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First name: Joseph
Last name: Dunford
Age: 58
Philip Max, Micheal Dunford, David James, Joe Dunford, James Sean, Jeffery Morgan, Kelvin Hillier, Anderson Wood, William Jackson, Carlos Dunford, Andrew James, Scott James
Philip Max, Micheal Dunford, David James, Joe Dunford, James Sean, Jeffery Morgan, Kelvin Hillier, Anderson Wood, William Jackson, Carlos Dunford, Andrew James, Scott James
Name aliases:
Andersen, Andreaw, Andreev, Andrews, Andry, Bill, Billie, Billy, Carloss, Carlous, Davi, Davida, Davidde, Davide, Davide, Davido, Davids, Dawid, Filip, Fillip, Jamie, Jammie, Jammy, Jamy, Jeff, Jefferey, Jeffry, Jeo, Joey, Josef, Josephe, Kelivin, Kellvin, Kilvin, Micheals, Mycheal, Philips, Phillip, Sccot, Scolt, Scoot, Scot, Scoth, Scotth, Scottie, Scotts, Scotty, Wiliam, Will, Willaim, Williamm, Williams, Willian, Willie, Wills, Willy
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan)
Also claims to be in:
Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Quincy, Massachusetts, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Alpharetta, Georgia, USA; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; France
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Skype: live:agressivreace, dunford.joseph1969, josephdunfordgn, joseph.0553, joseph.dunford95965, live:dunford03_1, daniel.garcia913
Operates on site(s):
Confirio, Dating Europe, Google Hangouts, Inter Pals, Skype, Tagged, Twitter, Way Date, Zorpia
Celebrity website:


REPORT N1 (added on May, 9, 2014)
Nadia (USA)

The person asked to be added to skype. When I asked him his full name he presented himself as General Joseph Dunford currently in Afghanistan. I instantly looked him up in male-scammers com but did not find him. When I googled his name I found out he was really a scammer. Since when do Generals of US Army have time to chat on skype? He wanted my e-mail so he could tell me about himself and send some pictures and he did so. When I asked him what he wanted from me, maybe to receive a package or send him some money he automatically left skype and is no longer in my contacts. I am starting to believe that there are no honest men online.
REPORT N2 (added on August, 15, 2014)
Cristina (USA)

Kelvin Hillier contacted me on skype in the beginning of May. Stating he was retiring soon from Syria where he was with the 3rd army Infantary Division as a General Commander. He said that he had lost his wife 4 years ago and had a 15 year old son (Jeffery) studying in a boarding school in England. Father and son were writing to me, and in june Jeffery wrote to me saying he had accidently broken a friends computer could I help him. Then Kelvin also spoke about about it and asked for 700 Pounds, as I did not have the money, I only sent 100 euros to an address in Accra, We still talk almost everyday, and the so claimed son also writes to me. I have a photo of the boy and also 3 photos of this General, who O happened to have found in wikipedia as Mr. Joseph F.Dunford Jr. The words on the mails are fantastic and anybody would fall in love with such a wonderful father and son. I am heart broken!
REPORT N3 (added on October, 29, 2015)
Gertrude (France)

I fell under the spell of a usurped identity and that was my big mistake which cost me 35,000? (thirty-five thousand euros).
The person who scammed me emotionally and financially impersonates someone called Joseph DUNFORD. He contacted me via Skype the 23th of November 2014 to the following account in support photo: joe66d. At the time, I did not even know that someone named Joseph DUNFORD was a senior and publicized. We exchanged email addresses. For him, it was: josephdunford400@outlook.com Over the weeks, we sympathized and there he is telling me that at retirement, he would like to live with me though with a good to deliver to my address.
The good in question corresponds to a UN legacies that he may use anywhere in the world provided it is used to create jobs helping people as to where he would be.
At first, I refused to join because it is a sacred responsibility to accept a package full of dollars. He had explanations for everything: US legislation preventing him from using one of his family members or to one of his friends living in the United States.
My emotional desert makes me bend the will, discernment and destroyed my faculties of reasoning as someone who reasons well enough in normal times. The fatal flaw!
He gives me the email address of his lawyer: Master Richard COLE: infobarristercolerichards@gmail.com
This lawyer must pay taxes to the United Nations headquarters in London to be able to convey it to my address: 3500 pounds.
He gives me the bank details in Madrid. Curious about it, i asked for explanations to my darling claimed. The latter explains that the lawyer is a business man and business all over the world; indeed it was he who had dealt with his divorce in the United States.
The lawyer in question sends me the email address of the carrier who must deliver the package:
The carrier sends me attached the tracking of the package with the delivery date, then a few days later he announced that the German authorities are demanding the acquittal him of a tax amounting to 10,500?.
I make the transfer on behalf of someone else but still in Madrid.
The carrier sends attached a document proving payment. I am sharing my doubts and fears to my darling presumed to warn against his crooked lawyer, he says no, my lawer is an honest man, competent and longtime friend.
Our love continues mails and chats on Skype from time to time without camera of course because it is forbidden for security against espionage.
The package would arrive late May 2015. It still can not, and this time the precise carrier needs to pay a fee required to carry inside the European Union amounting to 18,800?.
I make the transfer to the same person as before, but questionable attachments made my blood boil and I exploded with my love with about quite hard words, but he always is imperturbable, still reassuring, still loving me and me still clings to him.
The carrier, after a long period of silence (he was trying to fix the situation without involving me, supposedly) tells me that the border police from the airport passes the general's diplomatic package the radius and sees so many cash and wants 10% of the content because the police suspects that this money is illegal or laundered money. And then I reminded him what he told me on that money to convince me to help him get it and to accept it with me.
REPORT N4 (added on October, 9, 2017)
Eloha (USA)

Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged.
His messages to me:
"I'm Dunford Carlos by name from New Jersey USA and you?
I must confess you have a nice, lovely, sexy, beautiful and romantic name Princess Leia nice to meet you here Tell me exactly where you are located and how is life like living out there ?
what about the stars wars tell me about it
nice to meet you I'm a military man with the US Army currently in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission I'm in Afghanistan, I have been here for 3 years but will be out soon as I'm working towards my retirement which comes up in 1 months there is some Islamic fighters here that are killing the people of Afghanistan and fighting against the Afghanistan government and they are called the talibans . they are so heartless."
REPORT N5 (added on May, 13, 2021)
Dobby (USA)

Joseph Dunford is pretending to be General Joseph Francis Dunford, Ret. He began talking to a friend in Twitter's direct message, and within half an hour he already missed her, sent flower emojis and hearts, and asked her to go to Hangout. She gave him my email address, and I sent him an invite from Hangout. We will resume talking after I get "home from work." The second day of talking in Hangout, he told me he loves me. He also said that he is in Afghanistan on special assignment and will be through by June 25. Interesting, since the real person is a retired Marine Corps general and is on the board of directors at Lockheed Martin in Maryland. I asked if he could get leave to come home because I was taking 30 days vacation and wanted him to be with me. He gave me the Yahoo email address for the UN for me to request leave. (The UN has its own email service provider.) The UN contacted me and asked for photo ID, my DOB, address and phone number, and the reason for requesting the leave. I replied that who I am was none of their business. The replied with the banking information and the amount they expected me to send:
We received an email from Gen Joseph Dunford, The Initial amount for the vacation due to the Emergency will be of fee $43,000 to the account details below.
Name: Terrior Green
Acc Number: 7185913006
Routing number: 031000503
Bank Address: East stroudsburg, PA.
Home Address:104 dairy hill ct, east stroudsburg, pennsylvania 18301 Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank Swift Code: WFBIUS6SXXX.
Awaiting the slip after transfer.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Dunford to Nadia (USA)
Hello Nadia how are you doing today well let me introduce my self my name General Joseph Dunford am a General in the US Army i was born and brought up in Boston US but currently serving in Kabul Afghanistan due to the nature of my job that's why am here i have 3 adult children who are adults now and they take care of their self 2 boys and a girl..

Well i have been divorced for sometime now and lonely soon i will retire from the Army before i retire i need someone to call my own someone i will be with and spend the rest of my life with hope you understand that's why i had to come to Skype to see if i can meet someone that's how i met you my dear..

Now that i have you i want you to know that am ready to build a strong and healthy relationship with you do tell me are you ready for it? if you are do let me know okay for I'm ready my dear i just want you to know my intentions towards you and why i had to send you a friend request on Skype well do have a nice and l

Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Dunford to Cristina (USA)
my father have told me a lot of nice things about you, that is why i ask him to allow me to communicate through email, i hope you will write me often from now, my mom died 4 years ago from cancer disease, i feel terrible sad and devastated but i have put everything behind me now, my father help me a lot in those moment, he is always there for me even there in Syria, he is always in contact with me to know how I'm doing everyday, i love my father so much, i am glad you both meet, you seem kind and nice person, i am happy for you both,

this is my schedules

7am- wake up, get ready to class
7:30am- dining hall. breakfast sandwich or waffle or bagel. there's a bunch of other stuff but these are my favorites. we have really good food actually,
8am- class. sometimes i have this free like on Thursdays and can sleep in
9am- class. dissecting weird stuffs
10am- class. integrating stuff
11am- class. pondering the meaning of life
12pm- dining hall. eat. gossip.

Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Dunford to Dobby (USA)
Good day madam

Thank you for writing to United Nation district Afghanistan Kabul.

Your application will be reviewed based on the authenticity of the license / vacation excuse.

We will require the following details to proceed.

1) Your full name

2) Date of birth

3) Address (phone number included)

4) Reason for requesting vacations.

5) Any identification issued by the government (scan or take a clear picture)

Madam I just received a mail from Gen Joseph Dunford that you blocked him it's that right to play games with the UN based on your meeting with him, he is a good man who really love you and want to be with you that why we did everything possible to make sure you meet him but a report came that you blocked him tell us why

We received an email from Gen Joseph Dunford , The Initial amount for the vacation due to the Emergency will be of fee $43,000 to the account details below.

Name: Terrior Gree


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