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First name: Martin


Last name: James


Aka: James Grady, Morgan James, Eric Forson, Lucas James, James McCord, Robin James, Paul Fynn, Francis Bullah, James Rodriguez, Morris Fynn, Anorpansuo Matine, Richard James George, Terry Clark, James Stuart, David Smith, Greg Washington, Ja Loe, James William, James Smith, Steven Larson Jackson, Mark Lee, James Mason, James Dareen, Sabah Spio, Willard Wade James, James Parker, Jackson Miller, Davis James, Thomas Danso, James Brian, Christ David, Marius M., Marvin Gravis, James Banks, Alexander James, Mark Blienford, Barry James, James Mosqueda, Robin Perez James, Harrison Ajayi, James Everart Lacquah, Craig James, Larry Elliott, James Gregory Scott, James Tornado, James Hickey, Steven Norris, James Morris, James Lukas, James Haggerd, James Hage, Thomas Rudolf Shafferr, James Halsey, Chris James, Christopher Jason James, James Grant, Jeffrey M. Scott, Christian, James Charleston, James Wilson, Giovanni A. Christain, Enoch Etornam, Larry Gary, Matins James, James Williams, Kelvin Onyia, James Harris, Stewart Nathan Craig, Lionel, Giovanni Christian, Kenny James, James Aston, Anthony, Kennedy Fedelis Green, John Norris James, James Sheriff, Musah Hakeem, Jamilu Koko, Jamilu James, Rumfelt, James Malvin, Simpson Kent Arthur, James Hamilton, Mark Williams, George Smith, Richard Johnson, James Walker, James Lee Payne, Nicholas, Sackey R., James Carol Bride, Fred Johnson, James Brown, Frank James, Larry Dickson, Kelvin Boateng, Mark James, Ryan S., James Gazen, James Frey, Benson Woods, Dave, Philip James, Foster, Clifford, Carlberg


Name aliases: Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Alexandar, Alexandr, Anthoney, Antoine, Antone, Antonie, Antony, Ben, Bryan, Chris, Christo, Clarke, Clerk, Cliff, Cliffe, Clyff, Clyffe, Cristopher, Davi, Davidde, Davide, Davido, Davids, Davies, Elliot, Erick, Franc, Frances, Franck, Franka, Frankie, Franky, Frankyy, Freddy, Gabriele, Garry, Georges, Greg, Gregg, Gregorry, Haris, Harison, Harrisson, Jamie, Jayson, Jeff, Jeffi, Johnn, Kelivin, Kellvin, Kenn, Kilvin, Lucaz, Luckas, Lucus, Lucus, Lukas, Lukaz, Marc, Markie, Markk, Marten, Marv, Moris, Nick, Nickolas, Nicolas, Nicolass, Paull, Philips, Phillip, Rechard, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy, Robbin, Rudolph, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotty, Simth, Steave, Steve, Steward, Terri, Thom, Tom, Tomas, Tommy, Toni, Tonny, Tony, Toomas





Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Achimota (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan); Kandahar (Afghanistan); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Lagos (Nigeria); Pretoria (South Africa); Takoradi (Ghana); Tema (Ghana)


Also claims to be in: Austin, TX (USA); Kuwait; Syria; Arizona (USA); London (England); New York, NY (USA); Boston, MA (USA); Baghdad (Iraq); Reston, Virginia (USA); Belgium; Tampa, Florida (USA); Chicago, Illinois (USA); Sydney (Australia); Washington D.C. (USA); Toronto (Canada); Manassas, Virginia (USA); Miami, Florida (USA); Hahndorf (Australia); Los Angeles, CA (USA); San Francisco, CA (USA); Beverly Hills, CA (USA); Devine, Texas (USA); Petaluma, California (USA); Columbus, Ohio (USA); Atlanta, GA (USA); Cairo (Egypt); Calgary (Canada); Ramstien (Germany); Colville, Washington (USA); UAE; South Carolina (USA); Memphis, Tennessee (USA); Colorado (USA); Allentown, PA (USA); Queens, New York (USA); Kalisz (Poland); Fresno, California (USA); Greenwich, Connecticut (USA); Alaki Fonua (Tonga); Hot Springs, South Dakota (USA); Manhattan, NY (USA); Floral Park, New York (USA); Birmingham, Alabama (USA); San Diego, California (USA); Charlotte, North Carolina (USA); Munich (Germany); Long Beach, California (USA); Apeldoorn (Netherlands)


Address(es): Unit 2050, box 4196, Camp Bagram apo, 96278-2050, Afganistan
24 Komol ave., Accra, Ghana
PO Box NT 814, Accra, Ghana, 002333 654, Takoradi, Ghana
Addogon Street, Accra, Ghana, 00233
2295 Briarcliff Rd 30345, Atlanta, GA, USA
PO Box NT86, Acura, Newton Accra, Ghana, 00233
1104 Slide Creek Rd., Colville, WA 99114 Washington, USA
11 Spintex road, Accra, Ghana
3479 W. Mesa Ave, Fresno, CA 93711, USA
21 Vineyard Ln, Greenwich, CT 06831, USA


Phone number(s): 0011233505772586


E-mail address(es):


Skype: markjames19976; gzenjames


Operates on website(s): Alt, Badoo, Be 2, Chemistry, Christian Dating, Confirio, Face Book, Friend Finder, Friends Worldwide, Friendscout 24, Google Hangouts, Growlr, Hi 5, Lava Life, Lexa, Linked In, Match, Mature Singles Click, Netlog, Ok Cupid, Our Time, Person, Plenty of Fish, Skout, Skype, Tagged, Tinder, Viadeo, Whats App, Zorpia


Scam media: unknown




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Report N41 (added on August, 21, 2014)

This man initiated contact with me a couple of months ago and I am ashamed to say I fell head over heels for it/him. He has never asked for money, actually said he is not allowed to receive anything from me. He states he is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army stationed in Kabul Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission, sent me the same pictures that are posted here. He has called me so I have spoken to him over the phone and explained his heavy accent as a result of spending years in Germany, he says he has a home in Miami Florida and that he will be retiring soon and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He says he has a 16 year old daughter named Mary who is in Accra Ghana in a private school and being raised by close friends, he said his wife died over 10 years ago from a kidney disease. I cannot believe I have been so stupid to fall for this. My biggest worry is that I have Skype''d with him, he never showed himself saying he cannot because of his job in the military that he is not allowed to show himself on camera, but I have showed myself, too much of myself if you know what I mean.

Tina (USA)

Report N42 (added on August, 21, 2014)

I have been talking to him for the last 2 months. He said he was in Afghanistan getting ready to retire. He has a 12 year old son staying with his best friend a Mr. Lord. I received emails and text messages from both his son and Mr Lord. He's ordered me pizza and had delivered to my home so we can have dinner together as he said. He asked for a galaxy 5 phone but said because it would take to long if I shipped it to send Mr Lord the money I never sent it he said its OK he loved me not the phone then he needed me to send money for school books for danny his son. He wanted me to open a account at a Credit Union so he could transfer money from his account so I could send it to Mr Lord because Danny's paper work was messed up and he couldn't leave Ghana . He wanted to send Danny here to me so when he retired in 2 weeks we could buy a house and get married . When I didn't do what he instructed me to do he said some rude things and I blocked him.

