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First name: Richard
Last name: Mertens
Age: 49
Richard Jaap
Richard Jaap
Name aliases:
Rechard, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Ritchard
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
Aberdeen, Scotland; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
101 Bathurst Street, Sydney, Australia
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Match, Zoosk
Scam fake docs:


REPORT N1 (added on January, 6, 2016)
Jane (Australia)

This guy said that he was Danish and a chemical engineer working on oil rigs in Timor Sea and Aberdeen Scotland. He claimed that he had dual citizenship with The Netherlands and Denmark. He claimed to be a widower and his wife had died from breast cancer a few years ago. He had been living in Sydney for about 5 years. He claimed to have had his wallet stolen whilst travelling between Timor Sea and Aberdeen, Scotland. Everything was going great for about 3 weeks until the engineers "made a mistake" and everything froze in the pipes. He needed money for the new chemicals which he had mostly paid for. There were a few more problems whilst on the rig which he needed money for and then whilst proceeding back to London he was detained for tax evasion. He needed money for a lawyer, then the tax bill. Then he got mugged. He had sent me a passport, a document from the UK saying that he had been detained and was required to pay tax, as proof that he had been detained. Then he got sick, needed to go to hospital. Then his father got sick and he had to go back to Denmark to visit him. He gained my trust by pretending to be loving, envisioning holidays that we would go on together, having children etc. He even asked me to pick him up from the airport. On his "way home" to Australia for the 2nd time he was stopped in Hong Kong International Airport saying that he was vomiting and they wouldn't put him on the plane. Then he got mugged, and then he got arrested for assault. This entire "affair" went on for 6 months and I cannot believe I fell for it. He had obviously done this before. He scammed a lot of money out of me - I didn't realise the documents were fake. He also sounded Danish too. Please be careful.
REPORT N2 (added on February, 22, 2017)
Sandra (USA)

A week after I joined the Match, this guy chatted me when I was online. He briefly introduced himself and asked my cell number so that you can chat with me. Since he looks nice and his profile seems legitimate, I gave my number.
Following day, he sent a text saying "hi". He sounds nice and asked several questions about my job what I do, what I did last night and if I have a good rest etc. He says he is originally Dutch person and has lived most of his life in the Europe before coming to the USA. He also asked me if I am first timer and on-line dating. I told him no but I have not done this for a while. He asked me which site I was and how long ago and asked any bad experience with men on the site. I said not yet. And he sent a nice picture of him and asked me of my e-mail address. So I did give it to him.
First he sent me many questionnaires asking about me as "homework", questions like what I like to eat for breakfast to something like what I desire from the ideal man. I told him I would fill out and send back to him. And from this point onward, he text me and sent me letters every day. And the tone of his mail turned into very romantic very quickly.
His letter consisted of about 4 to 5 paragraphs describing how much he was thinking about me and how grateful he is finding me etc. He must have written first paragraph himself and he copied the template for the rest of mail. The reason I say so is I noticed punctuations are different in the first several paragraphs and the rest. When he writes it himself there is no space after comma or period (Sample: "Hope you had a good night rest?So thrilled connecting with you on the phone last night, you made me smile. I want to."). But when he copied from somewhere punctuations were correct (Sample: "I did not know that this feeling of wanting a woman could be more powerful than air, water, and food."). I also noticed that he says "Am excited" instead of "I am excited" omitting "I" in many cased in text. You will see some samples in Letter attachment.
He said he is an engineer working for oil rig operations offshore or onshore. He claims he procures ROVs and fiber cables for trans-ocean sites. He gets quote, supply and delivers equipment and installs if necessary. When he contacted me first he was working in Gulf of Mexico working for the off-shore operations.
As I just broke up with my ex and was vulnerable and wanted to be with someone for upcoming Valentine day, I fell for this guy quickly. His loving and super-affectionate mails actually healed me.
He actually start saying "I love you" and "I miss you" phrases and call me "baby" only a week after we started communications. I felt weird but I could not deny that his messages were healing me.
He sometimes called me and we actually chatted on the phone. The voice sounded quite different from his picture images and he had heavy accent. I thought this is because he is Dutch and dismissed. Funny part is that I sent some Dutch phrases, using Google translation, to him via text like "how are you?". Probably he did not understand them.LOL
I asked him when he comes back to LA (that he says on his Match profile). He said next week. But when he was about to come back, he text me saying he won the tender for an on-shore operation in Aberdeen in Scotland. He said feel sorry, but I encouraged him to go for the next project. So he flew to Scotland for this one week project. Before his arrival he lost his wallet and his phone got broken. He lost his IDs and credit cards but kept Passport as ID. He asked me to pick him up at LAX following Saturday. He said he cannot wait to finally be with me etc. He also talked me he is going to cancel his Match account. He asked me if I am in touch with other guys on the site and asked me if I would like to cancel the account too. I said we can discuss when we meet.
Almost a week was about to pass and he was wrapping up his project, an accident happened. His teams of engineers screwed up. The wrongly preserved chemicals was used in flushing oil pipes and got frozen. He has been trying to order for new chemicals but no luck. He said if he does not complete the project by the due date his contract will be terminated and he loses all money he has invested so far. He said He has exhausted all funds on this project and the chemical company sends new chemicals when funds are in hand. He became very desperate day by day as nothing was working and time was running out. Then, he told me if I can assist him. He said I can loan money and once he get chemicals he will pay me back ASAP. He says he can give me his passport copy or any information I need. I asked him if he has family or friends. He said no. I asked him the contact information of the agency he is working with to get new chemicals. His name is Marleen Lozica. I asked him to contact me. Marleen e-mailed me and gave me his phone number. So I called him. He did not answer and voice mail picked it up, but he text me (funny thing is that he also has same punctuation traits just like Richard's). So I text him back. Marleen said Richard is one of the best individual he has ever come across. He described what is going on with Richard's project. And it coincided what Richard had described to me. Richard also sent me copy of his US passport. So after all, I was convinced and also Richard pressured me I finally sent money (US$5K) to Marleen's account per instructions. I have his name and bank information with me.
Richard is still contacting me with romantic notes. I will see what he is up to next now that he is scammer.
I am already well aware that I cannot get my money back. This is a lesson I learned and I want to share this to other women out there to be careful..

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Mertens to Sandra (USA)
Hey Beautiful,
Wanted to keep you a little busy with this home work lol
like coffee?
do you snore
do you wake up early or late
do you like green eggs and ham
what do you like for breakfast
like diet coke
do you like milk or dark chocolate lol

I don't like
-inconsiderate lovers
- run out of hot water when I have shampoo on my hair and soap all over my body
- to miss a plane
- people who don't take responsibility for what they do
-judgemental people
- Violence of any sort
- beautiful relationships turned shallow and ugly
- traffic
- curling up and snuggling in bed with my sweetie
- chocolate
- travelling, meeting new people and learning languages
- hugging friends
- smiling at random people in the streets
- anything blue
- cheering people up, even if that includes making utterly ridiculous things
- massages
- cooking
- kisses on the forehead
- plan a trip for hours and then welcome any crazy change of plans.Yourself?

1.Do you be


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