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First name: Lewis


Last name: Britz Kartel


Aka: John Smith, Raphael Anati, Maravan Wilson, James, Stephen Darlington, Max Wright, Desmond Hogan, Michael Christin, Chris Morgan, Michael McLean, Francis Morgan, Edward Johnson, Micheal Kelvin Shandy, Wayne Billy, Owen Sebastain, Terry Blay, David Young, William, Peter H Garlin, David Martin, David Murphy, Marvin Chandler, Alex Jerry, David Quimby, John Anderson, Douglas Morgan, Smith Moore, Jeffrey Rameses, Jimmy Anderson, Edvard Patrick, Michmanuel Okere, Frank Garret, Paul Smith, Thomas Billy, Lui Kong, David Anderson, Steven Lawson, Robert Cerikse, Kenneth Walter, Paul Walsdorf, Micheal Hudson, David Mayas, Mark Allen Smith, Warren Andre, Johnson Kelly, Robert Tomasz, James Green, William Mark, Jerry Morrison, Henry Morgan, Andrew M. Walsh, Patrick Simon, Douglas, Glenn McMuarice, Ash Carter, Antony H. Bryn, Frank Dave, Randy W. K., Charles Ruddock, Micheal Wexford, Matthew, Kelvin Mark Anderson, Henry Matthew, James, Lynn Lower, Levi Luke, Edsel Lane Swanson, Mark A. Strong, Robert Cole, David, Morris Morgan, James Bee, Clinton, Nelson Comey, Weber, Richard Maker, Micheal Donald, Gary Warren, Nicholas Jokerman, Daniel Cimolai, Oliver Smith, Joseph Arthur, Dennis Kane, Marks Colene, Larry Wayne Ellis, Prince Isaiah Egbe, Adams Morgan, Jean Derrick, Joseph Grima, Mark John, Jayden Gavin, Baldwin, David Lurris, Jeffrey Buchanon, Rodwell Rodriquez, Rex Benny, Evans Daniel, Micheal Wexford, David Carlos, Kelvin Smith, Mark Nelson, Morgan Kelvin Robert, Morgan Selby Robert, Alex Frank, Miguel, Liam Walton, Moses Samuel Ejovwo, Anthony Grahams, Cesare Gilberto, Joseph William


Name aliases: Aleks, Alen, Alexis, Andersen, Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Andry, Anthoney, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antonni, Antony, Artur, Athur, Authur, Bill, Billie, Billy, Bob, Carloss, Carlous, Carrter, Cartter, Charlie, Charls, Charlse, Daiv, Dan, Danny, Darrick, Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids, Dawid, Denis, Denny, Deric, Derich, Derick, Derik, Derrich, Derrik, Don, Doug, Douglass, Ed, Eddy, Edvard, Enthony, Franc, Frances, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Garry, Glen, Jamie, Jarry, Jeff, Jeffi, Jefforey, Jhon, Jim, Johnn, Johnsons, Jommy, Jonh, Josef, Josephe, Kelivin, Kellvin, Ken, Keneth, Kennth, Kilvin, Lerry, Luwis, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Marv, Matheew, Mathew, Mathews, Matt, Mattew, Mattheu, Matthieu, Mattis, Mattiss, Matty, Mechael, Michale, Micheals, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Moris, Mycheal, Mykmael, Nick, Nickolas, Nicolas, Nicolass, Pat, Patt, Paull, Pete, Petter, Pual, Rafael, Raffy, Randdy, Ranndy, Rechard, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Ritchard, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robby, Roberts, Robret, Robs, Rodrigues, Rodriquez, Rodwel, Sam, Sameul, Sammuel, Schris, Simone, Simth, Stepehen, Stephan, Stephane, Stephene, Terri, Thom, Tom, Toma, Tomas, Tommy, Toni, Tonny, Tony, Toomas, Wayney, Webber, Weyney, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willy, Wyne





Location(s): Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire); Accra (Ghana); Benin City (Nigeria); Cape Town (South Africa); Cotonou (Benin); Kabul (Afghanistan); Tamale (Ghana)


Also claims to be in: Bristol, England; Miami, Florida, USA; London, England; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; New York, NY, USA; Damascus, Syria; Quincy, Massachusetts, USA; Illinois, USA; Berlin, Germany; Houston, Texas, USA; Madrid, Spain; Los Angeles, California, USA; Sydney, Australia; Canberra, Australia; Melton, Victoria, Australia; Denmark; South Africa; Minnesota, USA; Bakersfield, California, USA; Ottawa, Canada; Ohio, USA; North Fork, California, USA; Algier; Istanbul, Turkey; Marietta, GA, USA; Toronto, Canada; Texas City, Texas, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; San Diego, CA, USA; Vietnam; Washington, D.C., USA; France; Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Damascus, Maryland, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Riga, Latvia; Arizona, USA; North Carolina, USA; Asti, Italy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Centreville, Virginia, USA; Neila, Spain; Nemesbuk, Hungary; Nes, Netherlands; Candle Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada; Santa Clara, California, USA; Hong Kong, China; Greenville, South Carolina, USA


