Scammer Duane Cole


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Name: Duane Cole


Also known as: unknown


Variants of name: Dwanye





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)




Phone: 0023348033660903




Is registered on: Friendster


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on December, 5, 2011)

Looking for his ideal woman to mary. So, i was the ideal woman he was looking for...
After a month he ask me money about 4.000 euro for the reason that he is in Nigeria for a demo building contract. He told me in the begining that the credit card and money banking transfer dont work in Nigeria. He said that he went there from Indiana only with Travel check and cash money.
He used so much love to me, that he wants to see me, so passing in Italy where i live, before going back to U.S.A after that he can get his contract. Then finally won for the Contract, but he cannot cash the check from the bank because he has to fee fund, but no cash money to pay, that the fund office ask him 4.000 euro that he could pay first for 2.000. But first he ask me the money for plane ticket to book. The travel agency dint book right away because he said that the money he give was not enough and that the wife of travel agency died.
So, he went to travel agency to get back the money plus he ask me another money to pay fund, and been rob by 5 black men right after he was out from western union. After paying fund, i dint haer him for the whole night. He called me 7:00 am telling me that he was stopped by the police saying that he was over stayed and that he is staying there illegal. He has to pay 3,000 for the the bill to get his freedom but still dont have all that cash money so, he ask me to send him other 3.000 euro. Then i start to suspect really.

Edith (Italy)