Sandra (USA)

Report N43 (added on August, 22, 2014)

I am IN SHOCK at how much of a scoundrel this idiot is !! I am livid !! Thankfully I was cautious enough to catch on and check on your site. But, he does have my address and ph number as well, and pictures of me and my boys ! I am just sick reading about all the money and gifts this creep has managed to escape with. I want this evil person to get jailed ! He popped out of nowhere on Match .com and kept chat requesting me persistently until I gave in. I can't believe he actually had me going. He asked for a cell phone on day 4. As soon as he asked I freaked out, but did not let on. He is under the impression I bought him a phone, and boy is he anxious to get it ! LOL. Anyway, I'm scamming him now. I wish I could speak with some of you. Im going to use the information listed on this site to do some reporting. I think I have his IP address too. Please put scammer in the subject. He posed as the same Lucas James from this site and called himself james, but gmail said Morgan James and james is on uniform. Claims to be in Kuwait, retiring soon. Said Aug 20 was BD. Claims to own a home in Austin, Tx. I am stringing him on in hopes of finding a way to catch him . If anyone is chatting with him now, as well, I wish we could chat about it.

Robin Guilbault (USA)

Report N44 (added on August, 22, 2014)

James contacted me via Linkedin. Over time he advised me that he had no family and was heading out on a dangerous mission and needed someone to take care of his personal papers and could he send me the information. It was in a locked box and no one would have access to it. He hired a diplomat to bring the box to me. Before long the box was getting held up in Ghana as it did not have the proper paper work for it to pass through customs. The diplomat advised that we needed to pay for an ownership document, an origin document and a no inspection certificate. Next they said there were taxes to be paid. At that point I said I could no longer help out. Well James then hired a lawyer to come to the rescue and said the Diplomat company was not qualified to transport such a box. Then money was needed to get the no inspection certificate and a court order to allow the box to move to Canada from Ghana. Then the box did not pass the puffer test and the content were to be revealed.

Lori (Canada)

Report N45 (added on August, 25, 2014)

I was contacted on within a few minutes of joining. He asked me to move to yahoo messenger to continue talking. Robin said he was stationed in Afghanistan and was retiring in 5 weeks and looking for a relationship to come back to in the states. He said he was married for 10 years and widowed for 8 years and she passed from cancer in the blood. He said he had no other family as he was adopted from Berlin and his adopted parents had passed.
He asked for an Iphone 5 or a computer as he was using his buddies and his had been lost to an IED. I told hime no...then the big one came. He had money ($7million ) in Ghana that a Diplomat had put into storage for 2 years for him and that time was up. I was to contact Mrs.Paul Fynn at and make arrangements to ship the money back to the states. He would then meet me there and we would start a life together. He also mentioned the manager as Mr Francis Bullah.. He did not receive any money from me and I stopped contact with him.

Cindy (USA)

Report N46 (added on August, 25, 2014)

He contacted me through match. From April 2014-Aug. 2014. Money sent to Mr. Morris Fynn in Ghana trough moneygram twice total $850 for luggage in customs. And to Anorpansuo Matine in Ghana through moneygram twice total $155 for airfare. Plus 3 ITunes cards total $95. Now wanting $100 today or will post my pics on fb & youtube.

Rebecca Leard (USA)

Report N47 (added on August, 26, 2014)

This man richard james geogre sent me a friend request on Facebook claiming to know my friend who lives in LA after some days of corresponding ask me to marry him he accepted friend request from all my family members corresponded with the as well. He claim to be in Syria and said he would be retiring in September he said he would come to jamaica on the 27th September. I spoke to him on skype and realised he looked different and his surroundings did not seem like the middle east . He said that his diplomat would send $100,000 US to me along with gold chains and rings I recieved an email from SKYSHIELD DIPLOMATIC EXPRESS LOGISTICS LIMITED stating my parcel is in transit with a tracking number to track the location of the package I then recieved another email stating that the parcel had reach india on its route to jamaica and I was required to pay a fee of $630 US additional to clear the package . This man is a criminal and involved my family into his scam it seem so real im writing this to warn all women a scam comes in many forms.

Chamelia (Jamaica)

Report N48 (added on August, 26, 2014)

I was contacted on Skype by General Terry Clark. He claimed to be based in Afghanistan and had been there for a year. He said he has a teenaged son Malivn who is at school in England but was currently on a field trip to Ghana and was based at the Kofi Anan school in Accra Ghana and would be there for 3 months. After having chatted for about 4 month said he wanted to marry me and got what was supposed to be the UN Office in the UK to send me a form for me to complete so that he would be given permission to leave the base. I completed the form which required a lot of my personal information and emailed it back to one Serfeze Ferenc (email address He then advised me on the price of the airline ticket and I sent USD to Collin Peters in the UK. Next came a copy of the booking for the ticket and then an email again from Serfeze Ferenc asking for what he called a travel allowance which would be handed to the General prior to him travelling in the form of a draft (not to be spent) So more USD were sent to Collin Peters in the UK. I am then advised that Serfeze Ferenc has arrived in Accra Ghana to collect Malvin and that they are due to depart for Afghanistan the next day. However on the way to the airport they are hit by a car and both end up at the Kent Hospital in Ghana. The hospital then start sending me e mails calling me Mrs Clark and saying that my son and the old man need treatment but they need payment to start treating the two. I could not find the hospital when I googled it and started to get really worried.Told Serfeze that I did not believe that anyone would travel into Africa without funds. He then said that his USD had been stolen off him by the good Samaritan who took them to hospital. When I refused to pay funds to the hospital he became threating and told me to remember that the UN has all my details. At this stage Terry Clark had stopped sending me e mail and was not coming on line on Skype. In all they took me for R140 000.00. Plus I sent an iPhone5 to Malvin as a birthday gift to Accra Ghana via DHL.
I see on your site that you know this person and he goes by many different names and is still at it. His profile picture on Skype is of a white haired man in uniform with the name tag of James. Malvin's e mail address is and Terry's e mail address is
One last thing he said that they were forbidden to use cam camera on Skype as the enemy were then able to trace them.

Lesley (USA)

Report N49 (added on September, 19, 2014)

Hi There fellow women
You are all awesome women and ..i know we get lonely.. This man General James Stuart aka.. known under many names (Listed as some under..below) but the pictures are the same....
He has approached me and asked me to be his wife.. Then his story was changed a bit and when questioned.. he said he was tired and affected by Peace Keeping duties. He change his son to his daughter then back to his son.. etc..
So I went on the internet to find out about him.. He is listed with photos.... as a scammer.. So I connected you all together here to share this information. Reason is because of the following real information and research..
Do you know that pictures are all over the web, saying he not a person but a group of people who steel identity theft..
Do you know that he/they take away people's hope and will to live..
Do you know just in Sydney that 56 And growing each week, people die from suicide cause by Scammers..Like this..
That is real case history.. and just imagine on the state of NEw South Wales and then nationally and internationally... All adds up..
You not only take money.. you take hope and the will to live..
Your killing real people. And when you are caught, Do you know that they are changing laws and developing laws that will charge you with death.. as you are killers.
His photos are making the rounds once more. He is now going by the name Davis James.

