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First name: Thomas


Last name: Fuller


Aka: unknown


Name aliases: Thom, Tom, Toma, Tomas, Tommy, Toomas





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also claims to be in: Los Angeles, California (USA); Dallas, Texas (USA); Dubai (UAE); UK


Address(es): 7270 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA


Phone number(s): 2606328366


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Miss Travel


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: unknown




Scam Report(s)



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Report N1 (added on August, 3, 2016)

My story is similar as show on www. the report file by Deborah.
On June 13, 2016 I was contacted by Thoma Fuller on misstravel as his daughter had set up the account and only got it for 1 month. That his subscription was getting ready to expire, I looked at his profile he claimed to live in Dallas, TX. We communicated for a one time on the site then he asked if I would contact him through his personal email( . This was in June 13, 2016 and we talked until July 20, 2016 everyday on email and Google hangout chatting, and on phone one time due to left US to UK after 1 week we met online. He claimed to be a with Bain' Capital as an International Representative(working condition allows him to remain in United States to head the International Office Clearing House instead of going back to the Main office in UK. work as the international Broker representative and Financial Regulatory adviser Senior Consultant Funds Manager. And he compliant he travel too often around the world for his assignment .He said he was a widow for 9 years and that his father and wife died in a car accident in LA, CA. He has a daughter(Holly) and son (Dalton) are with US air force.. this week he had assignment in New York.
June 20, Thomas told me that he have flight to LA to sign the doc for the house sell, due to his mum want to move back Italy.
June 22, Thomas complaint too often travel from business trip, and he head to UK.
June 26, Thomas email me his mom passed away in Italy, so he flight to Italy to take care his mom's funeral, he arranged his daughter (Holly), Son(Dalton) both with US air force flight to Italy Turin to attend his mom's funeral service.
June 29, Thomas told me he want to come US and asking send $700 by money gram to his travel agent, who help him buy the airline to Houston, (money gram to Marie Ruth Schuch, 3329 S. 2nd. St. Whitehall, Pennsylvania 18052), money was picked up on June 30, after I send $700 to his travel agent, Marie Ruth Schuch, Thomas told me he will fly back US Houston on July 3 morning, and he requested travel agent send me a email to confirm the flight schedule, I never got any email from his travel agent.(see money gram pic)
July 4, Thomas send an email me that the funeral service was completed and he will head to UK his company submit the resignation letter(need to give notice 14 day for the effective day of resignation), and accept the next assignment to go Dubai to fill full this 14 days notice) , I got mad regarding his changed mind not come back US after his travel agent picked the money $700, I argued to get my $700 back.
July 12, Thomas e mail me indicated (see email1, subject: HONEY THIS IS THE PROPOSAL) he went on to Dubai with investors and
1. He had been asked to become a partner with a 20% commission but could not except because it was(against company policy) he put me down as the partner investor for shares with Bains Capital in the 11 million dollars plus in my name. He told me he had turned in his resignation and now with these monies he could start his own fund manager business. He stated all the proper documents were in order and that he had spent close to a million dollars for Tax Certificates and Clean Report Certificates
2. He use My name in MOU, and he will take care the Bains share purchase payment, Bains will issue the share's certificate in my name, and Thomas will sell all the Bains share before his concluding the resignation to Bains.
And I asked Thomas get a copy of MOU and email to me, since he will used my name as investor to purchase Bains shares.
July 13, I asked Thomas get a copy of MOU for me again.
July 14, Thomas told me his dad's name frankin fuller, and his address, 7270 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046.
July 14, 10:24pm , Thomas ask me to buy a gift card from itune store the app is sold for 120 it's a Microsoft excel app and has a PowerPoint presentation in, so I bought 2x$100 iTune gift card for him, and email to him.(see email2-iTune giftcard purchase to Thomas)
July 16, Thomas told me that I will get a email from Bains asking me to open a bank account, that Bains can deposit the share he pay for since all the shares are under my name per MOU, but I still not see MOU.
July 17, I got the email from BAINS Investment International(, see SHARE PURCHASE INSTRUCTION(email 3- share purchase instruction), this email is identical the one I saw in, letter 6,(filed by Deborah), asking confirm my email, and my ID card that before BAINS Investment International will Issue this certificate , also Thomas told me in google hangout asking me to email my passport with photo to the bank for opening bank account that Bains investment international can transfer shares to my account , and I respond email to the email show on the top of email ( which different from the reply, then I found is a fake email address, so I believed Thomas fuller is a scammer.
July 18, receive email from BAINS Investment International, Jim Oxford ( for the Bains Capital Funding(email 4-Bains Capital Funding), indicated t that the Draft payment will be ready for bank deposit tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2016. Jim Oxford will give me the detail of paying bank in Zurich Switzerland where the draft deposit was made for onward transfer of the money to my nominated Bank account in US. I will have to contact the bank with other clearance documents which Jim Oxford will send to me for transfer instruction.
July 18, got the phone call from 210-460-6758(San Antonia TX) with broken English indicated calling from bank (HSBC bank) asking if I know Thomas Fuller. Never completed the conversation, phone was disconnected
July 19, Thomas chatted with me again, asking if I got the phone call from bank, I said phone call was not competed, he said will ask bank call again, I got phone call from 011661262601, after I picked the phone, nobody spoke in the other side. I also told Thomas I checked there is no house sale record for the house he said he sold for his mom, and he lie on the iTune gift card purpose. Then he changed mind not come to Houston, but insist won't run away my money, since all his story so close the report file in, especially the part of the fund with Bains Capital transfer and asking my passport, so I am 100% sure he scammed me.
July 20, Thomas text me asking if I got another email from Bains, Thomas did not show up google hang out.
Thomas claimed that he will be US July 24,2016
I also found Thomas Fuller photo he gave me is the same I found in linkedin as RICKY MAURICE.

Linda (USA)





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