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Richard Weston attached in his profile [Archive] - Forums
Marc/Mark/Marcel Bradley [Archive] - Forums
Peter Strootman [Archive] - Forums
Hassan Muhammad/James Packers/Henry Kingston [Archive] - Forums
Taylor Robinson [Archive] - Forums
my love is a scammer [Archive] - Forums
Anyone knows this man? [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Hansen Renold from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Barry Nelson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Joe Kennedy fromLagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Jason Lotte from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer John Anderson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Michael Wilson from Enugu (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Michael Lukestffrd from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer David Benson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Sean Carter from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer John Luke from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Jack Jayden from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Mark Raymond from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scam Stevern Welmeson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scam Allen Trebek from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scam James Andrino from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Kelvin Smith from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Philip Marini from Lagos, Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Scam Onyeka Osita Dibua from Anambra and Awka (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scam Perry Lewis from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Gregory Carl from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scam Michael Pender from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer David Miller from Abuja (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scam George Kay from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Raymond James from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Jeffrey Rhodes from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scam Andrew Balder from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Scam Kelvin Derran fromLagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Benjamin Johnson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Jimmy Kaylor from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
James Martini from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Donnell Moore from Delta and Warri (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Samuel Marino from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Micheal Raynolds from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Hallwell Payden from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
John Anderson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Nicholas Jeffrey from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Daniel Smith from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
George Summer from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
David Taylor from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Anthony Robert Moore from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
James Norman from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Richard Thompson from Lagos (Nigeria), Miami, FL (USA) and Glasgow (UK) [Archive] - Forums
Raymond Richard from USA and Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Thomas Caron from Lagos (Nigeria) and Alabama, Georgia (USA) [Archive] - Forums
John Gomes from Lagos (Nigeria) and Reno, NV (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Donbell Mahon from Lagos (Nigeria) and England [Archive] - Forums
Peter Nathaniel Sparks from Akure (Nigeria) and Dudly, West Midlands (UK) [Archive] - Forums
Gary Halvorson from Lagos (Nigeria) and Philadelphia, PA (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Richard Romero from Lagos (Nigeria), UK, California, New Jersey, Philadelphia (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Michael Roberts from Lagos (Nigeria) and Morrisville, NC (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Jack Thomas Jr. from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Thierry Mugler from Lagos (Nigeria), Kentucky and Maryland (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Mitt Jefferson from Lagos (Nigeria), Illinois, Michigan (USA) and Equador [Archive] - Forums
Issac Alexander from Lagos (Nigeria) and Virginia (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Frank Lopez from Lagos (Nigeria) and Sparks, NV (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Ricardo Gomez from Lagos (Nigeria), Charlotte, NC (USA), Sarasota, FL (USA) and Spain [Archive] - Forums
Michael Smith from Lagos (Nigeria); New York, NY (USA) and Glasgow (Scottland) [Archive] - Forums
Dave Waltar ( Walter) Lagos Nigeria Sioux city, Iowa [Archive] - Forums
Bill De La Cruz [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Alpedro J. Johnson from Sandton (South Africa) [Archive] - Forums
Scam Edward Church from Rustenburg (South Africa) [Archive] - Forums
Alex James from Pretoria (South Africa) [Archive] - Forums
Alex Dave Hewitt from Cape Town (South Africa) [Archive] - Forums
Alex Evan from Johannesburg (South Africa) and Manchester (UK) [Archive] - Forums
Eric Douglas from Pretoria (South Africa) and Charlotte, Fresno, Anaheim, Los Angeles [Archive] - Forums
Kelvin Cole from Pretoria (South Africa) and New York, NY (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Steven Taylor from Cotonou (Benin) [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Jose Antoine from Lome (Togo) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer David Gardner from Porto-Novo (Benin) [Archive] - Forums
