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First name: Robert
Last name: Stockton
Age: 38
Robert Steoanyan Stevenson
Robert Steoanyan Stevenson
Name aliases:
Bob, Rob, Robbert, Robbie, Robby, Roberts, Robort, Robret, Robs
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Atlanta, GA (USA); Lemoore, California (USA)
70 Perimeter Ctr, Atlanta, GA 30346-1801, USA
935 Murphy Drive, Lemoore, California, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam fake docs:
Celebrity website:


REPORT N1 (added on November, 22, 2013)
Ginger (USA)

Emails received from the following IP addresses: The source IP address is Geo-Location Information Country Nigeria State/Region 05 City Lagos
June 23, 2013: Contacted by Robert Stockton from Atlanta via internet website. Began email, text, and Skype conversations. Phone calls began shortly after.
July 13: Robert Stockton flew to the Philippines from Atlanta on July 13 to present a bid to the Government Tender Board for Government Duplexes for the Ministry of Health, first time for an international bid.
July 15: He received the contract
July 16: I talked to him via Yahoo Messenger. He had just gotten back from the worksite.
July 18: He was robbed ($30,000) by the taxi driver on July 18. He continued working. He did not have the funds to pay workers; his passport was taken by police and then returned when he paid the $5,000 for salaries. I came up with the money here (Visa cash advance) and I sent. Do not know the name of the hotel, but the consieur’s first name was Rueben.
July 19: Western Union sent from residence online used Citi MasterCard. 7/19/13 7:06 am $2000.00 MCTN: 8617975110
July 22: Western Union sent from residence online used Citi MasterCard. 7/22/13 5:58 pm $2550.00 MCTN: 8643003158
July 24: Western Union sent from residence online used Citi MasterCard. 7/24/13 $1350.00 MCTN: 2498365675
July 22 or 23: He was flying home and had an appendix attack and had to have emergency surgery. I sent $1,450.00 to pay hospital bill and money for hotel.
July 26: Money sent to pay hospital expenses.
July 27: Second attempt to return home, he was arrested for tax evasion.
July 31: Agent emails me. This is the first email. There are more. See address on signature.
Good day Deborah Wallace, I work with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philippines. I wish to inform you that Robert Stockton (who says he is your husband) has been arrested for failing to declare and file income for tax for the year under review which is tantamount to Tax evasion. He was arrested at the airport on Friday as he was trying to flee the country. Right now he has no access to phone,
email, fax or any other means of communication, I do not know him and he owes me nothing, but from the little interactions we've had, he is sensible and talks with respect. I never know where I might meet him again and that is why I am sending you this email. I promised to send it just before the day was over but I forgot .I will keep you informed as events unfold, but my sincere prayer for him is that this situation doesn't escalate. Have a good day. Jestoni Ramon-Santos Special Investigation Unit Regional Office, Bureau of Internal Revenue. 2nd & 3rd Floor, BIR Building Mc Arthur Hi-way, Calasiao, Pangasinan August 1: The agent sneaks him his phone; he called me from 638 122 - 8664. Email back and forth through August 3. During this time Robert is texting me multiple times in a day. Normally morning 6:30 – 7:30, throughout day, and around 3:00 in afternoon my time. August 6: I came up with the funds ($6,000, Wells Fargo Bill Consolidation Loan) and paid the fine and taxes on the project. I sent the money via Xoom.com and Western Union (you have to give an address and phone number) to a police officer (that's what I was told) . Lorenzo Gardose - Lessandra Bucandara2 Bucandala Imus Cavity, Manila phone number: 63 3614075019.
Total Amount sent $6300.00 ($6000.00 taxes + 300 ($250 fee for not canceling flight in advance).
September 9, 2013 Loan from Lending Club LENDING CLUB
September 10 withdrew cash from checking account.
September 9, 2013: $3,200 MoneyGram
He was told he had to come up with 18,000. Communicating via text, he told me he had talked a client that owed him money into paying. He would pay my Visa off and then I would transfer the money. The transaction did take place around September 10. However the money was pulled and return to owner on September 13. The Citibank statement shows the return date and return check fee. I was told The contact would not return his calls or emails. He never gave me a name. I have requested copies of account from Citibank. He had originally given me the name: Josephine Llera to send the money too.
September 18: Sent $100.00 for food.
September 24: Sent $200. Food and hotel.
September 30: I received an email that he sold his phone.
September 30. He said it was really bad there. He said he got an attorney Francisco Hipolito and the court date was October 1.
