Romance Scammer James Braun


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Name: James Braun


Also known as: unknown


Variants of name: Jamie





Location(s): Johannesburg (South Africa); Lagos (Nigeria); Sandton (South Africa)


Also is from: New York, USA; Germany


Address: unknown


Phone: 27634981534


Email: unknown


Is registered on: Tinder, Whats App


Media files: unknown


Fake documents: unknown






Report N1 (added on April, 30, 2018)

Started on Tinder, 17-4-2018 - tinder says hes been here in SA one month and some weeks. says his German, but but doesn't speak it too well? his words, lived in usa for more than 5 years. All ready a red flag!! I'm getting good at spotting these scammers.

Now working in Sandton, Johannesburg, Civil Engineer. Building contract building a Mall and offices. hes the CEO with a 3yr contract.
Divorced for 2 years, daughter Susan, 20 years old, living and studying engineering in NY.

Started talking on Watsapp from; 21st april - shared some photos he's working Saturdays.
When I asked him more questions, he wanted my email address - which I gave - as he said it's a long story. Still waiting for the email from him.

Then he wanted more photos of my work and I said no, we have to meet 1st. He got very upset and I told him that we have to build up trust 1st.

He started to declare love just about from the start and I asked him for a photo of his work that he currently started. Then sent me the photo of - see attached - found the same photo on Google from company Restani - the pic on the left. I attach the other screen shot on Restani website - stating that this particular job is LaGuardia airport flood protection.

I asked him if he had a profile on facebook or linkdin and he said yes, I could not find any with his photos....

So I blocked him and realised he was a scammer again. Lying and would soon be asking for money or something...

Sue (South Africa)