Address(es): ta 80, Accra, Ghana
16 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HT, United Kingdom
180 Maclaren Street, K2POL3, Ottawa, Canada
71 W Van Buren st., Chicago, IL 60605, USA
28277 Logan Hornsmill Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1168 W Augusta Pl, Greenville, 29605 South Carolina, USA


Phone number(s): 00233541568398


E-mail address(es):


Skype: kelvin.mark2936, kelvin.mark226, live:henrirbrik65, mjglennmc, glenn.mcmaurice11, glenn.mcmarice, gmcm008, mc.us001, ss.b12, machant117, mcmauriceg, colene_marks1, brain.richard121, live:isaiahegbe, gen.adams.morgan82, live:derrickjean0147, charles.j.noah38, live:henrirbrik6543, wexfordm, frankmark7338, live:liam87502


Operates on website(s): Badoo, Be 2, Chemistry, Christian Mingle, Delightful, Face Book, Google Hangouts, Linked In, Love Time, Match, Meetic, Mingle 2, Our Time, Skype, Tagged, Tinder, Twitter, Whats App, Yahoo Messenger


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Report N1 (added on May, 24, 2012)

We met on a dating site, claimed he was a surveyor in diamonds, owned a mine in Germany. Was in Ghana on business and was to come over to Zimbabwe to visit me or take me to the States with him, then later he told me that he had just run out of cash and they cannot accept his credit card and asked me if I could lend him some money. I totally refused and told him to go to hell and that was the last I heard of him.

Kethiwe (Zimbabwe)

Report N2 (added on September, 11, 2012)

That scammer he told me he live in bronx ny he took my money and i saw him after that in a black scammers list, he has persuading inocent women he has been asking to them to keep 1 box of gold and dollars box to send in her country and share it and marry too he say ll retire from iraq and ll meet me in brazil how i didn t accept he has been asking for anothers women and he has another email too his email is macvam_w maravan wilson he has profile in meetic too he has using phone number00233541568398 to ring me he told me is in iraq and has house in new york he has 52 years old widow and has 1 son he ask to send money to africa accra ganna to anati raphael ta 80 thaanful for help me cos he has all informatins life and im worried please take that bad man ill send more pics too in another email he has used his own pics i saw him at webcam.

Silvanira (Brasil)

Report N3 (added on April, 26, 2013)

He contacted me on the dating site badoo. I'm single and looking for relationship.
He contacted me in order to find stable relationship because he was a widower and had a son at 15 and his siblings and parents were all dead.
I can not write or speak English so I was very dismissive but he thought it was ok to translate it on google translator.
He has written that he was a doctor and a cardiologist specializing in diseases of the heart and blood vessels and works for the military men in the UK.

Helena (Denmark)

Report N4 (added on July, 17, 2013)

Widower, worked for Dell UK, London, Uk, Human Resources Mgr. Now a marriage counselor. Only child died of sickle cell anemia. No family. Says he is terminal with cancer. 3 mo's to live. Last ditch treatment in Ghana, Kidney Foundation he and late wife started. Was going to leave his estate to me to take over Foundation and run after he died. When supposedly got to Ghana credit card would not charge. Waiting on bank to send him money would take 4 days to clear needed money for his pills or he would die... Send him $500, bank will send me the money , Take my $500 out and send him the rest. Was suspicious of him but had to play it out on the off chance he was truthful/dying...Saw his pic on another scammers site, Actually several pics.

Carol (USA)

Report N5 (added on August, 5, 2013)

This man contacted me thru the dating site match and claimed to be a major in the US Army in Afghanistan. He then claimed to have retired and was travelling through Ghana when he was taken ill and admitted to hospital.
He wanted me to help him get his belongings shipped over to the UK and asked for money so he could meet me.
He claimed to have lost his wallet and wanted money for medical expenses, then travel tickets.
He also wanted items posted to him in Accra like mobile phones and laptops.

Cat (UK)

Report N6 (added on September, 18, 2013)

This guy poses as a civil engineer and an economist. Claims to have lived in England and attended the London School of Economics. Claims he has been divorced for 12 years and is estranged from his son. Claims parents are deceased and has no siblings. This guy preys on your vulnerabilities and is wuite good at it. He romances you for about 2 months before he asks for anything. He talks about being partners and buying gold in Accra Ghana and shipping to your home. Produces authentic looking documents from real shipping companies, also claims that he wants to send you money from his offshore bank account. He actually has you log into an authentic looking account with his password. It all looks legitimate. The entire time he had me searching for properties in California that was going to puchase with the money. He is very believable. I fell for it and became his latest victim. This guy uses his own pictures and I have been on video cam with him more than once. He now is pretending to be in a hospital in Malaysia with a life threatening heart condition.