Sonia (Australia)

Report N50 (added on September, 19, 2014)

I am on dating site and received a mail from this creature. The instant I saw his picture I remembered that I had seen him on male.scammers and immediately checked. He joined the site today. I answered his male but I am going to stay on the site, not giving my mail. I will report abuse on the site, but they do nothing about it, I guess the profit from paying to be on the site is more important.

Filomena (USA)

Report N51 (added on September, 19, 2014)

I was contacted through the dating site be2 after i clicked on his profile. All went weel for 3 days, then he proposed....he then didn't contact me for 2 days and then told me this sob story about him being injured and needing to go home, and i would have to pay for it because otherwise he would have to stay another 11 months in afghanistan. the minute he asked for money my alarm bells rang and i reseached and found all was a lie.

Antje (Ireland)

Report N52 (added on September, 19, 2014)

He contacted me on tagged and told me he is a sargant in Kabul. He told me he has a house in Texas and sent me a picture that was suppose to have been taken there.He sent me a picture of himself and another person on the field but who knows where that was. He said I had turned his life upside down and that he wanted to marry me.

Gale (USA)

Report N53 (added on September, 19, 2014)

Same as other stories about him. Actually it is just his photo that is being used. The person who is actually getting money is named Spio Sabah, in Accra, Ghana.
He says that he is in Kabul Afghanistan and his son Chris is stuck in Accra Ghana.

Kendra (USA)

Report N54 (added on September, 26, 2014)

This is a scammers who has used photos on many sites .. also many of your clients has this photos... they are used in various names..adies.. this profile is use by spammers and scammers ...These pictures are known in many sites ... i researched this photo and names on the web..after
This man proposed to me and said I was his wife to be..that was in august 2014 and before in 2009 under another name, then he was a car dealer... so I did research on his name on web and his picture..
There are over 300+ pictures of this person. Military scammers has also posted on their sites under romantic scammers..
I know we are wanting love and want to be whole with a good partner, that is why we are women. Please research the men who contact you as there are scammers.. This person / people are not real.. As the military have stopped public and personal media within the forces... Looks can be charming..
Ladies you are intelligent creative ladies. I am placing this here because this man picture is being used for scams...
Read the warning signs which Scammer com as well as Romantic Scammers has over 400+ individual reports in 1 section and has 5 sections on this particular photographs of this person profile..
Women out to find loving men always fall into an emotional trap that ends up hurting them psychologically and taking away their money. Essentially, if the man you are dating has not started concocting very believable emotional stories that end with a request for some funds here and there, chances are the man is genuine. However, scammers are known to even take years earning a woman’s confidence before going in for the kill.
This scammer has used many stories. Loss of a wife and left with a child.. boy /girl. location varies from all over USA to overseas
Scammers are now universal
There is a reason to believe those who are mostly conned by men who seem and sound genuine are mostly locals. For example, a scammer in England was able to scam a dozen women from the same town with the same stories and emails until he was found out. His story was that he was from South Africa and an uncle who had lately passed away had left him an inheritance worth lots of money and property and was raising air fare to go and collect. While such male scammers are very common, has for many years established scammers are universal, with many even in the remotest areas of South America, Africa and Europe.
While you can use the potential scammer’s email to find him on social media and the internet, has a well stocked and weekly upgraded resource of male scammers from around the world.
There are always warning signs... Ladies you are worth so much more than to be scammed by a scammer..
Scammers first introduce themselves to their victims through emails, online dating sites and social network sites such as Facebook. In many cases, it is very easy to notice the age difference. However, using the email or name to find the potential scammer does not always work and you might end up thinking you are really communicating with a potential boyfriend or husband only to realize he had no social network profile or had hidden it well from you.
Scams usually go up as the age between the scammer and victim also increase. He might request any communication be done through a private email address or as you continue corresponding, the initial email you were corresponding through changes and you are given another. These are tell-tale signs you need to notice right away. In fact, if you can find his profile on social media or dating sites, you need to really look and analyze it effectively until you are satisfied he is not claiming to be in Latvia yet close to you in East London.
Experts at reiterate that a scammer will always give you some kind of a warning sign and if you are careful and not taken aback by emotions, love and the whole dating experience, you will notice them right away. Once you have ascertained there are a number of things that are not adding up or your gut feeling is telling you otherwise, you do not have to stop there.
General James Stuart... General Stuart James and again he has contacted me under another name Richard James Stuart, Martin J
ames, Martin Lucas, JAy Jay , I informed you ladies..
Ladies I know it can be hard to not fall for a picture.. Ladies you all are intelligent.. Look for the name of the person with pictures.. on Google .. this is what I found of the above person, who uses over 300 pictures of the same man .... be careful.. This is all of the same profile....
Do you know that pictures are all over the web, saying he not a person but a group of people who steel identity theft..
Do you know that this person take's away people's hope and will to live..
Do you know just in Sydney that 56 And growing each week, people die from suicide cause by Scammers..Like this..
That is real case history.. and just imagine on the state of NEw South Wales and then nationally and internationally... All adds up..
Scammers and this particular scammer, not only take money.. you take hope and the will to live..
Scammers are actually killing real people. Do you know that they are changing laws and developing laws that will charge you with death.. as you are taking lives by using psychologically to become real killers.
The photos you use are plastered over the net and your id's is listed as scammers. The people pictures you use, as also committing suicide, as they get the rough side of people's anger....and that is also why the laws are changing for scammers... Your country is going through unite nations to stop all assistance from international countries.. so your really stuffing up your own country. The Federal, FBI and Interpol are all watching you.. as a nation of scammers.
Even the many emails which you sent and sending me are all monitored. You have caused great international pain.

Sonia (Australia)

Report N55 (added on October, 3, 2014)

This gentleman started talking to me on skype on the 18 th september. this weekend he told me he wanted to have money send to me as he is and soldier in afghanistan. before i knew it he has arranged evrything and now wants me to pay his agent 5,500$ to receive his 2,000,000 for him in a briefcase.

Emma (South Africa)

Report N56 (added on October, 3, 2014)

Claims to be working as a civil engineer in Toronto, constantly asking for money, constantly has problems, etc. Claims to have no cell phone.

Cathy (USA)

Report N57 (added on October, 3, 2014)

I met him on Skype from March 2014, and ended in September 2014. He proposed to me from 2nd day of talking on Skype, and wants to settle down in UK when he retires soon. He wants to send a Box to me from Greece which contains a large sums of money, so we can build up home and settle. In order for this box to reach UK one company will be sending it to me. Along the way money was asked by this company to pay to Customs department in Athens. I was sucked in to his charms and helped him to get the box to UK. Finally the box and the contents arrived. But it did not end there. More money was asked even in UK, when it finally dawned on me that this is not right. I had been scammed big time, and lost six figure sums of money in pounds.

