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First name: Patrick


Last name: Chandler


Aka: Raymond Chandler, Martin Kelvin, Raymond Fox Chandler, Philip Chandler, Jay Chandler Jones, James Chandler West, Lucas James, Thomas Mark, Jerry Parker, Victor Akosa, Ivan Haggard, Ivan Miller, David Garriison, Jose Brain, Daniel D., Charles D., Wagner K., Kevin Chandler, Steven Harvey, Scott T., Michael Herron, Johnson Chandler, Davis James, Morgan, Jose Brain, James Harden, Thomas Chandler, Peter Frost, Martin Clifford


Name aliases: Charlie, Charls, Charlse, Cliff, Cliffe, Clyff, Clyffe, Dan, Davi, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids, Davies, Jamie, Jarry, Jey, Johnsons, Kelivin, Kellvin, Keven, Kilvin, Lucaz, Luckas, Lucus, Lucus, Lukas, Lukaz, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Marten, Mechael, Michale, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mihael, Mike, Miky, Mykmael, Pat, Patt, Pete, Petter, Philips, Phillip, Raimond, Ray, Rymond, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Steave, Steve, Thom, Tom, Toma, Tomas, Tommy, Toomas, Viktor





Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan); Lagos (Nigeria); Lome (Togo)


Also claims to be in: Los Angeles, California, USA; Arizona, USA; Whittier, California, USA; Compton, California, USA; Nevada, USA; Iraq; Buffalo, New York, USA; Ottawa, Canada; Edinburgh, Scotland; Baltimore, MD, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; Rockwall, Texas, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Dallas, Oregon, USA; Minden, Germany; Damascus, Syria; Alabama, USA


Address(es): 64 Rue de Kegue, Lome, Togo
103 Oakland Pl, Buffalo, NY 14222, USA
2270 Field Crest Drive, Rockwall, Texas, USA


Phone number(s): 8132970055


E-mail address(es):


Skype: david.chandler61, david.chandler820, live:dave_chn


Operates on website(s): Badoo, Face Book, Growlr, Hi 5, Inter Pals, Military Singles, Odnoklassniki, Ok Cupid, Skype, Tagged, Tinder, Twoo, Yahoo Messenger, Zorpia


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Report N1 (added on April, 30, 2012)

I have been chat to him about 2month now. and he use the person sergeant major of the army raymond f. chandler III. before i don't know he is scammer untill he ask money to send to his son in Ghana about 2000 pounds i didn't send cos i know about scammered you can see the person he use the picture in google. stolen photos of Raymond F.Chandler III.

Suphan (USA)

Report N2 (added on July, 17, 2013)

This man has contacted me on several occassions. Within the first week he asked for money to come home from the military so that we can become married.
As soon as I told him that i will not ever send money he stoped communicating with me. I asked him if he was a scammer, he denied and I gave him some names that showed in relation to his picture in scammer websites and he got angry. I told him i will never send money, if he does not want to ever recieve money from money we can continue talking. Communication completely stopped. In our earlier conversations i asked why his english was so bad, he denied it being bad.

Ann (USA)

Report N3 (added on May, 13, 2014)


I have been contacted by Martin Kelvin, and as I found he was acting strange. I surched for informations and found out that Martin Kelvin is a scammer. Thank you for the work you are doing).

Kind regards

Jette (Denmark)

Report N4 (added on May, 7, 2015)

He will ask for money for a son. He says he is sick and needs some healthcare. I was so much money for a private plane ticket to come home from Iraq to get out of the army. He says he is also sick and need some healthcare. He will only talk to you if you give him money. If you do not send him what he wants he did very mad.

Bobbi (USA)

Report N5 (added on July, 28, 2015)

He sent me an email, telling me that he saw my beautiful picture on facebook.
He says that he is a NATO Soldier stationed in Afghanistan.
He says that he is 55 years old.
His ex wife died of breast cancer
His parents are deceased and his brother died during 9/11 attacks.
He says he is not a romance scammer
I have been contacted by a few scammers over the past years.

Hester (South Africa)

Report N6 (added on October, 1, 2015)

He had a profile on OKCUPID and we chatted there and then moved to email. His original story was something about how his wife betrayed him and took all his money. I think he said he had a son.
When we started emailing, he sent very romantic emails about finally finding the right love.
I see from your photo library that he is one of the most active scammers.