Diana (Canada)

Report N7 (added on October, 14, 2013)

Up to this point he does NOT know that I fiqured him out. I have been playing along to try and get some PHOTOS of the REAL man behind the letters. Today he called on the webvam and IM me so I took some pictures of him as we chatted. They are attached. I also played along to find out what it was he would ask me for. Well he finally asked me to send hi $4500.00 TODAY. He told me to wire it to...UK London...under the name FRANCIS MORGAN, as you can see in the photo. These photos I believe to be the real person.

Rhonda (USA)

Report N8 (added on November, 19, 2013)

Joined Christian mingle an Edward played the part of a very attentive suitor. Was leery because he was younger but he said he was looking for a woman settled who whould love the same things he did.
Still he was not for coming with answering my questions an that made me even more leery.
But after,two weeks,of,calls video calls an phone calls was beginning to think he might be for real. Was suppose to be from Sweden an had come to Mo after his wife died to make a new start.
As his mother was from KC Kansas. But while on Skype found he was in Salt lake an that set off another round of being leery.
But he said he worked for shell oil company an was headed out on the rig for five weeks.had been there a few days said he was working to get off so we could really be together. Had a daipughter suppose to be 13sent me a email.that was staying with her 80 yr old grandmother in.Ga. Then this week he tells me they are broke needs to borrow 600.00 dollars till he gits off the rig. An when told him did not have it he wanted me to borrow it would give me double that when he got back.
Well needless to say he got very mad when told him sounded like ascam an would not do it. He said lots of things about trust an hurt but I still think it was a scam.

Melva (USA)

Report N9 (added on January, 28, 2014)

He add me at lovetime dating site at november 2013, then we chat at skype and ym, the first time he asked me for money i dnt want send, he told that he need for release his father fund at tonich security at london, i had email from this company, after 3 month i chat with him, i send him money, the total 1450 us $, it is a lot for me, then he asked me more money and i start to search his picture that he give to me, i knew that he was a scammer! He already give me a website fast away courier that he send the thing to me, i track the website i knew this is fake My life now really mess cause this money is my saving, and i really broken heart.

Evi (Indonesia)

Report N10 (added on April, 11, 2014)

This man claims to be a military foot dr in Afganistan and has a son Romeo in Accra Ghana.

Karen (USA)

Report N11 (added on May, 13, 2014)

It is not a he it is a SHE.

Rize (South Africa)

Report N12 (added on July, 8, 2014)

A man named Alex approached me via Skype and asked me to friend him.
Skype name: annaliza.ruiz3

Bernadette (Australia)

Report N13 (added on July, 8, 2014)

The man whose picture you have shown under the name Lewis Britz Kartel uses also the names of four star general David Quimby, pretending to be on an undercover mission at Kabul, Afghanistan. When I incidentally came upon an article about gen. Ham with the same photo and sent it to him, he invented the story about an undercover mission. Likes to sent pictures of hiumself, in milliutary uniforms and civil clothes, but I don't know if they are really his. Some of the same pictures I received by another user of Skype, who named himself general Benjamin Renger, on UN peacekeeping mission in Lybia, Tripoly.

Boriana (Bulgaria)

Report N14 (added on August, 12, 2014)

First contact ask to be good friends ,sendet me IDExpired sayed he works in sirya for UN as security councilor asked to send me package with his personal documents thro special delivery of a dr,smith from red crosse .but I have to contact him and pay the fees for the package ..he john will come the 28 of August and pay back all my expenses .gave me this mail.adresse , .and dr.smith Moore wrote me yesterday he wants me to confirmed that I am the right person wife of john Anderson ..his mail This was the end for me I blockt all contacts with him this morning .

Mara (Germany)

Report N15 (added on August, 22, 2014)

This gentleman contacted me, said he was a General in the US Army stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He wanted me to meet a UN Diplomat and give him 7500.00 to recieve a box containing 5 million dollars recovered from a mission in Afghanistan! He demanded I meet this man in Atlanta, Georgia! I kept all of the photos he sent to me in case you need me to send them to you!

Debra (USA)

Report N16 (added on October, 28, 2014)

