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First name: Daniel


Last name: Burns


Aka: Dave Scott, Chinedu Remi Egesi, Steven Walters, Joel French, Anthony Sylvester, Michael Duarte, Edward Bonada, Paul Silver, Daniel Chandler, Peter Sunleaf, Daniel Gerald Wyatt, Olay Kiola, Christopher Adam, Nathan Batie, Joseph Micheal, Mile Bosnic, Morgan Wilson, Joseph William, John, Nicolas, Maxwell Jackson, Henry Scott, David Brown, Alex Herman, Oliver, Mark Joe James, Jerry, Charles, George, Raymond Gibson, Dean Robort, Fred Barnes, Daniel Coplan, Andrew, David Whitfield, Alan Stuart, Alain Janim, Tony Dieroff, Patrick, Owusu Santos, Watney, Rowden, Martins Anthony, Robinson Leonard, Tawa Gold, Nelson Eric, Robert Martin, Frank Nicholls, Roger Michael, Lawrence Brake, Austin Compton, Kelvin Maxwell, Elbert Morgan, Lewis Walter Gutierrez, Tucker Wenger, Brian Jesse, Heinrich, Steven Scott, Martins Cliff, Teodora, Raymond Gibson, Williams Fang, David Williams, David Badru, Steven Thomson


Name aliases: Alexis, Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Andry, Anthoney, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antonni, Antony, Austine, Austyn, Awstin, Awstine, Bill, Billie, Billy, Bob, Bryan, Charlie, Charls, Charlse, Chris, Christo, Christoph, Cristopher, Daiv, Dan, Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids, Ed, Eddy, Edvard, Erick, Franc, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Freddy, Georges, Hainrich, Hermann, Jamie, Jarry, Jhon, Joey, Johnn, Jonh, Josef, Josephe, Kelivin, Kellvin, Kilvin, Laurence, Leo, Luwis, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Marten, Martine, Max, Maxwel, Mechael, Mexwel, Mexwell, Michale, Micheals, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mycheal, Mykmael, Natan, Nick, Nickolas, Nicolas, Nicolass, Pat, Patt, Paull, Pete, Petter, Pual, Raimond, Ramound, Ramound, Ray, Remy, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robby, Roberts, Robinsinson, Robs, Rymond, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Steave, Steaven, Steve, Stevens, Toni, Tonny, Tony, Welams, Welison, Welson, Wiliam, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willson, Willy





Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Delta (Nigeria); Gauteng (South Africa); Ikeja (Nigeria); Kabul (Afghanistan); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Niger Delta (Nigeria); Pretoria (South Africa)


Also claims to be in: Los Angeles, Caligornia, USA; London, England; Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA; Seattle, Washington, USA; Syria; San Jose, Califonia, USA; Dallas, Texas (USA); Canada; Istanbul, Turkey; Quebec, Canada; Madrid, Spain; Lombard, Illinois, USA; Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, USA; Addison, Texas, USA; Nora, Sweden; New York City, NY, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Gainesville, Florida, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; Cawnpore, India; Gainesville, Florida, USA; Germany; France; Denver, Colorado, USA; Columbia, South Carolina, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; North Carolina, USA; West Albany, New York, USA; Londonderry, Northern Ireland; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; North Walpole, New Hampshire, England; Italy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Washington, D.C., USA; Scotland


Address(es): 418 Emily Hobb House, Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa
721 Carrie st., Sault Sainte, Michigan, USA
26 Kiniry St, Apt 2 F, North Walpole, New Hampshire, England


Phone number(s): 12693593348


E-mail address(es):


Skype: victoryalive2088; davidmwhitfield


Operates on website(s): Face Book, Google Hangouts, Instagram, Match, Meet Me, Ok Cupid, Rose Brides, Shaadi, Skype, Tagged, Tender Singles, Twitter, Viber, Yahoo Messenger


Scam media: unknown


Fake documents: view fake documents




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Report N66 (added on October, 9, 2015)

