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First name: Mark


Last name: Bradley


Aka: Marcel


Name aliases: Marc, Marck, Markie, Markk





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Also claims to be in: Singapore; Manchester (UK); Pensacola, Florida (USA)


Address(es): 341 Manchester Road, Droylsden, Manchester, Lanchashire M4 36GE, UK
4001 Menendez Drive, Escambia County, Pensacola, FL, United States, 32503


Phone number(s): 6016948367


E-mail address(es):


Operates on website(s): Face Book, Match


Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on July, 22, 2014)

He initiaded contakt with me on: ca 20.dec.13 I corresponded with him from 20.12 .13 until 14.02.14 before money get a issue. He told me he was A contructor, just finish a job i Orlando Florida, and was back in UK. Then he got a big project in Scotland and had to go to Malaysia in a business trip to make the necessary procurement. He travel down 05.02.14. He call me on 14.02.14 and ask for a short term loan for unexpected customs expenses, for the amount of 4500 GBP.. And it was urgent because the deadline to get the cargo off to Scottland. The payment was done over my bankaccount to a person with the name: Chong Yourk Ching, MY. So I had to tranferere 5000GBP to the same account 24.02 . Then it change to his agent: Beaven Mawsa account. Something new happend all the times, and he sent me a copi of everything to convince me. Totally 15 tranfered is made,for a among of 46000 GBP totally... He told me he had meet the deadline for the prosjet and he was pay in to his account 320.000GBP, but he could't use the money before he come home to UK and give the bank the necessery paper, because of money loadring. I would not pay more money, and told him this, but he managed to convince me that this was fraud, and gave me access to his account, so that I could even see that the money was received. Moreover, he wrote one debentures to his bank over money he owed ??me and sent this back to me. He also claimed he was in the British embassy and got a loan, I got a copy of. Moreover, he sent a copy of his English and American passports. He sent me all the documentation I requested.

But when monetary requirements only continued I got strengthened my suspicion and sent mail to the bank he had given on the information I had received was correct and I was told that everything was fake. Then I realized 100% that I was a victim of a scam ...

Jane (UK)

Report N2 (added on August, 14, 2014)

Contacted me on Facebook, end of January 14.
Was very well spoken and said all the right things a woman like to hear.
Has a very flowery mouth and saying all this nice things.
Everything was fine until he had to go to Malaysia.
He told me he was a general constructor, a got a big project.
But needed to go to Malaysia for make sure the supplies, was as good as his quality assurance. He told me it would only take a short week to go there and then he would go back home to Florida. Where he told me he lived.
The address he gave me, is not correct.
Then after 3 days there, the problems started.
He had to pay some taxes for his shipment of his goods. Who was going to us.
But he did not have it all.
He wanted me to go to the bank and get a short term bank loan, and he would pay back without any problem when got back home. He asked for 8000 euro sent to a Kent Simbere.
When that didn't not work, he wanted sent to a Beaven Mawoza.
I suspected something was wrong from beginning, because something was not seems right, about his whole situation.
He would say what ever you wanted to her.
And at one point I really felt in love, he is really profession about make you feel loved.
So I played a long on his game, for see what he was up to next.
I told him something wrong with the bank transfer.
Then he wanted me to send the money with western union to a Scott Escandon, and Nick Hayden.
Then suddenly he was in trouble with the hotel management and needed money for his hotel bills.
Then he used the name Andrew Utogoho Kosin, he said send the money in that name.
Everyday he asked for money and I played a long.
Pretending I would help, but I made excuses and excuses for why the money never showed up.
He also give me a name is us, Eva Salinas Sachez.
I asked for documents for what he have to pay, and copy of his passport.
He never showed me any documents.
And now I'm grateful he didn't. Then maybe I would have sent him money.
My feeling and suspicion was right, he is a scammer.
He use woman, especially old woman's to make them believe in his love and help them.
He only wants money, nothing else. He really know how to get to you.
I have talk to several woman's he have fooled, and the stories are the same.
Some of them he show documents, and some not.
I could be victim of scam, but I did not hand out a penny.
So I'm a victim of falling in love with the wrong person.
I did not loose any money only got a broken hart.
And thank good for that.
Please let us stop this man...
He stopped talk to me in the beginning of June 14.
Then suddenly I was a bitch and should go to hell.
Because I did not give him any money.
Even though he told me several times, his love for me was not based on if I would help him or not.
But it was.

Linn (Norway)





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