Romance Scammer Greg Smith


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Name: Greg Smith


Also known as: Greg Shawn Marshall


Variants of name: Gregg, Shaun, Simth





Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)


Also is from: Huntsville, Alabama, USA


Address: unknown


Phone: unknown




Is registered on: Instagram


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on June, 11, 2018)

I got aquained with Greg A smith a few weeks ago. Hr asked me to go on hangouts but i told him i didnt want to talk on there. So we continued on Instagram and email. Every thing was going fine thrn last week he learned from his daughter Stephanie that shr was rushed to thr er with illness. Shr was unconsoius for 3 days in a coma in Intensive csre. The nanny contacted Mr Marshsll saying they wanted another 1000 dollars for her care. Thr nanny gave thrm 1000.00 but greg askes me to come up with it.I tried to be sympathetic and said i would try to raise it by asking my two daughters. I never asked any one for anything because it sounded like a scam. I blocked Greg on Instagram and didnt explain myself. He wrote me another Email asking me to respond to him. I tried to explain thst i dont have that kind of money and my daughters dont either and wouldnt give me anything. He seemed to think i could sacrifice 400-500 of my chrck for this. I cannot. After thst i decided it was time to report him here.He said hr got part of thr money from staff members. He is supposedly out at sea in thr gulf of mexico somewhere. Thsnk you.

Laura (USA)