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First name: Richard
Last name: Edgar
Age: 55
Morris Green
Morris Green
Name aliases:
Moris, Rechard, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Ritchard
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
Aberdeen, Scotland
Flat 38 The Bastille, Aberdeen, Scotland
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Scam fake docs:


REPORT N1 (added on October, 19, 2015)
Anne (South Africa)

I have received via my personal gmail address a very cautious e-mail from Richard Edgar asking to confirm if this is my e-mail address, as he does not want the e-mail to go to the wrong person.
I have replied back yes it is my e-mail, but could not understand where it was coming from. He replied back that he has received a matched notification from a dating site BE2, and that he wanted to communicate with me. I was his matched. He was having dinner with a friend when he has received this notice. I could not understand when this could have happened as I was de-registered from this site since 2011, as I was not interested in dating men. This was a facebook interaction like AYI and ZOOSK. I have de-registered from these sites as soon as it has opened. The notation used – Tell me your story . My response was – Everyone got a story to tell. I told him I went for a writers course – colour course and was busy reading a book. We went through the book together and gave him feedback what the book is about and what was happening.
He has introduced himself to me as a geologist and currently in the Northern Cape (Postmasburg), doing work with our government, and that he was from Canada. The only explanation I could think off, was that my operating system has collapse and I had to get a new CD from the USA to fixed it, that my online information was compromised. Richard asked me since when was I on the site and I said I was registered in 2011, but take off immediately. His asked if I have made contact with any one on the site and said no – I did not even know that my profile was open. He said it was strange and I thought so too. He has phoned me from the following number : 0748632094 This number appears on my phone via whats up in September 2014 again. Belongs to Zhan Loo Wong. Working on a Shusi Bar in Brakenfell Western Cape. and then gave me a new number after our e-mail correspondence Cell 0845231424.
I then went on to the site and saw my profile and another Engineer from SouthCrest Alberton. He has asked for my number and he has sent me his number. He said we must meet at the Rand Airport for coffee. He has not used his own photo but an avatar from the BE2 system. So I asked him how will I know it is him, or recognise him if there is no photo, and he just answered yes how will I know it is him. That was the end and I have de-registered from the site once again.
Richard and I had one common goal and that was to start our own business and he was prepared to do the business model to start explorations in South Africa. So we started a friendship by sharing information, as he was in the oil industry and my son was interested to go and work on the oil rigs. My son also wanted to relocate to Postmastburg as he has received a job offer at Kolomelo mine with Kumatso. He did not want to leave me in Germiston on my own and decided it was maybe worth my while to know Richard better and see how we can work things out. Richard asked if we can meet and I said I do not have a problem as I do come to the Northern Cape often. I was due to come the next week, but I decided not to do so. I've got could feed as I have not date since I've got married to my late husband. So I cancelled the trip to the Norhtern Cape and set it up for the week there after. He then send me a mail that there is a possibility that he must go toe Aberdeen in Scotland on invitation for an oil rig project he was waiting for. It was his dream to start his own business and was keen to share everything with me.
I told Richard that I am a part of the Climate Change Reality organisation and was part of the carbon team. So what I would like was to make the world a better place and he was the one with the knowledge how to produce alternative energy to the markets. He was telling me that he had contacts in Canada, and that he was working previously for Seaview Energy as an oil rig site supervisor. I have know about Seaview and Bengal as there was a pipeline in Canada where the Climate Reality Change group started a movement to stop the pipeline due to pollution. Richard was very knowledgeable about the oil industry and one of my commodities at work was plastic that was influences by the crude oil price. I have investigated Richard Edgar and could only find him working for Bengal. I then investigated Seaview and found that they were bought by Glassdoor USA.
I have spoken to Richard about it and he said yes he knows and that Seaview was a small company, but sounded surprise that Seaview does not exist any longer. It did not surprise me because when I have left my previous companies I also do not keep track of their movements. I was more into this relationship of the academics than the romance part, as my research for my thesis were more for green energy and the made the supply chain sector more earth friendly. I have also done my research on the CSR part of the business how to develop BEE companies. Richard and became good friends from August onwards after he has left the country to go and tender on an oil rig project, which suite his geologist profile perfectly. We have discussed the starting of a business and he would like to involve my two sons as. He has asked me to think of a family name. I suggested then to leave my family out of it, as this is still new and that both my sons are employed and I do not want them to leave their jobs without some security.
