Romance Scammer Danny Anatolios


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Name: Danny Anatolios


Also known as: Collins Goh


Variants of name: Collines, Danie, Dannie





Location(s): Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Selangor (Malaysia); Subang Jaya (Malaysia)


Address: Block A20-12, Impian Meridian Condominium, Jalan Subang 1, Usj 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


Phone: 2098138291




Is registered on: Match, Ok Cupid


Media files: unknown


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Report N1 (added on April, 5, 2018)

I was on Match last year and a request to chat popped up and we chatted. Online Chats break off every few minutes, so he requested my email address and we started address used still active above. This was last January. He stated he was out of the country on a job in Malaysia and would be returning in a few weeks. A shortage in cash for a shipments occurred and I was asked if I could deposit money in an account at the Bank of America. The Money Gram because The bank wouldn't allow it.
We have been in contact regularly a few times a week either on line on Hangouts..we tried live video chatting also through Hangouts, but couldn't figure out the video part, but did get communication since September.
There have been packages sent to the address mentioned above laptop and phones via FeDEx once to His name.
Once his contract was supposed to have been completed, he was unaware the the taxes would need to be paid on his wages for the contract. And statement or invoice could not be produced. Money was sent via bank wires to Us Bank accounts. Additional money was sent via Money Grams to other individuals names in Malaysia, because his visa expired.
I had requested a copy of his passport and drivers license both from Great Britain,
Money has been sent monthly for rent and food as supposedly he has now cash now via Money Gram or Western Union with some requests for ITunes cards sent electronically to his email address.
He is supposedly still needing to pay $70k for his Contractor dues? And was advised to open a bank account with $10k for his monies being held at the MayBank, he also is supposedly under house arrest due to none repayment to a loan shark that his advisor at the British Embassy suggested. It's been a very interesting story with lots of people involved.
I have left it that I am hospitalized after a car accident, as I waited to determine if he would in fact go to jail, but we still chat as he waits for my health to improve. I had received a phone call out of the blue from someone who knew of this situation and told me that it was a scam and that the man didn't exist and that if I wanted to catch them, she could help.

Anne (USA)