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First name: William
Last name: Weed
Age: 46
Ferenc Serfeze, Calvert Luciano, Raymond Flasher, Eddie Scott, Eric Miner, Andy Bob, Willem Toveli, Andrew James Baldwin, Sam Collins, Michael, Newton Douglas, Herbert Marshall, Justin Banneth, George Mcmane
Ferenc Serfeze, Calvert Luciano, Raymond Flasher, Eddie Scott, Eric Miner, Andy Bob, Willem Toveli, Andrew James Baldwin, Sam Collins, Michael, Newton Douglas, Herbert Marshall, Justin Banneth, George Mcmane
Name aliases:
Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Andry, Bill, Billie, Billy, Colins, Collines, Doglas, Doug, Douglass, Eddies, Eddy, Erick, Georges, Geroge, Goerge, Gorge, Jamie, Jammie, Jammy, Jamy, Justine, Marshal, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Raimond, Ramound, Ramound, Ray, Reymond, Rymond, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Wiliam, Will, Willaim, Willems, Williamm, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willy
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Edo (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Hollywood, California, USA; San Fransisco, California, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Somalia; Syria; Miami, Florida, USA; Damascus, Syria; Oakland, California, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; California City, California, USA; Manhattan, New York, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Skype: samcool1113
Operates on site(s):
Devoted Singles, Eskimi, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype, Tagged, Whats App, Yahoo Messenger


REPORT N1 (added on September, 8, 2016)
Irina (Russia)

I was contacted vis skype in 2aug.2016 by William Weed, he tell me that he is deployed in Syria and he is an MD, from 18 month, We talk for about 2 weeks and then he say to me that if I want to receive a briefcase from him and then to send in US after his mission over. I said yes and after a few days someone who said is a delivery agent mail me and ask me for 3500 usd for delivery bill. I said I wont send money and than Williams weed contact me and said that is important to him , I advise for some legal action to do like using DHL or other transportation company but he try to explain that is not possible with allot of arguments. Something was not right for me so I begin to do some research and I find your site and also the name of delivery agent, and than I realise that the man is a scammer so I decided to report it . For any additional information please feel free to contact me.
REPORT N2 (added on February, 27, 2018)
Rita (Israel)

He met me on facebook and then we chat on whatsup, even made video chat "he claim he works at united nations" as orthopedic sergiun and with orphanes. now he is at Somalia few month and before he was at siria, his parentes are died in a car accident and he was the onky survival at age of 8.
he had awife who killed in afhganistan "she was areporter" 4 years ago. and he has ason 15 years old that needs amom, and he asked me to write him emails because he is in military school in Ghana, when I started to write to his son, he needed money. so he asked me to send him true western union, 1200 euro...
REPORT N3 (added on April, 9, 2020)
Eloha (USA)

Scammer who sent me a friend request on tagged - image stolen from Navy officer.
REPORT N4 (added on May, 17, 2021)
Bella (Philippines)

I have been mailing with this man.
But he cant show up in camera he said he only have nokia phone.
So before we go further i searched on net about him.
But since im already registered to this site i saw his picture posted as one of the scammer.
But he's using different name.
So i stopped talking to him.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from William Weed to Irina (Russia)
Hello Irina how is work today at the office i know you are a very busy nurse anyway i am so very sorry i couldn't be able to talk to you again after that morning chat but that is because i was busy and i do understand everything you said on the mail you sent to me please i don't really mean to rush you i m just too confuse i think i fell in love with you from the very first day i meet you on Skype and i couldn't control myself over it i understand that you are a married but i appreciate us being good friends Irina you are a very honest woman that's why i want us to meet in person i know you were confused when i said i want to come over to you in your country but that's because of the trust i have for you from the first time i chat with you Skype so please i apologies if i upset you in any words once again its was nice writing you mail and i will be looking forward to get reply from you as soonest ....Thank you

Good morning Irina i am very sorry


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