when I saw the pictures that he sent three days ago, I paid attention that he has a tattoo and asked him what is there. He said that it is a rose flower he made for me right before he went to Nigeria. I know for sure that it is not a flower as I have seen by now some other pics of him on other dating sites. I mentioned to him and sent links to the fake profiles with his pictures. He said that he shared many pictures with a lady before he met me and she may now be using them to scam people. I do not have any trust in this person as there are too many details that could prove he is a scammer. I stop communication with him and learn a good lesson from that. I can share all the pictures of him that I have after I register on your site and see other picture that maybe already there.

Valentina (Belarus)

Report N20 (added on July, 3, 2013)

Hello! This bad person wrote to my mother of the letter, swore love, called the wife etc. After a week of letters - urgent work in Nigeria, the contract for $2000000, sent the contract picture copy for the first class, made in the Paint program, with grammatical mistakes besides. The monetary help I didn't manage to ask, everything became clear, after this picture was sent far and for a long time. Don't trust this bad person, on a site Facebook under its photo it is written that he is swindler number one in the world. It is a pity that we late saw it.

Tasha (Russia)

Report N21 (added on July, 3, 2013)

He said that he wanted me to be his wife. After that, he ask me about supporting he as a husband.

La (Vietnam)

Report N22 (added on August, 6, 2013)

David contacted me via Facebook. Relationship lasted 6 months, but I still communicate with him to get more information on him. What made me know for sure that he was conning me is that on July 4, 2013, I received a email from a Barrister Jackson Collins, Law Firm of Edward M. Graves 3rd., Corporate Office 42 E. Broad St.,Cookeville, TN. The email stated that David was in a cab and the cab hit and killed a little boy and the cab driver ran away. Witnesses stated David was the only one in the car and he was taken into police custody. We checked and there is no practicing attorney anywhere. The Law Firm is real but it is a personal injury firm. The address is a museum in Cookefield. I asked him how come they did not contact the cab company to get the drivers name and he never responded to that. He still will email me, call and text and when asked about this he said his attorney got him privileges. He told other women he was going over to Russia to work. He also told me that he was getting retirement money and sent me a copy which had Fredrick on it. When questioned about this he said they made a mistake. Later I found out the same information was sent to a Wendy Knisley. He stated he did not know her when asked about this but I have a copy of email sent to him with a email from her. Money was requested for equipment, food, meds, Internet, lodging, BTA, taxes and airline ticket. The amount of money spent was $6500.00. I sent money 12 times.

Penny (USA)

Report N23 (added on August, 9, 2013)

Raymond Smith contacted me saying he is an engineer in West Africa, wants to marriage me, i had a videocall, and he said i am a woman of his desire. Then he requested to send him 5000 dollars, otherwise his project and contract are under danger. He threatened me. After some time, when i deleted raymond smith from my contacts in skype, he came under different names Stephane and mark w anderson.

Aina (Kazakhstan)

Report N24 (added on August, 26, 2013)

I 1st met Jack on the 16th December 2012. He went by the name General John Barker. On the first day he was very charming. But on the second day he asked for help with his business in buying and selling gold. He kept promising me that he will come over and see me but he never materialised. I fell for him in a big way. Everyone around me kept telling me it was a scam but I wouldn't listen. I haven't received any letters from him only chats on Skype which I don't know how to email to u but have got a lot of photo's of him. Then we stopped talking for 4 months, then in may I get a contact request from the guy calling himself Obrien Kings but used Jack's photo again.

Gaynor (UK)

Report N25 (added on September, 24, 2013)

He is currently as of today using the name Scott Nigel and claiming to live in Buffalo, NY. He claims to work in export / imports, be financially secure, etc. Gave DOB as November 9, 1952.

Valerie (USA)

Report N26 (added on September, 27, 2013)

