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ROMANCE SCAMMER Ronnie Perry Williams
First name: Ronnie Perry
Last name: Williams
Age: 50
Mark David Neace
Mark David Neace
Name aliases:
Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davide, Davido, Davids, Dawid, Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk, Perr, Ronny, Welams, Wiliams
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
Riverside, California, USA
22 Rancho Dr., Riverside, California, 92507, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Badoo, Facebook
Scam media:
Celebrity website:


REPORT N1 (added on September, 18, 2014)
Maria (USA)

He first sent a friend request on FACEBOOK. which I accepted , He claimed to be a United Kingdom (Liverpool) national , living in Riverside, California, US. widow, and working as a free lancer computer Engineer at Haysoft based in England. In short we became more than friends and was calling me everyday and texting me. He has a British accent and very fluent in English. It goes on for about one and half months. then one day he called and told me he has a job contract and leaving for Malaysia that night. He was calling me while he was on his way to the airport. He would call me during his break time he said and told me when he finish his contract there, he is going to see me so we could see each other and perhaps travel and see places. He said his investment will be double when this job is done He even sent me a copy of an email coming from KLM of the flight he booked from Malaysia to my place. He also told me that I should give him my bank account because he will file his claim to the ACE Company and wire it to his Fiancee's account (mine) because he has no SSS number he do not have a bank account here in US. I was not comfortable of giving him my bank account, so what I did was to open a new bank account in another bank and gave him that. Something was already bothering me because, every time I called him it goes to his voicemail, before he returns my calls. After almost 2 weeks, I got a call from him, that he needs help for me to find some institution where he can lend money and was willing to pay interest, because he needs to buy a spare parts to complete his job. I had an offer from my credit card for balance transfer with 0 interest but with a transaction fee of 2%, which he agreed to pay. I had to send it through Money gram ($ 1,200.00) directly to the merchant by the name of SITI NORHIZAN BINTI .OSMAN, , then he texted me that he could not finished installing the mass because it was raining, so he has to postpone his flight, and extend his stay , so he needed more money for the hotel and and for the lawyer who is going to process his claim to the Ace company. In short I sent him again $1,800.00 thru Western Union under the name of VERONICA FLORES SANTOS , she is one of the receptionist of the Hotel he was staying, I wanted to send it to him directly but he said he does not want to carry that big amount , but Union did not release the money and was asking me if I knew recipient when I answered no, they gave me a reference number so I can get the money back, He told me that perhaps the amount is too big, so instructed me to divide it and send it to money gram under the name of Veronica ($1,000.00) and the $800.00 to the manager of the hotel whose name is SANTHIRASEKARAN P. SINNASAMY. in between, I wanted to break up the relationship because I wanted him to send me some pictures of the places, he claimed he visited with his picture in it, but he said it is in his camera and he has no card reader to hook it in, in his computer, I also wanted to see him in skype but he said he tried to download the apps but the internet connection is so slow that it fails to download it in his computer. When he got my email breaking up with him , he called me and was crying like a child. He sent me his address and the email confirmation of KLM of the changes on the date of his departure. All went well, came the the date of his departure, he was so excited that finally we will meet and be together at last.. He said he will call me when he arrived the airport. He texted me that he was now in line to check in. Then I got a call that he was not allowed to board the plane because, he has a working visa, so he needs to pay income tax before he could leave the country. He needs $16,000,00. I told him there that I don't have that kind of money, I now concluded that something was fishy. I tried not to answer his calls but he call my home phone , then my cell until I answered him that all I can give him was moral support. He said he has contacted his colleague and ask for help, his best friend sent him only $7,000.00 which is not enough to cover the cost. He said he is now staying in a 3 star hotel and in 3 days they will send him out if he could not pay to extend his stay, then his visa will also expires and faces deportation. He was begging me for help, he said he is sick for not eating, he is just drinking water and juice to ease his hunger, off course I could not bear the agony on his voice (very good actor) so I tried to send him again $800.00 for his hotel and his food while he is waiting for the money that another friend promised to send him. I was told to send it to KALEN ADDISON, but Money gram did not release the money when I was asked if I knew the person, off course I said no. I was able to get a refund and I emailed him, that I will send him money if he could send me a copy of his passport with his picture and his expired visa, then a copy of this claim on the company he was working with, then I want to talk to him in skype. He called me several times but I never answered his calls. He left a message on my answering machine, that obviously, he was not the right guy for me and wishes me that I could find that man. 3 days later he unfriend me in FB, So I reported his fake account in Facebook and his profile was deleted. I downloaded his pictures on google.com/img, only to find out that the pictures in his profiles belong to a previous TV actor anchor by the name of Mark Grimm. I wonder how many women have this guy scammed. I believed that several scammer is using this pictures of Mark not only the person who scammed me.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Ronnie Perry Williams to Maria (USA)
Hey baby, here is my address. Hope this can clear up some doubt in your mind.

2002 Rancho Dr. Riverside, CA, 92507


Well, it's obvious how much doubt you have in me and how much you hate me, My greetings and love don't mean anything to you if not you will be concern about my problems and you were never bothered to call to see how am doing in this critical situation. You just want to believe in whatever you heard from whomsoever and you requested for a lot of things in which I provided due to your doubt. I never once doubted you because of my love for you because I told it all seriously and I thought we have a future together and a whole lots more. Wow! Not even a single call from you, which I will never do to someone I care about. You have showed me completely that you are not capable to handle any affair, I never caused you any pain and I think you would have called if you were in any pain. Wouldn't you have called if I was your


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