Met this person on Match as freewqwe33. He asked to get my email first off. Why do they do this? Do they use our email headers to mask their IP addresses or something? Anyway, I demand to see these guys on Skype so he contacted me thru Skype as daniel burns 14 but the name on the account said davescott202. I believe he used the pic for Jack Redd but curious as to why he would use a picture of himself if he is indeed the scammer? We went to video chat but there was only a still picture of someone resembling Jack Redd's pic on this site, and the pics he sent me through Skype. He asked me if I could receive his gold bars (about 14billion dollars of gold bars he said) LOL. I said no, so he moved on and I went to bed.
Through the night, I kept getting Skype calls, about 5 of them. I hit a button that stopped the noise and went back to sleep. In the morning, the same name on Skype video called again so I answered it. I saw an African face, young guy looking at the camera then he realized I'd answered it this time so he turned the laptop away as quickly as he could. I asked where he was and he responded Ghana. I was confused but then figured it out. I told him to get lost and have the chat to send male-scammers.

Tamsen (USA)

Report N67 (added on October, 30, 2015)

He ask me to accept him in LinkedIn and presented himself like an owner of Gas&Oil company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. First we had a chat in LinkedIn, after that I gave him my Skype ID and e-mail. After two weeks of very soft conversation, he said that need to travel to Nigeria for a project that has to be finished. Called me many times from Michigan and Nigeria. Everything was ok and he planned to come and meet with me in my country, even sent me his ticket. He showed me himself on a cam just for a few minutes and said that his cam is too old (the owner of the company with a very old cam!!!). One evening he ask me to help him and check if I can open his online bank account and help him to make a transfer because the system don't let him open it and he need to make some transfers to his suppliers urgently. And because he trust me completely, he ask me to do that. So I did and even received the notice that the transfer was successful. It should be some alarm in my brain, but unfortunately - not. After 2 days he ask me to make one more transfer and next day called me and said that his bank has stopped the transfer, because his location is in Nigeria and transfer was made from other country, so the bank made this action to protect their customer. Everything sounds so real, he even sent me the letter from the bank. After that he start to explain me how many times he spoke with the bank and that only his online banking is frozen, he can withdraw money and he just need to came to any branch of this bank or call to the bank from the country in which the transfer was made and everything will be fine. But now he need to fix this situation and pay to company that provide him all equipment because he need to finish this project. BTW the project also sounds even more than serious - government project for 5.2 m $ to replace the oil pipe under the railway! He said that after his investigation he decide to accept the project, because he can complete it for 4 m and make a profit 1.2m $. So finally everything gonna be crushed because his online account is blocked, no cash points around, he does not have money and the company took an equipment. So he was struggling and call to his friends in US, went to lender for a loan and collected $98k. He ask me kindly for a help to lend him 17k and he will come to me after 1 week only and of course will give it to me back. It was another alarm, which I didn't listen - the owner of so big company has only one company account and no money anywhere else. I said that all what I have is only $2k and I cannot help him. He was happy even with this amount, because it should make a 100k, that he can offer to the company like a part payment. So I was stupid enough to send it to him. After that he try to take more money from me for a driver or something else, but I said that I don't have more. Even ask me to take a loan from my friends and promised to give it back with 30% interest. And I even ask my friend from US for a loan!!! This friend finally opened my eyes and told me that he is scammer. I said - no, its not possible, but start to investigate and find him on this site like a world swindler number one! I was in shock! I don't know and cannot understand whats happened with me that make me send him money! Next day his account in LinkedIn was deleted. Of course no more Skype chat or mails with full of love words and plans for a future together. Dear ladies, please be careful! Do not trust and never send money! All his stories posted here from other ladies are very real. Who knows what he will create next! He has to be stopped!

Anna (Bulgaria)

Report N68 (added on November, 6, 2015)

He is in the military in Syria right now but will retire very soon...Has some sort of diamond scam...Smooth talker - falls in love - long Instant messaging - and webcam - Please be careful ladies...What a sad situation...Takes his time to weave a web of lies...He contacted me immediately claims to be a widow...Very smooth operator...reveals his true scam after 2 or 3 weeks...Calls himself Joel...this guy is a out for him...

Lorinda (USA)

Report N69 (added on November, 24, 2015)

A man with many talents, He must have a good memory remembering all those lies. To me he said he had a daughter, she needed a phone, hehe she was in a borderscool, and he was a doctor in a un camp...