Myint (UK)

Report N58 (added on October, 10, 2014)

Male Scammer
Website: / BDSM & Alternative Lifestyle Personals
jamesbanks705 60M
Manassas, Virginia; United States
Member Since: 18 August 2014

Paul (USA)

Report N59 (added on October, 24, 2014)

This person (James Stuart) contacted me via skype in April 2014, and started his sweet talk. After very short time he pronounced ever lasting love, sent photos and copies of his personal document (fake ID which was done by JERRY SWANSY, his driving licence and pilot licence), he said his wife died in September 2011 in New York, has son called Alex (using photo of model Cody), who is in school in UK.
He said he is retiring soon and going to be posted for another year in California. At the final he asked for 2.000 USD to pay for registration of his parcel containing personal documents, documents to his house in California and 50.000 USD part of which he wanted to spend during holiday with me in Spain.
I was stupid enough too pay 2.000 USD to Thailand to diplomatic agent KAVINTIDA SUPASSAY, NO.46 ONNUT ROAD, BANGKOK, THAILAND, tel.: +66994539126, of course instead of parcel the demand for more money came. I refused to pay more as I realized i have been scammed.
He than turn attention to my sister using name Godwin Smith but as i warned her my sister did not pay any money but has been asked for 50.000 ?.
Ladies - this guy is very dangerous, using his charm and well written letters to blind you. Do not fall for it!

Hana (Spain)

Report N60 (added on October, 31, 2014)

Claims to be in us military working on secret mission in Kabul. Claimed he saved the life of a young girl whose family were very wealthy. The Sultan, an oil baron, arrived and thanked him for saving his girls life. handed him 2.5 million us dolllars and 25kg gold. his senior commander has instructed him to send everything home for safe keeping!!
having read various reports my suspicions were confirmed, he is a scam artist and thankfully I never parted with any money to receive these alleged goods!!!!!!
guys and girls be aware of this low life as he is using straight and gay sites to prey on vulnerable people.

Dave (UK)

Report N61 (added on November, 26, 2014)

I been sending money to him for groceries and gave me this as a tracking number!
Receiver Name: Maj. James Scott
Receiver Address: Afghanistan/Kabul Camp 5
Item Location: DUBAI - UAE

Penny (USA)

Report N62 (added on December, 12, 2014)

If it appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. This guy contacted me via POF just yesterday. He claims to be in Afghanistan and coming home in 2 months. He sent a picture of a young boy who he said is his son. The son lives in Ghana. We have only shared a few emails back and forth. I didn't know this website existed but for some strange reason I felt compelled this morning to try to find info on him via the web. His story didn't add up. I stumbled across this website and am shocked! Well ladies this is a first for me!

Christine (USA)

Report N63 (added on December, 17, 2014)

Claims to be a heart surgeon with a 21 year son in the USA and was working at Roma Australia but flew to the Uk and then Ghana and needs money for documents to bring gold into Australia.

Kathy (Australia)

Report N64 (added on January, 7, 2015)

Received a request today on Plenty of Fish, uses the name happyyear565. Stated he was from Hahndorf South Australia, was a widower and had two sons 17 and 21. Claims he worked in Healthcare. exchanged email, and was suspicious after the first contact as his grammer was a bit off, so I did a search on the name he gave and low and behold I find him on your Site. Thankfully no chance for him to scam me, as I am always a bit wary of contacts on dating Sites, especially when they have a few photos used and one has either a fancy car, or helicopter, which he had.

Maureen (Australia)

Report N65 (added on January, 12, 2015)

I don't know if he is a male scammers. But for me I see a red flag because he wrote me a email saying that his wife die in a car accident 4 years ago and right now he is in Afghanistan working with the NATO peace keeping this letter I receive it today with some pictures.

Lucy (USA)

Report N66 (added on January, 21, 2015)

I was connected by this man,,,on Match wanting to chat.on 12/3/14..I of course started to chat with him.I didn't get to see his profile on asked him to send me pictures of him,,so I gave him my email address..He is a charmer,tells you what you want to hear..Told friends about him..I googled name,nothing came up,,,my friends put in Robin James master sergeant ,and he came up as a scam artist..I gave him my cell number ,,big mstake now,,he has called,,sent emails,texts,,they say,if it's to good to be true,it is..He suppose to retire 1/29,,from Army,,,So,if he is scamming ,,he should be ashamed of him self,,to be using our armed forces this way.I sent care package with Bible in..God forgive me if all this is true..I decided to play it out till end of month,,to see where he leads it.I am so ashamed of myself,,to be caught up in this crap...Caught me at my most lowest point in my life..

Jane (USA)

Report N67 (added on February, 13, 2015)

James contacted me through Match. I responded with him for about 2 weeks. He asked for a care package after about a week. He said he did not have access to his bank account and needed a few things. I told him he was getting out of the army in a few weeks and good wait. The clincher was that he asked for a holy bible. I told him I was not going to send him anything. After this discussion he did not ask for anything else. We just chatted.He told me how happy he was since finding me. He was in deeply in love with me. He wanted my address and phone number. I did not give my phone number to him right away but did end up doing that. I never gave him my address.

Becky (USA)

Report N68 (added on February, 19, 2015)

I started to chat to him on badoo he asked me to chat on Yahoo messenger I was surprised he had straight away cancelled his badoo account when I asked he never gave a answer he told me he is in the army I can not send any thing to him he is not allowed on the Thursday before Valentine's day I received some beautiful red roses then a he sent a flight plan for his flight from Afghanistan to England which was paid in cash then came the big on can I poses as his wife to have a box sent to me from Canada which has money and his medals inside I did not have to pay anything it was taken care of but No I was asked to pay 3250 to get it changed to my name and address I was about to send the money but something told me no at the moment I am still talking to him and telling him I have a problem my end with the gram I asked for photos of him in uniform and I got the same one posted here he told me he is a widower with a 12 year old daughter Jackie. Soldiers no matter what country they are from do a good job but to use the military like this is the worst kind of low and he should be stopped and jailed for it he makes you feel special about your self with the emails he sends . So if he contact's you stay away he is no good also when I asked why he did not leave his medals at home he said he had to show his superiors I then asked him to have it shipped home to his address as he was retiring soon he said his housekeeper would steel the money how in locked box with a code on .And why trust her with your daughter but not you other things so please don't let him scam any one else he needs to be stopped.

Mary (UK)

Report N69 (added on February, 25, 2015)

He asked me to send him a care package by Fedex but I sent it by USPS instead, it cost me $102 to send it, I sent it to: Ajayi Harrison in Accra Ghana new achimota 00233. Then I received an email saying that I needed to send $150 for the clearance fee for customs. Could not afford that so they told me to send $75 which I sent via money gram to: Ajayi Harrison Addogon Street. Accra Ghana 00233. I am currently talking to him still, now I see here he is a scammer. I used to see if he was a scammer to no avail, I ran the name Robin James, so I thought he was for real. The text messages from him read at the bottom of each one: MILITARY BASE SYSTEM- Just made it seem so real.Now I know he isn''t and feel like,e such a fool.

Leilani (USA)

Report N70 (added on March, 5, 2015)

He initiated contact through Lavalife. I initially said that I did not want a long distance relationship. He insisted that love had no distance and that he felt something special towards me. We corresponded back and forth a few emails when I felt that something wasn't right. He was proclaiming his love for me after only a couple emails. The clincher was when I emailed him to tell him that I did not want a relationship where small children were involved. (He said that he had a 10 year old son he was raising as a single parent.) The joke was on him and I did not hear from him again. I only found his pics on this site when I was actually here searching for a couple other scammers that have come through lately. I had my doubts about this guy but after seeing all the links here back to his pics, it all becomes pretty clear. I dodged a bullet.