Mary (USA)

Report N7 (added on December, 21, 2015)

Claims to be US sergeant serving in Afghanistan. 31 years in army. Canadian by birth widowed with a daughter Nancy. Claims to be NCO on batallion in charge chemical warfare defending. Has sent photos of a soldier he says he is and a family photo but with soldiers ID badge blacked out. He last reported that his troup had found large amounts of money left by Taliban and he kept it as he needs it to retire after this mission and is going to send it to me via diplomatic means. I believe this man is also in touch with other women in the US and Australia from the research I have done. He uses other alias also but can tell from his poor English that this person is a fake using stolen soldiers ID. I no longer contact this man and have sent the correspondence and fake photos he is using to the US foreign consulate in Edinburgh. I am angry that I was initially fooled by this scammer who got my details from Facebook. Tks.

Vivienne (Scotland)

Report N8 (added on January, 15, 2016)

He said he was born 12/9/1950 in Canada to Irish Canadian father and Polish Canadian Mother was educated ar Royal military college Canada. Had 2 tours of duty. Afghanistan in 2004 and next on 2008. His wife died in Canada of breast cancer. Had one daughter Nancy. Brother died world trade center.
He ask me to receive box of money from Afghanistan I told him no. We talk back and forth for whikle then he stopped cause I would not take money. I have since learned he is Chandler Johnson in your files.

Lee (USA)

Report N9 (added on January, 22, 2016)

He initiated contact I think; He used Growlr gay dating app; Corresponded for 3 + weeks; I'm educated, and there was static and inconsistencies that suggested English was not his first language (albeit very good !) and also, his answers were not that of the educated person he purported to be in the Army (used Raymond Chandlers III details from Wiki) but called himself Ivan Miller. Feeling somewhat pathetic now, similar to lady from Scotland, but twist to story was he was in combat and they found lots of gold, that he would have it transferred via diplomatic means (I even extended concern that there is now a more rigorous view of soldiers conduct, and that given they killed some (as his story went) that keeping the gold could negate his "legitimate" defence of self-defence and killings motivated by conveyance of the gold etc.; He shambolically tried to validate his position and said I would get 20% of his share of the "haul" if he transferred it - I did a general search of the web and found picture of Raymond Chandler after I'd given my blasted email and address (partly to tease out the scenario and was exploring the legality of it all in the interim - thankfully my bank details don't collate with those addresses), but I am on alert. He said he would email me, but I have since viber text him to challenge him and state that he is a fraud and tried to spook him by saying I had him tracked all day and that I was a catfish too sent to find him... (surreal - the lengths these matters go to now!)

Michael (UK)

Report N10 (added on April, 12, 2016)

Claims he is in Afghanistan, captain of NATO troop, widowed in 2008, lost a brother and daughter from a car accident. Going to retire at the end of April. He poetic, wants to have a relationship with someone special, says he loves me and wants me to find a home for us to live together.

Liz (USA)

Report N11 (added on April, 22, 2016)

Way to write letters and some extracts from his letters to me I founded on your site (letter 1 George Summer)
I'm not finished yet. Will report him to website at first.

Lilia (Belarus)

Report N12 (added on July, 12, 2016)

Connected on Tinder on 6/28/2016. Communicated on there. Profile stated he is 53, major in Army, went to Iowa State University.
Chatted on Tinder for about a week, he told me he was serving in Afghanistan on a NATO. Peace keeping group.

Rhonda (USA)

Report N13 (added on July, 12, 2016)

Military scammer - image stolen.

Eloha (USA)

Report N14 (added on September, 6, 2016)

Fake Native American.

Mary (USA)

Report N15 (added on December, 1, 2016)

Steve Harvey, From Texas, profession is Engineer Consultant in Ghana. Delayed executing construction contract, due to spending funds sightseeing. Asked for help with $10,500 to pay port authorities fees to get heavy equipment to execute contract. He asked for small amounts of money to live on until bank sent the money to start contract. The Bank sent money to get equipment out of storage. On his way back, he was held by Amsterdam Immigrations for carrying undocumented diamonds. Agent named Rodney Craig called me to let me know my friend's situation. He needed $800 to represent my friend. Personal investment is $2500. Has anyone every been through a situation like this, or had any contact with this person? This was a textbook scam, he hit all the stops and I didn't see until later.

Cosette (USA)

Report N16 (added on April, 17, 2017)

He contacted me on Facebook and send me 3 x friends request. When I asked why each time I had to accept it, he said because of connection. Was in love after 2 days and asked me if I could receive a package for him.

Lilac (France)

Report N17 (added on June, 12, 2019)

Known romance scammer.

Eugenija (Lietuva)





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