Peter Ruben from Kiev (Ukraine) and Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Bryan Parker from Chicago, Illinois (USA) [Archive] - Forums
Bengie Leatherwood from Cotonou (Benin) and [Archive] - Forums
James Louis from Cotonou (Benin) [Archive] - Forums
Ganesh Prasad Nautiyal from India [Archive] - Forums
John Peter Paulson From UK [Archive] - Forums
Don from Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg [Archive] - Forums
david magid orthopaedic dr frm kings lyn wrkin in syria [Archive] - Forums
ibrahim rashid [Archive] - Forums
Scam Scenarios [Archive] - Forums
Military loner [Archive] - Forums
Jameskissme [Archive] - Forums
Military leave scam [Archive] - Forums
Satellite Phone Service [Archive] - Forums
Parcel [Archive] - Forums
Money Gram [Archive] - Forums
Question [Archive] - Forums
Ticket [Archive] - Forums
If it is too good to be true it probably is... [Archive] - Forums
daniel coffman [Archive] - Forums
Hospital Bills and Shipment [Archive] - Forums
All about male scammers [Archive] - Forums
This is all new to me [Archive] - Forums
hello [Archive] - Forums
Free Private Investigator Services [Archive] - Forums
Some things that he said sounded fishy [Archive] - Forums
One good way to check them out [Archive] - Forums
Need help [Archive] - Forums
Am I being scammed? [Archive] - Forums
scammed and now what [Archive] - Forums
catch a scammer [Archive] - Forums
I played him... [Archive] - Forums
Payback Time [Archive] - Forums
How do I post if I don't have actual email? [Archive] - Forums
Ralph Thomas Hennecke a.k.a. Eric Rud Hanes [Archive] - Forums
Mark Richard Oliver [Archive] - Forums
Victor Mohamad [Archive] - Forums
military scammer [Archive] - Forums
Rostex Urjasz romance scammer [Archive] - Forums
Daniel Muller romance scammer [Archive] - Forums
Bruno DeBet romance scammer [Archive] - Forums
romance scammer, "Freddie Adams [Archive] - Forums
Attached to scammer [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Peres Watkins Abuja Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
male scammer [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer in Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer as an U.S soldier [Archive] - Forums
What can I do to recover myself after being conned? [Archive] - Forums
Scam or not? [Archive] - Forums
I need a good word from anybody, please [Archive] - Forums
Chris Hansen from Houston [Archive] - Forums
Darren Friedburg, Las Vegas, Reno and New Orleans [Archive] - Forums
Gambling addict Darren Friedburg [Archive] - Forums
Military Scam Diego Alejandro Castanon [Archive] - Forums
Josh Jensen [Archive] - Forums
Dudley Zinke from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Robert Dixo aka Robert Jackson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Jonathan Ortiz aka John Gomes, Barney Diego, Patrick, Kingsley Amadin from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Micheal Jenders from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Micheal Stephen from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer Eric Richard [Archive] - Forums
Robert Cole from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
David Tennity aka Michael Scofield [Archive] - Forums
Brian Nelson from Lagos Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Fred Benson [Archive] - Forums
Matthew G. Govin from Accra Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Brian O'Conner in Accra Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Richard Luke from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia [Archive] - Forums
Luke Stefan aka Frederick Thomas [Archive] - Forums
Gabriel Sean [Archive] - Forums
Glyn W. [Archive] - Forums
Redmond B. [Archive] - Forums
Terry J. [Archive] - Forums
Marco M. aka Michael Conteh [Archive] - Forums
Lawrence Smith from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Gary M. from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Evans Danirl in Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Mac Collins [Archive] - Forums
Scammer from Nigeria Gabriel Williams [Archive] - Forums
David Williams from Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire) [Archive] - Forums
Martin James from Accra [Archive] - Forums
David Owens from Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Ghananian scammer Scott Douglas [Archive] - Forums
Accra scammer Carl Perkins [Archive] - Forums
Curtis M. from Accra [Archive] - Forums
George Sherman claims to be in London [Archive] - Forums
Charlie Lambert aka Darren Lambert, Charles Lambert, Daz Speight [Archive] - Forums
Nigeria scammer Sam F. [Archive] - Forums
James Rose from Johannesburg [Archive] - Forums
Frank Williams in Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer Rice R. [Archive] - Forums
Gerald Wilson from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Milan Kyle Wesley [Archive] - Forums
Patrick Hart Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Patrick Joseph Estes from Akure and Ondo Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scams Philip Scotet [Archive] - Forums
Bryan Thompson from Lagos (Nigeria) or Birmingham (United Kingdom) or Hella (Iceland) [Archive] - Forums
Lawson Taylor from Accra Ghana and Kabul Afghanistan [Archive] - Forums
Clovis Alard from Ghana and Brighton (United Kingdom) [Archive] - Forums
Gilbert Herrera [Archive] - Forums
Catfish [Archive] - Forums
They always need money [Archive] - Forums
Common sites [Archive] - Forums
Online Dating Sites [Archive] - Forums
Tinder [Archive] - Forums
Making sure you don't get scammed [Archive] - Forums