Bente (Sweden)

Report N70 (added on December, 2, 2015)

We started chatting on Facebook in October 2015, he invited me on facebook. First it was all normal text mesegaes on facebook. The next thing he said that he had fallen in love with me and wanted to marry me and he even sent me a photo off the so called ring he bought.
Ten he started to ask me if I can help him with 650 USD. That's to secure his contract in Nigeria. He also asked me for my banking details. So that the Nigerian, Mr Francis Deede can transfer the contract money over to my bank account.
just this morning Mr Fancis Deede asked me if I will help Bonada with 290USD as he was in the Nigerian prison. He can not afford to pay his hotel bill, and was arested.
He also known that I'm a widow.

Marlene (South Africa)

Report N71 (added on December, 16, 2015)

Wrote to me thru skype wanting my cell number to whatsapp me...did not give it...thank god...found him here.

Nicky (Germany)

Report N72 (added on December, 23, 2015)

He add to me on Skype on 25th November 2015,his age 50 years old.He is a Doctor.Now he work for UN gvt. In Syrie in War Zone.about 2 years ago and will retire in 2 years later.He has 1 son and his wife was died ,His son study in UK.He don't had anybody in his family more.He asked for helping to recipe his box of money that he get from Salaryand Benifit over there.He told he can't acces to his account and Bank.,He can't sent money from Syria. So he used the agent to help him ,Something happend wrong it' have the other guys to be conect more ,Having the custome, the cost of high of justice of Ghana.and custome of USA Embassy among the agent took a box of money to meet me .All they asked about nearly 85,00USDollars for all charges .Dr Daniel box is 1,500,000US Dollars,He said he want to invest in my country, want to married, and etc......He' s scammer.I think so.

Subaida (Thailand)

Report N73 (added on January, 15, 2016)

I really am devastating to find Peter's picture on here as Daniel Burns and all the many, many reports. Each time I would ask information etc. Hotel name, street name, could never confirm. Always came up not found. Problem is also I am a widow and live on meager income. He reassured me each time I had questions he truly loved me. I met Peter on My husband passed 3 1\2 yrs ago and finally after 2 yrs. a friend told me about Just to give it a try I signed up for 3 months..during which time Peter responded to my profile. Although there was 16 yrs difference he reassured me age was just a number and it he was ok with difference. He says he lived in UK has two sons and a wife that cheated on him. Needless to say I fell deeply in love with him and he said me as well. On May 5, 2015 he ask me to marry him. Everything is fine as long as I don't ask questions. He reluctant sent me pictures after much begging. He is always having network problems so we now only get to talk once in am for 30-1 hour and then evening maybe same:about an hour. In the last 18 months since 7/27/14 till current date 1\5\16...I ~I have sent him a total`of $7401.00. He sent me a fake document saying he was being fined for drugs found in one of his export/import cars when they arrived in port. Speaks with thick accent even though he claims to be from USA and UK.

Carol (USA)

Report N74 (added on January, 15, 2016)

He contacted me several weeks ago on match and we corresponded through email and skype. He presents himself as CEO of Eltron Engineering based in Redding California located at 700 Dana Drive, Redding California. He says he is currently building the Mall of South Africa and his project will be completed the last week in February. He sent a picture of his son, Dennis, who is actually a model named Blake, that you can see on a Haian modeling agency site. Two other scammers are using this boys face as well. Daniel had me send him a game for his sons birthday. He just started talking about the IRS freezing his accounts because of a 2.8 million deposit made for a previous job and was worried about having money for groceries. I had his African phone number but started deleting his info when I realized he was a scammer. I can get that number off of my phone records. Where do I submit the picture. The one you have is the same one that shows up on his Eltron Engineering site and I have two others.

Karen (USA)

Report N75 (added on February, 1, 2016)

Skype : youssef12375
Claimed to be a surgeon Doctor, presently with the United Nation (U.N) Soldiers in Afghanistan.
52 years of age widower and a son who will be 18 years of age this month. He send me loads of pictures who I've seen here under Jack Redd. He was looking for a mature woman, and I was the one, told him I was not interested he gave up contacting me after a few days.