First time this man contacted me in March this year on Badoo dating site. He introduced himself as Jeffrey Rameses, 53 years old, widowed man with 14 years old son. He said that he was a freelance journalist, who temporary lived in Berlin Germany, since his late wife was German. He described her death in so many details after being ill with cancer for many years, that I started to doubt that it was a true-life story. At this point I was ready to cut off any further correspondence immediately. However, he sent me so many pictures of so-called son, lovely boy in his early and teenage years that these pictures made me take a chill pill and it had extended our correspondence up to last week. This man worked very hard to keep me beside him and encourage my attention. He wrote me day and night and often kept very late on Skype. He made a tremendous plans about get married in the nearest future, have a happy family life and growing old together. Sometimes he was really very obtrusive and exalted his feelings to the skies and again it made me fell that it could not be true.
Later he said that beside of his work as a journalist his main income derived from the Gold and Diamond industry in one of the African countries, such as Sierra Leone. In May he said that his partner and friend Raymond died tragically in car accident in states and he had to travel to this country to settle their common business matters. According to him his later partner made him the recipient of the whole business and after the settlement of the necessary paperwork he should travel to Lagos, Nigeria to overtake the business. First time he asked me for the financial help in August, having said that his company driver hit the local person and he as a company owner had to cover all medical expenses and emotional distress of this damaged man family. He started with 5000 usd and finished with ".please please send me at least 300usd". I refused to pay. The second and final approach he made one week ago. Last week a man, who presented himself as Jimmy Anderson, remittance manager of the bank in UK, called me and in very broken English informed me that Jeffrey Rameses would like to transfer to me as next to kin person 1.2MM GBP. I called JR and asked him what did it mean. JR said that he urgently needed money to cover his living and business expenses down in that country. Since I was the only person he could trust to, he asked the remittance manager to take a contact with me. The remittance manager sent me the papers, which should be filled in, and send back to him. I filled in the papers despite of I was very much suspicious and sent to him. Next day this manager called me and said that the transaction could be made only upon the upfront payment of 4500GBP for the Power of Attorney which should be issued by Ministry of Justice??! I said that I never heard about the Power of Attorney, which should be issued by the Ministry of Justice, and I most probably I was dealing with quite unprofessional people. I reported this case to the police. JR still had been trying to contact me via Skype this week.

Mary (Norway)

Report N17 (added on November, 3, 2014)

I have given money and he needs more.

Maryanne (UK)

Report N18 (added on November, 27, 2014)

Claims to be looking for a permanent relationship. Says he is working overseas in Syria and will be returning home to Australia in December.

Ela (Australia)

Report N19 (added on November, 27, 2014)

He had come to me in November of last year. Began to communicate with me. Told that he has no family, his wife died in a car accident. Name is my hero Paul Smith. Since the first days treated me respectfully. Gradually began to throw me compliments. I thought my happiness, but it was not there. Said that he has two sons. They live in boarding school. I asked why they had to live in the boarding school. But he replied me that he is in Syria in agnostic doctor. Then he began to confess to me in love, I reciprocate. But he was always on guard of your health. He then began I to send their pictures. He picked up the generals in the form and put your head to this photo. Was photo shop. As he told me that he needed to send money to 35,000 million. in Russia. He took a picture of a box and sent to me. But when the need to pay for the box $ 1,500. But that kind of money I was not. A week passed and he asked me for $ 1000. He wanted to send their children to Nigeria on a tour together with the teacher. I was killing time. Then he said that the eldest son had an accident and needed blood. Me, it was disturbing. He wept bitter tears, unmoral to send money. Said that the teacher had sold the computer for $ 400. Was not much venireman told me that he was 4 days and nothing was eaten. I told him I was sorry. Then it became me to beg you to send at least $ 350. I did not send him the money. Then he postal me a lawyer. Name advocate Sam Okydzeto. Then he felt that I don't want to give money then he became together with the lawyer to step on me. I was less to write and my relationship is gone.
A month has passed, look, he again went to my page, but in the role of General Thomas Billy. I realized that he breeds me for money. As if nothing had happened he told me that serving in Afghanistan, in Kabul. Always invited to come to him. But I am still friends with her head. He again told his tale of the family. Said that the family had no wife died in a car accident. Again began to envelop me with their compliments. I'm not attracted his attention. I think he has something with his head, he wouldn't remember us. But just now he told me that he has a 14-year-old son there. I asked him on Skype. He gave me Skype, I chatted with his son. Boy predestine, talkative. He misses her father. Told me that his dad works a lot. Then he asked me to send my passport, I thought, but otpravka. He gathered another box, put down $ 1.2 million diamond ring. Sent it all with diplomata, but on the border diplomat checked and the box was selected. Box was already in Russia. Of course reserves it on me, brought me to be rude and in the end we parted.
He wormed his way into my family, into my soul. I can't forgive him.
I want to say to all the women do not give money to these Americans. For white Americans are Negroes. They correct them. Beware, beware of scams, not David EIM money, block them.

Tanja (Russia)

Report N20 (added on January, 12, 2015)

Lui contacted me through the be2 site a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't interested. It wasn't until I came across your site yesterday that I believe Lui is the same person as Lewis.

Donna (Australia)

Report N21 (added on January, 12, 2015)


Marla (USA)

Report N22 (added on February, 19, 2015)

Pronasla sam na stranici Male-Scammers fotografiju i ime prevaranta o kojem sam vam govorila.
Procitala sam svjedocanstva zena koje je prevario i odnio im novac i dostojanstvo.
Nisam procitala da je nikome prijetio smrcu osim meni.
Molim vas,poduzmite potrebne radnje da taj ucjenjivac zavrsi u zatvoru.