Why they do it [Archive] - Forums
Social Media [Archive] - Forums
How to get them back? [Archive] - Forums
Bradley Riley [Archive] - Forums
Mark W. in Accra Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Davis Aaron [Archive] - Forums
Francis Johnson in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia [Archive] - Forums
Ronald Bernald from Petaling Jaya and Selangor Malaysia [Archive] - Forums
David L. Bay aka Mato Lucky, David M., James Brooke-Benson [Archive] - Forums
Mauro C. from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Andre Hanson from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
David Robert in Johannesburg South Africa [Archive] - Forums
Oliver William from Cotonou Benin [Archive] - Forums
Scammer James A. Porter aka Charlie Hunk [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Bryan Williams [Archive] - Forums
Harry B. aka Klaus Hartman, Morgan William, Geraldo Owen, Greg William [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Ray Askin aka Aaron Hanz Schmidt [Archive] - Forums
Henry Rosenthal Steinway Jr. aka Gerald Worlanyo Osai [Archive] - Forums
"prison" scams [Archive] - Forums
Skype Scams [Archive] - Forums
Read the fine print on eBay!! [Archive] - Forums
My cousin fell for a scam... [Archive] - Forums
Fake debt collectors... [Archive] - Forums
I didn't know this was a thing... [Archive] - Forums
e-mail fakes [Archive] - Forums
Do you have any red flags? [Archive] - Forums
Women posting as men [Archive] - Forums
DEMAND face time! [Archive] - Forums
Do you report it to the police? [Archive] - Forums
Scammers from [Archive] - Forums
Has payback ever backfired? [Archive] - Forums
If money was involved, contact your bank! [Archive] - Forums
Does anyone know Arturo Rogers [Archive] - Forums
scann pixers [Archive] - Forums
Jamaican scammers [Archive] - Forums
Has anyone heard of David Freeborn from (supposedly) Ashburn, VA? [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Daniel Smith from USA in Indonesia now looking for others contacted [Archive] - Forums
Michael Benmigho from Accra (Ghana) and Kabul (Afghanistan) [Archive] - Forums
Duke J. from Accra [Archive] - Forums
Michael P. from Puchong (Malaysia) [Archive] - Forums
Romance scams by Thomas Fuller [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer Mark Donald [Archive] - Forums
Christopher Donovan McCoy scammer from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
African scammer Alfredo L [Archive] - Forums
Eric R. Webb from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Fake American Steven Owen [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Jeffrey Stewart [Archive] - Forums
Scams of Thomas D. [Archive] - Forums
James Melara [Archive] - Forums
Lagos scammer Allen Donta [Archive] - Forums
Ghanaian scammer Roland Weiss [Archive] - Forums
Accra scammers Javier Jenzard [Archive] - Forums
Aaron Ramos aka Morgan C. from Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Ghana scammer Lawrence M. [Archive] - Forums
Malaysian romance scammer Thomas C. [Archive] - Forums
Franklin Holmes from Kuala Lumpur or Selangor or Srinivas [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Peter Ward from Borno (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forums
Leonard Grey aka Anthony Smith Adams [Archive] - Forums
West African scammer Gomez L. [Archive] - Forums
Dating scams by Wayne J. [Archive] - Forums
Lagos fraud by Jones S. [Archive] - Forums
Fake American Frank E. from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer David V. [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian fraud Stephen Carey [Archive] - Forums
Gabriel Erich [Archive] - Forums
South African scammer Michael Traycot [Archive] - Forums
Romance scams by Anthony Lorrison [Archive] - Forums
Carl Reyes from Kolda (Senegal) [Archive] - Forums
Accra scammer Douglas F. [Archive] - Forums
Ghanaian cheater Bradley Pegg [Archive] - Forums
James Stefano from Selangor (Malaysia) [Archive] - Forums
Scammer David Smith from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer Raymond AndrEs [Archive] - Forums
Romance scam by Richard M. [Archive] - Forums
African con artist Jean Perrin D. [Archive] - Forums
Magnes Tim Kasper swindler from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Deceiver from Lagos Alex S. [Archive] - Forums
Con artist Richard Jackson [Archive] - Forums
Swindler Michael Moses [Archive] - Forums
Cheater Gilbert K. [Archive] - Forums
Military scammer Antonio Dickey [Archive] - Forums
Dating swindler Anthony Wood [Archive] - Forums
David Wood romance cheater [Archive] - Forums
Greg Beaven from Accra [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Wilson P. [Archive] - Forums
Yves J. from Kumasi, Ashanti (Ghana) [Archive] - Forums
Swindler Ben T. [Archive] - Forums
Leonard L. dating scammer [Archive] - Forums
Dating fraud Terry M. Anderson [Archive] - Forums
Love scams Michael Xavier [Archive] - Forums
Cheater Johnson Lola Mollykey [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian con artist Wilson Peterson [Archive] - Forums
Deceiver Ryan Brett [Archive] - Forums
Lagos fraud Antonio Diego [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Alexander Philip Hamilton [Archive] - Forums
Marvin M. from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Con artist Erdem E. [Archive] - Forums
Romance fraud by Scott B. [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Bruce McCullough [Archive] - Forums
Swindler Kelvin Smith from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Cheater Sean Mcdonel [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Chris Limones from Ghana [Archive] - Forums
Con artist Jason Perez [Archive] - Forums
