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ROMANCE SCAMMER Chris Shawn Fitzgerald
First name: Chris Shawn
Last name: Fitzgerald
Age: 65
James Dunggan, Pascal Nemerem
James Dunggan, Pascal Nemerem
Name aliases:
Jamie, Jammie, Jammy, Jamy, Kris, Schris, Shaun, Shown
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana)
Also claims to be in:
Beverly Hills, California, USA; London, England
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Chemistry, Linked In, Match


REPORT N1 (added on February, 12, 2015)
Brenda (USA)

Chris began communicating at first very professional, pertained to business. He was opening a new business and being new to area he called me for referrals. He said he was a clinical pathologist but was opening a medical supply and x-ray sales. He wanted to be home. Yet he was born in Italy, He became a physician to help his mother, she passed before he graduated. He talked very little about his father other than he was a farmer- Chris had lived in China for many years teaching clinical pathology. he then moved to Sweden to head a department there. Yet he called Los Angeles home, but did not indicate living in US. He stated his grandfather was American and lived in Malibu. He was very wealthy and left everything to Chris, as he was the favorite grandson.
Chris had an unusual accent; it was European with a heavy Chinese aspect. At certain times the Chinese was prevalent, other time it was foreign but not Italian. He stated he spoken Italian, Swedish and Chinese. At times in the beginning he was a little difficult to understand.
He moved the romance along very rapidly. A lot of communication was either on phone or messages. He was very careful not to put too much in email. He followed the general pattern of a scammer. I decided to follow thru as to what was the scam. I feed into what he wanted to hear.
He made a point of wanting to Skype, we set a time. It was short and there was visual, except the people on the other end did not move, breathe, it was more of a picture. This was communicated to him. His comment was did you not see me throw you a kiss.
At first if was casual, then he begun to profess his love. There were three dates set to meet. The first he stated could not make as tied up in a meeting. A second meeting was set, I attempted to confirm, did not hear back from him until a day after the scheduled meeting. Stated he fell in the shower, his daughter who was in medical school was visiting and se put some medication on his ankle. He took something for pain, intended to make meeting but slept thru it.
Told him that was it, he begged me for another opportunity he promised he would make this meeting no matter what. That he needed to meet be with me etc.
He called me at 2 am saying he wanted to do a joint Skype with his daughter. It turned out to be just the individual who he claimed was his daughter. She was nervous, did not know what to say, she was being coached in the background. The voice sounded like his voice. She indicated she was worried, he cared so much for me, did not want to lose me.
Interesting to note, her English was not good, yet she was suppose to be a medical student, in London, was going to graduate in her last year of medical school. Yet she had a 6-8 week in Nov to December. I asked about this Chris stated they took a break.
I gave him the opportunity, he said picked a place and he would be there no problem. He was having difficulty driving Jodie may have to bring him.
Just prior to this meeting he had an urgent need to fly out the night prior. He said it was to Arizona and be back in a day. The day turned into weeks. He asked me to fly to Arizona would send a ticket- ticket never came. .
Continued communication while in Arizona, then he needed to confide in me. The reason he had been so secretive is that he was retired CIA, he had been recruited to infiltrated a cocaine group. He said 18 were recruited only 6 at the end. He said his partner was killed in 2012. They brought down the mother of cocaine.
He was concerned for my safety, why measures had to be taken to Make sure I would safe. Now this was really getting bizarre. If he were CIA he would place me in increased danger just knowing the fact
My birthday came up while he was gone; he wanted my address to send a gift. I gave him my office address. He sent a gift basket, which indicated a Daniel Lee purchased it. I questioned this he said it was his daughters boyfriend. He could not charge on line because he was fearful to use his black card.
He kept probing for personal information, which I did not provide. In many cases the information I did give was modified from original enough to distort but easy to remember.
I told him I was going to stop the relationship, just wanted more than text and telephone. He called me and said he wanted to come home, and would be home that Sunday. We made plans I would pick him up at airport. On Saturday I had not heard from him, send an email he said he was in a meeting will call me later.
Later that day, late afternoon I got an email from Jodie, she was worried she had not been able to reach him all day. He had said he was flying in at 8 am to her-, which was strange because he told me she was arranging.
I replied to her never got a response.
At Christmas time I email a holiday card which he responded. Professed his love. Stared he had returned to Los Angeles but then flew to London to be with his daughter over the holidays so as to not be alone.
He indicated his love and could not live without me. Wanted to put our relationship back together. I went along to see how far he would take the game he was playing. He said he would be back in LA in a week. The week stretched into two weeks. He then asked me to cone to London, said I would, this did not occur he always indicated he had to travel somewhere.
After a couple of weeks of back and forth and his communication of love, he asked for money, said there was something wrong with his back card. At first it was a lump sum, explained did not have. He pushed to sertal times to get monies. Then stated he had been on an assignment and he had to go to Ghana for some evidence, and he would get paid for the work he had done. A friend was going there if I would cover the hotel with a credit card he could return to Los Angeles. Told him could not did have limit for hotel he chose ( $ 500 per day, 3 days ). He kept beginning, I agree to only make the reservation, and he would have to pay on end of stay.. I requested name etc, which he supplied. I contacted hotel explained situation, they provided a dummy reservation number, if anyone showed they would notify the police.
When he contacted for reservation number, gave him the reservation, he said he told his friend the reservation was in my name, I was his future wife. I told him not in my name, in name he had given me. Reminded him room charges needed to be paid on check out. .
He called once or twice after that, said he was coming back to L.A. He would say he was going to call at specific time, did not I then told him take his chances whenever he can call, then call, I may or may not be available.
This went on for several weeks with no contact from him.
At that point it was obvious a SCAM, romance for Money. ...

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Chris Shawn Fitzgerald to Brenda (USA)
I'm a successful professional, intelligent and caring person, a good friend and lover, youthful in spirit and appearance. Like many people who came of age in the fifties, idealism and commitment remain significant threads in my life and that is why I've spent the bulk of my career in the not-for-profit sector. I care deeply about the things in my life that I value: my work, my interests, friendships and family. I'm a devoted guy and friend, a sensitive and supportive mate. I like my relationships to be real and honest, both verbal and visceral, which is probably why most of my close friendships have been with women. In an understated way, I am passionate about life and unabashedly romantic. I love being transported by a soaring rock lead or the crescendo in a Beethoven symphony, by a gripping scene in a film or an elegant paragraph in a novel, by the magical connections we make sometimes with others. Though I don't seek change often, I like challenges and have alway


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