Jerry contacted me on Netlog initially and then befriended me on facebook. He said he was from Florida USA and worked as an agent for the Secretary General of the UN. He was currently conducting peace talks in the Sudan and had been there for some time. I was very sceptical at first as he professed his love for me in a very short space of time. He seemed like a hopeless romantic, sent me many emails and wrote poetry. Every morning he sent me a greeting card about love & romance etc. We spoke every day on yahoo messenger and after three months he had gained my trust. I had just come out of a bad relationship and he seemed to want to hear all the details and offered advice as a friend etc. Then he said that he had two children in the USA, Jane aged around 9 and Jamie 16. His son Jamie was leaving on an excursion with the school to Accra Ghana and he had a friend there named Kelvin Henry who would keep an eye on his son. He said that he was going on early retirement after the peace talks and planned to visit me in South Africa. He wanted his son to come visit me in SA after Ghana. He asked me to phone his son Jamie in Ghana to find out if he had arrived safely etc and since we would be coming to visit in SA, it would be a good opportunity to get to know his son. I phoned Jamie and immediately we connected. His son told me what an amazing father he had, he was a good man etc. His son told me that he longed for a family and a mother again, as his mother had died of cancer some years back. Jamie and I spoke regularly on the phone at my expense. He would give me a missed call and I would have to phone him back. This boy crept into my heart and I was so looking forward to meeting him. In the meantime, his father started talking about if we met and the relationship went well, he wanted to marry me. Jamie asked me if he could call me mom as he was sure that his dad and I would hit it off when he came to SA. Not long after his son's trip to Ghana, I received an email from his fathers friend, Kelvin to say that Jamie had been in a car accident, he had been run over by a taxi and ended up in hospital and needed medical attention and money, but did not want to tell Jerry as he had promised his friend he would take care of Jamie whilst in Ghana. Immediately I said that his father had a right to know and I told Jerry. I could not understand how one could send their child overseas without any medical cover, especially if you are financially secure and well connected. Needless to say I said that I could not help as I was a single mother etc, which is the truth and struggle to make ends meet. His friend Kelvin apparently took a loan and sorted Jamie out. They even sent me a photo of Jamie in hospital. The story was that while Jamie was in hospital he never re-routed his ticket to South Africa and in turn lost his seat on the aeroplane. Jamie was stuck in Ghana and had power of attorney of his fathers account, but could not access the money as his father had listed me as a next of kin! Warning Bell, but I still trusted this man and the son even more! Either I needed to get to Ghana or Jamie needed to get to SA so we could access his fathers account and also send his father an air ticket, as Jerry could not access his account in Sudan and also gave Jamie power of attorney in case anything happened to him while he was in the Sudan. Jamie needed an air ticket, like a fool I sent some money and Kelvin put the balance of the money together so they bought the ticket. Then Jamie said that he needed more money to update his passport and travelling costs to the airport, so I had to make a plan and send more money. In the evening when I would discuss this with Jerry he would be very sweet and appreciative etc but as soon as I would indicate that I did not have the financial means, he would get mad and swear and make me feel guilty by saying that I do not care about him and his son and if the shoe was on the other foot he would help me and in the end I would get all my money back when his son came to South Africa.His English was very poor and when I questioned him he said he was born in Costa Rica. We had the odd cam chat, but I would only be able to see him for short periods of time, but he could see me. The man on the webcam was definitely the man in the photos he sent me. This last month was the most stressful of all because then a few days went by and I never heard from Jerry. When he finally messaged me, he said that they had run into Rebels and in self defence, had actually shot one and was imprisoned. Eventually there was a so called court case and he was set free as he had shot in self defence, but now the Rebels were angry and were trying to find him and he was in a safe house and he urgently needed Jamie to get to me in South Africa to access his bank account to send him a plane ticket. Jamie was set to go, had his plane ticket, updated passport and travelling money for transport to the airport. Phoned me to say he was on his way and would phone me from Johannesburg. Then a day went by and I never heard from him, his fathers friend was sending me missed calls and when I phoned back, he sid he was worried about Jamie. Eventually I got a call from Immigration from a so called customs official saying that Jamie was stopped as he only had a one way ticket and when he was searched they found documentation that said an amount of $12 million USD was in a bank account (his fathers account) and they suspected trafficking and they phoned to verify that he was coming to visit me and the nature of my relationship with Jamie. They said Jamie was too young to have power of attorney over his dads account and since they could not reach the father they suspected that power of attorney would have to be transferred to my name and that I would have to appoint a Barrister in Ghana to represent me and that this would cost a further $4500 USD. So Jamie is stuck at the Embassy, his phone was stolen with all his contacts, his dad was supposedly sitting in a safe house waiting for a plane ticket and I was apparently the only person that can save them! This was all too much to handle! What if they were involved in trafficking, I did not know either of them! I had Jamie phoning and crying saying he had not been fed and wanted to go home to his grandfather and sister Jane in the US and his father depressed and experiencing chest pains, as he was worried about his son in Ghana. Then one night Jerry threatened me and said that I had ten days to come up with the money, he knew my home address and as I like a fool had sent him an e mail from work, knew where I worked, accepted him as a friend of facebook, said he knew all my friends and family and would make life very difficult for me......I immediately ceased all contact and ignored all calls from Ghana. I kept feeling like I was being scammed as more and more money was demanded and I would have never sent money if it wasn't for the relationship I had built up with his son. I kept thinking maybe, just maybe this kid is really stranded and if I lose the money then at least I have tried to help a child. Let the truth be told, I fell for this man hook like and sinker and his son's tall ladies be careful! I cannot begin to tell you that I have been to hell and back with this man and his so called family! Anyone reading this story would think...