Tamara (Canada)

Report N71 (added on March, 26, 2015)

Contacted me via Linked. States is army doctor stationed in Kabul and says has 6 yr old child, dead wife of cancer 2 years ago. Wanted to talk via Yahoo Messenger. Sending romantic messages and love letters.

Amy (USA)

Report N72 (added on April, 1, 2015)

I was contacted on 03/10/2015 by Chris James on the chat line on match. He requested that we switch to corresponding on Yahoo Messenger where he uses the name sgt.james49. We have been corresponding ever since. A friend of mine whose sons are in the army were never allowed to report where they were when stationed overseas. He did state where he was, that he could call his son but not me. He said his father died in the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center but later said after working at the UN, was a manager of a mining company In another state. So things did not jibe. He did not ask for money. He wanted to meet me immediately upon retirement from the service on May 20, 2015 and asked me to pick him up at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL and gave me an address.

Mary (UK)

Report N73 (added on April, 1, 2015)

This person sent me an email first then contacted me on google hangouts several time. He also sent me 3 pictures. I found his picture and story on your website and wanted you to know he is still out there tryng to scam for money.
He told me his son was sick and asked me to send him $1000. I played along with him because I have been trying to find out who he actually was from the beginning. i only today found your wetsite and saw his picture. I did not have any intention of sending him money and did not.
He claims to be in Afghanistan and getting ready to retire. Says he has a son 14 years old named Chris and his wife died of cancer 4 years ago.
I do have the pictures of him and his son that he sent me and an email. He is listed on your site as James Lucus. Please tell me how to get the pictures and email to you.

Charlene (USA)

Report N74 (added on April, 1, 2015)

He approached me on Linkedin . General Major in US Army, shortly before retirement. Lost his wife and son in car accident 5 years ago. Daughter went on drug since then she has a kidney problem and need a transplant. Writes nice letters, send song text lyrics to express his feelings...although doubts are coming up as the email sometimes look like just copied from somewhere. He is very busy in Kabul, so can not chat always. Urged to open yahoo messenger account. always stress his believe in god. He very soon mentioned things which ddi not fit. asked on this he was getting aggressive, but afterwards apologized deeply. After some chats- he saw me as the wife of his life...and therefore he has deleted his linked profile...too many approached him:-) He then came with the story he need 15.000 EUR which i need to bring to Ireland to a diplomatic lady.

Sarah (England)

Report N75 (added on April, 15, 2015)

I have to admit this fella is very convincing. Seems real but is not the same person as in the photo. Said he was active duty Airforce at first contact then turned to Army. Owned home in Beverly Hills CA soon to retie from military after 1 last mission. Wants to star restaurants 3. One in CA, One in Kansas City and one in Hawaii. Loves Spaghetti and meat balls. Very thick French Accent. Says parent dead, only sibling. Mother French he lived in France with her for 14 yrs Father from Toledo OH. Daught Ashley Scott, 18 yrs attending university in Atlanta Georgia. Wants to be a doctor. Just broke up wit her boyfriend and cried all day then 2 days met Frank a guy with Tattoos all over his body. Very romantic in his words. Pushes all the right buttons. Never asked for money or anything else. Called me every day. Email and texts too. Things just did not add up so I told him to send me a copy of his military ID so I could see it. He faked it.. Really bad job too. Said he was an officer.

Jan (USA)

Report N76 (added on April, 21, 2015)

How can we stop him he hasn't asked me for money yet but claims he's already in love after one day of talking yeah right I deleted and blocked him from my facebook.

Theresa (USA)

Report N77 (added on April, 30, 2015)

He contacted me through Linkedin at the beginning of April 2015 and later we chatted and talked on Skype. He told me he was a General stationed in Afghanistan, but he will be retiring on December 15th 2015. He told me that his home is in Miami, Florida. We were planning to meet in Kabul in the second week of May. I grew suspicious when he did not answer to some questions and today he asked me for $2800 for his father, sick in the Haway. He told me that his parents still live there and he has a son, Franklin, currently in a medicine school in Leicester, UK. He has been divorced since 15 years. When I confronted him he cut me out from his Skype contact right away. I sent him an email with photos that proof that he is the same scammer that I found online.

Patricia (USA)

Report N78 (added on May, 29, 2015)

I got in contact with him via a contact side in Denmark and I was stupid enough to believe him. He sent me at lot of Pictures.

Alexia (Denmark)

Report N79 (added on June, 2, 2015)

Sends friend request, spends short time getting to know person, pays compliments and hints at strong attraction. Soon reveals true intent which is to obtain cash allegedly because he has not paid maintenance for son. Amount is not large $300 but sure that this would be the first of many requests. If feels interest waning comes on be ry strong . Wants to use Western Union for cash transfer - gives "details" of a Veronica de Cruz and an address in the Bronx, New York, gives all details necessary for money transfer. This person is supposed to be son's guardian. comes up with ridiculous excuses of why he hasn't pad. Uses name of Kelvin for son. Obviously there is more than one person responding on Facebook messenger. They come across as young and not very bright. Their conversational English is poor.

Anne (Australia)

Report N80 (added on June, 17, 2015)

Was contacted by scammer through Match. Immediately he requested my email address to communicate on Yahoo messenger and also deactivated his Match profile. After a couple of days he asked for my phone number which i gave. He would text to let me know when he was off work so we could chat on Yahoo messenger. After about three or four days he asked if I could buy supplies for him since his birthday is on the 20th of this month. I said NO and told him he was a player in which he wanting to chat online immediately and try to convince me that it was a joke and that he was sorry. He then offered to talk to his General about transferring money from his account to my debit card. He asked if i had a credit card and i said no. After about a week I googled imaged his photo he sent me and it showed he was a male-scammer. I told him what I found out and he still tried to be sweet and talk his way out of it. He lastly got upset and told me I was a piece of shit. From day one he claimed that it was love at first site; he wanted a child and that he wanted me to be a mother to his 15 year old son, Calvn. He said his wife died in a plane crash 5 years ago.

Crystal (USA)

Report N81 (added on June, 17, 2015)

I ran into this guy on google plus a few months ago and he asked me for money. Now I am seeing him on mingle 2 under willbill 902. I reported him the first time and I'm reporting him again.

Charlene (USA)

Report N82 (added on July, 31, 2015)

This guy just added me on facebook and started chatting. He asks loads of questions, wants to know everything about you. Says he is in the army, in charge of logistics. Was wary so thought I'd check him out, and I find the pic he is using here!!
I called him out and he is acting like he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Angel (Scotland)

Report N83 (added on July, 31, 2015)

He told me he had an antique and gold business in Atlanta and was gone to Ghana to purchase the gold at a cheap rate. He said he took 500,000 with him and it was such a good deal he got carried away and needed money to ship it back.

Gail (USA)

Report N84 (added on July, 31, 2015)


skype - masha_11rus

Alina (Poland)

Report N85 (added on July, 31, 2015)

I, like so many women here, was caught off guard by this scammer. He says his name is Christopher Jason James, a SGM in the Army stationed in Cairo on a peace keeping mission. He says he is retiring in Aug 2015 and coming home to Florida. His typing should have given him away as his command of the English language (hind sight) is not the greatest - especially from someone impersonating a SGM.