Lilac (Belgium)

Report N76 (added on February, 17, 2016)

He sent me a friend request in december. Accepted about 2 weeks later. Talked everyday wife died of breast cancer, family gone, only child, one daughter sharon. surgeon in syria for the UN..Loves me and wants to come and see me and wants me to contact his superiors as his wife stating there is an emergency at home so he can come to be with me. I refused kind of got upset. He befriended me when I kept harping on him that he was a scammer, them told me to friend him again if I would stop accussing him of this. I just did this but havent heard anything.. Am still looking int alot of things. How do I report him? wants me to get skype so I can see who I am talking to. Wouldnt that give him away since I have his profile pictures and and If I can see him I will know its not the same guy. Never wanted any money or anything just to write the letter. What a jerk.

Karen (USA)

Report N77 (added on May, 30, 2016)

He sent me a FB friend request at the end of April, 2016, and I accepted about a week later, like May 1, 2016. First, we chatted in FB messenger, than we transferred our chat to Viber, a phone call and chat service. He said he liked my smile and then proceeded to tell me he was a widower, that his wife Pam had died in an auto accident. He had one 13-yr old daughter, Shelley. She was in a boarding school in Texas. He said he lived in Dallas, Texas, and was presently working for Shell Oil Company as a Marine Engineer. He was on a ship off the coast of Africa, specifically Nigeria, as Shell was doing some oil exploration. He was very romantic and said he wanted a relationship with me, wanted us to be a committed couple, wanted to marry me. He also wanted to buy a house for me in Arizona. After a week or so, he asked me to send him $700 to cover his internet data charge -- which I did. Bottom line I sent him a total of $10,000. Some of the money was to cover a transfer fee for money to be used to buy a house in Arizona. He is charming. He is believable. I am hoping that others can see thru his charm as just a money scammer. This all occurred in the timescale of one month.

Ann (USA)

Report N78 (added on June, 14, 2016)

He contacted me on skype in January introducing him as surgeon working with UN in Syria. As his wife has died some years ago, his only son is going to Marine College in Accra. He asked me to find out how he is and report it to him, because he is not allowed to use his phone because of safty reasons. I did - and then his son Collins was in trouble and needed money. Dr. Micheal asked me to help his son and promised to give everything back when he is leaving Syria in December.
Since January I have almost daily contact to Collins via whatsapp, and send a lot of money to him. C. send his school ID to me - but because the DOB was not the same as he told me before - made me suspicious - other things too.
Yesterday, finally I got the work ID of Dr. M. - but after finding his name under most active scammers today - I want to report this.

Heidi (Austria)

Report N79 (added on June, 14, 2016)

I was contacted on facebook by Mile Bosnic. He friend requested me and a romance blossomed from there. I sent him a total of $1000.00 for a variety of reasons including his daughter ($300.00 once and $200.00 the second time, uniforms ($400.00 and food ($100.00 ). He is claiming that he is a captain in the US Army and is currently deployed in Kabul. He is a very loving, romantic person in chat but has now claimed he sent a $450.000.00 to me through a company called fast links. Now they want more money to send the package to me. All of this has happened over the last month.I would still be being used if I hadn't found his pictures on this site. Thank you!!

Annette (USA)

Report N80 (added on July, 19, 2016)

Wanted to meet me on Tagged.
from his About me: "I hope we can cooking together, travel, sports, do all we want to do, and stay together, leave the rest of life..." - typical African spelling mistake "leave" intead of "live".
Romance scammer - image stolen.

Eloha (USA)

Report N81 (added on August, 18, 2016)

I should add that I found other pictures and aliases on your site. One of the names that I remember is Jack Redd and since the last letter I got from him (the letter claiming to be a priest) he says the one I should be with is Matt Zeller so you might want to add that name to your data base also. He's still operating on facebook but has now changed his picture and name.

Annette (USA)

Report N82 (added on November, 4, 2016)

Cheater spoke to me first of Skype, I had a feeling he wrote to me two days and sent the picture, I was on your side and I saw him there that a fraud.

Ewa (Poland)

Report N83 (added on February, 3, 2017)

He contacted me on Facebook, but recognized his picture from here.

