Romance Scammer Greg Marc Andersen


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Name: Greg Marc Andersen


Also known as: Norman Sibernagel


Variants of name: Gregg, Mark





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Niles, Michigan, USA; Lancaster, New York, USA


Address: 4B Walnut street, Boston, Massachusetts 02100, USA


Phone: unknown


Email: unknown


Is registered on: Face Book, Google Hangouts


Media files: unknown


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Report N1 (added on July, 10, 2018)

Claimed to be a millionaire Mercedes dealer. After rapidly revving up our relationship so we were professing our love after only a couple of months, he still refused to meet me or video chat (he didn't know how). He became 'stuck' in a business deal in Germany where his assets were all somehow frozen and needed me to send him money. Even after he returned to the US he wouldn't meet me because something magically kept coming up. He told me not to trust my family and friends who doubted he was real. He had his business associate "Norman" talk to me to convince him he was real. Norman also wouldn't send proof he was a real person except a clearly forged/photoshopped passport. Greg also sent me fake documents, like customs forms from foreign countries that 1- were for some reason in English (forms are in the country's native language), 2 - weren't even the right forms, which was easily verifiable on the country in particular's government websites. I still wouldn't believe all this. I lost thousands. I lost people close to me. I was in a fantasyland.

Emily (USA)