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First name: John
Last name: Roberts
Age: 55
Name aliases:
Jhon, Johnn, Jonh
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
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REPORT N1 (added on May, 28, 2012)
Nan (USA)

He made contact with me by chatting and saying that liked that I was a Christian woman. We proceeded to chat on and off for 2 days and also sent me emails with some pictures. I set up a phony gmail account at first to protect my identity. He then asked me to go on yahoo messenger. I set up an account with my name. He stated he was a widower of 7 years with a 10 year old son that lived with his mother in the UK. He was a construction engineer who worked for the US Army Corp of Engineers. Has traveled extensively throughout the states and the world like Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Asia. He sent me pictures of him when he was in Iraq, with his son, him getting an award and another of him in Iraq. We soon hit it off and he stated that we just focus on us and go off the site. I deactivated my site but he was still on it. I started to get a little suspicious when I asked if he could call me so we could start talking and he stated that he didn’t have any calling cards. This was odd since he has an Iphone. He also chatted after 9pm most of the times except on the weekends. He was saying that he loved me only after about a week and that we had so much in common. Well I also started to grow close with him but then thought wait a minute; we haven’t even met and by then we only talked for a few minutes once. He would not give me his phone number and it was restricted when he called. At this point he was saying he only wanted to be with me and no one else but was still on the site. So I created a phony AYI account with a friend’s picture to see if he would take the bait with her. So the first thing I said as my fake persona was “I want to fuck you, do you want to fuck me?” Immediately he said yes. So then I asked if he was married as I noticed the wedding ring; he said no widowed. I stated that I was married but said that I was looking for multiple partners. He stated that he wasn’t into that and I then stated well too bad because you are hot. He said thank you and I said so when was the last time you were with a woman? He stated 7 years. I said wow. So then he asked do you work? And also tell me more about you. I said I don’t work. And I then said I don’t live in LA. He said ok where do you live? I said Mesa, AZ. He just said ok. I then said and I’m a real good friend of Nan’s and you been caught! During this time I was chatting as myself with him. I then said ??? He then said lets chat on yahoo messenger. We chat for a while; he keeps telling me I didn’t intentionally chat with your friend and that he had no intentions of doing anything with her. But he did hit the like button right off the bat and did chat with her. I told him ok that I would give him a second chance. We had shared some very heartfelt and sincere emails of which are attached as well. So he tells me that he is leaving for out of the country to the UK. He tells me on Sunday that he will be leaving by Monday night; no specific time. Then that Monday afternoon and evening he was on the site. I started to chat with him as my fake persona and also as myself; we just said all kinds of mean and nasty things to him calling him a player and playing games with me. He never answered any of them. I was so heartbroken that I just sat in the bathtub crying and took him off my messenger account. Somehow he wound up on there and when he contacted me I asked him what do you want? He asked what this was about and I said didn’t you get my and my friends msgs from that site? He said no that he swears to God that his phone sometimes keeps him connected even when he’s not on there. I then say OMG thinking that I made a big mistake. So he said what’s this all about and I say to him to call me. He says he has no calling cards where he’s at. I then ask him can I call u? He then asks if I can dial long distance in another country and I say yes. So he gives me the phone number above. I get it set up and we keep getting cutoff. Thank goodness that these phone calls will cost me nothing. So we smooth things out and make up. He says he won’t hurt me and promises that he is a man of his word. So I go to work the next morning and try to call him but no answer. I also try to chat with him and no answer. Then I thought I better check to see if these calls really won’t cost me anything and low and behold the numbers state that I have been calling Nigeria when he clearly said he was in the UK. So I start to think that something is not right. I call him and connect with him at lunchtime. He asked how the weather was where I was at and said cold. I ask him about the weather there and he says it is hot but the nights are cool. I didn’t realize until after our talk, that the UK is cold this time of year and Nigeria is hot. We had shared some very heartfelt and sincere emails of which are attached as well. I then decide to create another fake persona. I go on there and he is on the site. I chat with him there with my fake persona and say all kinds of nice things to him. In the meantime he has started to chat with me on my messenger account on my phone. I tell him that I am wiped out and just want to go to bed. I also tell him that I have to get my car repaired; he states that he wishes he were in the states so he could help me – like that would happen. I then set up a yahoo account and ask if he wants to chat there. He finally does and we have a very nice conversation. During this time he states that he doesn’t work for the government but for Cross Rivers State. He says that he’s met no one on that site either. What a big fat lie! The IM’s are attached herein. This guy is very, very dangerous and I am glad that I didn’t give him my address. I did however give him my birthdate and full name. I am thinking that since I told him my financial ruin that he would hold off asking for money or some sort of help. He needs to be stopped!

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from John Roberts to Nan (USA)
Thanksgiving is not only about thanking God for what you have been blessed with, it's about helping the less fortunate so that even they can have reasons to be thankful.
Have a selfless Thanksgiving Day!
May you be blessed with the quality of gratefulness today and forever.
Smile and be thankful! Today is Turkey day!
Thank everyone you know. Thank your parents, your siblings, your love and all your friends and relatives. Be thankful because its the fall season. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hi Nan,

How are you today? I hope great and fine..Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving..you are in my thought..enjoy your day..John

Hi Nan,

How are you doing? I hope great and fine..nice to know that you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family, I had a great one here too, I am just gonna be indoors for the weekend relaxing and resting as much as I can.
I hope you can write me sometimes telling me some more about you and some co


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