Ethan Laurence Moore cheater from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scams by Dustin Morris [Archive] - Forums
Dating deceiver Ryan Scott [Archive] - Forums
Eric Robinson from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Bryan Welsh [Archive] - Forums
David Brown scams from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Cheater Zlatan Alfred [Archive] - Forums
South African con artist Michael Gibson [Archive] - Forums
Christopher Durbin from Johannesburg [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Charles Oriro from Kenya [Archive] - Forums
Serge Toussaint from Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire) [Archive] - Forums
Lagos scammer Pedro Gonzalez [Archive] - Forums
Christopher K. con artist from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Swindler Michael C. [Archive] - Forums
David G. romance deceiver [Archive] - Forums
Cheater Jarvis G. [Archive] - Forums
Dating scams by David Williams [Archive] - Forums
Johnson Smith con artist from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian dating scammer Mark Larry Leo [Archive] - Forums
Romeo Scammer Chang Francis or Chong Chang Francis in Sabah [Archive] - Forums
Svindler from kabul [Archive] - Forums
Romance scammer Wilson Milke [Archive] - Forums
Ghanaian con artist Wilson H. [Archive] - Forums
Anthony Clark from Accra [Archive] - Forums
Romance cheater Mark Blienford [Archive] - Forums
Accra con artist Pedro David [Archive] - Forums
Matthew Brown Ghana cheater [Archive] - Forums
Bryan Berrios aka Alex Patterson, David Patterson from Accra [Archive] - Forums
Romance fraud by Samuel Fitchette [Archive] - Forums
Albert Gijs Barnabas from Kuala Lumpur [Archive] - Forums
Lagos swindler Jeremiah Clake [Archive] - Forums
Lucas Adams scammer from Face Book [Archive] - Forums
Fraud by Tobias L?sel [Archive] - Forums
Con artist Autairs Morgans [Archive] - Forums
Cheater John Starman [Archive] - Forums
Dating scammer Joshua Spinner [Archive] - Forums
Shane Smith Nigerian scammer [Archive] - Forums
Christopher Zeuge scammer on Badoo [Archive] - Forums
Loren Kosloski romance scammer [Archive] - Forums
Douglas Michael from Ikeja Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Swindler Harry Hill aka John Ezugwu, John Diecke, Chinwendu Onah [Archive] - Forums
Lagos fraud Salvatorre Ellis [Archive] - Forums
Plenty of Fish scams Douglas Miller [Archive] - Forums
Richard Berrier aka Rick Webb [Archive] - Forums
Carlos Edward aka Austin Helsel, Chris Norman, J. Walker [Archive] - Forums
Michael Bauer Lagos cheater [Archive] - Forums
Peter McKeown aka Peter Isreal, Damien McKeown [Archive] - Forums
Con artist George Lund [Archive] - Forums
Dating swindler Michael Gibson [Archive] - Forums
Abidjan swindler Wilson Miller aka Lucas W. [Archive] - Forums
Cotonou deceiver Chris Moran [Archive] - Forums
Ghana swindler Louis H. [Archive] - Forums
Dating swindler Kelly Brown [Archive] - Forums
Romance cheater Jurgen Weigers [Archive] - Forums
Nigerian scammer John P. [Archive] - Forums
Dating scams by Kenneth R. [Archive] - Forums
Amos Lee from Lagos [Archive] - Forums
Lagos con artist David Patterson [Archive] - Forums
Swindler John Fabian [Archive] - Forums
Arif Monsury aka Freddie, Steven, Rocky Tonoh from Nigeria [Archive] - Forums
Johannesburg cheater Frank Marmol [Archive] - Forums
Wattttt [Archive] - Forums
Charles Presten (AKA Lots of other names) [Archive] - Forums
Frank Licata [Archive] - Forums
I need out help to see if this is a scam [Archive] - Forums
Please advise [Archive] - Forums
another alias [Archive] - Forums
Scammer Patrick Hunte [Archive] - Forums
MARK HARRYSON AND MARK HANNETT ( both are on polish communicator GG )- SCAMMERS. [Archive] - Forums
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New Tool To Recognize Online Scammers | Blog
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Over 2000 male scammers in database | Blog
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What to Do with Changing Male Scammers' Practices While Dating Online | Blog
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How to scam dating scammers | Blog
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What to do to arrest scammers | Blog
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Dating Scams | Blog
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Fake Documents | Blog
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Fake Identity | Blog
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Fraud | Blog
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Ghana Scammer | Blog
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Identity Fraud | Blog
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Identity Thief | Blog
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Leave Request Form | Blog
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Malaysia Scams | Blog
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Male Scammer | Blog
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Military Leave Scenario | Blog
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Photos Used In Scams | Blog
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Place Scam Reports | Blog
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Report Male Scammers | Blog
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Report Scammer | Blog
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Scamming The Scammers | Blog
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Scam Photo | Blog
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Scams | Blog
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Scam Scammer | Blog
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Scam Scenario | Blog
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