Davorka (Croatia)

Report N23 (added on February, 26, 2015)

I send him money though to royal bank and Western union bank and different names i never met him but he calls me wife and honey and he send me address in which he own the places i checked all fake and i report to local police his address is Cst,Bill Day,Reg no 463, Economic and Economic Crime Section St,John's, Newfoundland A!C 2G2 i gave him most of the documents and i still have more if you want please keep touch to my local police and i want people know what king man he is fraud womans and taking their hardworking lifesaving money 18,000 American money he took from me bit by bit only may 16th 2014 t0 sept 17th 2014 lost he told me his son missing in ghana want 600 to report to police and TV add i told him you are working in Afghanistan peace keeping depolimatic you are from Demark go to Denmark Embassy otherwise i am as soon as he cut off all communication i mail him you told me you will pay me back pay me now he ask me my credit card no to top up but i refused that now i see his photo in male scammer list i really want public should know about him please sir help the poor ladies thank u very much.

Leena (Canada)

Report N24 (added on March, 16, 2015)

Wanted to invest in "my country". As he was in contacts of a person I trust, I wrote back. Came to the story he wanted to invest 11.5Mio USD, but needed to transfer them to Dubai in cash. After a while forth and back, the story appeared fishy, and then i checked for his email address, and found him here.
Interesting that he used LinkedIn, and has new phone number and emailaddress that wasn't listed here yet.

Stefan (UAE)

Report N25 (added on March, 27, 2015)

This man contacted me through a South African dating site. And I fell for him. I sent him money and he sweet talk me into sending more money. I started to realize it was a scam after he sent his commission cheque to my bank account and then the mail that I have to pay money to a cashier to get the money into my account. After research on the internet I saw his picture on many websites. With quite a few names like Tom Chris, Alfred Coleman, David Young, Terry Blay and George Romney. Paul Walsdorf is not on the internet. I have photos, email and other documentation.

Anna (South Africa)

Report N26 (added on April, 30, 2015)

Talked of love, marriage, coming and getting married, but when ask anything would get mad. say don't you trust me, asked for $5000. Said no, then asked for phone, then asked for $2000. Got nothing. I knew who he was from the start. I checked on male scammers. He does say nice things.
Knows all the right things to say, BEWARE of this man.

Joyce (USA)

Report N27 (added on May, 21, 2015)

This guy contacted me through Skype last week. He introduced himself as Mayas David a General working for UN peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. He said he has been in Afghanistan for 7 months but will be going back to Florida next month. I asked him how he got my Skype account and he said he was looking for an old friend and came about my account. He also told me that it must be God's plan that we met and that he wants to be my friend. I said we could be friends.He said he is a widower for 3 years now and have a son named Alex, who he haven't seen for more that 7 months. He asked for a photo and he sent me one with his son. He started complimenting me saying I'm very pretty. Then he said he wants to do a video call, I saw him on the skype video for a bit he is wearing a green tshirt that looks like the a shirt that a soldier wears. So I thought maybe he is trustworthy. He then asked me if he can call me baby. Soon after he said he wants me to meet his son and wants me to email the son. Then he said he needs to be away from skype as he need to do some work, apparently his boys are in his office. Later that day he said his son is very excited to hear from me as he let him knows he met in future mom. He also mentioned that his son is now in a boarding school and he will really appreciate if I be friend him as his son only have him in his life now. So I emailed the son. The son replied and called me mom on his email he said he is very happy to have me and is looking forward to meet me soon. The son also mentioned that he is going to UK next week on a school trip but his dad have yet to provide him the travel details. The following day mentioned this to Mayas and he said his son is waiting for him to send him $550 but he can't send it at the moment. That was just a passing topic and it was never mentioned again. Then he proceed to woe me with sweet nothings. I continued for 2 more days then on Wednesday this week he did not come online on the usual time. Then in the afternoon while I was offline he started sending message that he misses me and he is worried why I am not on line. He said to just write him a message when I'm back. I did message him but he never replied until the following morning, Thursday. He was up very early, for Afghanistan time, so I asked him why is he awake early he said because he have missed me. He also said he is concern because his son kept on asking him about his trip and that he can send 550 from Afghanistan. I said maybe he can talk to the school and tell them he will pay once he is back next month. He said the school doesn't allow it. At this point I really became suspicious so I googled it and I found out that there are money transfer services available for soldier based in Afghanistan. So I told him I need to do something and needs to go away for 3 hours. I come about this page and saw his picture. I sent him an email in yahoo to tell him his IP address is showing to be in california then I blocked him in my yahoo and skype account. Later that day he created a new skype account and tried to add me back. I was supposed to ignore it but decided to play along and get more picture from him. I pretended something is wrong with my skype and not too sure why he was removed from my contacts. He explained that his laptop connects to US network as the afghanistan one is crappy that's why the IP address is in california. He said his personal office is actaully in california. The funny thing is that I gave him the yahoo IP address which is sunnyvale california and he did not correct it. Then I told him he needs to send more photos of himself. Which he did and upon close inspection I can see that the photos were photoshopped. Later that night I emailed him to say that I know it's a scam and he he is just wasting my time on me as he will never get anything from me. I told him not to contact me again.