The week after I have said to Richard that I am coming to the Northern Cape he send me an e-mail that he has received an invitation from Exxon Mobil, and that he is eligible to tender for the contract. He told me that there were 30 companies invited and he is happy that he was one of them. I had at that time a work project that was going of the rails due to the company in Austria sending it via the wrong ports and delivery dates. So I was very involved in meetings and trips to our Ulco Cement plant that it did not let me think that it is strange that he must go just after we decided to set-up a meeting to meet somewhere. He said in one of his SMSe that his only regret is that we never had our meeting before he had left. Just after he has left he said he wanted to talk to me every day and the best way to do it was to make use of the yahoo messenger. He then asked me if I had one set-up and I said no. He then send me the yahoo.uk link and said it is quite easy to set it up, but if I have problems I must just let him know. We did still use our e-mails and at home the messenger as it is the same as SMSe people use but I could use my laptop and my phone.
So July he was here and then was gone. During this time I had a feeling to break it off with him many times. I then visited my friend and told her that I think I must just forget about this man, as he is now in Scotland and I don't want to waste his or my time. So I have decided to give us a try, as my son then got the job in Postmasburg and must make his final decision. So I told him to go and I will work things out with Richard. We have approach my eldest son to com and stay in the house as my son do not want the house to stand empty or rent it to strangers. I was staying in the flat on the same premises.
Richard then start phoning me at work, especially in the early morning, when he was preparing breakfast for his son Larry. He was then only 9 years old. There was always an hour difference between our time and his time. When I asked him what is the time he would always said the right time for Scotland. So our relationship grew and I we kept in touch. Just after he has left he said to me that he wanted to tell me all about his life and that he wanted no misunderstandings as I am part of his life now. He has also send me his landline but for some reason I have deleted all our message at one point. I did not realised when you want to delete something it would take the full conversation away. He did send some of our conversations back to me when I have asked for it. Even the SMS's I have lost when my sim card crashed. He was and still is very accommodating. I can asked anything and he will assist.
So he said you could phone me any time and I will answer and I will always phone you back. Up until today he still phones me daily. Eventually he has sorted out his internet connection and we were talking now daily on the messenger. We never talk about money until he has been awarded the contract in Sri Lanka.
My sim card got damaged after this interaction and I can only write what I can remember from that time. We never talk about money until he has been awarded the contract in Sri Lanka.
Just before Richard left he said his crew was already on the plat form and that the electricity was crap. His words. We started to look into buying a generator or power plant the way he was talking about it.
Sequence of events:
Richard wrote to me in July
We would meet before he is due to leave for Scotland
I could not make it
He left for Aberdeen
He was settling in Larry into school
School name given to me _ Graham Legge School
Larry said Bon Accord School.
Since then we spoke every day on e-mail and yahoo, and he phoned me as well daily.
Richard send me his landline number which I have not used.
Phone me any time on this number and I will phone you back.
Flat 48 The Bastille – Maberley Road – Aberdeen – Scotland.
Richard starting with his tender process.
Got a consultant – Expat later called James.
Expat called Richard Gemmay. His Fathers name was Jem and his Mothers May.
Weekend s took Larry ten pin bowling.
We also look into the South African government requirements for BEE. The requirement was the 45% of the company must be black South Africans. He was looking for petrochemical engineers and what were their salary bands. He requested the SA working hours as well. He said it was the same as in Canada.
Before Richard could attend the tender meeting he had to submit a bank statement, Exxon Mobil. He has acquired a loan from Barclays, which was deducted from his first 50% payment from Exxon Mobil.
End August tender committee started.
Tender award was done 6 September.
Richard send me the contract papers with his name on.
He has tried to get another country but Sri Lanka it was.
Richard request a two week delay, to settle Larry in and bring him to South Africa.
This was denied. Ultimatum – 4 days and he had to be in Sri Lanka.
Richard finalised his crew from the USA and Canada.
Richard could not get Larry on a plane to me, and I could not get there to fetch him. VISA.
Richard contact the school – The Lesson Teacher.
Richard interview the maid and got a woman for Larry, as the agency say, woman are better
for boys his age. He has signed a contract for 3 weeks with the maid – Rachel.
Richard got Larry a phone the day he was due to leave for Sri Lanka.
Richard send me Larry's phone number before he has left for Sri Lanka.
Cell: cancelled after Larry lost it.
New number in October : Still got the number and do answer. Last contact Monday night 13 October 2014.
He went via Malaysia. Was off line for 3 days.