Alison (South Africa)

Report N27 (added on November, 5, 2013)

He says he is into gold and diamonds. He needs $900 for an iPhones unlocked for his business because he can't get one in Singapore. He is a sweet talker. He says he will pay me back triple when he gets back to the states.

Leanne (USA)

Report N28 (added on November, 5, 2013)

Dr. Larry Michael Azinemery contacted me in the October 5, 2013 through Skype - he is very alone, lost his wife during car crash in UK, he is operating under UN and NATO in Afghanistan now (and in Tripoli - Lybia before) as a surgeon and he will leave his mission before the end of this year. He didnt see his daughter (Cristabel, 13 - 14 years old) almost 2 years - actually she is in Ghana Accra in the school, and now she will celebrate her birthday.

He wanted to be really serious from beginning - sent me scan of ID card from Lybia as a surgeon, picture with his wife who died and daughter, with his parents .....
It takes some times until answered some personal questions about his daughter, wife, parents He was fallen in love to me after first sentences and it was more and more annoying and strange - he told about me his daughter, he wanted to married me, etc. - he asked me how much money i am earning; he didnt have any internet banking and always problem with his internet connection ...
He changed his skype ID after few days of conversation He had a problem to send present to his daughter for her birthday, no opportunity to buy something, no internet banking to organize it through internet, finally this weekend he asked me about to send some money to his daughter to Ghana, so she can pick up the package he sent to her with money inside .....
I stopped communication with him a found him here .....

Amy (Czech Republic)

Report N29 (added on November, 15, 2013)

Contacted me on meetme 3 weeks ago, He knows I have no money so whats the point. Wife dies in car crash 5 years ago, has a 13 year old daughter, of which I have pictures. Project manager for Chevron, had to go out to oil rig yesterday to run project. Wants to marry me asap, wants to spend holidays with me.

Kim (USA)

Report N30 (added on December, 16, 2013)

First Sergent, - and others -i show his picture here by this wesite by the most active scammers.

Helene (Germany)

Report N31 (added on January, 9, 2014)

Contacted me on the Polish Hearts site, asked me to go on skype and comunicated on there with me daily for weeks and also on my mobile. Claimed to be born in Warsaw but lived in Scotland for 30 years. Told me he was a colonel in British army currently serving in Afghanistan. Asked me to top up his o2 phone , which I did twice, professed to lve me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then told me that he couldn't get back from Afghanistan without my help. Apparently the Afghanistan government had given the high ranking officers like himself, 12 gold bars as a reward for helping their country (yeah right !!!) said he couldn't get the gold out of the country himself because of security reasons and needed my help . Said he had a man he trusted who could bring the gold out for him called Emmanuel Marku who would liase with me by email and make the arrangements. Figured out pretty early on that he was a scam artist but played along to see what he wanted. Told him that I had the police monitoring all his calls to me and his corresponce on skype, at which point he became rude and aggressive and promptly disappeared !!!!

Wanda (UK)

Report N32 (added on January, 9, 2014)

This guy, i know him as Murphy Sweeney, emailed me through Facebook. He asked me to sent emails to his acc He introduced himself as living in Heswall, Galway ireland and had a 9 year old daughter. He worked as a engineer at a Sanko ship. They travelled lot and were heading to australia. He asked me for money for sending me a package. His ship was in serious trouble and could be attacked by pirates, because they were too slow. He had 200,000 brittish pounds in his cabin and wanted to sent them to me. The package was sent by a diplomatic transshipment agency in malaysia, because they were in that neighbourhood at that time. I believed him and helped him. I got a telephone call from that agency. They had my adress. I got documents by email, which i had to show to the delivery when the package would be sent to me, as an identification. I paid 650 euro for inland taxes. Later, of course, the money was found through a scanner at customs. So i had to "free" the package for him by paying 3750 euro's! I refused to pay. I did not trust the whole story anymore and i found out that the ship he was 'working' for, did not exist and the company "sanko" did not know him. The ship had been sold 1,5 years ago to another company. So mr murphy sweeney did not get what he wanted. Talked very sweet and sent emails once ever day. I also found another victim in Holland with exact the same story. This was august/september 2013.
Please beware of this "charming" guy! He is not real!