May (Singapore)

Report N28 (added on August, 13, 2015)

He emailed me said he found my profile on delightful. we emailed back and forth than had me go on google hangout so we could video chat we chatted 3 or 4 hours in the morning and 3 or 4 hours at night, he said he wanted to send me a diamond ring and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me he then told me he had a lot of metals, $3,000,000 in cash 25 kilos of gold bars he wanted me to hold for safe keeping a diplomate would hand carry it he was traveling to weswt africa than here and would call me with schedule, I said I couldnt accept this for all I new it could be counterfit or drug money, I kept refusing finally I said I had to go out of town and couldnt accept. 2 days later I had a miss call from the diplomat courier at 1:30am and one at 8pm I didnt answer emailed that I was out of town. two days later he video chatted that the courier was in west africa and needed $787.00 to send to him for some other thing he needed to get out of country I refuses he kept pressuring me I would give he then kept saying oh this means you dont love me and I finally just hung up. He also said he had a son 9 yrs old that lived at Ottawa Canada when I checked it it was a hotel. I also have pictures he sent me of the money and ring and his men and uniform and his ID,the picture of money matched a report N15.

Denise (USA)

Report N29 (added on October, 27, 2015)

SKYPE: esde-esde and johnsonkelly584.

Agata (Poland)

Report N30 (added on November, 10, 2015)

Contacted me had loads of conversations, and letters from him even on video, but always something wrong with his micro, but have recognized him on the video's posted here. Send him a few times money, when I told him I couldn't anymore, he told me his secretarry's boss would send it to me and I had to transfer it to someone else in Accra, Ghana, checked it out and could be possible because he has a profile on Linkedin too. But now I'm afraid he's scamming that other lady too, so I told him to let her send the money herself to that person and I wouldn't do it anymore. He contacted me last time 3 weeks ago once more for money and asked him what part of NO he didn't unerstand. He said I din't care anymore for him and that's the last thing I heard from him. Though a few months ago after a money transfer I got a Skype call from someone, with a heavy African accent telling me I was be scammed talked with him about it but he's an unbelievable master in deception, so I gave him the benefit of a doubt.

Lily (Belgium)

Report N31 (added on November, 26, 2015)

He wrote to me through the Internations website on 19 November 2015, and told me to give him my email address.

Victoria (Peru)

Report N32 (added on April, 14, 2016)

He looks like a marriage swindler. I have pictures. He is on line with me in chat on facebook page.

Anna (Ukraine)

Report N33 (added on June, 23, 2016)

Typical scam: "I'm Jerry Morrison from Columbus Georgia currently here in Iraq working under the united nation as a medical doctor, surgical specialist".

Eloha (USA)

Report N34 (added on August, 12, 2016)

Contacted me first on Messenger, than on Skype and Hangouts.
His wife died in car accident.
wants me to be his wife and mother of his son after 2 days talking.
But I recognized him from this site, because have been chatting with someone for 3 years who had the same picture but another name.

Lilac (UK)

Report N35 (added on September, 8, 2016)

This guy told me he was in the National Guard stationed in Marietta, GA. Deployed on special mission to Istanbul, Turkey. Other ladies are right---he communicates for at least a month before asking for anything financial. He told me he has two grandsons in Italy--Patrick and Simon. They live with his ex-wife in Italy since his only son died in an auto accident. He eventually asked me to facilitate a check payment to a ceramics supplier in the port of Savannah, GA. When I told him he was a scammer, he actually argued with me!! But I never heard from him again. All the same pictures he sent me are those posted here as the scammer.

Ruth (USA)

Report N36 (added on September, 23, 2016)

Me saludo por el foro de Facebook, entablamos conversacion, a los pocos dias ya me pidio ser su amada esposa, me escribia a todas horas, despues me pidio el skipe y por ahi lo vi, me dijo que era general de estados unidos y estaba destinado en kabul, tiene un hijo llamado Collins de 14 a?os, me pidio que le escribiera pues estaba triste despues de dos a?os el en kabul, en cologio internado.
La primera peticon llego estando de vacaciones su hijo en ghana, no le funcionaba su tarjeta y estaba enfermo y sin dinero, no le mande, discutimos y ya supe que algo estaba mal cuando el correo de su hijo me pedia dinero igual .La segunda vez fue estando su hijo en italia con el colegio terminando sus vacaciones, esta vez si fui a mandarselo y un peque?o accidente hizo que no llegara al destino, no le preocupo mi accidente pero si que no hubiera cumplido su palabra y empece a buscarlo por todos sitios, vi que tenia muchas cuentas y decidi investigar por mi cuenta mientras seguia hablando con el, fue super cari?oso durante mas de 1 mes y esperaba que en cualquier momento volviera a pedir, me dio un correo del ministerio de defensa de usa para pedir por ser su mujer que lo reemplazaran, me pidio matrimonio, yo queria saber hasta donde llegaba y supe donde mirar, en la embajada de kabul de estados unidos y alli salia el, el correo me dice que para que regrese a casa tengo que pagar 5.600 dolares, esta firmado por la se?ora Ash Carter, tengo los correos, fotos en camtidad y encontre una pagina que sale como uno de los estafadores mas grandes pero sus nombres ahi estan anticuados.