He has arrived in Sri Lanka 12 September. He contacted me and I could hear the helicopter and that the people were waiting for him. He said they only understand wife – and I also experience that when I have phone Sri Lanka customs / trade relationships and government offices – partner to them is wife.
Since then there was no e-mail communication. Firstly the internet signal was bad and then the Sri Lanka Government removed all valuables form the plant form due to the past war activities still in the country.
He confessed to me that the power was bad.
I source information on the internet on the 13 September Sri Lanka has posted a You tube article for the use of the power during day and night time. I have also retrieved an article regarding the USA power plant that was built in Sri Lanka and the way the published their experience with foreigners.
Richard phoned me and said that he is going back to Colombo via Helicopter to employ more people. He employed at that time 2 teams of 15 each. They were supposedly being busy day and night as the previous contract was completed in 29 days.
He said to me that he does not want this project to fail. This was the project of his dreams and he wanted it to be a success. He can use this project for future references. He is also going to give me credit for the project as I was helping him.
So here we started with the power down saga from this day on.
So in September Richard said he bought a power plant from the USA – this is the first time Kelvin Asemoah came into the picture. He was a small franchise owner in Texas and he got the machine but Richard was now running short on shipping costs. So I started to investigate and asked Richard how do they cope without the full power. Sometimes 4 to 6 hours power a day. Richard offered to go to Columbo and sign documents as a promise to me that he will repay all monies paid to him for the shipping of the power plant, on receipt of Exxon Mobil's final 50% paid. I must use the contract documents he sends me as warrantee / collateral on the loan.
Documents attached show that the plant was bought in August 2013 and Richard was then still busy with his tender. I only saw the date now after Kelvin send last week 6 October 2014 to me after I have requested numerous times, on my request that I have a buyer in South Africa. In the past he could never give me figures of what the costs was of the equipment. The Bill of Lading was send to me.
Common Export Documents
This section covers documents that are commonly used in exporting, but specific requirements vary by destination and product. It is divided into the following subsections: common export documents, transportation documents, export compliance documents, certificates of origin, other certificates for shipments of specific goods, other export-related documents, and temporary shipment documents. Learn more about export documentation. For additional assistance with country-specific documentation requirements, please email the Trade Information Center.
Commercial Invoice
A commercial invoice is a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer. These invoices are often used by governments to determine the true value of goods when assessing customs duties. Governments that use the commercial invoice to control imports will often specify its form, content, number of copies, language to be used, and other characteristics.
Export Packing List
Considerably more detailed and informative than a standard domestic packing list, an export packing list lists seller, buyer, shipper, invoice number, date of shipment, mode of transport, carrier, and itemizes quantity, description, the type of package, such as a box, crate, drum, or carton, the quantity of packages, total net and gross weight (in kilograms), package marks, and dimensions, if appropriate. Both commercial stationers and freight forwarders carry packing list forms. A packing list may serve as conforming document. It is not a substitute for a commercial invoice. In addition, U.S. and foreign customs officials may use the export packing list to check the cargo.
Pro Forma Invoice
A pro forma invoice is an invoice prepared by the exporter before shipping the goods, informing the buyer of the goods to be sent, their value, and other key specifications. It also can be used as an offering of sale or price quotation.
Airway Bill
Air freight shipments require airway bills. Airway bills are shipper-specific (i.e., USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.).
Bill of Lading
A bill of lading is a contract between the owner of the goods and the carrier (as with domestic shipments). For vessels, there are two types: a straight bill of lading, which is non-negotiable, and a negotiable or shipper's order bill of lading. The latter can be bought, sold, or traded while the goods are in transit. The customer usually needs an original as proof of ownership to take possession of the goods. See also: straight bill of lading and liner bill of lading.
Electronic Export Information Filing (formerly known as the Shipper's Export Declaration)
Electronic Export Information (EEI) is the most common of all export control documents. It is required for shipments above $2,500* and for shipments of any value requiring an export license. It has to be electronically filed via the AES Direct online system, which is a free service from Census and Customs.
Numerous videos are available on AES Direct, including: Registering for AESDirect, Filing a Shipment in AESDirect, Response Messages from AES, Proof of Filing Citations , AESDirect - The Shipment Manager, and Elimination of the SSN in the AES.
*Note: The EEI is required for shipments to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the former Pacific Trust Territories even though they are not considered exports (unless each “Schedule B” item in the shipment is under $2,500).