Anita (Holland)

Report N33 (added on January, 9, 2014)

The beginning of June, I checked dating site where there is already the next day I received a letter with an offer to meet you. Almost a month on the list every night for at least two hours of Skype conversations. Then he Marc Bruce Johnson announced that he had retired and fly to Riga. My e-mail was sent flight details how the flight will take place.
With this information, I did not doubt that the flight actually happen, if only noticed the discrepancy bid amounts making. It is as visually saw that something is not so, but can not understand, and indeed does not address this uncertainty.
Consequently, the flight continued on a daily basis to communicate with both e-mails, as well as Skype. June 30 evening, after a flight information Mr.Johnsons was already in Accra (Ghana) came a phone call with a certificate that will be carried out immediately boarding, flying to Rome. At the time, the aircraft would have to ascend, there came a phone call that he has been detained at customs in Accra, the crossed gold, which transfers documents in Kabul have been sorted out, but Ghana has different laws. 9000 euros was required to pay customs duty. Mr.Johnsons asked me 5000 euros from the previous correspondence was known to him a bit more than 4,000 euros. At first, I did not respond to this call because I do not own the money and I felt doubts about the deal.
But Mr.Johnsons very convincingly told him what the problem is, that is why he is on to Riga, he has been given a deadline in 7 days, otherwise he will lose everything that he owns. I recommended that he seek the help of the U.S. Embassy as well as to their friends. His arguments were so compelling that if you think about it, it's all what he said was completely real and believable. He sent the bank account number. To which to transfer the money and that he will get to deal with customs formalities. The next day I unexpectedly got a chance to borrow this amount of money. In his spell, saw the "signs", which allows the man to help. Therefore, I make a bank transfer to Ghana. After a few hours I had doubts whether I was right and wrote the Internet payment order, revocation, but the evening conversations over Skype for the withdrawal canceled.
Then the process was waiting until the money reached the addressee. After Mr.Johnsons went as though customs. Up came the phone call that was missed customs duty is due and was fined 9,000 euros to be paid within 2 weeks. At first sight, plainly told me that the money is not. I do not know how to explain what it was that made me so inadequate to handle, but I had the opportunity to be of such amount and I the money in two installments transfers. Then Mr.Johnsons stated that he was not feeling well and that same evening the long haul, which would last for 30 hours is not ready to fly. And said that flying the next day. However, at. 3:30 at night I heard a phone call that he was taken to the hospital. The next day I received an email from the hotel as manager, who explained how Mr.Johnsons has got to the hospital and was informed that Mr.Johnsons gold is lying in the hotel safe.
Well I realized that I thoroughly cheat and that there was no flight to Riga will not even Mr.Johnsons every call confirmed that flown in to sell some gold to my commitment to settle.
Mr.Johnsons continued to communicate with me, but I do not show it that I realized that I cheat. Now appeared in a version that is required for 25,000 euros in gold transfer worldwide with DHL, Or 12000 euros, so that he can arrange a work permit in Ghana and there on the spot to carry out their gold.
At present, quite clearly understand that it was a fraud, using my credulity and trust.
I re-checked the online and saw there's now a whole series of identical profiles, where some were present Mr.Johnsons photos. I informed the portal administration of that fact, and I see that the administration has done, and these profiles are paid off.
I am available information about that person, at least that's what he said. Marc Bruce Johnson was born on February 14, 1960 in Pennsylvania Amish community hospital. Parents have been from the Amish community in Lancaster. Father David Ballard Johnsons and Johnson's mother Sabrina Fallon, both were dead. Himself living in New Jersey. Literally just retired from the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.
The money, together 15,000 euros were sent to the following persons:
Mensah Williams
Account Nr.0001513596519
United states, state code 00233

Hotel manager e-mail address

Last call time on Skype, there was a website address from which the call was made

Two weeks kept in communication, so that in this way the police would be able to easily find that person. Then came the request after another 400 euro to vaetu pay for the hotel and finally be able to get away from Ghana. I flatly refused to send money to another person's name. Categorically insist that the transfer can be made via Western Union. He had heard of such a possibility. I totally consciously make this transfer in Accra receive money western union representation must be presented identity document - passport. So will have access to fully detailed information on that person, the police will try to find it.
Unfortunately, the Latvian police have not done nothing for my application.

Mr. Johnsons I just sent a very brief message that is returned to America, but more than communicating with me.

Inga (Latvija)

Report N34 (added on January, 15, 2014)

Perry Alonso initiated the initial contact via Facebook. I believe 1st correspondence was Nov. 22,2013.
On 1/13/2014, I was shocked to discovered the picture he is using as Perry Alonso, was supposedly (identity) stolen.