October 1: He contacted me later to that night via email to say everything had been reduced to 3,000 and the attorney fees were 2,000.
October 4: Money was sent. I took out a loan and sent the money in two payments to Nash Acaylar 226 Chico Street Justinville Subdivision Bacoor, Cavite. Phone number: 63 8122860424. Sent online fromresidence.
He had originally told me to send the money to the attorney that wrote the contract and he would pay: Sunday Tomah 37 Jumeira Lake Towers JLT, Dubai United Arab Emirates Acct# 1024523700303 IBAN: AE590260001024 203700303 Swift Code: EBILAED Bank Name: Emirates NBD Address IBN Batuta Branch: Dubai United Arab Emirates Phone: 97143160210 Nash A. I looked up the address it’s the Dragonfly Transient House. His last email was sent on October 6 stating he was leaving the next day. He had called to see how much it was going to be to buy back his phone $600.00 and told me not to send. I emailed the agent on 10/11 to ask to see if fine had been paid. He emailed me back on October 14 and told me Robert was in an accident and at St. Luke’s in intensive care. I called both St. Luke’s and was told he was not there. The Quezon City did ask me my relationship to him before telling me he was not there. I emailed agent back to tell him he wasn’t there. On Tuesday, October 15 he said he was at St. Luke’s in intensive care. He would try to get the information for me (contact # for attorney and to see if the fine was paid). I contacted an attorney with the same last name in Angeles City Efren P. Hipolita Jr. He returned my emails. He told me to report him missing to the Embassy. I reported talked to an officer named Mike - acsinfomanila@state.gov
October 18: He called me on his cell this morning at 6:45 am my time on my way to school. He said he had been in a coma and in hospital. He did not say what had happen or what hospital he was being treated. I heard a lot of honking cars in background. He said he came outside for fresh air and that he saw I had called. He also stated he has not checked email. He called again later that night and said he was told to contact me.He only talked for a minute or so. The phone call was so quick did not tell him I had reported him missing. He then began emailing.
October 20, Emailed several times. The emails stopped after I told him I needed the money returned. I also hired a Private Investigator in the Philippines to do a hospital check. He was not in hospital and never admitted. The check and contract are fraudulent. I have emailed the agent at the Embassy and reported it to the Fraud Prevention Unit in Manila @ mailto:FPMManila@state.gov I have also reported it to the FBI Fraud Compliant Center online. I called local Police to complete a repot, but was told I would have to sue him in Civil court. Civil court is less than $15,000 he has taken over $29,850. I will have to start the process of Superior Court in Atlanta and hire an attorney.
October 25, 2013: I received an email again on Friday, October 25. He was apologetic. He said he was still in Manila, Philippines.
October 26, 2013: He asked for $2,500. I told him I did not have it. He called me yesterday, he has a contact that will pay my Citibank Visa and then I wire him the money. Stated he was still in Manila, Philippines.
October 31, 2013: I talked to an attorney. I sent an online inquiry to the online support desk (Philippine National Police) at http://edesk.pnp.gov.ph/. The directions say you will receive an inquiry number to check your status of inquiry, not received confirmation yet. Process of reporting to all money wire companies and Wells Fargo. 10/31 reported to CitiBank 11/3 Xoom 11/3 Western union 11/3 moneygram The PI told me to tell him I have a friend in Manila that will meet him with cash and they would try to have Police there. I did, I have a friend who flies for Delta I looked up a flight and told him he could meet… but he would not agree. He asked me to send cash. November 1: Called at 2x at 12:28. At school did not answer.
November 2: Saturday return email and text.
November 3: Multiple texts, asked about attorney, people sent money to, CA address, Atlanta address, family, safe deposit box, asked for money to buy ticket and hotel fees. Told him did not have money, amount he owed, and my card was in filing cabinet at school. I left because I had migraine at school on Friday. I have not given him my credit card number. I am not sure but I feel he is stealing from someone to pay the card. All have been notified…… Fraud complaints filed. Western Union MoneyGram Xoom Block has been put on Citicard.
He did call/text from another cell: (404) 465-1750 (Checked dates and times on my Verizon account).
Physical description: 6’ 1” Slender to average build. Dirty blond/light brown hair.
Pictures used are from British actor/model.


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