Soni (Spain)

Report N37 (added on October, 12, 2016)

Frank dave contacted me through nirvam site says he is on a mission in Syria on a ship where he not with him the credit card asked me money to his son currently in nigeria for stidio had lost his credit card to retrieve it needed $ 700 there are waterfall before I gave $ 200 500 then it seemed that with the first then had to solve are served for food and for books after they asked me if I want to become the beneficiary of a fund of $ 850,000 compensation to his name I email a bank document that certifies the truth of what he says mah !!! .... for becoming a recipient must open an escrow account at the bank Nigerian I email contact Mr. Dave need $ 750 fund. In nirvam site also uses other profiles.

Marta (Italy)

Report N38 (added on December, 1, 2016)

I met him in skype last nov 2, 2016 he introduced himself as Dr Mark Anderson of UN Hospital in New york we chatted for 1 week then he told me hes going to Vietnam for a special contractt after that he told me he will visit me here in UAE for 3 days to talk about out wedding after that he told me he received an e mail from his bank that he needed to fly immediately to UK to get his investment but his money is not enough to buy plane ticket he needs 2 thousand dollars more when i refuse to give money coz even from the start that we talk hes inconsistent on his answers to some of my questions and whenever i told him he became angry immediately. Actually hes using media which is not convincing trying to fool me that were chatting cam to cam and if im trying to tell him that we need to chat more time hes tellin me that the signal in his area is weak. Hes even good in Bible verses trying to convince that the relationship is from God . Thanks God for the wisdom that He gives to his children even demons are using verses from the Bible and trying to twist the interpretation. i would like to warn those women dont believe immediately if they tell u they love you ...test them if they are nit scammers.

Elizabeth (UAE)

Report N39 (added on February, 22, 2017)

He appears as a widower with a kid of 15 years old. He is a Major in US Army, He wants a lot of money to get out of Afganistan, Kabul. He have a lot of profiles on Facebook with different names.

Grollan (Norway)

Report N40 (added on March, 24, 2017)

First contacted me via Facebook about 4 months ago. He seemed like a very nice man. Said he was an Army general stationed in the war zone of Kabul, Afghanistan. But within a couple of weeks was already telling me he loved me and calling me his wife. Said he was a widower. His wife and daughter were killed an a car accident. Has one 15 year old son, Alex.

Diane (USA)

Report N41 (added on February, 8, 2018)

Supposedly, Dr Oliver Smith, contacted me requesting we be friends via Facebook approximately Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2018. I accepted his request on Friday, Feb 2. We chatted via Facebook Messenger on Sat, Feb 3, with him telling me that he was a doctor who works in Afghanistan... although his profile states he lives in Dallas, TX and is also from Dallas. If his real name is Oliver Smith, why does the name in his FB profile link show Joseph Arthur?

His profile page shows posts reading:
The most alluring booties
13 sexy pic | From crunkynation
(Of course every doctor has those types of posts on his page - NOT!) He barely has any info on his profile page, and also doesn't show any friends or relatives on his page.

Since his profile stated that he was turning 26 that day, I questioned him on his REAL age, as his profile pic is obviously older than that. He then stated he was 57, and the year stated was the year his first son was born. He then stated he was born Feb 3, 1963 (which would make him 55 on that day).

I questioned him on the validity of the information he'd stated to that point, telling him that I didn't feel I could trust anything he was saying. He claimed to have proof of everything he'd stated. Hmmmmm... which date does the proof show, I wonder. Of course, I never saw any proof of anything. I told him I don't like dishonest people who lie about everything!

Debbi (USA)

Report N42 (added on October, 16, 2018)

Claims to be General James Morris Morgan. 4 star general stationed in Kabul Afganistan. Also uses the name Chris Morgan.!! He is looking at everything I post on Facebook and encrypted his data.!!! Can't unfriend him bc he has made all his conversations secret.!! I have decrypted some of his data. He mentions my name. And what I post.!!! He is a scammer. I need him removed off my page.!! I blocked him on messenger. He has several aliases he uses on Pinterest.!!!