Vicky (USA)

Report N35 (added on January, 23, 2014)

This man come forward to me on FB inend Aug 2012 ask to be my friend I say yes...He was not responded so I thought he have vanish. But in the beginning of Sept. he come forward again, and tell he had be in Germany for business. He import and export cars to oilcompanys employer's. He was a shareholder in company in San Jose California....H&K Aut Co Sales & Leasing CO 2257 Stevens Creek Boulevard San Jose California 951 28. ghtHe was divorced and have a daughter Jennifer in privat school in Italy. Living Stone College Italy. We stared to talk many ours every day and he allways start with a poem or something nice.....I fell for him hard. The daughter contaced me and was happy for her father have found a new mom for here. Friends in schoole as happy to for her. in the end of month he should go back to Germany and fix new transport of cars. He phone me on the way to airport, the daughter have be transported to hospital and need a surgey for apeendix He could not send money for the operation and ask me do that. I say yes and he told me to send to send to Unukpo Blessing in Nigeria for the doktor who should do the surgey work in a hosptal there. But he was on holiday in Italy and have relativs in this schoole. Want me to send this money to Nigeria for medicin and supply to the hospital there. I could write down a long story about this many things have happen. Have also send to a man with name Roland Baine a partner to William..I could write down much more but it's so shamefull to have be so scammed like this....I have a lot of things to show photos of check, money, receipt, airway tickets photo of William Rich photo of him togehter with 2 colored man Roland Baine Unukpo Blessing maybe?

Britt-Marie (Sweden)

Report N36 (added on February, 13, 2014)

I started chatting with him shortly after Christmas. Told me he had a daughter in Tennessee. Her name is Jaiden.. He's a contractor who works from home. Made a big financial deal in Spain. Since Im from Portland, Oregon so he told me I could live in a house he currently has here rent free. I noticed he never wanted to talk about the house. I was suspicious, my daughter did background check on him and he wasn't the owner. He says he's in Spain at the moment, but lost his wallet. He needed money to stay in a hotel. I didn't want to. But he send me a document saying he needed money to release his money in Ghana. So I send 150.00 thru Western Union. Then he got me to release my bank account which I'm closing. He wanted me to help with 562.00 for tax purposes. He showed me a bank account showing he made over a million dollars. So I send it. Another document he send me for fraud and money laundering in Ghana to release his money. 300.00 this time but I finally got very suspicious and started investigating. At this point he's still wanting me to help him. I think he's going to give up on me because I told him he picked a woman who didn't have money.

Belinda (USA)

Report N37 (added on February, 18, 2014)

First very nice and flirty. Sent pictures of himself, and supposedly his son who he says is in Canada. He said he worked at the BMW plant. There is no BMW plant in colorado. Then he went out of the country for business, supposedly to Germany to work at BMW plant there. Then he said he purchase 650,000 in gold and needed money for documents and certificates to get it out of the country. A Baah Whnny came into my messenger without being asked. talked for a while and I then said that Ray was a good guy.

Gwenivere (USA)

Report N38 (added on March, 5, 2014)

Has emailed me several times and Skype MSN and Skype Video, no sound. He says he is E6 Staff Sergerent in Afganistan.

Kay (Australia)

Report N39 (added on March, 5, 2014)

Was contacted by this person through facebook said he fell in love with me and my photo. We chatted for a few months and he kept emailing me beautiful romantic love letters. Said he was a construction engineer in the Logistics & Supplies field, living in Kent County in the UK. Said his name was robert peter britt. After running a background check on him I found him on with his credentials and photo. When I told him about it, he quickly removed his information from the site. After a few months, he ask me to loan him $65,000 for a shipment of supplies sitting in customs in Malaysia. I refused. He then started to plead with me to send him the money he badly needed for his survival. He promised to pay back the loan after 60 days with 15% interest. As proof I could trust him trust he was going to email me the shipping documents and his passport photo and ID. When I received the docs, I decided to crosscheck them with the appropriate authorities and found the shipping docs and his passport to be fake. When I told him about it, he denied it. I ask him to email me photo's of himself which he did. Shortly after, he ask to video chat with me, I refused at first, but finally gave in to his request. Being a novice however to do video chats on Yahoo messgrs, I was not familiar with the features and must have clicked on the wrong feature because he suddenly appeared on my screen, I could clearly see his face. He however said he was not able to see me. We spoke for a just a few brief moments and he quickly ended the chat. I never did send any money to him. I can however say with 100% certainty and have proof that this is the same person already listed on your web site, but different identity, looking to be about 45 years old. I also traced his IP address to Gauteng S. Africa. LADIES BEWARE! NEVER NEVER send money to this person. He obviously is using different identities and seem to switch and re-route phone numbers.