Shipments to Canada do not require an EEI except in cases where an export license is required. (Shipments to third countries passing through Canada do need an EEI.)
Banking account for Asemoah
Since he left for Sri Lanka the calls we longer and more due to more time on hands. We discuss the financial side of the project and we had arguments regarding the project spend. Richard was not sharing the information I wanted with me. Eventually he told me he is short due to Barclays took the overdraft from the payment, and that his account is now locked and that only Kelvin can help him now.
The only money I have was my private pension fund I have saved for over 10 years, since my children has left school. When my husband passed away I move the investment from FNB to Momentum. Andrew Jones was looking after my financial investments since 2009.
I was planning to move to Scotland and also wanted the money to pay off my house. I then requested for the pay-out and I started to fixed my house. Richard then said to me I must stop fixing the house and wait until he is back then we can fix the house. On the Saturday 14 September 2013, I had bad fall and fracture my hand. The Sunday I was operated on and booked of from work for 6 weeks. Richard send me a bunch of Flowers from net Florist, a bottle of wine. Get well soon wishes.
Then he phoned me and asked me what have I received? I said a bottle of Champaign and a ring. This was his promise to me that he will be there when I needed him. This was his promise to me that he will be there when I needed him. Now we are a family. I phoned Larry to check on him, and Richard phoned me to see how I am doing. This was going on until today. He would say he is concerned about me and that he wish he could be with me, but this contract is keeping him away.
I have the money in my bank account and decided after he asked me once again if my brother cannot help him. He will pay high interest rates. I must try and asked every one I know who can help and he promise to repay them. So I have tried to send him money but got problems with FNB. I never used the forex option on the FNB webpage and could not get the payment through. FNB requested an invoice as they wanted to see what has I bought. Invoice was made out in September.
After I requested the shipping documents I saw that the invoice was stamped by AES in August 2013. A Month before Richard left for Sri Lanka. I have requested the Bill of Entry – we use that on export documents – but Kelvin sent me a Bill of Lading. I tried to explain to him I need the export documents. Still waiting for the correct documents.
I went to the bank and arrange for an over draft of R 150 000.00 and on my credit card R 150 000.00. I have also increased my credit card with Virgin money. We are running out of time now, as our 33 days deadline is coming nearer and the inspection team said to him that his wife is waiting for him, and that they are sure he would like to come home quickly.
I asked him in the beginning what is the penalty to walk away from the project and that he could not do, due to the 50% down payment he has received already. He will have to complete the project. On 75% he said they will pay the 50% final payment.
Eventually Richard said he has a contact in South Africa who is prepare to help us. It is a broker at Nedbank. Asemoah. He send me the Nedbank details and the first two payments went to Wells Fargo in the USA to pay for the shipping costs.
The plant arrived in Sri Lanka and once again there was no money to pay to get it out, due to penalties / embargo on the size of the equipment. I have investigated with the Sri Lanka Customs department and did the calculations on 1.500 000.00 USD as per their scheduled and worked it out correctly.
Banking details:
He needed another 58 000.00 USD to release the plant. He begged me to help him. As your friends, I don't want this to be a failure. I could not do that to my family and friends and told him. I will never get other people involved in our predicament, because I cannot repay them. I told him I have far more for him, than what I would ever do for my children. I am not that type of person who let other people suffers due to my inability to repay them.
I was still busy with other studies like climate change and forex trading during this period as well. I had a very busy life with. I was a commodity specialist at AfriSam and Richard knows that I am very busy during working hours and at home. There are many calls where he said you don't your calls. Eventually he said I need a secretary. I was behind with my work and new work and running tenders at the same time was my life, and therefor there was not many minutes left to ask too many questions. I don't normally judge people and question everything thing they tell me. I was investigating Binary options and wanted to know how it works.
I am also busy investigating how oil rigs are operation and how the structure was manufactured to allow people to function as normal as possible.
Binary Options: Open account. I was looking at commodities and forex prices.
On you tube I found a video showing the platform and the living courters.
I understand then that they stay in cubicles and that is why he said he still got 2 open and I can come and stay in one. BUT I must not waste the money on plane tickets, and helicopter fees, we can use the money better to get him out of Sri Lanka.
November and December we struggle with finances and it was a daily conversation how the project is doing and that they have put measures in place to allow them to drill when the power is on. He also introduces Hernandez to me in conversation as his Project Manager. I went onto the internet and google Richard Edgar scammer – I could not find any. I wrote to him and said to him don't think you can scam me, and he asked me what is that? What about his son? I told him people are cruel they do use their children. I went through his Facebook friends. I wrote to the newspaper in Sri Lanka and asked if they know about an Oilrig project. They did not respond back as well.
