Scammer Bryan Harts


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First name: Bryan


Last name: Harts


Aka: Allan Willian, Michael, Nick Fourie, Fourie Jade, Abrahams Candice, Jonas


Name aliases: Abrahams, Alan, Bill, Billie, Billy, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willy





Location(s): Douglas (South Africa); Johannesburg (South Africa)


Also claims to be in: Meersig (Namibia); Walvis Bay (Namibia); Queensland (Australia); Sydney, New South Wales (Australia)


Address(es): 306 Cinderella street, Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa
12 Kerk str, Douglas, Northern Cape, South Africa


Phone number(s): 0786447491


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Afrikaans Singles, Thunderbolt City Dating


Scam media: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on September, 14, 2016)

Engineer supposedly building a huge residential project in Meersig, Walvis Bay, Namibia. Needed financial support after an industrial accident on the site on 28 May 2016. 3 workers were killed and the funds were needed to pay their funeral costs. He sobbed and cried. He attended mass every Sunday. His daughter also wrote about how excited they were about our "relationship". No report in any newspaper about this accident. He was able to keep it "out of the press as the unions would have trashed the project and the police force is too small to control the situation" He needed further funds for a lawyer. The project was a "crime scene" for a while and then building re-commenced and was completed at the end of July. He was to be paid in early august and would pay me back and then fly to Cape Town. On the way to the airport he was involved in an"accident" which left him in a coma and the driver killed. No police report of this accident, no record of the accident at either hospital. His 2IC "Richard" asked me to fly up as he should hear a familiar voice. He would not see me when I got there. No response on his phone or email.

Eleanor (South Africa)

Report N2 (added on September, 22, 2017)

Engineer supposedly building a huge residential project out of town in Walvis Bay, Namibia. He had a problem transferring the part payment of the total sum of the project to his account in Australia and ask me to receive this funds on his behalf via the South African Banking Regulatory Board on 7 December 2015. The "Director" of this "Fund Transfer Unit" contacted me, gave me a code number (TCPN) that I should use as the beneficiary of the funds. He will come back to SA to claim his money and pay me back. When I asked why the money never reflected as an amount pending to be released in my bank account the Director replied that the fund is hanging there in a reserve account which is created for such transaction. With the present economic depression and laws guiding the banking sector the beneficiary and the executor of the transaction have to be present with a current contract certificate.
He had a problem to get his contract certificate for the work done and have to bribe people. In April he had an "accident" which left him in a coma and the driver killed. After that his passport date expired and he need money for the attorney who will help with his court case. Before Christmas 2016 on the airport he "collapse" and the tests result showed he got yellow fever. In February 2017 he try again to come to South Africa and fly to Cape Town but were reported back to Namibia because not having the correct documents. There were always hospital (Clinic) bills, bribe and travel or food money needed. He were robbed twice at the ATM. He sometimes threatening to kill himself, sobbed and cried. When I asked any questions there were always a "logical" explanation. No response on his phone, text messages or email after I have told him I do not have more money and that I can only send him the last amount he needed to come to South Africa.

Elizabeth (South Africa)