Melinda (USA)

Report N40 (added on March, 13, 2014)

He contacted me throught Yahoo Messenger as a General of US Army, 55 years old. He was assigned as the Head General to lead the war in Afghanistan. He will soon come on retirement and need to present his wife to the United Nation before his retirement day because he wish his wife can sit by his side on that good day. He also claimed that he was the the second children of his parents and his sister and his mom were passed away in a car accident when he was 15. His dad was in the army and left him alone at home with no motherly care. So he took the decision to join the army where he spent 10 years in studying different army courses. He lost his father after he joined the military school. At the age of 25, he finally employed as a US Army.

He said cos he is the war zone and cannot send either money or presents to his only son. He got lots of money cos he do some contract with most company and business like protecting them in Afghanistan as the army Genera there. Then he told me his son's birthday is coming and asked me to contact him through email to see what birthday he wants. He said his son wants iphone 5s and Samsung tablet. I told him I have no money to buy those stuffs for him. He said he will pay me back once he retired. I refused to send any. He then said I dont care his son. After 1 day, he said his son send email to him complaining for having no birthday gifts. Then he asked me how much I can send. I keep refusing. He then asked me to send 700 pounds to his son. And I refused again.

So, after few days, he mentioned that he will send me lots of money. He said he will go to buy a costumize briefcase with code and start the registration for sending me money. He will send me the registration receipt after registration. Then the diplomat will call me when he arrived my country and I need to present the receipt to the diplomat. He asked me to give the details of my information but I refused to accept again.

Later he came to me again his retirement is coming and he need to present the marriage certificate to the United Nation as soon as possible. He said we need to get married on time. He asked me to contact his lawyer Barrister Donald Lawson to get the certificate. He also claimed that I need to pay 1,300 for that. I asked him why the lawyer using UK phone number but not US. He explained that cos his lawyer travel always. Of cos this time I refused again and even blocked all correspondence with him. He started to get angry and said all dirty words to me.

Yotie (China)

Report N41 (added on March, 13, 2014)

Contacted me through Be2 site. Says his is a farmer, couldn't tell me what he farmed. Says he is a cocoa trader. Certainly doesn't farm cocoa anywhere near Invercargill.

Trish (New Zealand)

Report N42 (added on March, 25, 2014)

Hello This is photos of a man who call him self Maxwell Justice Ludwig he is on FB with other names and photos to. I know he was a scammer when he contacted me so here you have his mail to me and photos.

Marianne (Sweden)

Report N43 (added on May, 9, 2014)

He works for Tullow Oil Company offshore Accra Ghana. Has a son Morris, age 12 living in the UK. He lives in the UK but originally from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Wife died 6 years ago He contacted me through Skype and we have been chatting via IM for about 3 months. Originally contacted me in April 2013 as Ashley Albert, but there was no real correspondence besides, Hi how you?, and then I would tell him I had to go. In March 2014, I started regular communication, then he became Hendrik Robin, when I questioned him about it, he made some excuse about certificates being in the name of Hendrik Robin. I filed it in the back of my mind and didn't think too much about it after that, but our communication stopped recently when he started becoming a bit demanding. He has never asked me for money. We have also been corresponding via whatsapp. I deleted his skype and whatsapp profiles from my contacts. But I do have all the messages saved and photos he has sent me. I was actually looking at the site, to check for someone else and his photo popped up on the site, in all honesty I wasn't surprised, and thought I would send in his new alias, I don't think he has used Hendrik Robin in previous scams, from what I can tell.

Caryn (South Africa)

Report N44 (added on June, 17, 2014)

He contacted me on Facebook on March 11, 2014 and started to woo me insistently and said he had fell in love with me at first sight.Very soft spoken and sweet talking took advantage of me being a lonely woman in pain for separation.Told to be an engineer/contractor and went to Moscow for a major contract with Gazprom. Once in Russia he started to beg for money since a lot of things happened to him and he needed my help to accomplish his contract and always promised he would send my money back. I was such an idiot to believe in him also because I must admit I had never heard of scamming and so sent him a total of 42,000 euros through bank transfers to a bank account named after a so called colleague of his, western union and money grams. When i started to have doubts it was already too late. Our last contact was on June 12. He talked to me on Yahoo messenger, Facebook, often called me and sometimes we chat and I even saw him on skype. Please be aware of him, he gets into your head and knows how to manipulate you !!!!

Alessandra (Italy)

Report N45 (added on August, 22, 2014)

He wants me to send money to Ghana because he says he can't send anymore money because he was already banned from sending money using the WU and money gram.. He says that this agent were thought he was a victim of scam.. He's going to ask for an account number and username and password. But the check he deposited on my my account is a fake check that will makes my account to overdrawn.. This man is really a scam. He said he work from the United Nation Development corporation and he is a doctor.. He introduce his name to me as Dr. Raymond Patrick and he sent me an Identification..