Lydia (Belgium)

Report N84 (added on February, 8, 2017)

I met him on, he said he was working in Syria as a surgeon for the UN. He sent me a few pictures of him. He was telling me that he was a window and has a son in Australia studying biology. He was 16 years old and needed a mother figure to his son. At that time I was so naive, so he told me that he and his partners found a million dollars cash while going through the ruins in Syria. He needed to send the money to me and keep it safe because he's coming home in two weeks. He's very charming, lovable, and had a cute accent. I lost $15 thousands dollars with that ********** and I hope one day he will rotten somewhere in hell. Be careful ladies...... Reading some of the comments here I feel angry towards these low life scum bags. I wish there is a law to protect all the innocent women and others against these evil people.

Dee (USA)

Report N85 (added on July, 20, 2017)

This man claims he has been kidnapped by isluam terrorsist and they are holding him for ransom he claims he has a 14 year old son and he starts off with sweet words then begins to ask for money claiming he needs to get out he will tell you he has many difficulities and needs help he also claims he has a box worth 4 million in the heathrow airport he needs money to have it shipped he will tell one story after another to make you feel sorry for him.

Teri (USA)

Report N86 (added on September, 12, 2017)

I met this man on face book then he wanted to go to hangouts on Gmail he has taken me for a lot of money and my jeep I had to sell he claims that he is being held for ransom and needs money to pay for it he has rob my self esteem and my ability to pay my bills I am a widow of four years and I live alone I have a disability Multiply Sclerosis and I feel foolish for doing what I did and now have nothing no food and I can't even pay my bills because of what I did for this man living alone and being a widow men sure do take advantage of me and I am tired of all the stress this man has put me through and with his sweet talk of love and wanting to marry me and be with me ect and now I have tried to commit sucide because of him and what he has done to me he probably has done this to others and will never get caught but to woman out there beware of him he is a sweet talker at first then once he gets your heart he will steal your money self respect and your life.

Teri (USA)

Report N87 (added on November, 2, 2017)

Met this guy on Match and after talking to him for a little over a week he said he loved me and wanted to marry me. He said he was in Lille France on a contracted job. I receive email notifications from and I opened my email yesterday and saw this guys picture under the most active scammers. Needless to say I was shocked. I clicked on his picture and it says he is Jack Redd (I know him as David Whitfield) This guys has numerous aliases, email addresses and phone number. I have read most of the letters posted on this website from him to other women and the things written to them are so similar to what he said to me. Once I realized this is indeed a scammer I emailed him and told him not to ever contact me again and I have blocked all contact he has with me.

Doris (USA)

Report N88 (added on November, 17, 2017)

Scammer or money ask and used third party pictures I can provide his letter about asking money.

Anna (Kazakhstan)

Report N89 (added on November, 17, 2017)

He also f.b.ed me, we talked for awhile but i knew something was up from the beginning but i thought he was handsome so i played the game, then i saw him here. He asked me for $ numerous times which i never sent. Once i told him i know he is a acammer he blocked me. He is going as Toni d Dieroff now.

Cindy (USA)

Report N90 (added on May, 4, 2018)

He calls himself Compton Austin the and also has another profile at Tender in the name of Brake Lawrence, he is using photos stolen from facebook of a guy named Uwe Humbertos.
He contacted a lady friend of mine in The Philippines and they began to chat at hangouts, fortunately she found the second profile, informed me and blocked him.
She has been at Tender for only three weeks and has had the misfortune to be contacted by three other scammers, one of them asking her to send him money, reports to follow if I can substantiate this.

Phil (England)

Report N91 (added on June, 7, 2018)


Teri (USA)

Report N92 (added on December, 20, 2018)

Jack Redd's picture shows up so many times that I've become able to recognize him. I've just been collecting profile pages on him to add to the vast file already on him. The accounts I'm turning in are all active on Twitter. Thank goodness for Google Translate, which has been wonderful when warning women in a foreign language.

Dobby (USA)

Report N93 (added on September, 15, 2019)

This man will con and use woman to send him money thru ITUNES gift card he also has a threatening attitude if he does not get what he wants beware of this man he is a fraud.

Teri (USA)





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