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First name: Roy
Last name: Alexander
Age: 47
Name aliases:
Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Alexandar, Alexandr
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
California (USA)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam fake docs:


REPORT N1 (added on January, 15, 2014)
Carole (Luxembourg)

Mr. Roy Alexander started chatting with me on Badoo in August 2013. He said he was on a visit here in Luxembourg and wanted to know me better. At the beginning I was really restrained. I liked what I saw on the pictures he had on facebook. This was what I wanted not going on writing on Badoo but on facebook. (Of course I saw that he did not have any friends) We were writing at each other very often at the end every day. We Skyped once with picture. I found him having a funny voice more the voice of a black man if I am allowed to say so. What I found funny is that he had a ring on his finger and he had told me that he was divorced. The other part of this story was that his wife went off with his best friend after he had borrowed him a lot of money. His daughter Diana was living with him in California funny story too as normally kids are with the mom but she did not even see her mom anymore.
He said he was an engineer in gaz and oil pipelines. Sometimes I did not hear anything in the weekend the moment I had most of time. At the beginning we were often on facebook also on Saturdays and Sundays. Than he started writing emails wanted to get married. I immediately told him a few points would not work with me.
On one weekend he was in Washington on a meeting to apply for a contract in Malaysia. He said if he would win the contract he will visit me with his daughter. It took long before he won the contract. But after all he won it that was what he said.
In the meantime my kids and my friends were telling me being carefully. I went on internet and found your page but I did not find him. I need to say at this point I was happy I even did not find him on other sides.
I also found funny that he took his daughter for weeks out of school. So he said he went to Malaysia with his daughter send me a email that they were well arrived and send me a phone number. I said no way I can phone gets to expensive so I bought a pre-paid card.
After a while he sends me his confirmation of his and Diana's flight ticket. I found one thing very funny. He was registered as Roy Alexander and the daughter as Diana Chloe Roy.
I week before he had ask me for money he said he needed to go Singapore to buy some more furniture for his pipelines.
Send me photos with him on it from Singapore and my last doubts were gone.
He should have had his furniture from Singapore but had some problems with the customer service they wanted money and he did not have the money. I thought come on if you have such a big contract how can you run out of money. That day he did not ask for money yet he just wanted me to know. Two days later he asked me if I can give him 1000 Dollars. I always told him not asking for money.
The day after my daughter's boyfriend wrote to him and we were phoning telling him we were sending the money and suddenly he needed 1500 dollars. We never intended to send money but we wanted details. My daughter's boyfriend he is professional bodyguard told me that the photos were stolen, the skype account hacked and the contract was stolen too. We send the contract to the Canadian company they gave us a ring and said that they have around 150 of this cases. Contracts and photos stolen. The real M. Roy Alexander is called Alexander by first name and Roy by family name. That he knows about it but does not do anything as his daughter is nearly 20 years old.
Buy the way a very important issue. He booked the flight by KLM and never paid it and I am sure they know this as the flight got cancelled after 48 hours if not paid.
When I wanted to block him on facebook his profile did not exist. He blocked me even if he says opposite. In the evening I got another email from him I never answered. I got no real harm except the emotional. Poor man who got misused by those guys. As I am sure I was chatting with different people due to the poor english.


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