He initially contacted me through - I had literally only been there for minutes. It was July 21, 2015. Our conversations transpired for just over a week when I confronted him about it. I come from a military background and some of the stuff he was writing just didn't add up. Like stating when he was traveling, what he was doing, etc. He requested that I purchase iTunes card so that he could download love songs. He just needed the codes off the cards. I, stupidly, purchased two and sent him the codes. He stated a day later that he needed more cards. Fortunately, I am only out $30.00.

He has sent half a dozen pictures of himself. When I called him out regarding this report he went off. I told him to get on Skype to prove he is who he said he is. It is definitely not the same person as the pictures. I was not able to hear audio on Skype, so I have no idea as to his accent.

Lynn (USA)

Report N86 (added on August, 14, 2015)

Aka Lukas James contacted me via FB, his uniform appeared odd and in one photo had his first name on his jacket, which I knew couldn't be right, when asked about it he said someone was trying to pose as him. I have deleted and blocked the idiot.

Kat (Canada)

Report N87 (added on August, 26, 2015)

This scammer has taken me for about $2,400 trying to get him out of Afghanistan. Waiting for me to send him another $120 to get his baggage out of customs in Ghana so he can fly home. A fraud unit from Ghana monitoring Western Union contacted me and they are setting up a sting via western union whereby he will be arrested. I hope he is and taken down for a while. He is a disgusting human being. He plays on the sympathies of women who support our military and want to bring our people home.

Baba (USA)

Report N88 (added on September, 16, 2015)

Thank you so much.
He contacted me on the chat by Lexa datingsite. He wrote love letters and fulish girl i am,i also had feelings for him. My friends warned me for scammers, so when he asked for money for his son Mark, My instinct warned me and i said that i must talk to my brother ,because he must give me permission to got money from my saved account. I went today to our police station and ask what to do,they said dont give your money away.And I didnt, Iwill contacted him when I talked with my brother. A son from my friends said i must go to the site for scammers and so I am here ,and saw the picture of him.please can you give me advice how I can help you to stop him,or whats the best for me to do. Many thanks for your scam site.

Carlie (Netherlands)

Report N89 (added on September, 24, 2015)

This man is posing as a US Army Major General in Syria presently...

Chris (USA)

Report N9o (added on September, 24, 2015)

I was on Friendsworldwide where I received a message from Christain Giovanni to be a Friend and more I sent him my email address then in a few days I received a email from him I have not replied as I believe he is a scammer by reading his email and looking up on your site it seems that he could be he says he is widow with a daughter who igot 12 years old.
He said he is an engineer and independent and travels to many countries.. He is going to Texes for a period of 3 months soon. His mail has all the sings of a scammer. However I have not responded to his email.

Fay (England)

Report N91 (added on October, 20, 2015)

Confronted him about inconsistencies in what he said.

Cathryn (USA)

Report N92 (added on October, 26, 2015)

Claims to be a military pilot in Afganistan(yea right),says similar stories that he is forbidden to use camera on Skype: dfcbktdcr1970 ,yet he used it before but not anymore,-looked totally different man to this popular pic of Lucas James here on your site. as I found out painful way this man made out of ice,has no conscience or shame,will lie through his teeth to get what he wants, his son Sammy,15yo(uses pic of a model from Hawaiian agency Blake) is stranded in Accra hotel since his Bday in February as all the docs and phone and credit card are stolen...when I have suggested to contact the US embassy in Ghana,he said his son is not allowed to go there to restore his docs,as he(Larry) is on secret mission in Afganistan and his identity can't be revealed.the reason he is staying there is he is trying to get his credit card back which apparently is loaded with money,when I suggested just to block the card and get a new one when Sammy(stranded son) is back to US,he said it can't be done...I can't believe how stupid I was...OMG..this world is full of us,-fools.

Tommy (New Zealand)

Report N93 (added on November, 11, 2015)

He contacted me through facebook. He claimed to be a pilot in Afganstan on a peace keeping mission. At first I thought he was a lonely soldier so I corresponded with him. He claimed he was retiring in three months and could not wait to get out of the service. Told me he lived in Tampa Florida and had a 14 year old son. We never discussed his son. After just a few emails he stated his undying love for me and that he wanted to marry me. I knew something was not right, but kept emailing him. Eventually he told me he would not be retiring due to Washington keeping troops in Afghanstan until the end of 2017. At that time he told me of not being able to get money he needed to pay off people in Washington to put his retirement papers through. He stated he needed $75,000 to give to officials. I told him I did not have it. At that time he stated his team raided a Taliban camp and found money. Instead of turning the money in they split the money up between the team. He said he put his share in a box, which he wanted to send to me. He claimed there was 5.5 million dollars in the box. I refused to accept the box and he deleted me from facebook. I have not heard from him since then.

Karen (USA)

Report N94 (added on November, 27, 2015)

Asking for money.
befriended on Facebook said we were made for each other, has houses all over the world, has lots of money, wife and child was killed in a car accident 7 yrs ago. Both of his parents passed away when he was young. All his money is in gold and he needs $1,000.

Sandy (USA)

Report N95 (added on December, 4, 2015)

In Nov. 28 got a mail in by the name of James asking my email address, he gave his email, asked me to reply back If I'm interested. I replied, and asked him to send a photo.

Leony (Philippines)

Report N96 (added on December, 8, 2015)

He asked if a box with personel valuables could be braught to me. I agreed, and bty rhe time I payed more as 60000? to the FSSS, for customes etc, the box has to be delivered the next day, but otherwise asked for payments, a lot of lies and broken promises. I rented money of family and my nephew gave me your link, where I found his foto.

Helga (Germany)

Report N97 (added on December, 17, 2015)

Operates on Tinder.

Celia (Belgium)

Report N98 (added on January, 15, 2016)

He call himself for Preston Charlene Huff on Facebook He informed about his name was changed on the profile on Facebook, because he was in Syria.
On hangouts he's name is James William.
He requested money for his son he claimed is on a school in Germany. He has requested money two times.
I sent some money the first time but not second time.
He is still on the profile on Facebook.

Hes (Denmark)

Report N99 (added on January, 22, 2016)

States he is a captain in US Army. Stationed in Iraq on a classified mission. Ask for money for ipads, cellphones, shipping charges. States he lives in California. Has a 19 year old daughter, Elizabeth. She stays with his uncle while he is deployed. Tells you he is going to retire from the military in March 2016 after 22 years of service. He will tell you that a women from Russia is trying to give him a bad name and the FBI is trying to locate her.

Kathy (USA)

Report N100 (added on January, 22, 2016)

James Aston, born on 3rd March 1963, has been acting and using pictures of Mr. Stuart James, pilot of U.S. Army, from Memphis (details about SJ on FB) James Aston set up a profile on InterNations Community and on Facebook. James Aston communicates via Skype. On Skype he has many accounts with his name, from Tampa Florida.

Palma (Hungary)

Report N101 (added on January, 22, 2016)

"...Mary why what wrong dont send any money order and I will tell you who to send the money to so please when you ready just tell me and I will give you the details of the person you making me feel am a bad man and also am no good but you its ok .God knows my heart and I love you so much and..."