Felis (USA)

Report N46 (added on September, 18, 2014)

I have only been chatting with William for two weeks. His inconsistencies and accent made me start questioning him so I started to research scammers and saw him here. I have 3 pictures that he used.
He did not ask me for money as we haven't been chatting long enough.

Ruthe (Canada)

Report N47 (added on September, 18, 2014)

He contacted me on the website Our Time. Says he is from Dallas and is a widow

Katy (USA)

Report N48 (added on September, 18, 2014)

He has tried to get me send him money i did 2 months ago to victor nii adjei richmon Ghana Africa.

Barbara (USA)

Report N49 (added on September, 18, 2014)

Known scammer update.

Akgul (Kazakhstan)

Report N50 (added on December, 5, 2014)

Sent money to him for a plane ticket to the netherlands and to activate his offshore account in ghana.

Carol (South Africa)

Report N51 (added on December, 30, 2014)

On 7 November 2014, sent the first email. With the translation into Polish. Then knowledge lasted for 5 weeks by skype - osborne014.
He wrote that he was going to the US on business. Between 15 and 20 December had to be in Milan (Italy), to provide materials for your business.
On 16 December 2014, asked for the borrowing of ? 7,000.
I wanted to add that to the impostor sympatia portal continues to operate. Is saved under yiwani014. Has exactly the same data when he wrote to me as osborne014. Only changed the onscreen name.

Teresa (Poland)

Report N52 (added on February, 13, 2015)

Contacted me saying he is a Dr working for the UN in Syria. He asked if I was married and I said yes at first and then no to see where this went. My husband and I played the game as we have heard of these sick bastards preying on women. He started getting very soppy very quickly and spoke alot about trust and coming to see me and getting married. Talk about fast work! WHAT AN ASSEHOLE !!!!
Our suspicions were confirmed when he said he needs help to get 700,000 USD out of Afghanistan and emailed me a document to be filled in. The grammar and use of English was a joke and we could see immediately it was a complete hoax so I surfed the net and low and behold found him on here so I can now add another alias to his long list and another email address.

Lesley (New Zealand)

Report N53 (added on February, 17, 2015)

Says he's a surgeon with UN/Americam army, due to retire in 3 weeks, sends lovely love letters, very convincing, says wants to come to England to see you. Doesn't ask for anything, then luggage stuck in customs, wants ?3500 to get it released in order to get home to your loving arms. Couldn't get that from me, so asks for ?1000 as getting desperate. Still no joy from me. So sends a video of what's in suitcases, gold bars, and documents. Still no joy from me, very persistent.
Before this he keeps disappearing from Skype due to patients needing him. No sound on Skype as its broken, only dare come on so you cam se him for a few seconds each time as its against regulations. So types messages, starts to call himself your husbands. Some of the text in his letters seems to come from books, think 5O shades of grey.
No mention of your name on letters, could send these to anyone. Sometimes felt as if I was talking to someone different. When texting. Probably was. Knew it felt like a scam after first week, so went along with it, saying my undying love etc. was waiting for scam to start, and it did, found his face on your database, on there about 9 tines. Listed as one of most prolific.

Margaret (England)

Report N54 (added on February, 18, 2015)

Just seen Lewis, aka William, on this site, office won't open till Monday to notify them. I had dealings with this guy so recognised him. Also known as Jack Red. Senior singles. Wearing glasses.

Margaret (UK)

Report N55 (added on March, 3, 2015)

Received unsolicited romantic interest email from this man, Stanley Gardner, on LinkedIn.

Elaine (USA)

Report N56 (added on March, 27, 2015)

This man contact on Match and told me his history. He said was a doctor in the Army and he was getting retired sooner we see on Skype almost every other day then he said about some package was going to sent me with a lot of money and gold, soon someone else contact me said he need money to pay the customs to make legally the documents under his name I send money then they ask for more all the time when i did send money it was to someone else in Ghana the name Dallas Dela Henyo.

Herminia (USA)

Report N57 (added on April, 2, 2015)

I met Barry Banks back in January, 2015 on Skype. He identified himself as a 3 Star General assigned on a special mission in Syria looking for ISIS. I thought he was a nice man always saying nice things to me. We started talking seriously & he said he wanted to marry me. He was retiring from the military in September, 2015 & was coming to me so we could get married. We got so close that he wanted me to have sex with him via Skype video, but I refused. He told me he had a 15 year old son named Christian who was at a mission there in Accra, Ghana & a man named Osarenren was his caretaker. Within 2 weeks, it was found out that his son, Christian, was involved in an accident where 2 young men died in the crash & Christian's leg was severed. He was rushed to the hospital where a surgeon had to operate to save his leg, but needed $4,000 before he could operate. The money would be sent to this Osarenren, the caretaker who in turn would get the money & take it to Dr. Kwame Luckson. I have now confronted this Barry Banks who is in denial of all of it.