In 2014
I befriended Fransica but eventually unfriend her. I did not want her to see what is happening in my life and the possibility to give him feedback. He became a friend of her in September 2013. I could not see that One day the dates was on Facebook. Also two other friends I don't see them any more as well after I tried to become friends with them on his facebook. They wish him happy birthday in 2012 August 11. It then stared to to make inquiries to Exxon Mobil and Scotland Government – and Sri Lanka. Nobody responded. I create a new e-mail and send it to them again as his Logistics Manager – this was the title he gave me. I wrote to the USA – to the board on their webpage nobody answer. I phoned Exxon Mobile Abberdeen daily to trace the project manager. The switrchboard refuse to put me through. No name no call can be put through. I phoned her daily and she eventually said tried the USA again. Write to them which I have done. I received acknowledgement back from Scotland Government and said he must go the International Trade and Investment Department for help. I told him I had wrote to Scotland. Not that I had written to Exxon Mobil and Sri Lanka as well. I phoned Sri Lanka the Department of Legal and phoned them. They asked me to put my request in writing, but nothing came forward. I then tied Scotland again and the lady really tried to help me, but she could not put my call thought. I have not received any correspondence from Exxon Mobil. I did tell Richard the Scotland said he must go to that department. He said he will. He has traced his passport at the Department of Defence.
I had told him if he is not back by end December it will costs me my job. He said no he will be back. He just need to get the power plant release. The loans I have made was for the plants release because he has paid a some in October 2013 to customs but they refuse the release. I send him another amount and Kelvin and James also sent him money. It was till not enough. I have asked him how far are you but for some strage reason he moved from 60% to 79%, still let me believed if he can make the 75% Exxon Mobil will payment the final 50%. It did not happened when he has reached the 80% mark. I asked him why it took so long. He never get further than 90%. It was always tools broke down due to the instability of the power supply.
December he used the money to send Larry to Disney land with the school. Kelvin asked him - Richard what will you do if you never see your child again? By now the maid was not happy – I was not happy because I had to pay the loans by myself. I was losing on my salary on my bonus and eventually I had to resign to recover my credibility. I lost my 20 years' service senior shares bonus pay out – I will lose my employee share in January 2015. I told Richard I can no longer coupe. I need to resign. My pension was paid out in two portions. One from work and one from Momentum.
I send him the money to go and get his passport, as he needs to pay taxes in Sri Lanka due to the work he has done. He told me he and Hernandez fetch the power plant. I was very cross. I told him I don't have any money left to help him. I send him a text to let him know that he is going to die there. No money – no food and how can Exxon Mobil let him stay on the platform. I said to him things are very wrong here. I told the lady at Exxon Mobil the last time I phoned that I was defrauded by a independent operator working for Exxon Mobil, but still she could not put me through. The Exxon Mobil people with the name James is everyone in the USA.
I was still phoning the Sri Lanka Government, but they just asked for an e-mail. Then on the news from Singapoer the oil and energy conference was held their – the news agency asked the First Minister why was it not make know that Sri Lanka was busy drilling for oil. He only answer that they government wanted to keep it a secret. They did not want the world to know that they busy there.
That brings me back to the indemnity signed by Richard. Every time I asked he steer the conversation to bad power supply – breakdowns and cleaning of the platform. Oil spillages and lots and lots of headaches. So I asked him if the project has failed why did he stayed on – no passport and no money was the answer.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Edgar to Anne (South Africa)
Hello Annetjie,

Thanks for taking out time to send me your email on be2.. Once again I was very happy to have read from you. I''m hoping that this email gets to you before we can share more about ourselves, I want to be sure the right person gets this email...lol

Kindly send a reply to let me know as soon as you read this...Until then, do have a wonderful weekend.



Hello Annetjie,

Many thanks for your email, I 'm pleased to have met you on be2 and I hope we get to learn more about each other soon.. I'm Richard Edgar by the way (last name Edgar), I am originally from Canada but I spent almost all my life growing up in England. I only moved here recently for contract talks and negotiation but already thinking of relocating here because of the beautiful city and warm people. I have also leaved in America but for a short stay. My Dad is from Canada and my Mum is Brazilian. I spent some years growing up in Canada becau


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