Mary (USA)

Report N102 (added on January, 26, 2016)

This man claims to be in the military stationed for 3 months in syria. He says he is retiring after this tour and is looking for someone to spend his retirement years with. Claims to be divorced with a 17 year old son in military school. He is very caring and loving and says all the right things then out of nowhere he was a problem. Seems he was given a box as a reward for saving a man and his son. This box contains 8.7 million dollars and the storage site it is in is demanding he pick it up before he is able to leave to come back home. He is looking for someone he trusts to send the box to in order to get it out of storage and home before he leaves. He uses a picture well known on this site and even called on skype showing what i imagine is actual footage of the man in the picture talking but the voice is most definitely african. Warning signs started going off in my head and i found this site with his picture using a different name. Read letters and many stories now have no doubt this man is a scammer and a good one. Sent emails are eloquent and done by someone who is educated and knows the english lanuage well. Yet skype messages are very rough with many many misspellings and grammatical errors.

Simone (Canada)

Report N103 (added on February, 9, 2016)

He sent a friend request, since another of my friends had befriended him I did. He sent me a pm first. Monday (2/1/16) - Saturday (2/6/16) We started chatting.

Jane (USA)

Report N104 (added on February, 19, 2016)

This guy is saying he is a 3 Star General Commander in the Army stationed at Kabul on peace keeping mission..he states he has a13 year old son in boarding school in the UK which under the authority of the UN. He claims he has retired once and got another contract for active duty from the U N. Says wife and daughter died in car accident after 25 yrs of marriage. Claims he wants to leave Kabul and start a new life with his soul mate. Willing to go anywhere with you. Real smooth on the face book messenger and says all the right things a single person wants to hear. Very smooth. Wants you to email his son Michael and immediately wants to call you his son's mother. He plays on the sympathy of a child. Spelling not that good. However, when I told him I emailed the son w/no response, he immediately responed for the son. That is what set my alarms off. Don't believe him. He is real liar. I sent no money. He hasn't asked yet but I'm sure it is coming. He finds all he need to know to find similarity with the victim. He always say we are just alike\ twins.

Cathy (USA)

Report N105 (added on March, 1, 2016)

Rumfelt, seems to be currently stationed here in Belgium.
I was in contact with the same guy, but then his name was Lionel or Craig. A lot a new pictures here.

Celia (Belgium)

Report N106 (added on March, 1, 2016)

This person is posing as military stating he has a 14 year old son named Jeff, became immediately too friendly and pushy, and then proceeded to start declaring he was made for me, etc.

Brenda (USA)

Report N107 (added on May, 5, 2016)

I was scammed by this Simpson Kent Arthur. I wished I have known about this site.
I read many of the reports on Lucas James. Contacted me on
Facebook via messager. Told me he loved me after two days. God brought us together.
Stationed in Syria. Asked me to money gram $200 to a Priscila Cason in California so we could video
Chat and it will be put on a security card so terro groups couldn't trace the call. He was in
A war zone and couldn't access his bank account. I did. Then on 4/27/16
Said part of military base was bombed. US won't respond to their request until
Monday. Could I sent money for food to our diplomat who is coming to Syria.
It didn't add up and I researched and found this site. I told him about this site and he said
Are you proud you were scammed. Then he got ugly and said i have stupid pride, you are so ugly for my liking
Stop fooling yourself for me. This guy needs to be stopped.

Margaret (USA)

Report N108 (added on June, 16, 2016)

He contacted me on Said he is Alex James and is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a auto mechanical engineer for the US army. He is widowed for 8 years and has no children. He came to the US from Germany at age 14. He has no parents.

Shirley (USA)

Report N109 (added on June, 16, 2016)

This guy aka James Hamilton contacted me on Hangouts about two weeks ago. Claims his wife died in a grizzly car accident, has a son in boarding school in the UK. Claimed to be a 55 year old General in the U.S. military and wanted to come see me after his mission was completed in Africa. Sent me two pics of himself, one is on this site.We exchangeD email addresses, exchanged a few emails, was very insistent he wants a life with me and I should look at real estate in my area so when he leaves Africa in 3 weeks he can buy a house here for us both. We chatted abit on Hangouts,I could not believe what I was hearing so I demanded a pic of his birth certificate and a recent pic of him in Africa, he said he'D call me on Tuesday, no response until he phoned me 1/2 an hour ago. Phone call only 27 seconds long, I guess so it couldn't be traced. Then a few words on Hangouts saying perhaps our relationship should be platonic. Thank god I found this site. This guy should be prosecuted. He uses very flowery language, he wants you and only you right away, don't be fooled.

Corinne (USA)

Report N110 (added on June, 17, 2016)

Unfortunately this man copied all fotos of mr: james stuart, to retire in abt 3month time from military, has to get out his value-box from nigeria, which is Handling a certain Mr.Geroge Smith phone nbr in ghana, seems Always same person,or might be help to him,, e-mail fllwg, need constantly money,telling a lot of fairy tails, lovemaking and all furthermore since have know some militaries in Iran, seemed to me first someone met there, yunger times ago approx 36 yrs, so his pictures hv bn similar to those which mark Williams alias Lucas James placed on skype.
its a shame to use the picture of a nice gentlemen, but cn confuse you really,since was living in iran 5 yrs and hv know lot of peoples in armican club, so was eaasy to fool me, seem whie talking to me is in touch with someone in germany also to get money!! be aware, when ckd yr list and found out the scammer, nice suprise.

Sylvia (Italy)

Report N111 (added on August, 18, 2016)

Military scammer: I work in the United States Army, and I am currently in Afghanistan .it is because of security reasons that made me not to put my picture here Scammer sent me an e-mail and enclosed stolen photos.

Eloha (USA)

Report N112 (added on August, 18, 2016)

James contacted me first, it has been going on since approximately July 5, Last time we communicated was July 9th. What made me suspect him was 1) we could not talk on the phone, 2) he wanted me to contact a lawyer in Germany to sign paper to accept money for him. The lawyers email address was When I started to get suspicious I told him I mailed him something to the Fresno address and it came back as undeliverable and his answer was he uses an alias because of his position in the army. Now that I have found your website and found his picture on there I will end it.

Denise (USA)

Report N113 (added on August, 18, 2016)

I have been talking to this guy who told me his name was James Lee PAYE I see on the site here his real name is Lucas James he was texting me on my phone I don,t have all the messages as I selected a lot of them cause my mai box was full a lot of time's he told me he loved me made me fasll head over heals for him as he claims to be in the military he did give me a email military email address told me don,t give that to anyone and he has quite a few pictures of me cause I trusted in him there is more to write you he wanted my bank account to put money in to send home that is what he told me I told him no way I don,t give it out unless I'm, buying something or paying bills.

Susan (USA)

Report N114 (added on August, 22, 2016)

This person with the south African ascent never give up! I told him one that I found out about on this web site but he kept telling me it was not true that he had identity theft done to him and he was not a scammer, well new flash he is 1have been keeping up with this person,saw another women was almost scammed by him 2 days ago on the 18th of this month! So thanks to this web site I really know what a scum bag he is! I got rid of his butt by telling him I was engaged now and he needs to move on!! the old song and dance right back to him!!!

Penny (USA)

Report N115 (added on September, 8, 2016)

Military scammer - image stolen from General Stuart James.