Mary (USA)

Report N58 (added on April, 2, 2015)

Mark Davies contacted me on Skype. quickly he introduced himself as an Licensed Doctor from Austin Texas. Orthopedic Currently in Syria with the UN. Wanted to get $ 720 00 out and will share it with me immediately searched scammers and found him on your site. Played along a bit and sent his picture on your site to him. he got very arrogant and i told him i am on to him and he immediately removed me from his friends. kept on trying to get my full names and e-mail address but gave him his aliases and e-mails.. Also said i must just pay the receiving fee but his contact from UN will send me the amount details Skype address esakimotoharu315 was to quick on him to get to much info.

Brent (South Africa)

Report N59 (added on April, 29, 2015)

He met me on Tagged. He has been writing to me for about 2 months and we talked on skype everyday during 2 or 3 hours. He said he was widowed. He told me he has a daughter, she is supposted 20 years and he also takes care of his nephew, 14 years old because he lost his mother in an accident where his father also died. He said he is a geologist, he've gotten a contract and he had to fly to Germany, then to Kuwait and finally she said he is in Ghana now. I even got an email of her supposted daughter. He said he was coming to meet me here in my country. As he is supposted to be in Ghana now, he found gold and he was going to buy the field and work on it. He said that his credit card is not received in Ghana and the payment for his work will be deposited in his account.

Tania (Ecuador)

Report N60 (added on May, 8, 2015)

I met him last week I was from UK his name was David Smith and today his name is Reed Evans an dlives in New York. met him through Badoo bit I deleted jis profile to soon because I can't find him. anymore. I right away ask me to help him and ask me for thousand Euro. Because I stranded in West Africa in Ghana. I called him scammer and he cut of right away all comunication but I still have the conversation. from skype with picture.

Ann (USA)

Report N61 (added on May, 22, 2015)

He initiated contact on Facebook and have been communicated with him since April. He acted ok at first then he started asking for money for medicine, food, laptop, phone and plane ticket to come visit me. The money was requested to be sent to Kingsley Oppong. said to be his step son. He said he is from Spain. He was traveling on a ship and ended up in Ghana with no money or papers and says in a storage room wanting me to send funds to get him out of it.
I suspected he was not real when I saw his picture after googling Male scammers.
I stopped all communication with this person and reporting it here in hopes he doesn't scam anyone else.

Wendy (USA)

Report N62 (added on June, 18, 2015)

Contacted me by datingsite twoo; knew he was a scammer, this time he was a major general in Afghanistan wanted to come to me with gold and asked me for 2.500 euro. Skype mark_ad571111.

Kitty (Netherlands)

Report N63 (added on July, 3, 2015)

Met in Tagged. We chatted everyday on Whatsapp for a month. Then he told me his mother undergo a heart operation. Operation is not successful and need to go for another one and needed British pound 30,000.
I suspected him to be a scammer. Questioned him about this and that is the first time someone tried to scam me. Now I am wiser and can detect one easily.

Jewel (UK)

Report N64 (added on September, 15, 2015)

About two years ago this person contacted me by the name of red or william,and when he started talking about money problems I stopped the conversation going any further.I have changed my profile name and picture and city. He is back again going under the name of Mark ,saying he is 61 years old and has a daughter.I have responded to him saying I received his profile from the moderators ,but not letting on that I am the same person he tried to contact two years ago .I have blocked him from contacting me further as I know where this is going ,I have the previous picture of him and the latest one sent with his new request. This man needs to be stopped because I cannot believe that he is still doing his rounds.

Sophia (South Africa)

Report N65 (added on October, 1, 2015)

He messaged me for about a month on Facebook. Claims to be a neurosurgeon based in Syria. Will be out of service in about two months contracted by the U.N. He asked that I send $2,000 in lieu of receiving a suitcase of money worth 2.5 million. All this done through email agend, Nationality Egyptian Date of birth 7/12/1952. Place of Birth London passport issued 20 april 2007 date of Expiry 20 april, 2017. Passport under: United Nations. Passport No. 98002877 Type P Country UNGT.
So called Dr. Kilbarger said he gets 2.5 million for peackeeping assignment in South Africa. And he ask3d me to beneficiary. Now they have my email address!! We were to SKYPE tonight. Until I caught on to the scheme. Communication all done via Facebook, messenger.

Linda (USA)





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