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First name: Paul
Last name: Swen Ullrich
Age: 46
Name aliases:
Paull, Pual
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan)
Also claims to be in:
Damascus, Syria; Sunnyvale, California, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Ok Cupid, Yahoo Messenger, Zoosk


REPORT N1 (added on November, 6, 2013)
Jennifer (USA)

I met Paul Ullrich (caringsoul19106) on Zoosk in September 2013. We exchanged a couple of messages, but the contact was sporadic. On October 28, I heard from him again and we began chatting on Yahoo Messenger almost daily. He told me that he was born in Berlin, Germany. His Dad served in the military and so did his Grandfather. When I asked about his parents, he said they were deceased.
After my last conversation over Yahoo Messenger with PaulUllrich46, I was suspicious. It was almost list I was talking to a completely different person towards the end of the conversation. He started talking in a very sexual/sensual way, which is completely inappropriate in my opinion. We had only talked for 3 days at that point.
Some other info to share is that he claims to be serving in the Air Force, currently deployed to Damascus (Syria). He emails me from a Yahoo address and not a .mil address (one of the "flags" on the sites above). Additionally, he has sent me several photos, some of which he's in his uniform and some on a boat (leisure pics). The thing that got me the most was on the male scammers website, I came across this post:
I found a Brad Nolan on linked.in, but he's located in Australia. However, Paul has mentioned on more than one occasion that he wants to take to to Australia, so I thought that was interesting. Additionally, he has mentioned going into investing when he retires from the military. The guy Brad Nolan is already in finance/investments and has a police investigator background.
He has not asked me for money, but I am suspicious of him and the information above.
Even though the information he has provided to me (in parenthesis) is different from the other information, it's so similar that it puts up a lot of flags for me. Also, the highlighted text is common info/language that he shared with me.
REPORT N2 (added on August, 29, 2014)
Nash (USA)

I knew Paul Ullrich under Michael Ullrich through swedishdating.com since the 27th of May, 2014. He claims he works for the NATO forces in Damascus, Syria and is currently in service. He claims his last day is today: Aug.28th, 2014.
I knew Paul Swen Ullrich through a dating site known as swedishdating.com. He told me he is a colonel with the NATO army in Damascus, Syria and his name is Michael Ullrich and he is a dual citizen German and Australian. He claimed that he bought a jewellery business from a retired Algerian living in Syria of gold and diamond of 3 boxes of a total weight of 180Kilo and he paid for this deal 3.4 million euros. He claimed he is the only son of a rich father that participated in WWII and he has millions in Deutsche bank and another German bank. He is short with cash for the gold shipment and needs 10 thousand USD to ship it off via Turkish Airlines to Berlin. I sent him the money through a third party, his partner, a Somali guy his name is Abu Bakar Umar a Turkish resident though he does not speak any Turkish; he lives in Istanbul, Sisli and telephone number: 905-370137804. I have documentation from western Union I sent to this third party and have all emails from Paul Ullrich confirming that his friend Abu Bakar Umar received the amount. Paul emailed me back that he needs another 8 thousand USD for customs in Turkey for each box (each box weighs 79KX3boxes) he keeps forcing me and pressuring me to go to borrow from friends and sell my car and sell my gold in order for me to pay him at least the customs for one box for 8 thousand dollars which I did through his friend Abu Bakar Umar via western union. He sent me another email wanting 8b thousand euros and I told him I will borrow from friends which I did and was able to send back via Xpress Money 4 thousand dollars as he promised he will come to Qatar and we can get married but since he was afraid that I may set his friend up he refused to instruct his friend to cash the 4K USD so I went back and withdraw the amount. He promised he will finish his military service and come to Doha in August 31st but on Aug. 28th maximum he will pay me back the 20 grands but he never did. I suspect his contradicting dialogues but didn't allow myself to stop or think for a while then I went to different websites to find him under Paul Swen Ullrich and not Michael Ullrich. When we first met I sent him a copy of my US passport to make sure I am a real person and not joking and that am serious in my relationship with him and in return he sent me an Australian passport with the name of Michael Ullrich. Through a website of Romance scams I was able to find his picture under the name of Paul Swen Ullrich and I don't know if the Australian passport is forged or a fake one. I can provide you documentation of all of our emails and IM chat to prove that he was the one that ordered me to pay the third party via ONLY western Union and ONLY in cash. His IP address is listed above and pls. see this link to prove to you that he is a listen wanted male scammer: http://www.male-scammers.com/the-scammers.asp?id=1000 I have some of his pictures and some pictures to his only son from his previous ex girl friend. His son named Anthony, claiming that he won the custody of the child whom I found out later that he is a 20 years old young man and he is in Dublin for rehabilitation from crack. I don't know if this is correct am sure now it's not. Anthony's number is: 00-353-1187-10340 which is always turned off. I m in a state of shock right now as I just found out that he is amongst the listed male scammers. This guy gave me hell since I knew him through swedishdating site; he is very abusive, controlling, lieing like drinking water, deceitful, awfully cunning and maneuvering. I lost 20 thousand USD and am jobless for the past 2 months.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Paul Swen Ullrich to Jennifer (USA)
Hello Jen,

It's my pleasure to spend time with you today, and i also apologize for not keeping in touch with you long time ago. I know is over a month we met now but due to lack of communication it seems we were stagnant. I am expecting rapid growth in this friendship.

I attached my pictures on this mail and i hope you like them.


Hi Jen,

It's nice to read back from you. Thanks for the compliment and for the smoking issue, i am not a good smoker, because i can remember all the time i spend vacation is states, i never one day light up a cigarette. I purposely attached the picture to view your opinion about smoke and also to know if you are a smoker. But I am glad to know that you are not a smoker. Well, the truth behind it are, I am not an addicted smoker, i smoke because of over stress that i undergoes during and after my work. I have made up my mind to kick away the habit as soon as i complete my service here. It's very cle

Romance scam letter(s) from Paul Swen Ullrich to Nash (USA)
Baby I can't believe you will keep cursing me after you said we should abide on trust, love, respect and care for each other. You called me coward and pig because you lend me money when I am in need. You said I am brainless because I couldn't make it to Beirut.

I am in pains, my head is so hot and my heart is getting colder. This is the reason why i wanted to lose the boxes, I don't want to get insulted because money that I will pay back. I am not asking you for free money, I took proper records of all the money you sent me and I will definitely pay you back as I promised. I left yahoo messenger to avoid hurting myself because if you know how heavy my heart is, you won't throw curse on me or remind me what my ex did to me. I will send Anthony message this night, maybe later to explain to him how much I am owing you and how you lend me the money. Have it on your mind you will get back your money and stop insinuating that i won't pay you back. I will pay you the $2


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