Eloha (USA)

Report N116 (added on November, 18, 2016)

Found via Facebook when I accidentally hit accept friend request - started chatting immediately. I found he has 13 facebook accounts all under this name. Also on Google and I think he is on Linkedin a couple of times only with spelling as "Caroll". He purported to be in US Army Peacekeeping in Syria, and with a daughter back in Tampa, Florida, who was in boarding school and had a housekeeper to care for her on holidays. Even sent me a photo of her and lots of him that I see many up here. I was suspicious as I couldn't ID him anywhere. Found this site by chance and there was "his" photo. He ended up asking me for $300 as his daughter had no food and housekeeper had run back to Philippines. I showed him I'd found him on here and said "bye".

April (England)

Report N117 (added on January, 6, 2017)

Contacted me on Facebook and asked to go to WhatsApp. The phone number there was one from Ghana. Account on Facebook was closed after 1 day for verification, Told me he was in the army and had a son of 12 years old at boarding school. After 4 days he asked me to send money for his son in US what I refused, didn't contact me again after.

Lilac (USA)

Report N118 (added on January, 6, 2017)

I know him as James Brown, met him on first met dating site. He claimed he was in the military stationed in Afghanistan. He was soon to retire and had a 10 year old son at home in Atlanta, Georgia being taken care of by a caregiver, and the caregiver's name is Kelvin BoatengThe first time he asked for money was to get his son food, because the caregiver had misappropriated the money he had for his care He told me he didn't have access to his money in the states, but he would pay me every cent back once he got back to the states.He supposedly had been given gold bars for rescuing the daughter of someone, forget who he had said. Then he needed money for the diplomat to do the paper work to send the gold back to the states. Then he was robbed and shot and on and on it went for close to 5 months. he is a smooth operator and I'm sorry to say I fell for his lines.

Fran (USA)

Report N119 (added on January, 12, 2017)

Frank James contacted me on POF. After a few message exchanges, we exchanged phone numbers and began texting. Then he asked if I would contact him via Hangouts, which I did. He told me that he was 2nd in command in Afghanistan. He told me that he had a daughter who lived in North Dakota and she had a 2 year old son. He said he'd been married twice - once to someone that was into drugs and alcohol, so he paid her $500K and divorced her. He married a second time, and she died almost 3 years ago. He said she was sick and he was ready to find someone again and retire and travel with. He said he'd be retiring after 29 years in early April. He said he had a house in both Hampton, VA and North Dakota. Said he was born in Germany. He took down his profile after we began speaking on Hangouts. When I asked him about it, he said that someone had sent him naked pictures and it pissed him off. I was the only one he was talking to. He asked me if I would get off of POF because he was very interested in me. I agreed and hid all of my profiles. The last regular conversation we had was in regards to his daughter - he asked if he had told me that she had a hole in her heart. I told him no, that I had known someone that had that and they could not have children and that his daughter was lucky. Later on that day I decided to google him - I know nothing about the military and because he said he was 2nd in command I thought I could find more out about him. This website and his name came up as the 2nd result. I read over all of the notes, saw the pictures and while none of the stories I read matched exactly, there were some similarities. And the pictures were what he had showed me, including the "wife he had lost". Also after reading over these comments, I saw that there was someone named Stuart James that had a facebook page. That FB page had the same pictures as well, and on 11/2016 there was a comment from Stephanie, Stuart James' wife saying how happy she was and that they'd had one great year. So then I knew the guy I was talking with had "stolen the ID of Stuart James". I confronted Frank James about it immediately. He said they were the scammers, not him. So I told him that I would need more proof that he was who he said he was. I asked him the name of the neighborhood his house in Hampton VA was in and he said Wythe. (This is of course easily determined from the internet.) I then asked him what PTC was - which is the name of a mall in Hampton VA built in the last 3 years. He did not know what it was, and never answered the question directly. I then asked him to tell me the name of the street his house was on and he said 'why not allow each other to go?' and to 'have a nice life'. Then he said he'd look for me when he got back home, which is of course BS.

Paula (USA)

Report N120 (added on January, 25, 2017)

Reached out via an European professional network (like LinkedIn in France) in which he listed himself as a pilot named Mark James. After a few back and forth through the site, asked for my cellphone number to text. Was hesitant to give out so suggested Skype. Sent me 14 pictures of him both in and out of military uniforms. Claimed he is a helicopter pilot in the US Army for the past 28 years and will be retiring in 3 months. Has a home in Miami, FL. Has a 14 year old son that is being cared for by a nanny while he is in Afganistan since his wife died in 2012. Started very heavy about his feelings for me and how I am the love he has been needing since his wife passed on. How he is excited to start a forever relationship. Claims he will buy gas stations and invest in real estate once he retires from the military. I noticed signs of avoiding certain questions and the time frames of him contacting me were off (time difference in US vs Kabul). The scariest part is that he did contact me via text. When I confronted him on how he got my number, he claims from Skype profile. Didn't think my phone number was listed on my Skype profile and verified that indeed it is not.

Valerie (USA)

Report N121 (added on March, 30, 2017)

Contacted me on Okcupid and said he was in the us army stationed in Syria for peacekeeping. Wanted immediately go on Skype and there he said he was stationed in Afghanistan???? Said he lost his wife and kids in an car accident 13 years ago and he has not been with a women since then :-O

Ann-Katrin (Finland)

Report N122 (added on April, 12, 2017)

I met him on plenty of January 11. He said he was Stuart James fixing to get out of the military he was a general and he was looking to find a lady friend to be with him and his son Jeff who was staying with a Mr. Lord in Ghana. He asked me for a phone so we can talk and I sent him one like a dummy but he never called me on the phone kept saying the Internet didn't work over there. Then he kept asking for money to help with his son to Mr. Lord because they were hungry and his son needed money for school I gave him twice again. The picture he sent me was of Stuart James I researched it on the Military site then I realize I have been scammed he still continues to talk to me on hangups I deleted him then he called me on my telephone which I did give him my number but I blocked him. he claims the government of syria gave him gold and diamonds that he found in Syria in a Bungalo and he wanted $3000 from Me to help him get them back to the USA and I told him no way. Took me a while but I knew that was a scam. What an idiot I am but his story was so real and I am just a giving person. Ladies he scammed me good.

Rhonda (USA)

Report N123 (added on May, 16, 2017)

This scammer is using Jamesfrey1342 on Plenty of Fish right now, as I type. He's sent me a message saying Hi Gorgeous, how are you doing this wonderful day?
I remember that guy from your site because I was looking at scammer photos and I took notice that he was very good looking and has a resemblance to a friend of mine.

Kimberly (USA)

Report N124 (added on October, 4, 2017)

I was first contacted by this scammer on LinkedIn. He claimed to be Lt. General Hodges. I did not think too much about it and accepted his request. I'm connected to many of our military folks. I got an immediate response from him. Said he was in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission and that his base was Munich. He asked me if I'd ever heard of Hangouts. Which I never had and also asked me to create a hangouts account so we could talk. I did. And as soon as I did that his LinkedIn account disappeared. I looked up Lt. General Hodges on line and found that he was an incredibly busy officer. So I knew something was up at that point.
I went to the Hangouts account and read this guy the riot act. I said words that I will repeat in this report. So then he says he's really just a Major in the Army stationed in South Korea. That he really liked and respected the General and that he thought I wouldn't except otherwise. Stupid me.

Marjorie Jake (USA)