Debbie (USA)

Report N43 (added on January, 29, 2019)

Zglosil sie do mnie w pazdzierniku 2018 roku jako Willi Wright, po wielu rozmowach pisanych w hongdous poprosil o pomoc dla syna, ktNry ma urodziny , a on nie moze przeslac mu pieniedzy bo jest w Afganistanie w Kabulu, Jest zolnierzem Amerykanskim. Ma dosyc sluzby wojskowej, przyjedzie do mnie i odda mi pieniadze. Wiedzialam,ze jest to wyludzenie i nie dalam sie podejsc. PNzniej okazalo sie, ze syn jego mial wypadek samochodowy i trzeba mu pomNc pilnie, Zerwalam kontakt calkowicie. Przez ten czas znalam go jako wdowca. Po smierci zony nie mNgl dlugo sie otrzasnac a teraz szuka zeby go ktos pokochal, kto wie moze to bede ja. Kontakt z Willim byl zerwany. Po pewnym czasie na Fejsbuku zglosil sie z propozycja znajomosci David Carlos. Zatwierdzilam nowego znajomego. Pisal podobnie jak Willi, poznalam styl pisania, spytalam - czy nie pisalismy juz do siebie - ty jako Willi. ? Przyznal ze tak. Udal skruche. Znajomosc na skype rozwijala sie pomyslnie do czasu kiedy przez internet dowiedzialam sie ze to oszust. Napisalam do niego, ze wiem iz jest oszustem, mam na to dowody. Wyparl sie wszystkiego i powiedzial ze terrorysci kradna jego zdjecia. i on nie wie co z nimi robia. Obiecal milosc do konca zycia, ze przyjedzie ale musze pokryc koszty przeslania bagazu. A w bagazu sa dokumenty, pieniadze z kontraktu, bizuteria( jako lekarz w Damaszku na misji dyplomatycznej z ONZ ). Wystawil rachunek na 2.750 euro. Powiedzialam ze mnie na to nie stac. Obiecal ze pieniedzy ma tyle ze starczy nam do konca zycia. I ze juz nie bede sie martwila o pieniadze, wszystko odda. Nie zgodzilam sie. Zablokowalam go. Wytrzymalam tydzien. On tez mnie zablokowal. Po tygodniu wlaczylam sie spowrotem.Wciaz nalegal, na wysylke pieniedzy,stanelo na tym - mam przyslac ile moge. I tak - wyslalam 2.000 tysiace PLN ale zaznaczylam , ze to jest prezent dla niego, bo wstydzilam sie ,ze pomimo wiedzy uleglam - wyludzil ode mnie pieniadze udalo sie. Kazal przeslac przez Westen Union ( nie udana wysylka ), pNzniej wyslalam przez moinogram do Nigerii na nazwisko Umeadi Chibuzo Raphael. ( zostaly odebrane ) Wczesniej kazal wyslac do Indenezji Jakarta - Eka Oktani, lub Paisal Amir. Te nazwiska padaly poniewaz zwiazane to bylo z nie udana wysylka pieniedzy.- stale wracaly. Pomyslalam ze to sa tak zwane muly do pieniedzy. Ale nic nie mNwilam bo przeciez to byl prezent, a nie oszustwo. Obecnie zniknal z pola duzo nazwisk np. David Morgan., David Young, i wiele innych. Postanowilam napisac zeby byc przestroga dla innych kobiet - latwych bo samotnych jak ja.

Maria (Poland)

Report N44 (added on April, 15, 2019)

This man tried to get my bank account information. Want 1750. Sent to him.

Ella (USA)

Report N45 (added on July, 31, 2019)

Oh, this dude didn't beat around the bush from the very start! He had one message in his DM and gave his email address for his Hangout conversation. He thereby took the lead in the conversation, giving no personal details, location, family, or anything. He is a "military doctor on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. Once in Hangout, he asked for my help. When I agreed to apply for his vacation, he was in love with me. My avatar is the 13 stars of the Betsy Ross Flag. He never asked for a picture, my marital status, or my age.

Dobby (USA)

Report N46 (added on November, 5, 2019)

Very loving and romantic scammer. Phoned me at least once a day but most days 3 times. Requested communication on WhatsApp after 1 weeks chat on Tinder. After 1 month declared love. Said was plastic surgeon but now sells medical equipment. Then he had to fly to Hong Kong for business. Within 1 week he requested money initially $25000 then he managed to get some but still short then got all the money together according to him, then flew to Istanbul for flight layover and then was stopped at the airport because he need yellow fever certification and required $350 when i told him yellow fever is only for certain countries and not Hong Kong but he said he can't argue with customs. I gave him the money to get the yellow fever certification. Told me he was getting flight back and then he said he just got an email and he need to go back to Hong Kong for outstanding tax clearance documents. Needed $5000. When i informed him i don't have money became very abusive over the phone.

Belinda (South Africa)

Report N47 (added on February, 3, 2020)

Dear employe Mailscammer report.
I did becom via Whatsapp mails from this man.
He write he works as diplomaat.

Fritz (Germany)





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